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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • desperate...ummm... yes & no, because my current toyota sienna right now has 177k miles, and last time I did an oil change, the mechanic wrote in some comments that the transmission is leaking, and the oil is leaking, so spending more money on the car doesnt sound logical to me. BUT... the car has never given me any problems so far, but I am just skeptical that some day it might just breakdown on the highway leaving me keeping my fingers crossed.
  • whodewhode Posts: 15
    I'm interested in the 2.5 S and I'd go with the base version of that model, except that I'm really interested in Bluetooth integration. It looks like in order to get Bluetooth, I have to get the Premium Audio Package, but then that requires I get the Convenience Plus package, but that requires I get the Convenience package. So in order to add Bluetooth it looks like I have to add something like $3500 in options. Can that be right? Is there a cheaper way to add Bluetooth?
  • Go aftermarket for a BT - I did it with a Toyota I had...there are several different models/prices. The one I got worked fine and automatically muted the radio when dialing or when a call came in; it was also the cheapest. Downside is that depending on what you get, you can't see the incoming caller unless you look at your cell phone.
  • Here is the deal offered to me:

    2010 ALTIMA HYBRID Fully Loaded with Premium Audio package (Conv plus + Leather) etc

    For 24,500 (+taxes)

    This is in NJ

    What do you guys think?
  • Just got the 3.5S without any option $22600 OTD. This includes $1800 tax (AZ), $450 license and $400 doc fees - so the actual car price would be just below $20K.
  • jtfieldsjtfields Posts: 11
    edited September 2010
    "I'm interested in the 2.5 S and I'd go with the base version of that model, except that I'm really interested in Bluetooth integration."

    I've seen some stellar deals for the Altima 2.5 (no "S") in my area. I've seen several advertisements in my local paper for the 2.5 at just over $16,000 after rebates which is around $4,00 less than the deals I've been seeing on the 2.5S. The only things of consequence you lose when you drop down to the 2.5 is keyless entry (still has the push button ignition) and the stereo system (it does have speakers but no head unit.) You could then add a nice double-DIN radio with a touch screen, DVD, navigation and bluetooth for under $1,000 that blows away the stock system in the 2.5S. I believe there are fewer color/interior combinations to chose from with the 2.5 as well if that's important to you (for example, my 2.5S is dark slate with the dark interior, however, with the 2.5 the dark slate is only available with the beige interior.)

    I almost wish I would have gone that route myself. Although, I will say I've found the keyless entry much more convenient than I thought it would be and my wife just loves it (no more digging around her purse looking for the key.) But I don't know that I've found keyless entry to be $4,000 of covnenience. The radio in the 2.5S is definitely basic. I've seriously considered replacing it anyway.
  • :surprise: :surprise: :surprise:

    you mean the v6 version? sedan/coupe? cloth seats?

    please elaborate... thanks

    congrats for ur purchase,
  • Amazing. Invoice is $32,186...
  • Well I'd keep looking. That Sienna will probably make it another month or two (hopefully). :)
  • Yep, the V6 sedan with cloth seats.
  • I have got the quote for 2010 Nissan Altima 2.5.
    Do you think it is good price?
  • They are being advertised in the paper here in Houston for somewhere around $16,500 give or take depending on the dealer after rebate.
  • This was fantastic advice, thanks so much. Totally changed our strategy, as we were previously looking at the 2.5S, very frustrated that we couldn't get Bluetooth for less than $25k. We almost bought the Sonata GLS because of the Bluetooth issue (would've been $22k OTD for base GLS auto).

    The 2.5 (no "S") is a screaming deal, can't recommend it highly enough. True that it's only available in 4 colors (white, black, silver, slate). You retain keyless entry and pushbutton (keyless) start, but do lose "intelligent" key for the doors/trunk. Only other loss is the stereo head unit and very minor trim differences (seatback pockets, passenger visor mirror, trunklid carpeting).

    I called a local dealer here in Houston, offered $17,500 OTD (incl 6.25% tax here in TX). Settled at $18,000 with tint OTD, which is equivalent to a $16,683 purchase price (included $2k rebate). Maybe not bottom-dollar, but pretty decent.

    I think this was fair, and precisely $2,000 less ($20k OTD) than a non-optioned 2.5S (i.e. no convenience package, etc). We just put in a double-DIN Pioneer nav/bluetooth/backup camera for $500 installed, absolutely couldn't be more pleased. Didn't have to put in speakers since they're included, which saved a few bucks.

    Feel like we ended up with a $25k car for $18,500 OTD. Love these forums, so much valuable info.
  • jtfieldsjtfields Posts: 11
    edited September 2010
    "This was fantastic advice, thanks so much. "

    Glad I could be of help. I didn't realize the 2.5 still had keyless entry (I swear the dealer told me it didn't but maybe I just misunderstood him), now I really wish I would have done the same thing. The 2.5 is a steal if you ask me.

    Which dealer did you buy at? I'm here in Houson as well. I got my 2.5S at Baker Nissan by Reliant Stadium. I paid $20,000 plus TTL with 0% financing.

    I've had my eye on a Pioneer AVIC-X920BT on for $568 delivered (after 30% off promo code.) I doubt I'm gonna do it though. Which Pioneer model did you get and where did you get it? That sounds like a great price installed AND with backup camera.
  • lkdoglkdog Posts: 14
    MSRP 30 195
    INV 27,731

    Paid 26,150 before TTL

    Actually got quote from another dealer for 26,000 cash/own financing or $25.500 with Nissan Financing rate.You had to take the one they had on the lot, though and they did not want to do a dealer trade for another one.Did not like the Ocean Grey/Black int combo so went with the other dealer who found me a white/tan one.

