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Nissan Altima Accessories and Modifications



  • ken75ken75 Posts: 52
    We just purchased a 2008 Altima 2.5 SL and none of the packages included fog lights. Nissan wants $310.00 for the parts and I don't know how much for the install, or maybe that includes the install, I'm not sure. Can anybody point me to an after market dealer for fog lights? Thank you
  • Good morning, I am not sure if you have already purchased a set of fog lights, but a company on ebay who is a whole seller for Nissan parts. Here is their item number 140198158256 for the fog lights, I have already purchased them and installed. Hope this helps.
  • ken75ken75 Posts: 52
    Thank you, I'll give it a shot.
  • jresjres Posts: 69
    Does any one know about removing the shift knob on a 2008 2.5 sedan with a six speed? I make my own and would love to replace this one, but the reverse lockout button/lever concerns me. Most knobs just unscrew, but is the lockout lever connected to the knob?
  • i have a 2002 3.5 as well and i love it...first thing i did was change out the intake to a cold air and what a difference...the sound is amazing after 4k was the exhaust and put on apex n1 mufflers with titanium tips and cut out the resonator...u can see a big difference in performance from stock with these upgrades..the only bummer is there are a lot of maf sensor problems with an intake on 02 models...i bog alot at mid rpm's right now..
  • Bummed out! The Altima with the NAV can not support the ipod interface cable...was told either install the cable and give up your rear camera or get the model w/out the nav. I'm leaning on going without the Nav for full functionality of the IPOD and saving about $2k....what do you think?
  • I Recently bought a dark slate 2008 nissan altima 2.5 s with a convience plus package, i love my car but the only problem is that i see too many nissan altima's, so i wanted to make my altima unique.... but i really cant think of any thing to do. First i wanted to instal a pop out dvd player but im thinking that when it comes out it will block my a/c...... if any one has suggestions please let me know
  • Here's what I did that added a lot of character to the car....get the windows darkened! I have dark slate also and it adds a lot to the looks. I'm also considering a new grille. I have wider tires than the stock Protanza's and they add to the look as well. Can't help you with the dvd player, just redirect the air to other vents.
  • do you have a picture... i already had tinted my car windows and also the a/c vents cannot be redirected because it is the main three
  • Hi kosarfan. I would go that route as well. I've seen the nav systems in the altima and for starters, I didn't like the placement of it, not ergonomically friendly. You have to take your eyes of the road to follow the nav and that can be dangerous, especially in unfamiliar areas. Plus, I've heard a few folks on here dislike the navs in them altogether for functional purposes. Hope this helps you in your decision. Is this aux input strictly for IPOD's? Can you use an mp3 as well? If so, where do you obtain the input jack for it?
  • Let me know if you did go and purchase them ken, I'm interested myself. Please share your experience if you've gone that route. I just bought an 08 2.5 SL this past Saturday. How do you like yours???
  • ken75ken75 Posts: 52
    I have not purchased the fog lights as yet because of the cost. I did however, find a deal on ebay for $100.00 but this was for the lights only, no wiring harness, no switches and no directions. I would have had to bring it to some kind of detail shop for the work as I am kind of auto dumb. The lights were Nissan lights that were supposed to fit the hole with no problem. I also had to wonder about warranty details. I don't know how stinky they can get. That's all I got and i hope it helps you a little.

    I have only put about 1100 miles on the car only because of the HS weather. As far as I am concerned, the car drives better than any other we have owned. It has plenty of power, the CVT works great, it has enough bells and whistles to satisfy me and I would buy another in a heart beat. In fact, I might go for the Coup or Maxima, but that is a long way down the road. I fully anticipate this vehicle to treat us well and I really anticipate driving the hell out of it when the weather gets better.
  • I think we may have seen the same deal on ebay. Tomorrow after work I'm going to see if I can get to the dealership and find out how much it would be to purchase them and install them, parts labor, whole nine. I'm in Georgia, Metro Atlanta area. I'm sure there will be a variance in price between us but it should not be extreme. I don't know enough to install it myself and they always make it seem easy. I'm enjoying mine as well even though it's only been a couple of days. I'll keep you posted and let you know what I find. Hope the weather gets better so you can drive it til the wheels fall off, I plan on doing the same! :D
  • ken75ken75 Posts: 52
    The price on the fog lights alone from the dealer in this area (St.Paul) is $310.00 but I don't think that includes installation and I can easily see $400.00 - $450.00 for this job which to me, for a show item, is not worth it. I had fog lights on the F-150 I traded and used them once but did not like the effect. To much scatter which made seing anything ahead more difficult.

    Please keep me aware of the charges you incur for this job if you have it done. We had -14 degrees this morning and that really puts a crimp in driving around, enjoying yourself. Four or five more weeks of the hs weather and things will start looking up. You have all the good weather, so enjoy your ride as much as possible.
  • I just went to the dealership......looks like I'll be doing without the fog lights too. He just had a person get there's installed on an '07. Cost was $574!!!!! I may be crazy but I'm not stupid! As long as my headlights work that's enough. If those burn out, I'll get flashlights! They are crazy to charge that much, I don't care if they have to literally take the car apart! I asked about bringing in a set and they won't do it, may void the warranty and they'll have no part of that either.

