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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sanjayncsanjaync Posts: 4
    could you share dealer details, i am also looking for Altima

    is 17500 OTD price?
  • tga01tga01 Posts: 40
    Can you tell me the name of the dealer ?
    thanks !!
  • I am living in NJ. Could you let me know the dealershop's name in Paterson?

    Thank you.
  • arivu1arivu1 Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I am planning to buy a 2.5S 2013 Altima.

    I got a final price of $21,700 + tax and fees.

    This is without any extra additions.

    Let me know if I have a chance to get even less.
  • No this was not OTD. I live in New York and it was around $19,100 after tax plates registration and fees. The dealer was Maguire Nissan in Ithaca, NY
  • belwah87belwah87 Posts: 15
    Don't know where you are, but the price in the DC area seems to have dropped below invoice on the 2013 Altima over the last few days. A Nissan dealer in Woodbridge, VA is advertising prices for the 2.5 S of about $19,800+TT and fees (of course, their fee is a ridiculous $489.50, so you have to take that into account when assessing their price.) Their advertised internet price has dropped almost $2000 since 7/30. I'm on the hunt for a good deal on the SL, and I'm finding below invoice pricing from more than one dealer.
  • A dealer in Gastonia,SC offered me 20500 OTD price for 2012 nissan altima 2.5s with 20th Anniversary package for NC registration
  • What is the range of quoted prices you are getting for the 2013 SL ? Are you looking for the 2.5 SL or 3.5 ?
  • I am planning to get 2013 altima 2.5 SL with technology package. Has anyone bought it or are in process to buy? I am located in Central Jersey and would like to know the real time price paid.
  • belwah87belwah87 Posts: 15
    We'd love to get the tech package, but no one has an SL in stock with it. The Nissan webiste says "late availability' and no one we've asked seems to know when they'll hit the dealers. If you find out when they're arriving, let me know. Right now we're pursuing purchasing a 2.5 SL without tech, but if they'll be in before the end of August, we'll wait for the tech package.
  • belwah87belwah87 Posts: 15
    I'm in the process. I'll post when I've completed the purchase, but a few dealers are pricing fairly well --- for the max price you should pay, see Carmax's price in White Marsh, MD and add on their $99 processing fee -- I'm well below that now.
  • Where are you located? I am in NJ. Do you mean Carmax the dealership chain?
  • So in July 2nd week I tried getting online price to find out how much it will cost me in and around my area. 2 of the dealerships returned my call indicating they would not have it till end of august and will keep me on file, contact me once they receive it and one of the dealership keeps calling me every 3 days to come in do the paper work and put in deposit so that they can locate the car (black on black) and get me the car in 2 business days. Does that looks shaddy? Other 2 were honest to let me know they dont have it and dont knwo when they will receive it whereas this third one is so confident that they can get me in 2 days. One of the dealership even did online search to find out that none are available in northeast corridor area and all that are available are demo models. I am not in a hurry so would wait for it to come.

    Just thought of sharing (fishy experience) with other fellow readers here.
  • belwah87belwah87 Posts: 15
    Yes. Carmax in White Marsh, MD, north of Baltimore has a new Nissan dealership. See their website for their current pricing, which is about $500 over invoice for a 2.5SL (including the $99 processing fee) and should be your upper can always drive to carmax to buy one if a local dealer can't do better.
  • ua1kua1k Posts: 3
    Route 46 in Totowa.
  • belwah87belwah87 Posts: 15
    Purchased a silver 2013 Altima 2.5 SL today with floor mats and splash guards in Northern Virginia for $26,900 OTD.

    Price breakdown was $25,616.09 for car+destination combined, $389 processing fee and $895 for tax, tags, title (Virginia sales tax is 3%).

    Range of prices was about $28,600 OTD from three dealers (including Carmax and Fitzmall -- fixed price dealers), then 3 DC-area dealers came in at about $27,900 OTD. One dealer, across the Bay Bridge in MD had the low bid for most of the week, at $27,100 OTD, but I didn't completely trust them due to some apparent attempts to sneak in fees and hike up the OTD price when I asked them to provide price breakouts, although I suppose they could have been making honest mistakes, because they corrected them after I pointed them out.

    I pushed with the 3 local dealers who had bid around $27,900 OTD, asking if they could beat the low price, two said no but one came back with $26,900 if we came in today. That dealership's internet salesman had been very straightforward with me throughout the whole process and the dealership had generally good reviews online, so we headed over (we had also test-driven the car there last weekend, and again had a low-pressure, pleasant experience). The buying process today was hassle-free, no pressure, and straightforward. Couldn't be happier with the dealership or the car!

    Unfortunately, I do have to say that my experience with internet sales at Koons and Passport Nissan was absolutely terrible -- they are the types of dealers who give car salesmen a bad name. Their emails were non-responsive to my request for a price quote, high-pressure, sent constant emails about how it was impossible to buy a car over the internet and I had to come in to get a price, and Passport called repeatedly even though I had specifically asked them not to. Why have an internet sales department if you're not going to provide real quotes by email?
  • I live in South FL (Ft Lauderdale area) and went to Pompano Nissan in hopes of purchasing a 2.5s with convenience package. I had set my target price at around $19,500 + TTL, which seemed doable after reading thru the deals a few others had gotten.
    After the test drive, the salesman came out with a initial price of $22,500 + TTL. I told him my target price and showed him with an ebay buy it now listing (in TN) I had printed out for the same car for $19,900 (including dealer/doc fees before TTL) in hopes they would beat it. He goes and gets his manager who tells me the best they can do is $21,500 + $799 dealer fee +TTL. After a few back and forths he won't budge on the price and I leave empty handed.

