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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • skinsfan3skinsfan3 Posts: 78
    Dear Gail: I would be pretty cautious about what you see written by others.I generally check reviews of hotels and restaurants and often the negative stuff is from people who say something like" the pillows are too hard". I have a 2003 altima with around 90,00 miles and haven't experienced many of some of the problems that folks have reported.I just had a brake job all around.Since you may buy a new car, I strongly suggest you get an extended warranty from your insurance company. That way it is less expensive than Nissan. Mine is $250 deductible. You have to buy it when the car is relatively new and there may be a limit of 10 years and 100,000 miles. I enjoy listening to my cd's and radio, so I infrequently use my moon roof. As back up you always have this forum and you can get good pricing information use my moon roof. Since I have no idea how well the 2010 compares with 2003, I am sure you will hear more from many.
  • I have a 02 Altima with ces light. The code reads vent control valve. Any ideas where it is located on it. Thanks. George
  • neo_neo_ Posts: 14
    I think you will love your Altima. I have had mine for 3 years now. 2007 2.5 S Convenience Plus Package. First new car and I would gladly buy an Altima again. I don't have climate control, so can't comment on that but I like the CVT. Haven't had any issues with it. Feels smoother than traditional transmission. Good pick up too. The AC is pretty effective. No issues. Like the moonroof. So, all in all a pretty good car.

    I agree with the other poster. Don't go totally by what you see on the forums as it's mostly those who've had issues that post here. It's definitely a good way to get some idea but doesn't always give the full, correct picture.
  • ndiboyndiboy Posts: 36
    I think you have made a good choice and I am sure you won't regret it either. When I bought 2.5s 2002 altima at 73,000miles almost 3years ago I thought I was in for trouble after reading all the posts I saw on the web. After 3 years and changing the head gasket, the car has been amazing and I will give in anything to get the 2007-2010 model with the CVT.

    Is there any car in the world that doesnt have a problem? I heard so much about toyota corolla and I bought one for my wife and I was not really impressed. I am still with my altima Ultimate anyday anytime.
    Make up your mind, get one and you will not regret it.
  • gailalonggailalong Posts: 12
    Thank you so much. This makes me feel much better. You are so kind of respond to me.
  • skinsfan3skinsfan3 Posts: 78
    no thanks needed. that is what we do here.
  • markm12markm12 Posts: 2
    edited August 2010
    My wife tells me that her A/C starts when she starts the car but then only blows hot air after she starts driving. Took it in, and had Freon re-charged and problem still occurred. Then noticed that it was the compressor that would start (spinning) when the car starts, cold air blows through the vents in the car and then the compressor stops spinning, blowing hot air. It's so hot outside and my wife reminds me daily that when she drives to work every day, she is a ball of sweat with or without the windows up or down because of the air starting for a sec, then just blowing hot air, even though it's FULL of Freon. Has anyone experienced this or do you know what could cause it to start and stop? An A/C switch maybe?
  • Okay. SO, about a month ago, a was in an accident that totaled my 98 explorer. Since i've been looking for something cheap and reliable (for at least 2-3 years) so i can save up. A friend of mine's father-in-law is selling his 97 Altima and they told me about it today and i'm going to see it on tuesday....

    It has some cosmetic damage, supposedly it runs great it was his daily driver, he just purchased a newer car and it has around 175K miles on it.

    I've looked at a few reviews, and most of the people that have these cars love them. Supposedly they run great but are a lil loud which is nothing i'm not used to ( my explorer had a whining rear end) and have a cup holder malfunction, which would just be the end of my world, j/k. They say that they are fairly cheap to maintain....

