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Volvo XC90 SUV



  • Has anyone had any issue with their XC 90 shutting down and losing power at highway speeds? Was traveling on the interstate Tuesday and it just shut down without warning. No warning lights at all. Would not start for a hour or so and by the time it arrived at the garage, it started right up. Any ideas?
  • I'm looking at an 2007 XC90. CarFax said that it was never in an accident but showed, among other things:

    axle shaft replaced after 65,000 miles;
    electrical system checked at 65,000 miles;
    front wheel bearings replaced at 70,000 miles;
    engine/powertrain computer/module reprogramed at 81,500 miles;
    battery charging system checked at 80,000 miles; and
    electrical system checked at 82,000 miles.

    Are these red herrings? Do XC90's have issues with axle shafts or electrical systems? Is checking electrical system standard? I'm assuming that the driver was reporting electrical problems and the dealer couldn't identify/fix. Thanks.

    Wouldn't bother you but can't afford to buy another lemon. :cry:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    edited August 2012
    Different car, but I got a set of WR-G2s for my older Outback last January. It gets driven mostly in the winter here in the UP of Michigan, but I do the occasional longer road trip in it, so went with those instead of a pure winter tire. I plowed through a 2 foot plus high by 4 foot wide snow berm in a ski area parking lot soon after I got them and the little wagon plowed right through it (honest, I thought there was an aisle there :blush: ). Was impressed, especially since I got stuck at the same ski hill on the road shoulder on the worn tires the year before.

    The "winter" tires will probably be even better if you do a lot of snow and ice driving.

    Don't really have enough miles on them to say how they'll hold up over time.

    I paid $528 for mine installed (205/70R15) at a regular tire store down near Detroit, so I hope the discount is better than what your link says. Mine were ~$114 each plus $42 install fees and taxes.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 128,328
    If they are your "only" tires, then I'd definitely get the WR-G2.. If you are swapping out for winter tires, each season, then go with the dedicated snows...

    Those pure winter tires will wear out very fast in the other three seasons....

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  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    "Volvo has confirmed that its next-generation XC90 will be launched at the end of 2014, the first of several new models based around a modular platform known as SPA or Scalable Product Architecture.

    The automaker also confirmed that it is replacing its current family of engines with a new family of four-cylinder engines. The four-cylinder engines are expected to feature direct fuel injection and turbocharging."

    Next Volvo XC90 Set for Late 2014 Debut
  • christchurchchristchurch Posts: 125
    edited August 2013
    Question: Is it necessary to replace the timing chain at 120,000 miles ? My service advisor at my Volvo dealer indicated the it is part of 2006 Volvo XC 90 regular maintenance. So is it just recommended or necessary ?
  • Do you have the V8? I don't think timing chains need replacing like the timing belts did. Look in your owners manual or Google it. Dealers like to sell things you don't need. Until they do the free 3 year maintenance then a lot of things they recommended are then not longer recommended.
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