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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi,

    I was offered a 2013 Nissan Altima 2.5S for $20500 (including dest/dealer fees) + taxes/fees = $22661 in Bay Area. This was the base model but it had bluetooth/keyless entry and push start ignition which i was after. No alloy wheels/spoilers.

    I was actually in the market for the 2012 2.5s with anniv package. I got $18800 for this from couple of places before any haggling.

    I am still looking though and considering waiting till labor day to see if I can do any better. Any opinions?

  • seolbroseolbro Posts: 19
    Wait until 4PM on September 30th, the last day of the quarter when commissions and bonuses are calculated. If you're paying cash, write your one and only offer on a check but leave it unsigned, undated and keep the payee field blank. Assuming the dealer has the car you want, hand him the check and say, "Do you want this or should I bring it to another dealer?" Give him ten minutes and tell him you want a yes or a no, nothing else. If he doesn't say yes, walk out. I guarantee he'll chase you to your car if you do. If he accepts your offer, write the specific VIN on the check to ensure no monkey business.

    That's hardball.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Well, I can understand putting a small deposit down, like $250 or $500 bucks if your ordering the car as the dealership doesn't want to go through the time and hassle of ordering one just to have it come in and you decide not to take it. I would though, always get in writing that the deposit is refundable if the car is not at the dealership within a certain period of time, i.e. 5 wks say. That way, you can take your money and go somewhere else if they don't honor that timeframe or deal.

    Those two Nissan dealers were price gouging and hosing me as I found two other Nissan dealers in central NJ willing to sell me a loaded 3.5SL for 29,365 which was roughly 3k off msrp, but then it fell through when they told me it had to be a car from their lot or one they could find already out. They weren't going to give me that deal if they had to order it.

    Suffice it to say, when I'm paying that kind of money on a car and buying it, you damn well better believe I'm getting the color combo, packages, and accessories I want or no deal.

    I'm sick with Nissan's games so when my Maxima lease is up next month, I'm going to another automaker, probably Lexus, Acura, Audi, or BMW.

    Its a shame Nissan and customer loyalty means absolutely nothing, but thats the way it is in the greedy sales world.
  • Belwah87 what is the name of the dealer in no virginia that you purchased you car from. Thanks for the assistance.

  • So I went back to another dealer and asked if they can beat the price. I walked out with a new Nissan Altima 2013 2.5S for

    $20200 + taxes/fees = $22258 OTD.

    I took NMAC finance for 4.99% but will pay in full after 90 days. Just took financing to get the price down.
  • bfiredbfired Posts: 3
    Ended up getting the 2012 3.5SR with Sport, Premium, and Technology packages for $25,800 (MSRP $33,315) in Northern NJ. Feel pretty good about it - with taxes and fees, $28,800 out the door. Only thing is the relatively high interest rate - 3.5% w/ Nissan finance. While qualifying for the .9% for 60mo promotion, I would've lost the rebates and cashback incentives.
  • belwah87belwah87 Posts: 15
    For some reason I'd rather not say. I put a lot of time and effort into buying this car and negotiating that price, which is how I think I got the deal that I got. I will say that the dealers with whom I had mostly straightforward email interactions included, in alphabetical order, Brown's, Carmax, Darcars, Fitzgerald, Pohanka of Salisbury, Rosenthal, and Sheehy (although two of those were worse than the others in terms of not giving complete quotes without my pushing them, or not giving competitive quotes--and the quotes of some were so high that I didn't pursue them further--but at least I felt that I could work with the Internet salespeople at all of these dealers.).

    Cowles never replied to my request for a price quote even though I contacted them twice---either they don't respond to requests for internet quotes or their "contact a dealer" link on their website is not working properly.

    My experience with Passport and Koons was not positive---contacting them via email was a frustrating waste of my time--someone else may have better luck with them--I gave both of those dealers feedback to that effect.

    Hope this helps, and good luck!
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    edited August 2012
    For some reason I'd rather not say. I put a lot of time and effort into buying this car and negotiating that price, which is how I think I got the deal that I got.

    The object of people posting the deals they got AND the dealers name is so that others won't have to work quite as hard at negotiating and where to specifically go for a good deal.
  • belwah87belwah87 Posts: 15
    edited August 2012
    I know that, and I spent a lot of time making that a useful response to anyone looking for an altima in the dc area. I provided guidance as to where to go. I provided a lot of valuable information about which dealers had decent Internet sales and which didnt. Maybe another of the dealers that I mentioned will offer an even better price than I got when another edmunds member tries to purchase...dealers' willingness to offer good price quotes seems to vary from day to day as the market changes..after all fitzmall is now$500 below invoice on the 2.5sl--that's a $1000 price drop just since last weekend, when I bought my car. In fact, just a little leg work/research will make it obvious which dealer I purchased from. This isn't just about naming dealers...if someone approaches my salesman with a statement that they want that car for $26900 out the door without building a relationship first like i did, I suspect that they would get a resounding 'no'.
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    edited August 2012
    I test drove the 2013 Altima SL vs a well-optioned 2012 SL and the 2013 version is so much better. Based on that data I drove a HARD BARGAIN on a 2012 Altima. The dealerships know they must move this inventory.