    What im interested in is WHAT i have to maintain. Please don't be afraid to tell me because im getting it for disgustingly cheap price, so i'm preparing to have to do SOME repairs. The "time-fer's" i call them. time fer a new alternator, time fer a new rear end, ( im used to it, i had a ford. ) AT what mileage does it actually blow up? you know?
  • If it is anything like my 2002 the answer is yes. I have 105,000 miles on my Altima and only maintence besides oil chgs has been brakes. One of the best vehicles I have ever owned.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,338
    edited August 2010
    At those high miles, I personally would just do a standard safety check (brakes, tires, etc), oil & filter, fuel filter, check your belts and hoses, and if the coolant or brake fluid are very dirty, flush and replace those. Couple hunnert bucks, tops.

    I wouldn't sink any real money into this car, as it is, statistically, at the end of its life---so anything could go at any time. This is not to disparage the car in any way--it's just at the end of a modern car's natural predicted lifespan.

    Can a 80 year old man play tennis? Sure, some can. Would you be surprised if he collapsed on the court? Probably not. So the same applies here IMO. Keep your expectations realistic.

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  • REMEMBER YOU ARE BUYING ASIS/WHEREIS.So if you feel that you were not given the full story, should you decide to go to court, you will probably lose. a friend and family often find themselves in this situation. As was pointed out, old is old, so anything may happen on day one. You can best protect your interests by spending the 00 bucks or so for sa mechanic to look it over.
  • i am going to have boyfriend look over it, he is a mechanic. Thanks for giving me those things to check out.

    it's my first.... not ford lol. My dad only buys ford, so this is a stretch in his dept. But my boyfriend works on foreign cars all day, he says he can check it out. On my explorer i knew what was coming you know? I'll definitely as him on tuesday ( the father-in-law ) if there is anything comin up or if he has done any repairs in the past.
  • I hope your bf is licensed. There are lots of stupid judges who, in the event of litigation,would not accept findings. I think yours is a practicably approach. If not the bf, who else can you trust?
  • bsmartbsmart Posts: 8
    Hi, Just saw your message, I have a 95 Altima purchased new I now have 297,973 miles on it. Best car I ever had, I have replaced the alternator, battery,fuel pump, water pump, and distributor, has the original exhaust on it.
    I keep the oil changed every 3-4000 miles. Still has great pick up, heat , air work great, I believe the 95-97 altima's were the best made. I also have a 2010 now, but still drive my 95 alot. If this guy kept the oil changed and basic maintenance up, it has alot of life left. My Nissan mechanic has told me keeping the oil changed is the key to life ! :)
  • I had a few scrapes and scratches on my right lower portion of my front bumper so the last time I went to service my car, I picked up one of those double ended paint sticks (colour and clear coat) from the dealers parts dept. Went home, cleaned the bumper area, shook the stick for a couple of minutes and started to apply the paint. My car's colour is the Satin White but the paint from the stick was so glossy white that I thought it had to be the wrong paint. Went back to the dealer and showed the results to to the parts dept...they verified the paint stick was the correct one...they said when I apply the Clear Coat from the stick, the paint match will be a lot closer.

    Well, I tried that but the difference is still very noticeable. Now, I've used these paint sticks on other cars and other colours and I realize that they are usually not a perfect match but this difference was really glaring. My car's colour looked almost cream colour when compared to the paint stick's white.

    Any oe else runn into something like this when touching up their cars ??
  • You are playing with a job best left to a reasonably priced body shop. Even da Vinci couldn't apply the paint stick without it running or looking lousy. Beware. There is a "as seen as on TV" commercial that pushes a magic stick that gets scratches out. It doesn't work. You can read all about it if you ever see it on a "complaints" site.
  • ok SO. DEfinitely not perfect, but for 660$ i think i'll live. the interior was kept up well but it has some dents and dings. Original owner, kept it up well but it's been thru all the kids lol. so it's had some good and bad times, one of the kids did get into and accident, both airbags did deploy, but they have a mechanic that they took the car only to him and he fixed it right up for them. only the radiator was damaged, but it is a salvaged title.

    BUT hear me out, it drives....GREAT.

    the outside is not appealing but it's trans is in better shape than my sister's 2000 escorts's is ( it hardly has a problem ).

