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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am not sure abt Jersey but in CA I got a good deal today which I will finalize 2moro.
    Altima coupe 2.5s + Conv pkg + Moon roof = $21250 + Fees (This includes dest. and Floor Mat and includes -$1500 rebate as wel).

    I think I will buy this car 2moro :shades:
  • Hi njsummer,
    In what part of CA are you in? Cause I am about to purchase, actually I am gonna lease a Altima Coupe 2.5s. with about any extra pkg ($300/m) do you think is a good deal? The price that you got it sound pretty good. Do you think price changes between purchasing and leasing? I am around LA area.
    I will appreciate your response.
    Thank you.
  • Most of dealer in the Northwest already have their 2010 on the floor now.
  • Most of dealer in the Northwest already have their 2010 on the floor now.

    Can you give me a couple links to those dealer so that I can take a look at the pictures? I try to search w/ several dealers in WA and Oregon area and I couldn't find a 2010 Altima. I found some website w/ the 2010 hybrid but I don't think the picture is for the 2010 Altima.
  • 2009 Altima 2.5S with the following options:
    * Splash Guards
    * Convenience Package
    * Convenience Plus Package
    * 2.5 SL Package
    * Connection Package

    * Floor Mats and Trunk Mat with Trunk Floor Hooks
    * Aluminum Kick Plates

    MSRP $27,590

    Sales price was $22,732 (after $1500 rebate) + TTL + dealer fees. Got it for $24,500 out the door. :)

    Came with a full tank of fuel, coupon for a 2nd full fill up, Nitrogen in the tires, 1st oil change free, and my father-in-law got a $100 finder's fee from the dealer for bringing us in. He did the leg work for us since we did not have the time to go around to the 3 dealers in town.

    Dealer was Round Rock Nissan in TX. Was our first new car buying experience and it went very smoothly, especially since my father-in-law did all the negotiating up front and had the deal ready when we walked in.
  • TMV shows $23,014, but the best I can do is $23,200, which includes the $1500 rebate.

    Still good?
  • What's the base MSRP of the car? And what's the MSRP of the options?
  • Got my new 2.5S with Convenience, Convenience Plus, splashguards, emergency kit, aluminum sill plates and carpets, MSRP $25,030, for $21,500 + state tax+state fees (after $1500 rebate). A little under invoice, and no bs dealer fees - feel happy with the deal :)

    This was in Boston, MA area
  • I'm looking to buy a new 2009 Altima and take advantage of dealers wanting to move inventory in NYC metro. I want a blue or super black Altima 2.5 S with absolutely no packages or options. I also want to get 60 months financing at 0% and get the $1000 cash back offer for buying the '09 model.

    What price (including charges but before taxes and cash back) do you guys think is a good price to stand my ground on? What can I get away with demanding and how should I go about this

  • Just as a starting point, here's some info for you. The best price I was offered (and at which I purchased the vehicle) for a 2.5S with only splash guards and aluminum kick plates was $17,500 +TTL AFTER all rebates and incentives. At that time, there was a $1500 rebate which was applied in my case. So, the pre-rebate price was $19,000.

    This was on June 30 when they were desperate to meet end-of-quarter quotas, so you may not be able to get this now.
  • rvaidyan I appreciate the advice. Did you walk in to a bunch of dealerships or did you just pick up the phone and call them? I'm also wondering if I have to go 40 miles away for the best deal if I'm going to be forced to get serviced at that location only
  • Hey Guys,
    I am getting a quote of $19,395 here in Knoxville TN for a 2009 Altima 2.5 S with very basic options - floor mats, kick plates, and splash guards. Could you guys advice what should I offer? Any help will be very valuable for me.

  • Actually, I started with and used that to settle on a "great" price. Look at the actual sales data from your region on that site and you'll know the best deals people have been able to get. Than I just requested a quote using Edmunds from Twin Cities dealerships (2.5 hours away). I took the best offer I got via email to my local dealership and said that I'd be willing to buy from them if they could match it, but I would have no problem driving 2.5 hours to pick it up.
  • jf2737jf2737 Posts: 5
    Just bought a 2009 Altima 2.5SL. My question has to do with the warranties/protection plans.

    1. Is it possible to get both an extended warranty AND a maintenance plus service plan or can you only get one or the other?