    Are prices in FL different? Does anyone know of any South FL dealers? Whats's a realistic target price for this car?
  • bfiredbfired Posts: 3
    First time car buyer here. I'm looking to purchase a 3.5SR in the Northern NJ area with a spoiler. From my research, spoilers only come with the Sport package (which is almost always coupled with the Premium package). However, I don't need all the extra perks that come with those packages - I just want the spoiler.

    Do you guys recommend adding it after-market? Or coming in strong, telling the dealership that I only want to pay for the Sport package, and am not going to pay for the Premium package. I know 2013 inventory is running low, so not sure how much leveraging power I have. Any advice would be appreciated.
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    Spoiler also shows up under the "accessories" section for $394 MSRP so my guess is that you can have it added to any trim (installation is probably extra)

    You can buy it from the dealer and have them install it or you can buy an OEM or aftermarket one on eBay and have a local body shop install it (find a shop with good online reviews)
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    Not sure about FL but the best way to get the lowest price in general is to go to each dealer's website in your area and request an online quote:
    "I'm looking to buy a new 2012 Altima 2.5S with conv pkg and I was wondering what your lowest price is with the destination fee included" (make sure the price is with the dest. fee so you can compare the price between dealers, some dealers like to give you a low price and then when you go there to pay for it they add the dest. fee separately to the price)

    You can also ask them how much their dealer fee is while you're at it

    Depending on how far you're willing to drive to buy it, I recommend contacting 5-12 dealers -- once you get the lowest price, you can email the other dealers saying "the lowest price I got is $$$, are you guys able to beat this price?"

    Much easier to deal with their online dept's than dealing with them in person
  • bfiredbfired Posts: 3
    Talked to a couple dealers about pricing. First option is a 3.5SR w/ Premium and Sport packages (incl. spoiler) with MSRP of $31,200, and first dealer quote of $25,800.

    Second option is 3.5SR w/ Premium, Sport, and Technology packages with MSRP of $32,630, and first dealer quote of $27,500.

    Obviously, it'd be nice to have the navigation, but not really necessary. Which option do you guys recommend? Can I get them down lower?
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Hey all, I think I'm getting jacked with these offers, wasn't planning on taking either of them but I have two local Nissan dealers here in Central NJ quoting me $1000 over list price on a 3.5SL 2013 Altima. Both are giving me the BS that is a brand new car with no incentives and that there is a mark up since they are so new. Others on here seem to be otherwise getting something off the sticker.

    I don't need an Altima that bad to pay $1000k over list price nor would I ever pay that or list price even for a car.

    Just wanted your input.
  • Hey guys, I just bought a 2012 Altima 2.5S with Convience PKG and a few other accessories and this is what the deal ended up looking like for those interested.

    Convience PKG plus Mats, Splash Guards, Trunk divider and Emergency kit

    MSRP (W/Destination) 25,310
    Pricing before rebates 23,000
    Minus $2,500 in rebates 20,500 + TTL * 2,000 customer cash & 500 NMAC finance

    Overall I think I did pretty well. The internet manager quoted me $20,500 over email on one with the 20th anniv pkg but they had to get it from another dealer and they had the one with convience pkg on the lot (only one left). Even though the MSRP on the one on the lot was about $400 more than the 20th anniversary one I told them if they would honor the $20,500 on this one on the lot I would buy it and if not just get me the one from the other lot and they let me have the one on the lot for $20,500.

    Anyways, I think $20,500 is the target to shoot for on any 2012's left with either convience pkg or the 20th anniversary. This was in Wenatchee, WA for anyone interested.
  • johnmnjohnmn Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    After talked to a couple of dealers, I got a quote for 2012 Altima 2.5SL. $21,638+TTL, roughly total OTD will be $23,535 if using Nissan financing (3.99%), while if pay it by cash the price will be $22,138+TTL, roughly tatal OTD is $24,067.

    Is this a good deal? whether it still has any room to bargain? Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  • Atleast you are lucky that you got some price (let it be bogus), I have tried few dealers here in central Jersey to get online price for 2013 2.5 SL with tech package and black on black and they want me to come down to work out numbers and they can order it and get it in 2 days (what a BS). Even Nissan HQ cannot gaurantee delivery for 4 weeks after placing order and these guys are assuring me. Another issue - they want me to put down deposit also.
  • belwah87belwah87 Posts: 15
    edited August 2012
    Some dealers in the DC area are starting to get the 2.5 SL with tech package in stock. Almost makes me wish I'd waited a few days to purchase, although I don't think I wouldn't gotten anywhere near the same price on the 2.5 SL with tech relative to invoice! I expect that NJ dealers will see the 2.5 SL tech's trickling in over the next few days too. Hopefully the prices you're seeing will start to come down.

    On the 2013 3.5 SL without tech, in Maryland Carmax has those at 400 over invoice, including their processing fee. You may not be willing to travel that far, but you could try to use that to bargain with the NJ dealers.
  • Thanks for the response.

    I am in no hurry to buy the car so would wait for having something on hand that gives me fair price to pay.
  • Does that include Tech Package?
  • belwah87belwah87 Posts: 15
    No. Tech package wasn't available yet. Looks like the SL with Tech package is just started to arrive at DC area dealers yesterday.
  • Hey ehenson99,

    What color did you get with that? I am sorry but it feels a bit expensive.

    I am offered 18800 (after rebates 2k+500 NMAC) for the 20th anniv package here in bay area (20600 OTD). Color choices are Brilliant silver/Tuscan sun/Saharan Stone/Super black and navy blue.

    I really wanted the dark slate or ocean grey though.
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