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Ford Expedition Accessories and Modifications



  • archer2archer2 Posts: 4
    I saw this question posted from a couple of years ago but without an answer - any help is appreciated

    We have a 99 Expo with the 3rd seat which does not have head restraints. With the kids getting bigger and the vehicle still running fine, is there a way to fix this e.g.,

    1. After market head restraints?
    2. Will a replacement 3rd row seat from a later year that did have the head restraints fit?
    3. Any other ideas??

  • I bought a 2006 Exp-limited in Jan. My brakes went out when I went to stop at a stop sign 8k mi. I didnt stop, cars had to swerve out of my way.I called my dealership, brought the truck in & they said it was the MAster Cyclinder. Now 3 weeks later w/ 10k miles on it the brakes went out again at a stop & almost smashed by a semi-truck! Now they cant find the problem but said I cant Have my truck back since its a safety issue. I said I dont want mine back & find me another of the same. WELL, they found an almost same but now they want me to pay the difference of a new 2006 vs my 7 mo old 2006. They want me to pay $9k!!!!Thats AFTER the so called 5k rebate. SO, beside my brakes out they are saying my truck is only worth about 28k after all the rebates & incentives. I paid 40K in Jan!!!! What is this crap???? Kimberly :mad:
  • gheimurgheimur Posts: 88
    Go the lemon law route . Maybe u will make out better. You should get a refund minus the mileage allowance. Good Luck.I have an 04 Expy EB. I think its a great truck when it
    doesn't have a lemonade problem . Mine is fine after 23k, with just a few minor issues that have been fixed
  • I recently removed the cover and whole dash on my 98' Expy. Although they are different models, im sure they are somewhat similar in removal/installation. It is a pain in the "you know what"! I replaced my heater core, which requires pulling the whole dash. First, you have to start with the center console, then the foot trim on both driver and pass doors. You have to drop the steering column (but be very careful not to ruin/break the transmission shifter cord. After getting further into it, it is alot of work. Alot more then what is outlined in a manual. If you decide to go further into this, let me know. GOOD LUCK :confuse:
  • e91e91 Posts: 3
    Looking at getting a 2007 Expedition. Tried the EL today - in our driveway overnight. Nice vehicle but just too big for our purposes. Trading out for a std. Expedition tester tomorrow. If I pull the trigger it will be for a std. Expedition and we don't tow. I have been told the only purpose of this air suspension is if you tow. Please let me know your feelings. I am still going to go for the optional tow package as it will be good for resale and I like the idea of tranny cooling and the larger radiator.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    The air suspension also lowers the truck when its parked for easier egress.

  • rtincartinca Posts: 1
    Anyone know the instructions to remove the the Nav Radio from the dash of a 2005 Expedition? Any special tools needed?
  • Hi, All. Who has knowledge of performance chips for 2002 Expedition? I would like to know price, performance boost, gas mileage boost, etc.

    Thanks in advance.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    While you're waiting for a reply here you may also want to check out Are Chip Upgrades Worth It?.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I've got a problem that a lot of owners have with an actuator failure in the rear A/C. I know which one it is because I popped the top tray off and looked. However, I can't figure out how to remove the trim panel that covers it. I don't want to break the thing monkeying around.

    Does anyone know how to remove this interior panel? It's right by the third seat on the passenger side.
  • cougltcouglt Posts: 2
    i have the same vehicle that we bought used from a dealer. my wife and i discovered that it had a chip on the module that holds the chip when that module went out and had to be replaced. the dealer told us that the installation of the superchip voided the warranty of the powertrain module, which is something like 80,000 miles. even though i fought it telling them that aftermarket parts don't void warranties, they stood their ground. i contacted the dealer i bought it from and had them pay half of the $600 for a new powertrain module since they failed to detect the chip and disclose it to us.

    now, did the chip cause the failure of the module? probably not but i can definitely tell you that there is zero difference in the vehicle now that the chip is not there. save your money and spend it elsewhere.

    after taking out the chip i put it on ebay and made $80 about as fast i had ever made $80 before. so, there's obviously a market for it....
  • rlynch1rlynch1 Posts: 1
    This must be some sort of super-secret information because I've been looking and can't seem to find it online anywhere :-) And no one seemed to post anything here. I'm trying to get at the sub-woofer in 98 expedition. Can someone outline how to go about this? Or point me to some instructions online?
  • Has anyone seen an Expedition EL with a front bench seat? I am interested in the 9-passenger version of the EL with the front bench seat, but cannot find any pictures, brochures, etc. from Ford or anyone else. My main question is whether the middle seat has a shoulder seat belt.

