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Dodge Ram: Problems & Solutions



  • coal2coal2 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the effort, I can help you out on this one........the problem was the rear differential speed sensor, ABS works from the signal on the differential, but also talks to the tail shaft speed sensor, thus the problem with the speedometer not working. replaced diff sensor and all is well.
  • 4ducks4ducks Posts: 8
    When I originally went to Auto Zone, they told me the speed sensor. I guess their equipment doesn't narrow it down to which speed sensor it is, huh? I tried looking up the rear differential speed sensor online through Auto Zone and they don't have anything by that name. Is there sonething else I should be looking for?
  • cabot424cabot424 Posts: 2
    Had a complete tuneup on 1998 ram sport because of similar problems. The truck runs fine unless you want to go over 35 mph. It loses power. I was told it could be the fuel injectors but they couldn't be sure. The cost of the repairs would be a bit expensive. Does anyone have any ideas? Most car mechanics will not explain a repair to a woman.
  • 01ram01ram Posts: 1
    Any luck with this issue. My 01 Ram 1500 5.0 is doing a similar thing. Replaced the TPS sensor but the error came back about two weeks later. It happens once, then it clears itself after 5 cycles of the computer (turning key switch on / off is one cycle) The only time it comes on now is when I turn on the AC. I'm going to look for a vacuum leak next.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    The Speed Sensor that sends impulse signals to the Transmission Control and Powertrain Control Modules is located in the tailstock area of the transmission. This sensor is used to control transmission, engine, and some accessories functions. This would be the sensor to suspect if you lose speedometer operation.

    Not to be confused with the Front Wheel and Rear Wheel Speed Sensors which are used to control the Automatic Braking System (ABS).

  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Could be a number of things. How many miles?

    I would first start with a good tune-up (spark plugs, distributor cap & rotor, and plug wires. There could be a ignition coil problem (reaching saturation), or a PCM failure, or a fuel pressure problem. On high mileage RAMs of that vintage I would suspect the catalytic converter.

  • jb10jb10 Posts: 2
    I am a new member having the same issues described by jster65 in his thread #1779. My truck is a 1998 Ram Ext Cab 1500 Sport 4x4 with 84,000 mi. I jacked the truck up and popped the steering links and both tires move back and forth freely and the steering turns without problems. I put the truck back together and turn a corner and the steering will not correct itself after the turn. Could the ball joints tighten under the weight of the vehicle?? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks. JB
  • doledole Posts: 5
    I forgot I even wrote this , its the end of July, still no luck. Just got it back from another shop . They found nuthin. They also claim its the intake gasket.

    Any Ideas ?????????
  • doledole Posts: 5
    I have a 96 Ram with 240K have the same problem. Seems when I cut the rotors it stops, front wheel shakes violently too with hard braking over 55 mph. Don't have an answer though
  • doledole Posts: 5
    Still having trouble with 96 Ram 1500, 5.9 Idle drops to almost 0 then kicks up , gas milage under 9 mpg. blowing light smoke , codes only show voltage spike on o2 sensor, been told its a bad intake manifold gasket. ?????

    Driving me nuts !! gas prices ya know
  • cabot424cabot424 Posts: 2
    I just had a complete tune up. it has 70,000 miles on it. Do you know where the fuel filter is located? Someone said to check it. Thanks.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    On your year I believe the fuel filter is in the gas tank.

  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    My first guess would be the dampener or steering rack is defective.

  • ameteurameteur Posts: 1
    Did you ever get an answer?

    My 2001 started the same thing last weekend, plus no Power windows/locks/seat and the fasten seatbelt light stays on. I have been through every fuse I can find and nothing is bad? Just wondering if there was a fuse somewhere that I am missing before taking it to the Dealer...
  • jb10jb10 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your response Dusty. I brought the truck to a friends shop. I will mention the dampener or steering rack and let ya know what he finds.
  • dodgegirldodgegirl Posts: 5
    Check post # 1480, it gives you instructions on how to get your truck to tell you the trouble codes. Also, by checking out this site I have found that AutoZone will check and clear your codes for free, instead of taking it to the dealer and having them charge you to check it. Once you get the codes, you can check out this link and it should give you some direction as to what the codes mean. Hope this helps

    dodgegirl :)
  • I can see it's been a few weeks since you posted the "no bus" problem. What did your mechanic end up pinpointing as the problem. I am having the exact same issue with my 2000, 2500 ram van and am taking it in for a diagnostic on Monday. Knowing exactly what was malfunctioning with your truck would be a great starting point for me to pass onto the mechanic.

  • bloodlanbloodlan Posts: 5
    yes it does....changed the cap and rotor on it but no changes
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Okay, assuming that the cap and rotor are new within a few hundred miles or so, plug wires and plugs can of course cause this.

    Other things to look at are the idle speed motor, vacuum leaks (rubber hoses and intake manifold gasket) and throttle position sensor, although the latter would be my last suspect. If it runs weak and it's high mileage it could be a slipped timing chain. After that, I'd check the fuel pressure and fuel injectors.

