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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • fxcardenfxcarden Posts: 8
    I have the exact same problem, however, my dealer immediately offered to replace the front cat and the engine at no cost to me......I am still mulling it over. If you check on, you'll find more info there.
  • bperkbperk Posts: 38
    Hi all… Well along with the 85K + 06 Altima owners my new 2 month old car has the issue. I purchased a Special Edition S model back in May and was really enthused about how great this car was until I received the notice. FYI.. I’m still pursuing an incident with the dealership when the finance mgr tried to get me to waive my 36K\3yr warranty for more money off the purchase price but I’ll follow up with that separately.

    Anyway, the dealer rep in the service dept is a great guy. He has been taking care of my wife’s 04 Quest through all the BS we had with the 04 Quest and has worked wonders with this saga to the point where all is well with the van. I totally trust this guy as he has been very straight forward with me and helped us out plenty with the van. His guys are also great as well. Have worked with me all the way, taken me in the work bays, got under the vehicle, pointed things out, so I know there straight up and no BS. I think you get the point that I trust them. They do have a good name in the area.

    Now, onto the 06 Altima. Here are his comments. He said the problem is with the piston rings not seating correctly during the engine breaking in due to defective parts (the rings). He said not all cars, even if they are in the VIN range will have the issue. First he said not to baby the engine, push it a few times, get it revved up, don’t be afraid, this will actually help the engine break in. My second question was about the replacement engine as I heard that rebuilt engines were being used. He said that what they do is salvage the engine block, as this is the most expensive part of all the parts, they clean it up and stuff it full of new parts where applicable.

    Then he said don’t be nervous about this as he is fully aware of peoples concerns over this process of ripping out a factory installed engine. He said it takes 3 days to complete. One day out, one day in, then one day to configure and calibrate everything and test drive all the working parts. His guys have done it many times on other cars. His tone, honesty and reputation with me over the past have put my mind at ease if I need a new motor. Time will tell. I will keep you all updated.
  • danutucdanutuc Posts: 5
    I've been having this problem for a while now, the wheel shakes. I've changed the wheel bearing, i've balanced the tires, got the aligment done... nothing fixed it still shakes, what else could it be? it makes a "thumping" noise as well, which made me think that the bearing is bad, 92k miles (a friend with maxima, same mileage has the same problem, we've changed the axle on his, didnt help) Help.

    Also when I lay off the accelerator, after about a second the car seems to break instantly, minor but noticable, breaks are good, rotors are good.... what could it be..?
  • tarnmastertarnmaster Posts: 12
    You are right - Nissan , and believe me , dealers , salesmen , service personnel , are all concerned about this , and are doing whatever it takes to correct any problems with the piston rings in affected engines.

    What concerned me is what you said about the finance manager trying to get you to waive the 36K/36mo new car warranty. This is not something that can even be done , to my knowledge. I've been selling cars for over 23 years , 10 with Toyota and 13 with Nissan , and have never heard of any finance manager ever doing that. It is something that is part of the new car itself , along with the 60K/60mo powertrain warranty , and is not something that is negotiable. It is yours period. The finance manager usually tries to sell an extended service contract ( which I recommend and always get when I purchase a car ) but even if you don't opt for that the new car warranty cannot be taken away or waived. I wouldn't want to work with someone who would try to do that. We work hard to overcome the "bad car dealer" stereotype and don't want someone to perpetuate that. If he did indeed offer that , he should be reported , and preferably dismissed.
  • jrvjrv Posts: 3
    Not sure if this was sent on the first try ...

    Can you be a bit more specific as to mileage, extended warranty, etc. Was the vehicle always dealer serviced or did you do your own oil changes??

