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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • jas1680jas1680 Posts: 1
    I have just recently started having the same problem with my 99 Expedition. I'm was just wondering what you did to solve the problem. My fiance is convinced it is a faulty light.
  • patrick427patrick427 Posts: 11
    In all fairness, I can not say I've actually seen the navigation system at work. Why? because the 05 KR Exp that I just bought for way more than I wanted to spend doesn't seem to want to read the nav disc. it keeps spitting it out saying unreadable. I had the DVD player on for the kids who, being kids insisted on watching a movie on the maiden voyage. At first the DVD sound just came through the headphones as I wanted. But I tripped something up and it comes through all the speakers. I try to override this but the direction manual is ultimately as clear as mud, or my $2k nav radio is faulty! All it shows is the DVD/CD status screen, occasionally blinking to the main intro 'expedition' screen for a split second. Is this normal for this unit?? I can't for the life of me get the navigation system to come on, which probably is because the flawless CD I insert when pormpted shifts about for awhile and after 10 minutes it comes back saying the disc in unreadable! Why is this 2005 model still CD based?!? OH, to kick myself if this is what Im in for. I had assumed (I know, stupid!) that because the Navigator had a DVD based nav system that it's brother, when all decked out to the tune of a $54k sticker should also be DVD based nav.

    Ok, dont mean to sound negative on this, but is this Nav system full of bugs and simply a carryover from older models?? Id be curious to know how many people with this 2k option are not happy. thanks!
  • patrick427patrick427 Posts: 11
    as the 2005 EB-KR I just bought is pretty much the same as the 04 from what Ive been told, I can personally state that the engine noise on my 05 seems a bit loud. Frankly it even sounds a tad louder than my 05 F-150 if thats possible. Of course Im still trying to figure out why my $30k F-150 Lariat 2x4 has power seats for driver AND passenger and my $55K Expedition King Ranch (keep in mind theres $4400 sales tax and $2500 extended warranty tagged into that figure) doesnt even have a power passenger seat! lol... I could have killed my other half for insisting on the silly DVD player for the back. To me its hardly $1500 worth of anything given that a single 7 inch screen that hangs squarely in the way of the rear view mirror. You could buy a $250 setup from Wal-Mart that has two monitors that hang off the front headrests with DVD player. Just seems ford charging $1500 for about $80 worth parts....well, thats another

    I figured out part of my problem with my overpriced Nav system... it seems one of the [non-permissible content removed] salesman were probably demonstrating the nav system and scratched the disc for my region. the other regions seem to read,, but obviously without My region the thing isnt going to give me a reading from my area. called and complained. hopefully tomorrow I will get a new disc or at least one ordered. Hopefully that will work. Then all I'll need to do is figure out how to operate the Nav, audio CD and the read DVD player all at the same time! heheh
  • I am an owner of a 2001 expedition. I would like to know if anyone else has noticed his/her expedition shutting off whenever parked in a declining position? Mine does, and I've noticed that it does that with 1/4 tank of fuel or less. Does this happen b/c all of the fuel moves to one specific area of the tank or some other reason? I would also like to know what a reasonable selling price would be for tires(good condition) and wheels(factory chrome)? I recently replaced mine with custom wheels and tires. :blush:
  • diobolikdiobolik Posts: 2
    you should be able to order it as an accessory try going online and looking the place i always go to get my ford parts is or they always have the best pricing i have seen. check them out they respond and will ship anywhere fast
  • harder1harder1 Posts: 1
    The rear end of my 01 expedition has completly collapsed. My wife says when she put the vehicle in park she could hear air escaping the system at a high rate. Any ideas???
  • kucimatkucimat Posts: 1
    I just purchased an '05 EB Expy and it came with the NAV system. I must say that this NAV is much cruder than others I've seen out there. In addition, I've only had the vehicle for 2-weeks and the NAV is already on the blink. It seems to have no idea where my car is at any given time. It is consistently 2 to 10 blocks off from my actual position...which is frustrating to say the least. I'm gonna take it is and see if they can figure out what the heck's wrong unless anyone out there has any ideas I can try on my own. As an aside, my heated/cooled driver seat has also stopped heating and cooling...! I'm getting a bit dissappointed.
  • patrick427patrick427 Posts: 11
    2-10 blocks? Heck, I'd like mine to tell me I'm in the same state! I finally got it to partially work. My particular region CD was apparently scratched by a salesman. So they had to order another and will take it in tomorrow to see if we can't get it to work properly. I'm still getting a bad taste in my mouth thinking to myself that it wasn't that much more to go with the Lincoln Navigator which DOES have a DVD based NAV system, and a 6 speed auto tranny to boot (among other more refined amenities). My issue was that I was already approved for the loan at the ford dealer who goes through their special fleet department underwriter to get the approval. As one who has bought cars before on their business credit I can tell you not all dealers are alike. Some of them can royally screw up your ability to get the deal done. This Ford dealer I had used before because he has an excellent connection at Ford credit to get me approved in 30 seconds. Unlike consumer credit which is largely based simply on pulling your credit file and if the score is good enough your approved, business credit is somewhat different and not all dealers can get you done in the same way. So... I was basically afraid to go with the other dealer in fear they couldnt get me done. But the Lincoln, which is of course based on the same platform as the Expedition, offers a much more refined package for not that many thousands more I mean frankly if your in at $55k, what difference will it make with $60-62? I mean if your going to go new it doesnt matter as you'll be so severely upside down on the loan for quite some time anyway!

