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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am wondering if you think the extended warranty really saves you money. Are you all buying them? If so, when are you buying them and how much are you paying? I hear that if you want them, the price is negotiatble. So far, my new Altima is 5 months old, and I have not bought the warranty.
  • Please give me a name of a reliable dealer, Sir.

    I am willing to visit and buy tomorrow only...

  • zoom08zoom08 NYCPosts: 75
    which model did you get and what incentives did dealer qualified you for?
    What options did you get in the car?
    name and address of dealer...
  • zoom08zoom08 NYCPosts: 75
    what is in the convenience package?
    where is this dealer at?
  • Im heading to a dealership tomorrow to check out a deal on this 2011 2.5S sedan:

    - Premium Audio Pkg
    - Convenience Pkg
    - Convenience Plus Pkg
    - 5 Piece Floor Mat
    - Fog Lamps
    - Splash Guards
    - 2.5SL Pkg
    - Rear Spoiler
    - Technology Pkg

    MSRP - $30,660
    Sale Price - $24,952

    (Given this is including November rebates that will be expired tomorrow, and also before TT&L)

    This is basically the exact car I'm looking for, and so far is the best deal I've seen online. How much lower do you think I can get them to go?
  • sichousichou Posts: 2
    edited December 2010
    just pulled the trigger yesterday.
    17000 otd w/6% tax, title included
    brand new car comes with slpash guards, mat set and kick plates
    good luck to everyone still in the market
  • Nice!

    What was the price before tax and title?
  • Just a general question:

    What is the lowest anyone has paid for a new 2010 Nissan Altima 2.5S before tax, title, fees etc.? Thanks.
  • you really should leave the maths to dealers and always negotiate with them only the OTD price coz that's the actual number that you're gonna pay
    i would say anywhere between 17-17.5k should be considered as a good deal. good luck
  • Just picked up a 2010 3.5SR for $23,716 before taxes. Came with premium package, sport package and kick plates. I bought it at Fitzmall in Chambersburg, PA. I thought it was a pretty good deal.
  • I was not looking for a new car in November, but I am now, and I cannot find a deal anywhere near as good. The best I have found for a 2010 is $18,366 plus TT&L. Sounds like the deals were much better in November? I mean, $17k INCLUDING TT&L is about $2.5k better than what I have seen. So if there is a $1,500 rebate going on now, how much was it in November? $4,000?
  • Where are you? I am in Texas and I just got a offer of 18700 OTD for a 2.5S.
  • I am in Texas. Houston, to be more precise. My best price was from Clear Lake Nissan, on the Gulf Freeway, and that was not an "S" model. Where are you getting the quote of $18.7 OTD? That is about $900 cheaper, and on a better model.
  • edmunds010edmunds010 Posts: 4
    edited January 2007
    18,366 plus TTL for just a 2.5 is totally unacceptable. I feel there is still enough room for the price to go down form what I got. I offered them 17000 OTD and will wait for their response. They still a lot of 2010 Altima in stock and I am in no harry any way. If I cannot get a price close to that I will go for the 2011 Camry or Subaru. They both have good deals now.
  • Things are heating up. I pointed the salesperson at this discussion (via email), and the price was lowered to $18,650 OTD. I contacted another Nissan dealer, who said he would beat that price. Then I received another email from Clear Lake Nissan, offering an extra $750 this weekend only. Let me see if I can attach a jpg image here:

    Nope, can't do it.
  • How was your experience at Clear Lake Nissan? I'm going over there tomorrow to test drive a 3.5SR. They claim they have one on their lot. It's not the color I want, but I'm hoping they can order what I want.
  • Clear Lake seemed all right. Their pricing was high for an "internet price", but once I got quotes from other dealers they fell into line.
  • jasayjasay Posts: 6
    KellyP98! Thank you so much for referring that car service to me! I picked up my new Altima yesterday and I love it! Couldn't believe how easy that process was, they ended up negotiating $200 below invoice for me and all I had to do was pick it up. Tell your mom thanks too! Highly recommend to everyone looking at buying a new car!
  • Wondering if you guys think this is a good deal. I live in Ohio.

    Leasing a 2010 Altima 2.5 S (standard features) for $251.00/month, $0.00 down and $0.00 security deposit. My numbers are based on a lease price quote of $19,578, Adjusted Cap Cost of 21,343, a residual value of $12,824 (56%) and a money factor of 0.00095.