    If it starts hard but runs fine, you can rule out the catalytic converter.

    Best regards,
  • kingboneskingbones Posts: 1
    I have a 03 dodge quad cab with a hemi 2wd. there is a ticking noise at idle that seems to go away with a little gas. I took the truck to a muffler shop for them to look for a leak none was found i then took it to a local mechanic he couldnt pin point the noise locatin Has anyone had this kind of problem and what was the fix!!! there is no codes poping up :mad:
  • I have this same problem with my Dodge:
    1998 Ram 1500
    3.9 liter V6
    5 speed manual tranny
    I replaced the rear speed sensor at the differential.
    The dash brake lights went off, but the check engine light is still on.
    Of course, the speedometer is not working.
    I have looked and do not see a sender at the rear of the tranny.
    What I thought might have been that sensor was the backup light switch.
    Does anyone care to help?
  • hawkfanhawkfan Posts: 1
    I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts/experience with a similar issue: clicking coming from front-end, passenger side, seems to be in wheel area. Also, a rubbing/grinding type of sound coming from the same side of the vehicle, particularly when towing a boat (not totally certain it isn't the trailer). Gets higher pitched as speed increases.

  • I have a '97 1500 5spd. with 165k miles. Recently it started making this clanging/knocking noise while in gear. It sounds like something is loose and banging something under the hood, but I can't find it. I'm still on my 1st trans. but it drives fine and I have no problems shifting. Any ideas?
  • vics4x4vics4x4 Posts: 1
    hi there, I have a 2002 Ram QC 4x4 with 47,000 miles. Last night coming home from out of town, I hit my dimmer switch to dim my headlamps and the horn started going off and my headlights started flashing off and on as if I had a security alarm!! (I do NOT have an alarm or keyless entry or anything like that...). This went on for quite a while and was rather dangerous as it was late and dark!! The horn stopped sounding after a while but the lights kept flashing and eventually they quit that also! What gives with this??? Everything seemed to be working fine by the time I got home, but it was quite nerve-wracking! I didn't have any tools along with me to disconnect the battery temporarily but has anyone else had this problem or heard of it?? Thanks for any assistance, Vickie
  • I've had nothing but problems with my 1500, and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if I can get Dodge to possibly help pick up the tab for repairing my out-of-warranty lemony joypile. Here are the facts:

    :lemon: I bought a '99 1500 Quadcab 4x2 5.9L Sport off the lot in '99.
    :lemon: At 18K miles, the transmission had to be replaced after it gave out on the freeway. This was covered under my 36K warranty.
    :lemon: At 44K miles, I had to replace the engine bearings, which meant taking the engine out, and of course the car was now out of warranty. That set me back over $2500.
    :lemon: As of 4 weeks ago (now at 55K miles), the engine started running rough, and my gas mileage has kept dropping down and now is at a sorry 6 MPG.
    :lemon: About one week ago, my speedometer went out, and my Engine/ABS/Brake dash lights came on. I read on this site that replacing the rear differential sensor should fix this one.

    So... can anyone advise me on whether and how I might get Dodge to make an exception of some sort and fix this truck before it, I don't know, spontaneously combusts next?

    Your help is much appreciated,
    LA Stetson
  • Dole,
    I had the same problem on my truck a month ago. Mine was the catalyc converter. I also replaced my o2 sensor. The smoke quit and I'm back to 14 to 15 mpg.
  • I have a 2004 Ram 2500 QC with Hemi that I bought new in Oct 04 and am having the same trouble. At highway speeds when I hit a hole or expansion joint in the road the truck vibrates from the front end terribly, I have to actually stop the truck off to the side of the road to get it to stop this from happening. I have had it to three different dealers and have had no luck, now Dodge has published a three page procedure for trying to fix this problem because they do not know what the answer is either! I am totally disgusted with this vehicle!
  • purppurp Posts: 3
    Check your u-joints.
  • 01ram101ram1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 3500 longbed quad cab with 37,000 miles, I have the same problem. It has been to the dealer 5 times, they have replaced; steering box, ball joints, track arm, left tie rod, steering shock and I still can't hold it in the road. The truck has been aligned twice by the dealer. I pulled strings from behind the back tires so they would just touch the front sidewall of the back tires. This projects a parallel line by the fromt wheel on each side. The toe in can be measured from the string to the tire (behind the axel and in front of the axel). My toe in was fine but the front axel is shifted one inch to the left???? While driving I have to hold the steering wheel to the left (a few inches out of center) to go staight. There is no way I know of to adjust this, I constantly have to fight the wheel to keep it in the road.My truck is under warranty till Sept. 2006 or 100,000 miles but I cant stand any more 50.00 deductables and Jim Cogdill Dodge in Knoxville TN does not have any suggestions. CAN ANYBODY HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Chassis dynamics aren't my forte, but a couple of questions:

    Is this a two or four-wheel drive?

    Has this problem been with the vehicle since day-one?

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