    Hindsight.... As ebven if I went into a Lincoln dealer now where they probably could adjust the already approved note into something else, Id be simply eating Way too much more for the possible mistake I just made.
    The exp drives very nicely. I have no issues here. But in the short few days Ive already owned it I did manage to get lost the other day and a properly working Nav system would have come in handy. I also note that the passenger front seat, aside from not being powered, doesnt manage to go back as far as the drivers seat. But of course these issues should have been addressed by myself prior to doing it. Ultimately it falls on me.
    still, for carrying a $55k note a DVD based nav system would have been nice. much like the overprived DVD entertainment system, the CD based $2k Nav radio has grossly underperformed for it's price and for the overall performance you'd expect to get out of a 2005 vehicle in the $50k+ price range.

    DO love them King Ranch leather seats though. Very comfortable!
  • elcharroelcharro Posts: 1
    What a coincidence, I had same situation when I was in Las Vegas on Sunday July 3rd, 2005, when I was going to go back home to San Diego. After doing the normal blown fuse checking and confirming that air suspension compresor was working fine, I was able to find a broken hose coupling in the air supension supply, this hose coupling is located close to the fuse/relay box, (under the hood, driver side), and it runs between the fuse/relay box and brake fluid reseirvour, I was able to level my truck by connecting those two hoses toghether with my hands, after the leveling cycle completed, I turn off the leveling switch located on the front passenger kick plate, that worked fine to me and I was able to go back home safe, I'll take my truck to service/repair hopping this problem is covered by my extended warranty, badly all ford service shops were closed on 4th, July, :cry: any way that's my short description of my workarrund... : ) :shades:
  • 1997 Expedition ...when selecting either 4WD or AWD the indicator lights say everything is ok but that is not the case. The front wheels will not engage and after a few minutes the indicator light begin to click back and forth from 4WD to AWD. What's going on?
  • fx4fx4 Posts: 72
    I have a 2004 NBX buiilt about 10/03 and have had the vehicle in the shop two times now for a noise very much like you describe. My noise is more at
    low speeds lugging in slow traffic or when changing up through the gears at low to moderate throttle. Dealer techs have not found anything. Noise has slowly gotten worse and my wife has been asking about it when we travel. Appears to me to be very small exhaust leak somewhere near the exhaust manifolds--not sure at all. Noise more annoying as I drive the vehicle daily, but techs cannot identify the source.
  • cnh4altcnh4alt Posts: 1
    does anyone know what can be wrong with my 97 expedition. The factory alarm wont work and the only way to turn on the truck is to push a small button under the dash. i have contacted the Ford motor company but they dont ever respond. so if anyone knows anything about this problem please help.
  • lenrlenr Posts: 13
    I am getting ready to hook up the trailer, and give someone at the dealership a ride. It is easy to duplicate under load. Hopefully, I can get the service manager to go. I have already been through the service advisor level, and they couldn't find a problem to fix. The noise is so loud at certain load/speed combinations that I pretty quickly try to change throttle setting to make it go away. I am beginning to wonder if it is an engine RPM/load combination as opposed to a speed/load combination. A few more experiments may tell. I think that it is going to be a long battle, but the noise is so loud, that I want to be sure that it is not doing damage.
  • jcleejclee Posts: 1
    Did you have any luck? I'm having the same problem and I've heard everything from bad gas to fuel pump to a sensor.
  • tbecrafttbecraft Posts: 1
    have you fixed the problem? mine is doing something similiar.
  • teldocteldoc Posts: 49
    Re: the navigation, when I first picked up our 04 EB, I had the exact same thoughts.

    It turns out, the system takes 1-3 minutes to lock on 3 satellites for triangulation. The color of the compass letter will change to white then green. Once I got used to that, my annoyance with it being 2-10 blocks off went away. Or does yours do this long into your trip?
  • ohairstonohairston Posts: 1
    are these coil packs easy to remove
  • patrick427patrick427 Posts: 11
    Well after getting the dealer to give me a CD that wasn't scratched by some salesman and I got to use the nav, it is acceptable. I still have grumbles... Actually I don't have any problems with it being 2-10 blocks off. With the right CD I am spot on the mark when I have it it nav or map mode.
    I dont necessarily like that sometimes the audio prompts dont always go off when they should. you have to hit the voice button.
    I dont like how you have to have the thing in park to reenter a new destination. I understand Why they do it, it's just annoying.
    I dont like the way the system interacts with the CD and real Entertainment system. Even though my kids have their headphones on for their DVD they are watching the system only let's me listen to the front two speakers when I am listening to a CD. Im sure Ford thought having the rear speakers on would still interfere with the DVD system playback audio through the headphones.

