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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,935
    Has anyone seen a 2013 at a Dealer yet?
    I understand that production has started,
    but the sales dweeb I spoke with last night
    said he knew nothing...
    - Ray
    Interested to see one in person,
    liking the pictures I have seen so far....
    2016 BMW 340i
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    I saw a dealer in Philly has 1 on their website, peruzzi nissan.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,935
    Ah - looks like my local dealer just received
    their first one as well.
    - Ray
    On my list of places to go on Saturday AM.....
    2016 BMW 340i
  • flurofluro Posts: 2
    Had pre-ordered online, went in to dealer to see demo, signed P&S for 3.5 SL w/ tech and mats. Paid MSRP but got $500 more for my trade than it was worth. That plus the prepaid maintenance seemed like an okay deal. Left deposit of $500, was told to expect delivery in 6-8 weeks.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,935
    Saw one in person today, at a dealer here north of HotLanta...
    2016 BMW 340i
  • wow. 17,730 is a great price. can you tell me what dealership this is and who you worked with. also, did you have to jump through fire to get that price?
  • i purchased the car at EastCharlotteNissan in Charlotte NC, I negociated the price over the internet and picked up the car next day. it's easy, no hassle.
  • kirikkirik Posts: 2
    Bought a new 2012 Altima 2.5SL with Bose for $25662 here in greater pitt area.

    Price of the car: $24000 even ( after all rebates and negotiations)(Included carpet mats/splash guards/trunk mat)
    Tax: 1440 (6%)
    TTL and misc stuff: $222

    Final price out the door was $25662. Winter Frost Exterior and Charcoal Leather Interior :)
  • can you tell me who you worked with? whomever i'm in contact with is only offer $4750 off MSRP of $23,490 for the 2.5S base. I want to get as close to $17,703 as possible which is about 1K off.
  • i don't think they allow me to post name of saleperson on the forum, i try to PM you the infor, but he's the sale manager, his first name start with letter "F". talk to him and he will take off $6250 on the MSRP. print my previous post and send to him.
  • That's a sweet deal. With Bose Premium Audio, I guess the MSRP is around $28,700.

    Did you get any special financing offer? and did the discount (4700) include grad discount or any other offers ? My friend purchased 2011 model in Aug, 2011 and she got 0% financing for 60 months !

    I live in the Philly area and I'm having a hard time deciding if I wanna go with the 2012 SL or wait for the 2013 SL. But the price premium for 2013 is about $2000 !!
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    The price premium is probably a whole lot more than $2000 and it should be. The 2012s are being discounted $5k or more because the new Altima is so much improved and will be a hot seller and the 2012s will be sitting on the lots once the 2013s start rolling in. The 2013s will be discounted very little until they have some hot competition come fall....the new Fusion. Then things will get better for purchasing a 2013 Altima.
  • ocbmwocbmw Posts: 31
    edited July 2012
    As of July 1st, Edmund/Nissan offer cashback (Visa Cash Card) if you buy Altima. Amount varies, as I got both $500 and $250 off. $750 off of Camry ended on July 1st.
  • kirikkirik Posts: 2
    Altima 2013s are great, but I needed a car soon and could not wait long to get good discounts on it 2013s. 2012s are not bad at all and its still a great car.

    I did not get any special fin offer. I financed with Nissan at standard APR(got 4.99%) . This got me to knockoff $1500 more on the MSRP. The dealer suggested me to go for it and then refinance. So that I get to keep the discount.

    I bought the car on June 25th, refinanced it on 27th externally for 2.5%.
    No graduate discount.
  • szaggyszaggy Posts: 4
    Wonder if anyone has input on a dealer offer (Madison, WI) of 27.5K for a Black Altima SL - moonroof, bose package included. This price is for 63 payments of $439 (includes the base car price, financing, tax, etc) .
    I thought it was a good deal but once I got on line and checked over different websites I am not so sure anymore.

    Any thoughts about this offer?
  • Hello,

    Does any one know what would be a fair price to pay/negotiate for? I am planning to buy one next month. I am located in central jersey.

