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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • avesta615avesta615 Posts: 2
    Hey guys...I'm a proud owner of a 2006 3.5L Altima. I work as a Medical Rep out in the field and my back seat is constantly cluttered with company literature. Does anyone own a Nissan SUV that they are happy with, or perhaps a SUV that may work for me? I need cargo room and my rear seats back!
  • tmorr2000tmorr2000 NCPosts: 6
    2010 2.5 S
    Ocean Grey with Frost Cloth
    w/ Convenience
    Convenience Plus
    Premium Audio
    Mats, Wind Deflector, Mud Guards, Kick Plates

    Sticker = $26,650

    Quoted $23,718 OTD
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    Since we don't know where you are or your tax rate, quoting OTD isn't much help. How much before tax and license?
  • Where can I find the best deal on Altima2.5s in Alabama?
  • tmorr2000tmorr2000 NCPosts: 6
    Sorry about that.

    I'm in NC and the price before ttl is $22.360. Tax is 3% ($670.80) and $688 dealer fees.
  • wgmdirwgmdir Posts: 33
    I've just been given the following quote for a 2010 Altima 3.5 SR with technology, premium, and sport packages:

    Car with options: $25,730 (which includes $1,000 cash "rebate")
    DMV fee: $350
    Doc fee: $399

    I would normally try to negotiate the DMV and doc fees, but even with those fees, the offer is still about $1,700 below invoice.

    This seems like a great deal. Am I missing something?

  • $25,730? Sounds like a really good deal. My so-called "Edmunds Nissan Dealer" is trying to quote me full MSRP on a 3.5 with premium and sport - freakin' $31,000+.

    You know, considering that I sent the quote request from Edmunds....I'd appreciate it if dealers didn't try to act like I haven't seen the Edmunds TMV report.

    Going to try to take my business to dealers that don't treat me like a gullible idiot.
  • jyang16jyang16 Posts: 1
    MSRP: $28,300
    Invoice: $22,199
    Total OTD w/ 6yr/75 warranty and 0.9% for 60month financing+TTL: $25,300

    phenomenal deal and very happy about it. This is with 8% chicago tax.
    Took 4 hrs at the dealership from 6-11pm but oh so worth it.

    My tips is to bring an actual printed quote from internet sales specialists with all the nearby dealerships and then find the dealership that has the most inventory and work the deal there. TRUECAR is pretty spot on, id say if you do your work you can get under the lowest price by about $500.

    I got under that # due to a mistake made on a quote from competing dealership and my dealership saying they have to beat any quote by atleast $100.
  • nokiacnokiac Posts: 4
    I got a quote of 18900 before tax and docs fee, for an Ocean Gray 2010 Altima 2.5S. I am in AZ and the tax rate is 9% approx.

    Is this price good or should I ask for less.?? The car in question here does not have any packages., its a base 2.5S model.
  • 08HLBase08HLBase Posts: 8
    Splash Guards
    Floor & Trunk Mat Set
    Aluminum Kickplates

    MSRP: 23,060
    Sale Prices: 17,316
    1996 Altima GXE Trade-in (>152,000 miles): 700
    OTD: 18,075
  • nokiacnokiac Posts: 4
    Hello all,

    I got a quote of 18900 before tax and docs fee, for an Ocean Gray 2010 Altima 2.5S. I am in AZ and the tax rate is 9% approx.

    Is this price good or should I ask for less.?? The car in question here does not have any packages., its a base 2.5S model

    Please I need an opinion on this one
  • nokiacnokiac Posts: 4
    I purchased the car at 18,300 + TTL , that came to about 20,810 . Pretty good deal for an Altima 2.5S I think.
  • chuck1919chuck1919 Posts: 176
    edited June 2010
    Congrats on graduating from School. I can tell your a smart guy, BUT YOUR WAY OVER THINKING THIS WHOLE PROCESS. Simply find the true cost of the car using the various websites on the web. Make an offer at a predetermined amount over/under invoice (based on the true cost). And tell them to take it or leave it. The only curve is do you want the rebate or the low financing. That's a SIMPLE mathematical problem.

    Then buy or lease. The lower the selling price the better the lease payment should be.

    I wouldn't let them use the MSRP for leases...ever.

    Those 40 cars are all going to have different handling/performance traits, you can't possibly boil it all down to numbers.
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    What he said.
  • kpandyakpandya Posts: 19
    've just been given the following quote for a 2010 Altima 3.5 SR with technology, premium, and sport packages:

    Car with options: $25,638 (which includes $1,000 cash "rebate")
    TTL : 1050

    I got the quote from Carmax in Maryland. Considering it as a "no-haggle" price, is it a good deal?

  • wgmdirwgmdir Posts: 33
    Does that price include the $740 destination fee?
  • kpandyakpandya Posts: 19
    nothing is mentioned about that...however...

