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Nissan Altima Owners: Meet the Members



  • I have had my gold Altima for 2 months. The vibration at 60-75 mph are unbearable. I am taking it back to the dealer next week. Has anyone else had this problem? My first trip to the dealer due to this problem, I noticed I was not alone (3 other cars in due to vibrations).

    I hope it can be fixed quick (its a four year lease).
  • What was the reponse from the dealer? Just in case mine does the same thing. Thanks!
  • I'm not sure what you mean by "vibration", but ours had a steering wheel shimmy between 45-55 mph. It turned out that the front wheels needed to be re-balanced. Voila, problem solved. There are other similar posts with the same cure.
  • Hello. I bought my '00 Altima SE back in Feb. 2000. I have never had any problems with the car. I just turned 72K miles. I drive 54 miles one way to the office daily. The car has been very reliable but I am ready to get rid of it for a used Saab 9-3. Does anyone think I can get $8,000 on a trade with the high mileage?
  • Hi Ling, I have a 03 2.5S Alta. I hear what I consider to be a knocking sound. I had a 02 Sentra, 1.8, didn't have that sound. I think its the 2.5 engine or a lack of sound insulation. I notice the knock at stop signs, when the car isn't powered up.
  • Got a 03 altima 3.5 SE. Love the car, but the automatic ac has went out 2 times in the 3 weeks that I have had this car. Was told that it had a bad hose the first time. My wife is taking it back again tommorow. This is the first foreign make of car I have ever owned and I thought that the quality of these cars was superior. I`m wondering now. For a car that stickered at 27,900 I thought I would get more. I hope that I can get it straitened out.
  • Ling and Piecekeeper- I bought my 2.5s about a month ago and i also have that annoying knocking/vibration/pulsation sound when sitting at idle with radio off and windows up, can't hear it when the windows are down or from outside the car. I brought it into the dealer and they said it was normal, they even had me drive another new 2.5s (had 75 miles on odo) and it had the same exact sound. I plan on having them check it again at my first oil change. At this point i have 2000 miles on the car and no other problems worth mentioning, but i'd sure like to know where that
    noise comes from. i'll pass on any new info i get.
  • I just purchased this used car and love it! It has 56,568 miles on it. I had a 1972 VW Beetle Bug and after completely restoring it...gave it to my son for his FUN in the SUN! I BABY all my cars with TLC. I did buy a 3 year warranty on this Nissan. Is there anything I should do outside of oil change and winterize at this point? NEW TIRES -- no problem. Any suggestions or advice you may offer on how to keep my "toy-boy" running smoothly will be appreciated. I did put the highest octane level gas in the tank. Thanks!
  • cjs2002cjs2002 Posts: 341
    I'd just thought that I'd save ya'll some grief and warn you about some things that I've discovered in all my research into the 02 - 03 Altima... PLEASE don't go out and install an aftermarket sunroof... according to my friend who works at a nissan dealership ... aftermarket things like sunroofs and remote start plays hell with the new altimas electrical systems.. (trust me when you have problems with aftermarket stuff the dealership never wants to fix it... ) just givin a fair warning...
  • indind Posts: 1
    I have a 2.5 SL. Love the car. Have a couple of problems...the wheel alignment is a little off..... noticed this about 15 days into my new car (at 'bout 2000 miles)..... The front passenger door lock would not operate with the remote. Hope to get these fixed in the next few days (dealer says both problems are covered by the manufacturer's warranty).

    Otherwise.....I'm thoroughly enjoying the car.

    Love the Bose audio, and the gauges
  • Hi, just trying to inquire if it's just my car. I recently experienced 3 months and now a year after owning my car, that my driver side window would not go down. The dealer fixed it the first time, and I' ma bout to take it them again. Also now my lcd light when I push my alarm button on my key fob, does not blink any more. The car is locked but you do not see the red light on the dash board. Has anyone had these problems before so soon on a fairly new altima, and if so discovered what the reason was for it. I hope I don't have a lemon as I adore my jada (my altima). Thanks..

    I love my car and would loveto get updates on anything any other altima owners can offer.
  • I have had my 02 Altima for 1 year 4 months. I love it, but today the Check Engine Soon light came on. I have check the manual and intend to go to the dealer tomorrow if they have an opening. Manual said make sure the gas cap is on.

    Anyone else have this problem?

  • I recently bought a 3.5SE altima with leather package and abs traction with front and rear airbags. Paid $26,100 invoice was $28,383. Was this a good deal or did I overpay

  • I had the same problem, my gas gauge read empty but I know I had more than 1/2 tank. After a few minutes the "check engine soon" light came on. I had to bring back to dealer diagnosed it with fuel pump assembly failure. My care is 2003 3.5 SE with 1200 miles (bought in September.)
  • I have a 99 GXE with no problems at all. Only thing I ever done was maintenance items! What a blessing.
  • gopacogopaco Posts: 1
    I am considering buying a new 3.5 SE. What is your opinion on the traction control system - nice to have, essential, waste of money? Can it be manually disabled?

    Thanks in advance for your response!
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,974
    Any car with that much power going through the front wheels needs traction control.
  • I am getting use to this site - And my new Altima 2.5s. As a 2002 Xterra owner I wondered what the Altima's RPM should be at 60 mph - about 3500? 70 - about 4,000, the acceleration is very good on the 2.5S. More comfortable than my 2001 Forester.


    My test drive was limited - to about 60 mph


    My wife's Xterra drops to about 2,500 - both automatic - figure it has over drive


  • No one responded yet?
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    I have had my early 05 since March (almost a year, DARN) and it has been a pretty good car. I got the 2.5S with Conv. Plus pkg.


    If I could do it again, I'd get the SE with Sport Plus Pkg. or perhaps the Leather Sport Pkg.


    But I LOVE the styling....
  • Got the answer - shifter gate - push to right at 3D to goto D - drove for two weeks in 3D
  • make sure the transmission is in drive and not L3. I drove mine in the higher automatic gears and the only way I had rpms that high was in L3. Normally I don't hit anywhere near 3000 rpm until the car is a little above 75mph. Mine is a 2002 altima automatic, soon to be replaced by a new SE.
  • I recently purchased an Altima 2.5S. I am just wondering when the gas light comes on and the dte is blinking, approximately how many miles do I have to get to the gas station?
  • It all depends on the type of gas mileage you are getting.

    In my 05, I went for DAYS with that light on if I do around town back and forth to classes at college and such...but it almost caught up with me.

    The other day I went four days with that light on and when I FINALLY went to get some gas, I had to get over 18 gallons to fill up the I had less than 2 gallons left...

    So if its around town driving, I'd say one or two days..but if its highway might not want to wait more than one.

    My Altima does NOT get stellar gas mileage either...
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,974
    The car has an advertised 20 gallon tank but whenever the light goes on, the car needs about 16 to fill it up. Either it doesn't have a 20 gallon tank or they're playing it way on the safe side.

    I find my gas mileage pretty good on the highway but locally, where I average around 15mph, it can really drink it.
  • Its really got a twenty gallon fuel tank
  • locker4locker4 Posts: 3
    I think it depends somewhat on where you live, but according to my research that's a great deal.
  • locker4locker4 Posts: 3
    Anyone out there own a 2.5 S or 3.5 SE for awhile and can comment on what kind of mileage that are really getting. I know what Nissan says, but I want real world figures from both models.

  • locker4locker4 Posts: 3
    What kind of mileage do you get maxamillion1? and what do you consider stellar mileage? I'm thinking of buying a new Altima and want to make sure it isn't more of a gas hog than I thought.
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