  • I have a 2005 Alitma S 5-speed and initially had the same problems with the oil level. I began to take the vehicle to the dealer for the oil changes so that there were no issues of blaming some other "shop." I had them mark on the recpt the oil level when it came in. The good news is that I now have 22k+ miles and no issues with the oil. It appears that the issue involves the break in period. Granted some vehicles seem to have a more involved problem but I can honestly say that after about 5k-8k miles I no longer noticed an oil issue. Hope this helps.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    You're absolutely correct. Dealers don't warrant new cars, the automakers do. Even the automakers have very limited recourse in refusing to follow through on covering warranty repair work unless they can prove owner neglect or improper operation was the cause of malfunction/component failure. That's not usually an easy sell in court.
  • wwjcdo55wwjcdo55 Posts: 10
    I purchased a Nissan Altima 06 near the end of may. 10 days later got the sad letter from Nissan. Stating they were gonna take 60 day's to make a decision on what to do. I am willing to join up in a class action lawsuit but unsure how ? i dont want another Nissan figured if there's one bad apple they are many more ! my 06 vin. matched Nissan list of the bad ones.(wwjcdo55)
  • amarkutamarkut Posts: 5

    I responded to you on another post regarding the warranty (dropping suggested by the dealer). I would check that out very closely!

    I helped my mom purchase an 06 Altima SE early week of June. I negotiated for her off the lot $21,300, came home and PANICKED because my husband told me the day prior, in the paper, there was a HUGE recall on 06 Altimas.

    Her car was safe-the serial number is not w/in the time frame that these defective cars were manufactured. (I wondered why there were only a few 06's on the lot!) The dealership pulled ALL of the recalled 06's before we got there.

    If,and I mean IF, your dealership caught wind of the recall inadvance-maybe they were trying to get rid of these cars fast to make some profit and tried to get rid of the warranty knowing full well these cars would be defective.

    Check your serial # and soon-the defect causes fires in the engines or brakes-I can't remember exactly! My mom's car is doing great and my 3.5 SL-fully loaded 2 yrs old is great too. Good Luck!
  • Hello All,

    I bought an Altima Special Edition S yesterday for a lease for 39 months. When I got home I did some research and found out about the recalls. I pick up my car on Monday and I am going to show the saleman the article about the recall.

    How do I find out if my car is affected. I see the poster above me mentioned to check the serial#

    Also should I be that worried since I am only going to have this car for about 3 yrs.
  • Only 2.5 are effected. To check your VIN# go to, there is a link for recalls etc, check your VIN, but as with any new car, don't push the car for at least the first couple hundred miles, and check fluidlevels before recommended services to identify problems before Nissan discovers them when it is too late. Forget the salesmen, go straight to the Service Manager, he knows the cars, the salesman knows how to sell and 'calm rough water'. The recall info is all over the web.
  • amarkutamarkut Posts: 5

    I'd say a big YES you should be worried IF you had one of the defective cars due to the defective "part" can cause a fire. But you should be 99.9% a o.k. My dealership here in Indy, which is VERY reputable, said they were told by Nissan Corp. to pull ALL the cars that same evening it was announced off the lots-they could not sell them. (this is back in early June)

    As for the serial #, bascially it is to track when the car was actually built. I appologize for the lack of memory, but I believe it affected 06 models manufactured from Dec.05-I think April 06 (?).

    You might want to do some research on the sepcific maufactured time frame on the internet-but I could bet your car is fine.
  • amarkutamarkut Posts: 5
    Yes, I'm referring to the 2.5-not sure what bigboi purchased; however. Again, I feel he has nothing to worry about. Also, jmaxwell is correct-it's the VIN#. Not sure why I said serial number-sorry about that.
  • I checked Nissan's site and they say it affects VIN #s
    1N4*L11D*6N366397 - 369129. My VIN# starts with 41****. I am supposed to pick up the car later today but my parents told me that I should call the dealer and cancel my car since it states in the article that they should stop selling ALL Altimas. I just dont want to receive a recall letter in the mail later and have problems.

