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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • tcheatletcheatle Posts: 1
    My 2005 Expedition started doing the "starter grind" at 400 miles. It now has 1200 and is still doing it. It will go back to the dealer around 3000miles. If it breaks, it is under warranty so I really do not care....
  • jcarrolljcarroll Posts: 1
    Could really use some help from the group with this one. 5.4L engine
    with P&I heads, 110K miles but well maintained every 3000 with
    synthetic oil. Loud rattle from the front of the engine. Two Ford
    dealerships are suggesting front timing chain(s?), however both suggest
    engine swap. It seems both shops have limited experience doing the
    chain repair. Said this problem is pretty rare.

    Has anyone else seen this problem with this engine? Any suggestions?
    The repair is $1700 and the swap is $5700. No guarantee on the repair.
    Its my daughter's truck and in this shape I'm afraid she owes more
    than it might be worth.

    Thanks in advance. - JimC
  • My starter was grinding on my 1998 Exped. and I had it replaced 2 mos. ago. A friend of mine had the exact same thing happen to her 1998 Exped. I just had my Exped. into the dealer for its 65K servicing and they called to ask if I've had any problems with the starter b/c they saw a spot in it. My husband got on the phone and said, "We just had a new one installed 60 days ago. If there's something wrong with it, replace it free of charge." Then the service man said, "Oh no, we only saw it once, and now we don't see it." I think there must be a manufacturing defect in the starters. I'm wondering if anyone has had similar problems?
  • did you ever get this clicking resolved? had a clicking coming from front end of my 99 Expedition for a couple years. had dealers and other mechanics troubleshoot to no avail. Then found my problem by accident. turned out to be the retainer cup over the nut on the front wheel( it is held on by the cotter pin under the dust cover). when the front rotor/wheel assembly was installed the metal retainer cup had been spread out to allow ease in installation. then the cotter pin was installed. even though it all appeared to be tight, it had just enough slop to make a clicking sound when turning even a little bit. i only found it when doing a brake job. i noticed it move a little so I jacked up the entire truck and put it on stands. then had my wife start it and put it in gear. sure enough the clicking was coming from there. after removing the cup and sucking in the edges I reinstalled and repeated the test. haven't had a problem with the irritating clicking since. amazing how the stupidest little things can drive you and seasoned professionals nuts.
  • brad13brad13 Posts: 1
    I've got 7500 miles on my 2005 Expedition. Two things I've noticed, and one is that it idles to low (so it seems). With trany in drive, foot on the brake, without the AC on, it idles at about 550 RPMs according to the TAC, and causes a very noticeable rough idle. If its in Park, or if the AC is on, then it idles smooth because in Park there's no load on the engine, and when the AC is on, the computer increases the idle to compensate for the compressor running. I've had it to the shop twice, but Ford says a 550RPM idle (even though rough) is normal?

    Second issue is the starter grind I've seen on this forum. Mine does the starter grind when its cold, for about a second after the engine is running. I haven't confronted the dealer with this one yet, but I see its on this forum.

    Any body else have the rough idle thing going on?
  • I have the same problem but haven't had any luck getting it repaired. I've had it at two different dealers and they haven't figured it out yet. My passenger side floor board has been soaked with water and this is not normal no matter what he told you. Standing water or water residue is not normal because water in places it shouldn't be, causes damage. If i have any luck with my repair on the situation I will let you know and you do the same.
  • Does any one know how to contact a Atlanta, GA for regional service rep direct. The dealer is no help. I wonder how for sells any fords. Never again will they trap me with another trap.
  • I recently noticed that when the AC cycles on when set on 1 or 2 there is a squeeking noise coming from the compressor. This also occurs when max AC is on. Is this an issue or is it normal? Doesn't occur when set on 3 or 4.
  • 2000 Expedition EB. My rear lift gate will not open. I have tried everything I know including the key and I can't open the window or the lift gate. I can't find a way to access the mechanism to manually open it. Any ideas??

  • Yes, there is a TSB fix for this. The problem is that at highway speeds, the condenser freezes up. I'm sure you probably noticed that the cooling diminished quite a bit after you drove it on the highway for a while.
  • I may have encountered what you're describing. Mine was a "grunt" which happened right at starting or right after. I took it in and the dealer showed me the TSB. It's an air conditioning compressor "grunt" which occurs when refridgerant pools after you shut it down. They said that it is "harmless" and there is no fix for it. They recommended shutting off the AC before I shut off the car.
  • i have 1999 expy with similar noise just wondering if the noise sounds like a a clicking rattle sound my noise does not speed up with the engine does this sound like what you have i have had one tech tell me that it was the timimng chain but another said he has never replace a timing chain on a triton engine ????
  • I have a 2001 Ex and has been doing it alot. I have reported this as a safety issue with the NTSB 5 times and still no response. I have hit a garbage can because the darn thing lurched forward on me. The dealers are also no help. Sounds like we really have an issue. Any help out there people?
  • I meant to say the NHTSA not the NTSB. There are several other complaints on that site with the same issue. A total of 53 at last count. If all of us with the same issue complain enough maybe they will open an investigation.
  • well maintained every 3000 with synthetic oil

    Uhhh, I think you're low by a few thousand for conventionals (5-7k) and half an order of magnitude for synthetics... (15k).


    Under "Past Results" you'll see Mobile1 and Amsoil going 14-18,000 miles.