    I got price quotes from 3 different dealerships. Monthly payment went from $275.00 to $261.00 and finally to $251.00. I think I've hit rock bottom on the last offer.
  • Are you still buying the Altima? Do you mean Clear Lake give you $750 off from the $18650 OTD quote? If the price between 2010 Altima and any 2011 midsize car is less than 1500, I think I may go for the new ones. Camry is giving $5000 off now.
  • Clear Lake sent me an email, a "mass mailer", last Friday, offering $750 off of the best deal that I had already been offered. Good only for that weekend. I did not go back there, I was busy looking at Accords. It looks like I can get a new Accord for only about $1500 more than the Altima. I think the cars are about equal, but 3 years from now the Honda will be worth $3k to $4k more than the Altima.
  • ownanaltimaownanaltima Posts: 1
    edited December 2010
    I've recently purchased an altima from a nissan dealer here in SC. Its a 2008 3.5 SE, with barely 20k miles on it. I think I paid a lot for that vehicle. Is there anyway I can salvage some incurred losses and maybe save myself a self-beating? This is my first vehicle here in US (I did do a lot of homework and in the end decided that it is altima that I wanted, especially since the time I test drove a couple at carmax). I know that I've been shopping at all the wrong places with all the wrong details, but I'm fairly new to the car world - a rookie.

    After I got the vehicle, I stumbled upon this forum. I know it doesnt really sound like a wise move on my part, but i'll be really obliged if I could pursue the correct course of action, and save me some valuable bucks. Hopefully some of you can pitch in and help me out.
  • ...I can get a new Accord for only about $1500 more than the Altima. I think the cars are about equal, but 3 years from now the Honda will be worth $3k to $4k more than the Altima.

    I highly doubt that you can get 3-4k more than the Altima. When I traded in my 2.5S '07 Altima for the 2.5S '10 Altima last Dec., I got about 13.5K on my '07 base on what people could get a new '10 Altima during that time.

    I will be surprise if you can get 16.5-17.5K on a '08 Accord LX now. That's about 2K depreciation in 3 years.
  • This is the deal I am getting on a 2010 leftover 2.5 S (MSRP - 23.4k). Used Amex Zag for the bottom line price. Initially thought it was too good to be true but the dealer agreed.

    Invoice - 2700 - 2000 rebate was basically the Zag deal. OTD price - 17.2k + 400 doc fee +350 reg/title + 15.50 tire tax. Got the color Silver color I wanted and also a decent price on the trade-in. Please note that the trade-in was negotiated independently.
  • Congrats first of all on purchasing your 3.5L Altima. I own the same, I researched my car for almost a year, then one day I ran across the current one I own and I did the deal. I met a dealer that was fair, I compared his price to what was advertised online and it was a fair price. I didn't overpay, I didn't get the cheapest price in town either. Now this dealer calls me every 6 months, checks on me, we purchased a Mazda 3 through him for my girlfriend. Now I'm itching for a Nissan Murano or Infiniti FX. No matter what, purchasing a vehicle is not an investment, its a necessity that will COST YOU MONEY. :)
  • techftechf Posts: 1
    edited December 2010
    I purchased a 2008 Altima 2.5S coupe with 20k miles and a 100k bumper-to-bumper warranty for $18k + TTL a month ago. In your opinion, what's the most I should have paid for this? Reading this thread I can tell I could have found a much better deal- I'm just wondering how badly I got burned.

  • devildevil Posts: 9

    Just got a price quote through AMEX (Zag) Car Purchase Program for 2011 Altima 3.5 SR Sedan (I'm in Los Angeles area):

    The price is before TTL and $55 doc fee. Manufacturing Adv. fee and Dest. charge are included.

    Could you please help? I have 2 questions:
    1) Is it a good deal?
    2) I assume TTL fees are standard for California and this type of vec.. Are any other fees that I should avoid when signing the deal?

    * [P01] 3.5SR PREMIUM PKG (PRM)
    * [R01] SPORT PKG (SPT)
    * $500 Customer Bonus Cash
    Expires on 01/03/11
    * $750 Customer Incentive
    Expires on 01/03/11
    MSRP as configured: $30,415
    Invoice as configured: $27,934
    MY PRICE: $25,684

    Thank you!
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    Not sure how good it is...but check for current pricing. This may be the best week of the year to shop though. As for TTL, ball park 10% in California. Cheers!
  • devildevil Posts: 9
    At AMEX they got exactly the same data as I got from report. They are pulling data from a single source. Basically what I was offered = to best local deal in report. But my question is: did anybody get a better deal than there?
  • I just got a 2.5S in Northern VA (MSRP 22900) for $17k OTD (all taxes, tags, fees incl) about a week or so ago. I thought it was a pretty good deal.
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