    What do you suggest?
  • sheri_gosheri_go Posts: 1
    My rear seatbelts periodically get stuck and can not be used. I have one that has been stuck for 4 months and one that has been stuck for 2 months. My 3rd back seat belt got stuck a couple of days ago but i was able to dis-lodge it. I have 2 children who have to sit back there and right now they are both sitting in the same seat. Has anyone had this problem before or have any idea what i can do about it? Please help me out as my children are riding unsafely in my car. Thanx
  • eddieeeddiee Posts: 25
    We just had the front rotors replaced after 20,000 miles on our 2005 Altima. There was bad front end shimmy when the brakes were applied. Luckily the dealer replaced them under warranty. There must have been little pad wear since they didn't replace the pads. The service manager said that this is not the first instance of early rotor warping. She said the calipers were fine. We also had 2 instances where we left the car parked for a week+ when going on vacation and the pads seized to the rotors. The car would not move. I had to apply a lot of gas (not fun backing out of a garage) and eventually the brakes freed with a loud bang. I know it's not unusual for light rust to appear when the car is parked for a while (which will burn off soon with no damage) but I have never had the pads seize before with any vehicle.

    Have others encountered premature rotor warping or pads seizing? I have heard that OEM rotors are typically crap so I will probably replace these with non-Nissan parts when these rotors go. Our previous 96 Camry went 85,000 miles before replacing the front pads and the rotors were still good (just needed turning). I didn't replace the rotors to save a few bucks because we were selling it.
  • grumpfishgrumpfish Posts: 19
    Because your car "isn't" one of the VIN#'s afffected, don't think you're in the clear. Mine isn't, and it's eating more oil than what is conceived to be normal. This shocked me when I checked the oil with 800 more miles before the next scheduled oil change (it was bone dry) and the service manager who checked it when I took it in - it was again lower (but not empty) than it should've been. I now have to follow the procedure of driving it for 700 miles and take it in three times to monitor oil consumption. So keep tabs on your car

  • If you’re having second thoughts about the deal then you should back out of it. The idea of possibly having to replace an engine on a brand new car with a used or refurbished one is just plain ridiculous. If I were in your shoes I wouldn’t think twice about canceling now than regretting it latter.

  • bperkbperk Posts: 38
    All, Firstly lets all be aware that Nissan has carefully crafted this as a "TSB" and NOT a recall. Here is the link to the "TSB"

    If it were a recall there would be a line out the door because they would be fessing up to a truly defective component and would have to replace 85K+ engines.

    Secondly, read the TSB very carefully. If you go in to the svc dept with just a LOW level oil range they will simply check for noise, top it off with oil, and send you on your way. My advise, dont go in until the oil does not reach the dip stick, monitor it carefully and then as soon as you see this level head to the dealer becasue now according to the TSB you can start the process of checking every 700 miles and then get the new engine. Again read this TSB very carefully..It took me a few reads to finally understand the loop hole they crafted. My car is burning oil, its on the LOW indicator after 2200 miles on the dipstick but Im wtg until it does not register at all otherwise they will say it does not qualify (Nissan,not the dealer because Nissan has to authorize the engine replacement). Good luck all.
  • altimaedaltimaed Posts: 2
    :confuse: For the past 6 months I have been fighting with this. I had both Cam & Crank Sensors replace at the same time 4 months ago since it was a recall. Well guess what, it still is doing the same thing, loss of power, stalling and check Engine Light flashing. Has anyone experienced the same problem as me. Everytime I take the car to a Nissan Dealer they tell me there are no error codes in the comupter and they can't duplicate the problem. Any advice is helpful at this point!
  • bperkbperk Posts: 38
    I eventulally spoke to the General Manager of the dealership and informed him of the "Offer" his finance manager made to me. His reply was that there must have been some misunderstanding on the matter. I assured him that there was no "Misunderstanding", I know what I heard and I believe I know what he was trying to do. I even looked this guy dead in the the eye and said "What, you want me to void mt 3yr36k warranty for another $1,200 off the vechile". Anyway, I also sent a duplicate letter to Nissan Consumer Affairs, lot of good that will do. But either way, Im determined to uncover some shify goings on with this guy if I can. Its a shame because I really like the service department.
  • Call Nissan North America direct, give them your VIN# and get your answer from them directly, do not trust your Sales person to have the correct answer for you, that's not his job...I'd call them, ask them what they want you to do, see if the answer suits you and if not, then take other action...other than that, there are a lot of Altima 2.5's that weren't affected (those that were built after May 2006) yours may be one of those and you have no probs, but check with Nissan direct...
  • jpgoldmanjpgoldman Posts: 1
    I had a problem where my car would stall while I was driving, which was most inconvenient. I paid $193 to replace the crankshaft position sensor in March. I've had no problems since, but if that was supposed to be a recall, I will be most displeased.
  • ruby02ruby02 Posts: 2
    There was in fact a recall on both those parts. Take the recall notice and go back to the dealer. You should be reimbursed.