    "Price includes freight charge but excludes tax, tags and title fees and $99 dealer processing charge (not required by law)."

    does that answer your question?
  • Hello, got an offer from a dealer in So Cal for 2010 Altima 2.5 S Auto with MSRP $22,870 for $18,500 OTD including $1K rebate and $500 College Grad. Dealer took off over $5 K off MSRP price. Is this a great deal or I can do better than that? They say I need to purchase it by tonite for that price. I'm debating whether to take that $1K or finance with them for .09% for 5 yrs. Local bank want at least 5%. Please advise.
  • nokiacnokiac Posts: 4
    18500 OTD seems a good deal to me.
  • Now the dealer is playing game when I get there. They now say they want $20,500 with the .09% for 5 yrs which I balked at them for being dishonest. It should be $19.5 with APR .09% 5 yrs which I wanted. After severals heated conversation. They final offered at $20.2 OTD with APR financing which is almost $700 more than we originally settle for. They say it must be miscommuncation between me and the internet mgr but that's not my problem. Anyway please advise is $20.2 is still good to take or not? My final offer to them is $20 K OTD which they rejected. We'll wait a couple more days to see if they will counter my offer. Stay tune...........
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    Which dealer is giving you the run around?
  • Sorry...I don't want the internet salesman to get in trouble 'cause I spoke directly with the internet director and she seem very angry at him. The dealership is located in So Cal. Please advise is $20.2 K OTD seem fair enough or I stick with $20 K OTD...I know I won't get it for $19.5 K no matter what I do..
  • sdevasdeva Posts: 1
    Looks like Internet director is a good actor, He should be in hollywood. :-) He made you believe that he is angry at his sales man. Don't fall for such things.
    You can get if for 19.5 K for Standard 2.5 S. Get internet quotes from all the dealers near your location or a big city near your location. Call dealers near your location and ask them to price match or beat the lowest quote you got.
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    The internet director isn't mad at anyone. You are being jerked around. Sorry about the BS you're getting but these stories aren't useful to anyone if we don't know what dealers to avoid. If you don't want to name the dealer how about narrowing the area down a little? LA? Orange County? San Diego?

    To see what others are paying in your area try Don't forget to add about 10% for CA tax. 20K OTD means about 18K for the car. Tough to do.
  • Their offer are lots better than at It's about $600 less than what other are paying so I guess $20.2 K seem pretty good darn deal. Thank Guys
  • djjp100djjp100 Posts: 6
    Went in yesterday to negotiate a lease deal on a 2010 Altima 2.5SL with premium audio and floor mats, terms were 39mos 12,000K. I'm in New York (Staten Island Nissan) so 8.875 Sales tax. He told me the residual value was 57% (which seemed low) and a money factor of .0012. The MSRP was $28,100. I was putting $2,000 down (actually $1500 and $500 for my trade-in 1997 Pathfinder LE). I came up with a figure around $250 a month. The dealer would not budge off $290. Am I nuts or does that seem a bit high to anyone else? The way I saw it the only way he could come up with $290 is by giving me the MSRP. When I told him that and that I wanted to start over and re-negotiate the price, he refused and told me I was nuts! He told me it was a "straight" deal...whatever that means! Then I asked him to go over the math with me step by step so I could see how he got that number (and where I may have gone wrong) and again, he refused. He told me and I quote "it would be an exercise in futility" and that I had "no clue" what I was doing, then he basically got up and left. Now there's a site you don't see everyday! If I had to guess, he looked like he wanted to punch me and I was kind of praying he did. Not only because he wasn't that big a guy but because I've taken a few lumps in my day and would have taken one on the chin yesterday just to walk out of there with a fully loaded Altima for $200 a month, lol. I can't honestly say I was completely in the right as I raised my voice a few times as well (only after he did first, lol) but apparently it was enough to cause a commotion in the dealership. To tell you the truth after a month of negotiating with these bleep-bleeps, the fact that I was able to ruffle this guys feathers a little bit...I have to say, felt kinda nice. =) On a side note, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of leasing and calculating payments. I would like to think I represented the knowledgeable buyers well and would hate to think I did something wrong in my calculations or figuring that led to this outcome. So please, with a cherry on top, can someone please confirm that I am or am not nuts! (when it comes to leasing that is, lol) Thank you.
  • djjp100djjp100 Posts: 6
    I also tried negotiating for a 2010 2.5S base model with just mats and he told me the residual value was exactly the same as the 2010 2.5SL listed above. Now I don't claim to be an expert but if there is roughly a $5000 MSRP difference between a 2.5S and a 2.5SL wouldn't their residual values be different?
  • onyx2005onyx2005 Posts: 5
    I just picked up my :) 2010 Altima 2.5SL with Premium Audio, conv ,Conv+, kick plates,floor mats, and splash guards, Orange County, CA
    MSRP $28090.00
    price $24,977
    less $2K rebate
    I think I did great!
    had credit union lending so it was a pretty easy transaction, and I LOVE the new car!
  • fchenfchen Posts: 5
    Altima 2.5 S, convenience package.
    Mossy Nissan Oceanside, Salesman: Brandon
    San Diego County Tax rate 8.75%

    Window Price: 23,995
    Rebate: -2,000
    OTD Price: 21,522.25 (includes TTL..)

    I think it's not super cheap but I am happy with it.
    Another lady got a Altima 2.5 S in black, no package like less than 20,000, since she was negotiating kinda loud..
  • fchenfchen Posts: 5
    Today there's a lady buying this car at the same place with me. She got it OTD lower than 20,000 which I think it's pretty amazing :)
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