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Dodge Sprinter



  • I have a 2007 Winnebago View on a 2006 Sprinter 3500. I had a conversation today with RBM Mercedez Benz Service Manager in Atanta today. He said they had applied for a Sprinter franchise but it had not been awarded yet. I asked about the warranty but he did not know yet how that would work.

    I would expect the warranty to just carry over but we will see. I would be surprised to learn that Dodge enhanced the original MB Sprinter warranty.

    What is the difference between the warrarty offered by Freightliner and Dodge. Freightliner is owned by Mercedez Benz so that might be a good indicator.
  • The mercedes press release explicitly states that they are taking over service so I would be surprised if you could not take Dodge Sprinters there to be repaired.

    Also, it has been reported that the diesel in the 2010 models for USA will be upgraded to the 210hp Bluetec 3 liter. Hopefully that is true and you will also now be able to get the NAV and the electric doors and the keyless entry options too - like a regular mercedes.
  • Help me somebody! 3 weeks ago, the remote locking mechanism for my 2006 Sprinter started misbehaving. Instead of locking the van when the lock button is pushed twice, it now locks and unlocks, then locks, unlocks and locks again. Also, the red telltale on the dash now reads open for the back door when the door is locked and reads locked when the door is unlocked. Anyone have any light to shed? I bought the van used 16 months ago, lived and travelled in it for a year and put 33,000 miles on it with minimal issues. It has been at the dealer for 10 days now and the tech is still shaking his head... Thanks in advance
  • Hi #1254 I just got my Dodge Sprinter 2006 and I had the same problem with mine and it was just the contacts on one of the doors.
    So I cleaned the plates and pins, then all was well again. Check each door to be sure they are connecting and are clean and you will be happy again # 1254.
    I do hope that this helps if I am not to late, and someone elsehas already helped you.
  • vic26vic26 Posts: 2
    Thanks so much for your feedback, much appreciated as we were quite stymied and so was the local Dodge dealer when we finally took the van in. The dealer tested everything and finally replaced the 'brain' under the diver's seat and replaced the slider's switch to the tune of close to $1000...(OUCH!) however, we now have peace of mind and if the situation recurs. We had cleaned all the contacts and will never know whether that would have resolved the issue or not although, the tech hooked the van up to the analyzing gizmo they have and there was definitely a malfunction somewhere. Thanks again. Maybe our exchange will help someone down the line.
  • Given that Mercedes is taking over Sprinter, perhaps this forum should be moved or referenced under Mercedes. In only 6 weeks, only Mercedes will sell the new ones and hopefully I will get a new one unless the dollar completely collapses.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    I know there is a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter sold outside of the US, but have not heard anything about the Dodge Sprinter being picked up by them. Do you have information about MB selling the Sprinter in the States?

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  • Automotive News reported 11/9/09 that 100 out of 150 Mercedes dealerships have signed on to sell Sprinters in the U.S. in 2010.
  • Officially announced September 1 that on January 1 they will be sold by mercedes.

    6 weeks to go ! vehicle-operations-into-us-and-canadian-subsidiary-2009-09-01
  • I understand that RBM-North Mercedes in Alpharetta, Ga. will be a Sprinter dealer, but it will not be advertised until Jan. 1 when the Dodge contract runs out with Mercedes. My understanding is that RBM-North Mercedes will be able to honor all Dodge Sprinter warranties and sell Dodge Sprinter parts.
  • I just got my Sprinter a couple of months ago. When we purchased it we did not realize it did not have cruise control. Does anyone know if it can be added, and if it can where do I find the part? Thanks alot!
  • My 2006 2500 passenger model, white, began showing rust at the drip rail welds over a year ago. I sent photos to my dealer and went round a little bit without any satisfaction, and then the dealer went out of business. I know this is a widespread problem; almost every Sprinter I see has rust spots. Especially the cowling under the windshield.
    Has anyone had any experience with getting any warranty coverage/repair on rust after the official warranty period?
  • Has anyone had any luck getting information regarding the stock Sprinter van radios, can they be set up to get SAT radio reception using the factory wiring harness?
  • try the website for "outside vans" which is a upfitter in Oregon, great people I don't know if they can help you.
  • I am the Sprinter manager at RBM-North Mercedes-Benz in Alpharetta, Ga. You should take this to your local Mercedes dealer that is Sprinter certified after Jan. 4th, 2010. I understand that Mercedes dealers will be able to warranty other Sprinter products. They will be able to help you if the paint is still in warranty. Not sure about your particular case. Best leave that to research at your Mercedes dealer.
  • "Sprinter manager at RBM-North Mercedes-Benz"


    Do you have a link to the 2010 specs ?
  • Also, is it true that we do not get the OM651 4 cylinder diesel? It should be good for 5mpg more and it is very powerful.

    It is the most popular engine in Europe.

    $4 gas is coming back sooner or later.