    LJ :)
  • wwjcdo55wwjcdo55 Posts: 10
    It seems i am finally getting somewhere toward getting my Altima repaired. I took it to dealer today for 1st time concerning oil issue. Service manager treated me very well. He said bring it back two more times for oil issue. On 3rd time he would order a new engine (not rebuilt) He seemed to be a very trusting man ! A former law enforcement officer and a straight forward guy. He told me a way to check engine to verify serial number for peace of mind ! My wife's car and she about flipped when she found out i had already talked with an attorney. Now we both feel better about the whole issue.
  • altimaedaltimaed Posts: 2
    Alright! I just got my car back from my Nissan Dealership for the 3rd time. Once again they could not find any error codes stored in the computer and could not duplicate the problem which is Engine light flashes on and off, loss of power, at idle car seems like it is going to stall. Still Nissan could not find any errors in the computer they will not fix anything on my car. I hate wasting my time at the dealership anymore when I KNOW something is wrong but they seem to never be able to figure it out. Is there anyone here that has had or is having the same problem I am experiencing. I am affraid from some of the stories I have read that my car will shut down on the interstate going 65. Help please!
  • In the same boat and need some answers or opinions what would be the best to do. Proceed in getting the car, even though the problems affected only certain cars or scrap the whole idea. Really like the 06 altima se-r. Don't want a bunch of problems in the end.
  • wwjcdo55wwjcdo55 Posts: 10
    All i can say is that my dealer sent a number of Altima's back . Due to the problems with the 2.5 litre engine. The problem being heavy oil consumption with certain engines manufactored 1st quarter of this year. Naturally i purchased one of those cars in late May. 10 days later got a letter from Nissan stateing how for me to react to this problem. They told me to check oil every 700 miles. Add what oil to fill back to full. Finally i took car back to dealer and now i am letting him handle the total situation. Said i had 2 more times to bring back then he would order a new engine and call when it came in for him to swap out.He did state he would give me a loaner until the engine swap was made. He assured me it would be a new engine not a rebuilt. He stated i would be able to tell from serial number stamped on block. But from the number of cars sent back from around the country i think i possibly could still receive a engine from another car that was took out and rebuilt. To be put back in my new Nissan. Please do not get me wrong my wife and I love the car. Just worried about the outcome. But Nissan has warrented the engine for 100,000 miles. Now i have heard of many past the 200,000 mark. Will my Altima make it ? That remains to be seen. So i would get the vin number off the car and do some checking with Nissan myself. I personally dont trust the sales department of the dealership i purchased mind at. It's the 2.5 Altima S model.
  • I would trust the fact that this prob only affects the 2.5...I'd love the 3.5 se-r ...I had a 2.5 with a prob, I fought it with the Better Business Bureau, and got a new engine without having to play the outrageous game of checking my oil every 700 miles..what an insult...If anything, I'd tell anyone buying a new car or car for that matter, read this from msnbc: The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) manages and tracks all U.S. recalls. It maintains an extensive, detailed database of all problems, which consumers can use to find out if a vehicle they own or are considering buying has a recall associated with it.
  • txbeatztxbeatz Posts: 3
    My 1994 altima a/c only blows on setting #4. 1,2 and 3 dont blow anything at all. someone told me it could be just the knob but i doubt that. another person told me there is a common problem with a peice that is in between the knob and the fan.

    anyone have any ideas? im in texas and its hot and dont want to run #4 all the time lol
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