    These cars are really well equipped and great value at these prices.

    If anyone is interested-the 25,500 quote using the Nissan Financing was at Peoria, IL dealer (Uftring Nissan).
  • My 2001 Honda Civic died a week ago. Damn transmission!

    I am debating buying either a 2009 Nissan Altima 2.5 S with Convenience package or a new 2010 Altima.

    The 2009 Altima has 12,500 miles and is $16,995. Everything is perfect except for a scratch on the passenger side. It is with CarMax

    Should I get a new Altima or go with this 2009 deal?


  • tmorr2000tmorr2000 NCPosts: 6
    edited September 2010
    With conv, conv +, sl, premium audio, splash guards, mats, trunk kit

    MSRP - $28060
    Invoice - $25901

    Offered $3500 under invoice and dealer quickly accepted. OTD price was $23,812.53.
  • I bought one of the last 3-4 Altima 2.5 base models in the area. I looked upto a few hundred miles away online. They advertised $15,300. After delivery, taxes, and whatever else they add on, my OTD price was $17.3k. Then I extended the warranty for an extra 3 years and bought some of the exterior,interior protection and everything got upto about $20k. My dad thought some of the protection stuff was bogus, but oh well, is done now. Now I am trying to figure out getting the stereo in it. And I gotta buy $25 floor mats! Kind of sucks the back of the front seats don't have pockets, but oh well, not worth thousands of dollars.

    I drove an accord first, but loved the way the Altima drove.
  • could you tell me the dealer?
    I also plan to buy Altima 2.5.
    18000 OTD is really awesome price I heard.
    please leave me an e-mail.
    I'm also in Houston.
  • Hi,

    I am fascinated by this topic (getting a 2.5 and adding an after market kit for navigation, bluetooth and the like, much cheaper and better than factory installed) given the current deals on 2.5 models.

    My only question to you is whether the 2.5 has a power controlled driver's seat? My wife is much shorter, it makes life much easier to have it powered for when we get in after the other one has driven it.

  • The salesman told me the 2.5 does not include a power driver's seat. I assume that is true, although one Nissan salesman told me a few things I later found out to be totally false.
  • jtfieldsjtfields Posts: 11
    edited September 2010
    My only question to you is whether the 2.5 has a power controlled driver's seat?

    No it does not. But then again, neither does my 2.5S. I believe you have to add one of the convenience packages to get a power driver's seat.
  • I got a great deal for a 2010 Altima 2.5S with convenient package for $18,000 (MSRP $23,680) + TTL in NJ. Before I drove it out, my sales quietly told me he'd never seen such low price for a 2.5S with the conven. pack. I'm very happy about the car (from all aspects).
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    Good luck with your Altima. If you don't mind, which dealer? He'd probably appreciate the plug.
  • I agree, that is a crazy price. It's still a very good price even if the dealer add a $500 doc fee.
  • jtfieldsjtfields Posts: 11
    edited September 2010
    I've only bought seven new cars in my life but I don't think I've ever bought one where the salesman didn't quietly mention what a great deal I got compared to everyone else if not the best deal ever. They all say that. I usually just turn around and roll my eyes. In fact, with my 2.5S, which I paid $20,000 for with 0% financing, my salesman went on and on about how no one gets that deal and it was the best deal he's ever seen. However, clearly my deal was average at best and I knew it at the time (I wanted to smack him every time he said it because I hate being blatantly bs'd.)

    That said, that is sweet deal you got. Less than I paid without the convenience package. :)
  • lkdoglkdog Posts: 14
    edited September 2010
    Agree- they always make some money.
    There is MSRP, then there is Invoice, and then any factory incentives and rebates are incorporated, and then there is their typical actual cost, and there is some amount of hold back money associated with that vehicle that is dear to their heart which makes their actual profit margin fluctuate.

    They have a right to make some money like any other business.

    Your goal should be to pay what others are paying at the time or do a little better as that is how the "what the market will bear" should work. If you do not do your homework-you might think Invoice is great, but actually be overpaying by a lot.

    My hunch is they make $4-800 minimum on new Altimas even with these present prices at year end. At other times of the year or with models they do not have to mark down much off of MSRP-they do a lot better.

    More power to them. They work hard.

    The real money is in used cars and service.
  • dphil5dphil5 Posts: 3

    I am a first time buyer. I want to buy a used Nissan Altima (SE or SL model). I dont want to spend more than $14,500. The one I'm most interested in is a 2007 Nissan Altima SL. Its selling for $14,788. Here are some of the specs.

    Mileage: 65,153
    Body Style: Sedan
    Exterior Color: Black
    Interior Color: Black
    Fuel: Gasoline
    Engine: 2.5L I4
    Transmission: AUTO
    Drivetrain: FWD
    Doors: 4
    Wheelbase: 109"

    I feel this is a little high, especially since it has so many miles. What do you think is a fair price for this car? I want a Nissan Alitma. Could I get a more quality car for that amount? Help!!!!
  • lkdoglkdog Posts: 14

    You can do better than that.

    Go to Car Guru and do some research.

    With those miles- I would not pay more than $13,900 and it would have to be in great shape.
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