    My bf and our buddy john has gone over it, they took out some dents. it's lookin better already. both mirrors were missing (one is kinda duct taped on there) and the tint is bad. and those are about the worst parts about the car. otherwise inside is great, seats are like new, radio works ( suck that its not a cd player, but oh well..) A/C works perfect. Gas Mileage is awesome.

    it only HAS to last about 2 years... but if it lasts longer, i wouldn't mind it around lol :]. i've come to love the thing.

    maybe ill do some before and after pics for you guys, keep yah posted. also im going to changing oil, air filter, drive belt, fuel filter, and oil filter (of course) and......windshield wipers ( they look like they've never been touched!!!) and i think she'll be up to par.

    ALso. something interesting, it did not pass smog for the first time this last feb. so i have to get it pirate smogged but i'd rather see what the code is. because it's recent, it could be an easy fix. i'm going to aamco tomorrow to get the code.

    i just cant wait to give it some luuuuuv.
  • I need to replace the driver's side mirror on my 2008 Altima 2.5S, and I'm wondering if there's any real difference (in terms of installation) between an OEM part and an aftermarket part (the part number I've found is 68558N).

    The reason I ask is that one body shop told me that for this make/model, the OEM mirror is recommended, but kind of just gave me vague reasons why. I called the dealership and asked them if there was any truth to this (of course I took their answer with a grain of salt), and they said the bolting on aftermarket parts won't fix exactly.

    Any truth to this?
  • Maybe it has to do with the controls to the mirror?
  • We just purchased a new Altima SL Thursday. My husband was backing out today and I was outside the car and noticed a metal grinding noise. Then as he put it in drive, I again noticed the same noise. Both times from the back left tire. I already feel like we over paid (was $23500 a bad deal?) They threw in new all weather mats that we pick up Wednesday. What should I ask about when we take it back in?
  • My maintenance other warning light comes on and when i go on there it the limit was 250...i don't want to reset it because i don't know what it means by that or what needs to be repaired. what do i do.please
  • Where is it located on engine. This valve controls the idia speed.
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,961
    Was it a heavy rain night the night before? The metal on brake rotors is so raw that it can get a layer of surface rust overnight if it is moist out.
  • I've been having a lot of problems with my Altima recently, but nothing like this. This problem just started 3 days ago. If I hit the gas to accelerate, I hear a whooshing sound and my car is very slow to accelerate past 55 mph. The sound stops once I go over 60 mph, but the car still feels a little sluggish. Any help would be appreciated.
  • I don't know about the wooshing sound, but are you filling up without removing the nozzzle before the cklick?

    Asa far as performance, at the advice of my local mechanic, I go to Costco and pick up the chevron pack of injector fluid. I think they sell it for around 15$ per pack. He assures me that it is a great additive. My mileage and performance have improved. I use it every fill up and sometimes during my driving. Good luck. Oh, my altima is 2003 with closeto 100k miles. For highway driving, my mpg is around 30, Before I used the injector cleabor it had dropped to below 20mpg's.
  • skinsfan3, thanks so much! Now that you mention it, my problem started after I filled up. The nozzle kept clicking for some reason and I had a hard time filling up. I'll try an injector to see if that helps the problem. Thanks again.
  • I had a similar problem with my Honda CRV. There is some kind of two-part magnet in the sensor that turns on the compressor, with a really tight calibration. The spec is for it to have an 0.5mm gap between the two parts, and my car had a 1.0mm gap (that is - the out-of-cal condition was too small to detect with the naked eye). Once they fixed the gap, the A/C seemed to work fine.
  • We also had a warning that we didn't understand; it sounded similar to this. It looked like a clockface showing 3 o'clock, with what looked like radio waves radiating out from it.

    It came on after stopping at the base of the offramp on the freeway. It also had the letters '1.5 H' on the screen.

    Any ideas?
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230
    Interesting. Never seen/heard that one before.

    Try and get a pic if it happens again...
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