    2. I decided not to buy any extended plans from the dealership as I felt the prices were too high. Anyone recommend a place to buy these plans at a cheaper price than what the dealership offered?

    Thanks for any advice.
  • Hi,

    I bought the exact same car. I also sprang for the resist all. I tend to keep cars forever so I decided it was good for me. I dont regret the decision. I also thought the warranty was too expensive at the dealership. I did a lot of research and found has the best prices and value for the money. I hope this helps. Good luck! :shades:
  • Hi guys:

    I'm interested in buying a new 2009 Altima, and have been sending out emails to the local dealerships. I'm living in California.

    So far, the lowest OTD price I got is $20507 for the basic model (2009 Nissan Altima 2.5)? Is this a good buy now? :confuse:

    Any help will be greatly appreciated! :)
  • Hi,

    I bought my Altima 2.5 SL leather, tushy warmers, tech package, blue tooth, and bose speakers, convenience 1 and 2. The only thing I didnt get was the NAV system. I also got the autobaund with MASS tax and paid 23100. I am not sure the basic model $ you are being quoted is the best deal but I did get it on the other side of the country and 1500 dealer cashback deal.
    I love this car and very happy with my decision. I love the blue tooth and the stereo is great. I reccomend the bluetooth as the laws will change regarding handheld phones as they have in some states aleady....Its a great feature. Good luck :shades:
  • Just bought a new 2.5 S myself last week (note the S), and paid $19,915 + tax & registration AND got 0% financing for 5 full years (if I didn't choose the 0% I would have gotten an extra $1,750 off instead). Included floor mats and emergency aid package. So if the lowest price you're getting for a non-S is 20,500 you need to find new dealers to contact stat
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    ...remember that there's 10% CA sale tax + about 300-500 registration. Also, there was an additional 1000 cash last week. So, I think 18K + TTL today for a base Altima is good. It can be better if s/he can wait.
  • Hi gooddela2, nycmaster:
    Thanks for the info!

    I changed my mind to buy a 2.5S since I found out the 2.5 doesn't have the radio :mad: .

    So far, the best offer for the 2.5S is $18499+TTL. And the OTD is 20,707. Is this good?

    I looked in the forum and found somebody was offered 17615 :surprise:

    Is this mainly because of different locations?
  • Hi, guys:

    I'm in LA area. I'm interested in buying a new 2009 Altima 2.5S.

    So far, the best offer for the 2.5S is $18499+TTL. And the OTD is 20,707. Is this good?

    I read some posts in the forum and found somebody was offered 17615 :surprise:

    Is this mainly because of different locations?
  • What are the financing terms?
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    I think 18.5 + TTL is very good. I don't think you can get much lower. Like I mentioned earlier, there was additional 1k cash bonus that was ended on Oct. 18.
  • Hi gooddeal2
    Thanks for the info. :)
    I just bought the car. The only bad news is we thought we are qualified for the $500 student discount. But it turns out we are not.

    The final price we paid is 18999. And the OTD is 21200.
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    Well, I don't want to mess up w/ your joy now. That's one of the tactic they try to use to increase the price unless you mentioned to them during the negotiation that you're qualified for the student discount.

    Anyways, 19K is o.k but you should just split the diff. ($500) w/ the dealer .
  • Hi gooddeal2:

    You didn't mess up with our joy. What happened is that we are aliens and my wife doesn't have a SSN.
    At the end of the paperwork, the deal found out that problem and said: sorry, you are not qualified.

    I do have another question to ask since you look like the expert here.
    They tried to sell me this 7-year/100k miles extended warranty for $1995. Is this worth the money? We probably will keep the car for several years.
    I know we can get warranty from a third-party, like But is there any tricks in the third-party warranty? :confuse:

    Thanks! :D
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    Sorry, I cannot help you w/ that cuz I never purchase an extended warranty but you can read more Here
  • They said it is 5.99%. :mad:

    But I decided to pay them one check since I also traded in my car and the remaining amount is not that much.
  • fauji1fauji1 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2009 Altima from Stevens Creek Nissan in San Jose about two weeks ago and the dealership told me that the $500 rebate for college grads will sent in mail. Is that how you guys received it or was it applied at the time of purchase? I am having thoughts that I may not actually get that money after all. Thanks in advance for your response!
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