    I'll post my deal here but let's just say that previous buyers are spot on with $6500-$7000 off MSRP. Forget the dealer sticker. Look at the actual MSRP then subtract $7000. That's the offer.
    Then, you must "negotiate" the dealer fee with the various dealers. I paid my dealer fee but Got a Spoiler and Aluminum Kick Plates (dealer has to install still) for just $200 (installed).

    Overall, the 2013 is a killer car and worth every penny of $2500-$3000 over a 2012 version. But, I chose to save that 3,000 and just get a 2012 SL. Once I have the car in my hands I'll post more about my EXACT numbers.

    What I can warn you about are the LIES that dealers tell about Invoice. Most will only give you $5K off a 2012 Altima including the rebates; but, the high volume dealers will give you $7K off.
    Hence, you must find a HIGH VOLUME DEALER and check the inventory.

    I think once Nissan puts a $1,000 customer cash incentive on the 2013s later this year the Altimas will fly off the lots. There is NO BETTER CAR in this segment than the 2013 Altima.
    I've driven the Kia Optima (EX, SX), Toyota Camry, Hond Accord, etc. and while they nice the smooth V-6 of the Altima combined with better seats, better visibility, etc. makes the Altima the one to beat.

    I like my 2012 Altima SL but the 2013 Altima is a vastly improved car which is the best in its category.
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    edited August 2012
    In order to get my deal of $7000 off MSRP I had to contact 6 dealerships.
    One tried the bait and switch game with me ( "you wanted a loaded SL. oh, I thought you wanted a BASE Altima") while 2 others would only give $6K off MSRP.

    One flat out said "5500 is the Max off MSRP with all the rebates" then called me back a day later to increase the offer to $6,000 off.

    2 dealers really wanted my business and I think that a true cold-hearted SOB could have bled them dry feeding off each other. In the end I got the car I wanted at a cool $7K off MSRP for a SL with Audio package, Convenience package, Convenience plus package and a few minor dealer items.

    This process took me at least 10-12 hours of my time (my wife says 20 hours was more like it) so be prepared for a long haul to get that $7K off MSRP instead of $5500. Pethaps, you can try the FAX method but then you must still call them back and haggle over the phone for an hour. Then, call the other dealer and haggle some more. If you aren't careful both dealers will cease bargaining with you as they will see you won't be buying from them (they see that this game never ends as well). You will be asked "What price will you buy the car from me and do I have your word that if I get you that deal then you will buy the car?" If you say "yes" then in all probability you won't be able to call back and haggle much more with them.

    Good luck with the deal and remember use the actual MSRP to start from and not some dealer sticker.
  • So I got a 2.5 SL with Tech package 2K down, free oil changes for 2 years and tire coverage for 3 years 39 months 12K miles for 343 a month about 400$ due at signing in Long Island

    A: is that a good deal?

    B: WHEN WILL IT COME??? The dealer THINKS 8/24 then again they first said 8/17 at the end of July when I ordered it. What's the delay? I already sold my old car and I'm aching to get behind the wheel of this beauty. HELP
  • I placed my order with nissan in July 1st week around independance day and also visited the nearby dealer for my appraisal for trade-in. I was told 4-6 weeks. than after some follow up with nissan I found out the order was never confirmed by the dealer and had to change the wordings and tone ot talk with nissan. Nissan than called in dealer and the order was finally confirmed on July 23rd with potential delivery date in Sep 1st week.

    I am in same boat with you the only difference is I didn't trust my dealer and sell the car. Anyways my car is 14 years old and nobody is ready to touch it so that could be another reason why i got saved from dealer gimics. I am in NJ and no dealer in NJ area has received SL with tech pacakge. If you or anyone finds any SL with tech package in NJ please inform me here.

    Also if you or anybody can shed some light on what are the next steps in pre-order process please let me know
  • Really September now? UGH! I just called my dealer. She said she had a 3.5 with tech in white (no thanks) and didn't seem to have a clue about when the 2.5 would arrive. I was told the 23rd/24th too about a week ago. I don't buy it. I would think the dealers want them in before month end so they can closed out the sale. I don't think commission is earned till the car is in the buyers hands? I wouldn't want this car in fabric. The fabric seats look like big cheap lint brushes.

    You should shop around the trade in. I had a 2006 Civic coupe 5 speed with 40K miles and Nissan said they would give me 4K and a smaller local used car guy offered 7K, I ended up selling it privately to a friend for $8,250.
  • I've lot of problems in car (internal and external) with more than 171000 miles on it. I knew it is going to take long for it to sell so I already tried puttling up online but people are turning down after hearing the mileage and looking at the exterior (had a hit and run on drivers side). I definately have private sale option open.
  • Just saw yesterday a 2013 altima 2.5 SL with tech package for sale in a nissan dealership located near NJ - PA border. Hope NJ receives it soon
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    You got a great price. I paid only about $3500 less for a 2.5SL Audio, Conven, Conven Plus, Spoiler, tint, etc. so your price was awesome.