    Two Ford dealerships are suggesting front timing chain(s?), however both suggest
    engine swap.

    This may be because your oil habits indicate you might just buy an engine instead of changing the spark plugs. (Nothing personal)

    It seems both shops have limited experience doing the chain repair.

    I think I'm thinking of the wrong part here - A timing chain is a $20 part that synchronizes the crankshaft and the valves. Replacing it is/was part of standard 100k service because if it fails you do generally need a new engine. Still, that need is not a kinda-maybe sort of thing - You know your engine is toast when you munch a valve. Any mechanic with limited experience here is a "run, don't walk" situation.

    Something doesn't feel quite right here... Give me a call at 404.391.2153?

  • macman246macman246 Posts: 118
    The NHTSA does look at all the complaints. They contacted me about my stalling GMC Envoy, ONE YEAR after GM bought it back under the lemon law. I too complained on their website.

    I drove around for 3 months with a camcorder to document the issue. I basically pointed the camcorder on the instrument cluster whenever conditions were ripe for a stall (cold engine, stopped at the first few stoplights on my commute). The NHTSA was really happy to get a copy of my tape. I made the tape after I contacted an attorney and started the buyback process, but in your case it might help prove your case to the dealer.

    Good luck.
  • Last night I got home around 8:30 and this morning I went to get the newspaper, I noticed the defroster was running full blast without the key in it. WEIRD!!! I had to detach the battery cable to get the defroster to turn off. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any help will be appreciated. BTW, I have a 2001 Expedition Eddie Bauer.
  • scdscd Posts: 15
    I have less than 3000 miles on my 05 Expedition. Love it, except for the starter grind. Now I have noticed that the leather seats are starting to crack. The Expedition is always garaged. I had a 2001 Expedition for three years and never had any problems with the leather seats. The leather on my current 05 seems to be different. Just another item to bring up with the service people.
  • new to the site you probably could have used this info a few weeks ago. exped and f150 are known for bad trigger wires(starter wire/connector). the dealer should have suggested trying to clean the connector (usually corrode) and resecure the wire. it works 80 % of the time. maybe this will help somebody else though.
  • I bought a 1999 Eddie Bauer 4x4 Expedition last Sunday with 93,000 miles on it seemingly in perfect shape. During test drive it drove perfectly and after buying it and driving it home it ran perfectly. I had to go out of town for the week so it sat in the driveway until I used it to pick up a pizza last night. Drove a total of 8 miles and it shook and shuddered the whole way. Could it be a fouled spark plag or loose plug wire? My wife is sick that we bought a lemon. Any thoughts?
  • Hey guys, I have an 04 Expedition and at 5,000 miles the howling started. Long story/short version: in reducing weight Ford made the diff, etc out of aluminum, bolted it to the frame. Turns out the alum was not heavy duty enough and to eliminate it they rebuilt the rear end. I got a new rear end and it stopped the howl.
    The Expe drive like a different vehicle. Try it, it should be under warranty. Or if out of warr go to your favorite good mech. and have him replace the seals and bearings with heavy duty. What irritated me was Ford knew about the problem and still put the vechicles on the market without saying anything. Only when customers asked did Ford acknowledge the problem.
  • rmouldsrmoulds Posts: 1
    I have exactly the same problem, where is the amp physically located on the vehicle?

  • I have an '03 Expy XLT , 4.6 engine and 70,000 miles. When I put the control to have air come out the dash vents, (Not the defroster vents) all works fine until I accelerate. Under even slight acceleration the air stops coming out the vents. It comes out the defroster vents. This occurs whether or not the A/C is on. I know there must be a vacuum somewhere but where? No codes have been produced.
  • I had my truck for a year 1999 ford expedition I have the same problem trying to find the answer too. I will post it if I find it. Trying to fix it for two month Real Mad :mad:
  • yatesyyatesy Posts: 1
    We have a 2003 2WD Eddie Bauer and have had the rear end rebuilt 3 times now under warranty. Today, I backed out of the driveway and it started the grinding again. It's not realing "howling" but more of a grinding sound mainly when I turn a corner or back out of a parking space and go forward. Any suggestions? It's all under warranty but this is getting very old.
  • nikrnikr Posts: 1
    Every morning I have a steering wheel shimmy for a few minutes and then it goes away as the tires warm up. has anyone expereinced thi? if so please help with advise
  • I currently own a 1999 Expedition and have experienced a problem with the Odometer going out at start up. It will display after a few miles/ kilometers down the road. If anyone has experienced the same issue, I'd be glad to here from you.
  • macman246macman246 Posts: 118
    Does anyone know of a cheap, reputable place I can buy parts for my Expedition on the web? My local dealers are such a rip-off. Thanks.
  • I have had the same problem with my 99 XLT for almost three years now. I have been told by my helpful service manager that the whole instrument panel needs to be replaced to correct the intermittent odometer display at a cost of over $280.00. I found that by thumping the instrument panel (not too hard, though) just beyond the steering column turns it back on for a little while. Not very convenient and makes difficulty when getting inspected yearly, but so far has saved me $280.00 (was told that it was not covered by warranty when first taken in to dealer). :confuse:
  • dirk6dirk6 Posts: 1
    DTC P1299 says - Cylinder head overtemperature protection active. What causes this and how can I fix this. I have a 2001 Expedition.
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