    These are the published UK mpg specs - note that UK gallons are 4.5 liers and US gallons are 3.8 liters. ngdom/ng_vans/new_vans/downloads/sprinter_fuel_consumption.object-Single-MEDIA.d- ownload.tmp/Sprinter%20Euro%205%2028.05.09%20-%20VCA%20Fuel%20Database.xls
  • Mercedes cannot advertise anything until the Dodge contract is up on Jan. 4th, 2010.
    Send me an email and I will try and get you something
    [email protected]
  • Right now the 6cyl is the only engine offered for 2010, but there is speculation that Mercedes will bring it to the US by 2011 because of what you mentioned.
  • try this new site Sprinter
  • I washed the truck this morning, and noticed some small red dots, about a half dozen of them on the rear doors.

    2007 High Top 144 WB White.

    My 2000 Chevy Astro, also fleet white, even with lots of paint CHIPS has yet to show a single spot of rust.

    Is Mercedes going to call this "driver error" or "abuse" or US air "defective" ?

    What is the experience of Mercedes stepping up to the plate?

    Is there history of the 2007 and up vans developing rust?

    Also, the keyless entry is abysmal, in a FEW ways:

    1. What with the lack of a keyhole in slider, and the remote disabled when key is in ignition, I am unable to use this van as a commercial vehicle in a way that allows me to secure it while doing service calls. I am a locksmith, so work from van, but do not want someone hopping in and driving off when I am working on a client vehicle ).

    When I inquired, the Dodge dealer was pleasant enough, but not too knowledgeable as the the possibility the behavior of remote may be programmable by dealer. I am fairly sure it is not programmable via steering wheel buttons.

    Perhaps there is an EXPERT here that can chime in.

    2. Remotes incredibly week, even if I am within 3 feet of vehicle. Batteries fresh, all 4 remotes the same... unlock of driver door is decent, but not for the remaining doors, and intermittently poor for LOCKING.

    No chime or churp is also a royal pita... can NOT see the all-ways lights flash in sunlight.

    If I had transponder chip keys w/o remote, I would put in after market product, as this factory system is inadequate. Are these to be made available ?

    Love the vehicle for the height, but the basics need some attention...... ok vehicle, not quite a :lemon:
  • Regarding rust,my 06 long &tall has the same problem.The rust spots started showing up the first year.It is almost like the metal was rusted before they painted it.
    The rust is coming out all over the place.Tiny spots .
    I have been noticing other Sprinters around and same problem.
    I have been spot painting it up until now and will have to have it completely next summer.
    It is now just over the warranty ,so obviously ,they will not do nothing for me,and even if they did,it would probably only be a patch up job.
    Good machine but very poor metal.
  • nicknownicknow Posts: 1
    Just had my auto air conditioning go out on my Dodge chassis (Roadtrek RV). The time since purchase is up August 15th 2010. But Dodge counts the time the Sprinter Van was delivered to Roadtrek for van conversion as the SALE date! One year went by for van conversion and time on my dealers lot-warranty is therefore up according to Dodge Corp. So if there is a way around this I would be most grateful to hear how I can avoid this $700-to-$800.00 repair. Thank you! Nick email; [email protected]
  • punter1punter1 Posts: 50
    Mercedes Sprinter dealers are authorized to do warranty work on Dodge Sprinters. You may want to ask one about it, I have heard that they will adjust for your situation. They want the long term business.
  • rjthkidsrjthkids Posts: 1
    We are purchasing a used 2004 Dodge Sprinter for our family of eight. I have five children still in carseats. We know there is no latch system and no tether system in the Sprinter and that LATCH cannot be installed aftermarket. However, I am trying to find out how to get tethers installed aftermarket. Would I contact a MB dealer?

    The safety of installing carseats with the seatbelt is equal to that of LATCH, but tethering should be used with FF carseats to increase safety. I dont' really care how much it would cost, just that I can get it done.

  • I have an 05 Sprinter carrying an 06 Winn View.... after a long trip last month the transmission would not allow shifting from park, unless I depress the latch within the shifter area with a pencil. So I have been driving the RV this way.
    I have now found out that the cruise control will not release after depressing the brake peddle as well.
    I have been advised there is a small switch on the brake peddle that allows a contact closure to release either the gear shifter from park and releases the cruise control... Is this true.... I took the Sprinter to the Dodge dealer they advised to correct the problem would cost $670.00, they did no tests to see if the problem was a control module or the brake switch. Any one experience this problems before... Thanks SR Brazil Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • gag1gag1 Posts: 1
    I am in the market for a sprinter rv but am concerned about the issues with the diesel engine. I am looking for at least a 2010 and have been looking at the dodge era Mercedes 3.0 diesel.the new Roadtek is a little out of our price range. I'm also concerned about what owners think about the 2500 compared to the 3500. I am looking at the 24 footer
  • punter1punter1 Posts: 50
    If you are not in a hurry, I would wait until Ford rolls out the full-size Transit next year.

    It is just as big, will probably be cheaper and could be serviced at any Ford dealer.

    If you are in a hurry, I lack useful advice. Try
  • 05freightliner05freightliner Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    I am looking at buying an 05 Freightliner sprinter motorhome conversion. When I test drove it, the transmission did not shift from gear to gear. It started in 1st and I had to manually shift up to each gear. After stopping and turning off the vehicle and restarting, it showed in drive and shifted fine. Has anyone experienced this?
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