    The Nav is at least now functional. though I find it amusing how my little iPaq navigation system I had slapped to the dash of my old car had more options. Even had speed control and display.

    In 2005 and for a car that went out the door for $55,000 I am somewhat amazed this isn't a touchscreen DVD based Nav. Of course Im still wondering why a $55k vehicle doesn't have a power passenger side seat where my $30k 2005 F-150 Does!

    But so far all Ive really had to deal with is the faulty Nav CD for my region. and the rear power vent windows. one of them went nuts and the power arm flew off the window and the window wobbled back and forth in the wind. Apparently it happens a lot and was a 5 minute fix at the dealer with just a pair of pliers. I hope whatever they did holds.
  • tomjones1tomjones1 Posts: 1
    My 2005 Expedition has 4,500 miles, and I just noticed that it was leaking water into the passenger side floor. Since I live in south east Texas it didn't take long to figure out that the air conditioner was leaking- I assumed that the drain hose was clogged. I took it into the dealer, and they said that they blew out the hose and didn't find much- they plan on ordering a styrofoam kit that will insulate the evaporator and keep it from condensing water and leaking inside the vehicle.

    This doesn't sound right to me- I ran the AC for months with no problem, and it just seems like the AC unit either has a hole, a hose came loose or got clogged.

    HAS ANYBODY HAD A SIMILAR PROBLEM? The dealer told me that he's done this several times in the past few months- that some Expeditions just "sweat more than others" - of course, there are 10's of thousands of Expeditions on the streets of Houston, and I'd imagine that this would be a well known issue if it were true, especially in the summer.
  • gheimurgheimur Posts: 88
    I have an 04 EB expy with 11K on it and live in NJ. The humidity over the last few weeks has been high, I've had no issues with the A/C, I would think that if there is a kit than it must be a known problem. I would guess that maybe they left it out , Good luck
  • blubyeu1blubyeu1 Posts: 1
    I agree FORD Sucks BIG Time! I have a 99 Expedition, 61,000 miles Transmission Front Seal as the Ford Service Person Said "Deteroiated" and the fluid poured out and obviously stop pulling. This Vehicle has not been abused or has it towed anything since I've owned it since 36,005 miles. I don't think that a Truck or car's Drive Train should act a fool @ such low mileage. Ford does not
    take care of there Quality issues in my opinion they do not back there products as advertised. They won't compensate the cost but rather donate $500,000.00 to GLAAD.
  • beep91beep91 Posts: 2
    My 2000 Expedition drove fine yesterday. Will turn over just fine this morning but
    won't kick over; like it's not geting fuel. Any ideas?
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,859
    i have to guess a bit here. you usually start it by just turning the key, no foot on the gas? if you have the manual, you can check it, but you can floor the gas and turn the key. my wife's taurus had this happen once in a while. sometimes it takes a while get it going. it usually happened after starting the car to back it out of the garage or pull it in, then turning off the car. good luck.
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  • I have a 99 expedition and it will not engage in 4wd or all wheel drive. Checked fuses, replaced switch on the dash and the Transfer Case motor. Still no go!! Any ideas? What vacuume line should I check?? :sick:
  • Never mind :blush: . When out and unhooked the battery and rehooked it back up. Now it engages. :P
  • drewnjaxdrewnjax Posts: 1
    I own a 2000 Ford Expedition and suddenly the AC stopped blowing cold air (it continues to blow fine, just not cold air). I was told that the fuse blew, and it was replaced. The AC worked for a couple of minutes, and the fuse blew again. I was told that it was the relay, and it was replaced. The AC worked for a couple of minutes, then stopped blowing cold air again (it continues to blow fine, just not cold air). What could the problem be? I've had to replace the engine, the coils, the starter, the alternator...I'm broke!
  • beep91beep91 Posts: 2
    Really perplexed now. Engine starts right up when I jumped the solenoid terminals together. Went back and tried with the ignition key and it turns over just fine but will not start. Going to replace the solenoid tonight even though that makes no sense.
  • royalhroyalh Posts: 4
    Exactly what does switching to this little icon with the "A" inside the lamp do. The manual is vague. This is on a new 2005 EB Expedition. I switched to the auto feature but I couldn't see that anything different happened. :confuse:
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    On our 2003 (which I don't drive much) I think it is the auto headlight feature where the headlights will turn on automatically when it gets dark and will turn off automatically when it becomes light out.
  • txmat6txmat6 Posts: 1
    We just bought a '05 Expedition in April and it does the same thing when I brake. It doesn't happen every time I's unpredictable. Did you ever find a solution?
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