    Any thoughts?


  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    No new retail Expeditions or Expedition ELs are available with a front bench seat cause that is where the shifter is.

    And you can forget about buying the police package.

  • Mark, your comment is not accurate. The split bench seat is standard on 2008 XLT models and it comes with a column shift. However, it's pretty much a custom order, as nearly all dealer orders come are configured with front bucket seats. (With the 2007 model, it was the reverse: buckets standard, and split bench was a late-availability option). The front split bench seats are available only on the XLT model (excluding fleet orders).

    As for pictures, Seamus8, I've looked everywhere and have not found any anywhere. I'm ordering an XLT with the front bench seat (I'm a big/tall guy and the center console with the bucket seats bothers my right leg), so I'll post pictures when I get a chance.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Well you must be reading a different order guide then the one I just downloaded from the Ford dealer only website dated 1/3/2008 which states that the split bench with column shifter is optional. Look for trim codes ML, MC, or MW.

  • It's interesting that there's been no answer to this technical question- unless I've missed it. (Re ability to modify '99 Expedition from 4AWD to 2WD via a single wire alteration which is apparently possible on some Explorers & F-Series Pickups). If someone knows, I would sure be interested. This query was initially posted as message #73.
  • Hi All, I just bought a 2007 Expedition XLT without Daytime Running Lights, however I would like to have them. I read an article found on a Google search by a gentleman who found his 2000 F150 was manufactured with all the wiring necessary for DRLs and gave information as how to remove a jumper and plug in the DRL module This is for a 1999 and newer F150. Might there be a similar fix for my 2007 Expedition?? My local ford dealer told me the after market DRL kit was no longer available from Ford.
  • I live in South Florida and Sawgrass Ford refused to replace my 2003 Ford Expedition's front bucket seats with a bench.

    They said I might want to try a private "pimp my ride" kind of place, but the dealer will not do such modifications.

    I really need space for a 9th passenger. Anyone else replace bucket seats with a bench. How much did it cost? Who do I call to get this done? Anyone recommend someone in South Florida for this work?
  • have 05 expedition with a switch I can't find out what fer.
    It is an on-off switch located in the tray in front of the cup holders in console. I guess its for an option i dont have but would like to know what its for. the ford people dont know but whats new with that.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The dealer is probably concerned with liability (or their insurance company is). The bucket brackets and floor pan holes may not match the bench seat hardware so there could be an increased risk of seat failure in the event of an accident.

    But a body shop may be willing to try something, or maybe there's a van conversion kind of place around with experience doing this kind of mod.
  • bfsgrossbfsgross Posts: 2
    you may have the optional traction control feauture (installed)?
  • bfsgrossbfsgross Posts: 2
    jc penny sells a 2 1/2 lift kit for 2005 expedition. anyone install a small lift kit on 2003-2005 expedition?
  • I have the 99 Expedition XLT 4 X 4 and I have a nice third row seat( beige? cloth) that isn't doing me any good and would be willing to sell it to someone that can use it. I don't have kids and, just me, my wife and the parents go out. My kids are grown and gone. Is there a FOR SALE forum here? Scott
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    No, we don't have a for sale forum. You can get some tips on selling in Questions About Private Sale Transactions or Prepping Your Used Vehicle for Sale, for example. Also, be sure to check out our How to sell your car. page.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Thanks, I will try that. It is just taking up valuable space. Scott
  • Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know how to remove the center console between the front bucket seats in a 2007 XLT? I'm installing a video screen, DVD head unit in the dash and a backup camera. I would like to get into the center console and tap the stock AUX inputs so they can be routed into the new radio's AUX inputs. THis way the RCA jacks facing the back seat will still work (I'll actually use one for video & the other for audio) so a game system, etc. could be plugged in. I'm using a Metra XSVI-5520-Nav harness to wire in the new radio. Are the aux inputs still available on that if you're aware of it?

    Any help is appreciated. I haven't found any center console info on the 'net. And I am referring to accessing/opening the center console itself, not the front panel around the radio in the dash, etc.
  • its for traction control.
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