    Keep your head up, warm weather will be on the way up there too. I've been in that part of the country, brutal! Stay warm, my friend, stay warm!
  • ken75ken75 Posts: 52
    Thank you for the heads up and the kind regards. I did not think in my wildest dreams that installed fog lights would cost that much. I guess Nissan can put them where the sun don't shine, maybe that will light up there perspective.

    Yep, we got warm weather on the way. Might even get above freezing. Whoo hoo
  • vanphanvanphan Posts: 41
    When we bought our '07 2.5 SL a year ago, we wanted factory-installed fog lights, or no deal. We settled on one that had everything we wanted; except no fog lights. But they would install them just like the factory. It was a long drawn out ordeal but they finally got them in and working perfect after over 2 months. There supposedly was a "kit" that was in the works that we had to wait on. Anyway, the reason they are so expensive is that they have to replace the entire wiring harness and the turn signal stalk for the switch. This was the first kit the dealer had to deal with and it probably cost him a tidy sum. The one thing about them, though, is there is no dash indication they are on, like most other cars. If anyone wants factory fog lights on their Altima, put it in the deal before laying down the cash!
  • ken75ken75 Posts: 52
    I just gave up on them. I had traded a 2002 F-150 for the Altima and that truck had fog lights which I used maybe three times in five years. Spending more than a couple hundred bucks on something I do not find useful is out of the question. Maybe that comes with finally growing up at 60.
  • What is the best CAI system for an '07 3.5 SE?
  • karpediemkarpediem Posts: 46
    There are ZERO CAI's available....only SRI's and they all add about the same HP and sound the same. Best bet is to go with Fujita.
  • I wish I could figure out a way to soften this suspension a little it seems a little stiff.
    The first time I saw the standard wheel and hubcap I thought someone had invented something to reduce the amount of brake dust that collects on the wheels. Needless to say I'm also interested in some alloy wheels anyone know anything?
  • milo57milo57 Posts: 16
    I am probably going to buy an '08 Altima 2.5 Coupe. The 4 cylinder is so powerful I see no reason to accept the higher price and gas consumption of the 3.5 However, I really like the 17 inch wheels which, supposedly, are only available on the 3.5. I may ask if I can have them installed on a 2.5 as part of negotiations.

    However, would the larger wheel affect handling, braking, etc? I have read many manufacturers disclaimers about the alleged dangers of aftermarket wheels. Is the 2.5 somehow "engineered" for 16 inch wheels in ways which would make the larger wheels a bad idea?
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    However, would the larger wheel affect handling, braking, etc? I have read many manufacturers disclaimers about the alleged dangers of aftermarket wheels. Is the 2.5 somehow "engineered" for 16 inch wheels in ways which would make the larger wheels a bad idea?

    There are many reasons that manufacturers have disclaimers about aftermarket wheels. But, they have nothing to do with the specific diameter. Those disclaimers usually refer to wheel offset, reliability, etc. Of course, if you put, say, 20" wheels on the car with a tire roughly 1" thick, it would "wreck" the suspension eventually, simply from the rough ride. However, you are referring to factory wheels, not aftermarket, so that qualification is irrelevent here.

    And, it is possible that the suspensions could be tuned differently, one for more of a sporty ride, the other for a more cushioned ride. Therefore, the sport suspension would generally have a lower sidewall ratio tire (50, 55 or 60 series) and a larger wheel, to lessen the sidewall "flex" when cornering.

    In the end, the difference between a 16" to 17" wheel should not cause any reliability or safety issues, but it may indeed have an effect on the ride which you may or may not notice. Also, depending on the tire size, it could potentially have an effect on the speedo calibration....the dealer should be able to answer that question for you.

    In the end, if you find some aftermarket wheels that you like and wish to buy, it shouldn't be an issue if they are quality wheels and not significantly different from the factory wheels....Good Luck!
  • kapnbillkapnbill Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2008 2.5 SL. Does anyone know if any companies sell custom fit trunk liners for this car. I'm looking for a waterproof liner with raised edges similar to Husky liners for SUVs. I'm not looking for a mat.

  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    i got mine from It took a couple weeks to get in though. I am not sure about other companies because I always have bought from weathertech and like their products.
  • Ive got 2.5S. 2007. Is it possible to install a cruise control? Where would i get the parts.
  • Ihello everyone...whats good .i've been a nissan man my whole life since ive been driving. recently had a chance to drive a friends gt-r ...pure heaven anyways...i just got rid of my 05 altima SE_R for the 08 altima 3.5 SE...i beat the SE_R down and plus i really liked the cvt tranny when i test drove...on my SE_R..i had the AEM CAI and the exhaust done from the cat back with lookin to do the same to my 08...need some suggestions for the best power sound ...and performance...Help?
  • luckydrawzluckydrawz Posts: 2
    I'm in an 08 Altima 2.5S. I love the car but I've noticed what sounds like a valve rattle or tap especially when it's cold out or it's been sitting for a few days. Is this a valve clearance adjustment? Is it covered under warranty? Anyone have a clue? :(
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I was curious to find out from anyone who has one if the optional wind deflector you can get put on the altima and maxima moonroof really is worth the money and does it really reduce wind noise???? I really like the look of them and think they are sporty looking but I don't want to get one put on if it doesn't help wind noise and in fact makes it worse; any information would be greatly helpful!!!
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