    Also can anyone provide insight on pre-order process? I have already placed the order but I feel somehow something is wrong somewhere. What are the steps to be followed after palcing pre-order and paying $49 fees?
  • lexxluthorlexxluthor Posts: 14
    I just purchased a 2012 with a $24,930 and got $7400 of sticker price. I was quite surprised that the vehicle did not have a power driver's seat at this price. No haggling the price was listed on the cars and on their internet pricing.
  • I'm not sure what the competition is like in WI, but kirik (check post #3204) got the same config. for 24k plus TTL in Pittsburgh(PA state tax is 6%). You should use that as a target price.
  • ua1kua1k Posts: 3
    edited July 2012
    I purchased my first Altima last night at a dealership in Northern NJ (near Paterson) and think I got a smoking deal, you be the judge.

    MSRP was $24,340. I ended up negotiating down to $17,500++ with an out the door of $19,7xx which includes the NJ registration at $400. Of course they added a doc fee of $299 and window etching of $299 but I still think I came out ok. I was prepared to pay cash but they said to get the deal I would need to finance at ~4.25% for 60 months but I could prepay w/out penalty after 90 days. I was able to put $5k on a credit card though. Before we even started negotiating, I told my sales person they are not going to make any money off of me but I'd give them $50 if we could work out a deal on my terms and they clearly fought hard for me (we got up to leave twice) but he had the sales manager chasing after us.
  • szaggyszaggy Posts: 4
    Thanks - appreciate the feedback. I think I ended up doing pretty good in the end...MSRP 28850, purchase price 22500.
  • sandman17sandman17 Posts: 1
    i think that's a tad on the expensive side. i was looking into buying a 2012 last week. A 2.5s, and i was getting one for 16k including ALL fees plus tax. I was going to get the 2012, but then after seeing the 2013, I changed my mind. I got the 2013 for 21,600 all fees plus tax. That was 22,500 msrp. They tried to get me to spend 25k plus tax on it. lmao. This was at star nissan in queens, ny.
  • Is that the SL with Bose Premium Audio package? You got $ 6350 off MSRP !!?? Sweet! What was your OTD price ?

    Did you have to pay any additional doc fees, processing fees or anything? And did you get any special financing or did you opt for the cashback ?
  • ua1kua1k Posts: 3
    I'd have to see it to believe it. I walked out of another dealership that sent me an e-quote for 15,995 but that soon became 20k because I'm not a recent grad, not coming off a lease, not current Nissan owner... So I guess if you qualify you could get for 16k but its unlikely 99% of the people actually qualify for all the gimmicks.
  • uvawahoouvawahoo Posts: 23
    Here's the deal I'm currently getting:

    2.5 SL fully loaded - $22,500
    doc/destination fees = $1,000
    VA taxes = $1,000
    8 yr/100k ext warranty = $1,500
    Total OTD = $26,000

    Let me know if you think this is a good price. I feel like the doc and dest fees are high, and I need to lower the base price of the car to compensate!
  • szaggyszaggy Posts: 4
    Think you are doing good. Our final price was right at 24K (Including tax, title etc). It was loaded with everything except no navigation.
  • That sounds like a great price. Are you getting good financing rates for that ? Or did you forego financing to get additional discounts on the price?
  • szaggyszaggy Posts: 4
    I took financing to get an additional discount of $500. 2.9% interest rate. May just pay down on it early. Overall since it was loaded we felt like we got a really good deal.
  • krish4krish4 Posts: 1

    Did you buy the one with Anniversary package for $24930 - $7400 = $17530 ? I'm getting the same one for $19200 and that is the best deal so far..

    Appreciate your response..
  • lexxluthorlexxluthor Posts: 14
    Yes the anniversary package has rims, spoiler, blutooth, steering wheel controls, push button start and keyless entry and no power seat.
  • ezericsezerics Posts: 29
    anybody purchase a 3.5 sv v6 with Nav recently? I'm trying to see what prices people are actually paying.
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