    In addition, I got hosed with 4.9% rate for 36 months through NMAC. I going to pay it off in 90 days.

    Does anyone know if I can mail in 3 equal payments over the next 90 days?
    Or, must I pay the agreed amount for the first 2 months then pay off the remaining amount with the 3rd month payment?

    Also, I never signed anything formally requiring me to NOT pay off my Nissan in 30 days. DO I risk small claims court if I pay off my loan in 30 days?

    By the way, I was Tier 0 credit and they still nailed me with 4.9%.
  • Does anyone here know if banks and or CU go below their advertised rate depending on the credit to finance a new car?
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    PenFed CU has 1.49% for new & used cars -- if you use their online car buying service (partnered with TrueCar) you can get 0.49%

    PenFed is very picky about who they approve so make sure you have good credit history -- anyone can become a member by making a one-time donation

    They also have a good credit card to use for gas purchases
  • I currently went to a local Nissan dealership in New York to get into a base 2013 Altima. After 1 week of neg. with dealer this was there final offer. $240 month/ 12k miles yr/ 24month lease. With $1700 due up front including first month payment, taxes, dmv fees and a 595 bank fee.

    What do you guys think of this? Anyone else recently price this vehicle? I dont know if I am gettin ripped off especially with 595 bank fee. Thank You
  • jaycha2jaycha2 Posts: 35
    edited August 2012
    Being offered a price of 26754 +ttl on a 2.5SL 2013 model. It comes with mats, exterior light, some kind of paint protection. IS this a good deal.
    Your opinion will be appreciated -Jay
  • On a 2.5 (base model) I was offered 2 deals.

    24months/$240 month/ 12kmiles yr/ 1700 out of pocket

    39 months/$235/12kmiles yr/2000 out of pocket

    What do you feel about this deal
  • That looks like great price. Where are you located?
  • belwah87belwah87 Posts: 15
    edited August 2012
    That seems like a pretty good price, but I'm not sure where you're located-- does it include dealer processing fee? In the DC area, I got an SL with floor mats and splash guards for 25616+$389 dealer processing fee+TTL, so that's 26005 +ttl (the 26005 includes processing fee and destination). Fitzmall In PA is offering the SL with mats and ground lighting (no-haggle price) for $26530 + $120 processing fee +TTL.
    In LA using Truecar you can apparently get a no-haggle price of $26,628+TTL and maybe +dealer fee ( ), but I assume that's the SL without any options.

    In Tampa (Zip code 33605) TrueCar currently shows 2.5 SL no-haggle pricing of $26,171 + TTL (don't know if dealer processing fee is included in that, I suspect not)

    Also, I wish I'd known before I purchased, but on some pages of the Edmunds website there's a clickable ad to get a $500 Visa Cash card from Edmunds/Nissan if you purchase a new Altima within 30 days after clicking the link and getting the confirming that can get you an additional $500. I don't know how long that ad has been on this website or when it will expire. Someone on the Altima leasing forum posted about that offer, and I was able to find it on either the Camry or Accord page on Edmunds, but I can't get the $500 bonus cash because I bought my Altima before clicking on the ad.

    Good luck. I spent a lot of time with multiple dealers getting them to underbid each other via email to get the price I got, and only one dealer was willing to go that low...the next lowest offer I had was $26,000+$200 dealer fee +TTL.
  • jaycha2jaycha2 Posts: 35
    I. Am located in Jacksonville, fl.basically I am getting mats, exterior safety light and some more mats (I didn't really care about the mats). He also removed charges for some protection paint, wheel locks and nitro. The price excludes dealer fee of 400.00
  • I spoke with my dealer in Long Island, the SL Techs are starting to come in. Not in the color combo I wanted but they seem to be getting stock in. Not soon enough!
  • Same here in NJ .I saw couple of dealers having few SL with tech's listed on their website with VIN and Stock #.
  • miapoppymiapoppy Posts: 15
    Bad Deal. Honda & toyota have much better leases. Don't do 24 month lease, do 36 month. Example Honda civic 36mo, 12,000 miles yr. $2000.00 down with 1st month payment included, $169.00 month. This is upstate NY an accord will be a little more a month, no BS.
  • jaycha2jaycha2 Posts: 35
    Thanks for the great tip! belwah!just took possession of storm blue with charcoal int. before ttl it was 26754. It included the standard mats ,cargo net, tint, theft protection ( Etched codes),and protection package and of course ext lights. My kids love the car
  • roxxiroxxi Posts: 9
    hey, i'm looking to purchase a new vehicle and my current one is a 2006 honda civic coupe with 36k miles on it.

    i am surprised that they offered you that little for a trade in. on it is showing the civic for over 10k for trade in price.

    is there are reason why they offered you so little?
    let me know please. thanks.
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