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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • Firestorm-

    Your right on. It was the coil on the #6 cylander and the cost is $370.
  • i have a 98 expedition and im havein battery problems. the car won't start all the time, i give it a jump and it will work for a little while but then the battery will go dead. I need help badly!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,855
    If it's the original battery it's probably tired and needs replacement. 5-7 years is more than enough for a battery.

    Here's what you can do. Put the battery on a charger (SLOW charge), then take it in and have it LOAD TESTED (a stress test). If it fails, replace it and then have your alternator tested--although I suspect if the car keeps running with a battery jump, the alternator can't be the problem.

    The only other problem I can think of if it's not your battery is that you have a current drain.

    By the way---don't keep charging a dead battery with your alternator, or you'll soon have a dead alternator AND a dead battery.

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  • I have tried a dozen times to follow the directions to turn off the seat belt warning on my '05 EB Expedition. The dealer won't help.

    Has anyone benn able to get it off?

  • Well more rain, and more issues. However, this time 121.34 at the Ford says that water was in the circut box and has now been "fixed"... The two problems we had as the fan blower and air shocks. I will let you know...

  • There is a technical service bulletin TSB-05-9-17 that covers this problem. You will need your restraint control module (RCM) changed and the software upgraded. Take it your dealer, this problem is covered.
  • i have a 99 expy and it used to blow hot air with a/c on. have you looked at the temp switch/dial (knob) in the dash? mine has cracked twice and then it spins on the pin, and therefore, won't move to or blow cold. had taken it to the dealer and they wanted to replace whole switch panel for the fan, temp, etc. did not like price and pulled knob myself, then turned the pin with a pair of needle-nose pliers. boom, cold air. crack in knob is very small so get it under a light. may or may not fix it but it's cheaper than replacing items until you find the problem. good luck.
  • my left turning signal is blinking fast whats the cause of this, a friend of
    minds said it's the turning signal bulb so i replace the 1 i thought was out but
    it still blinking fast . do anybody know what the problem is..
  • I own a 2005 (bought in April) and I have had it in for repair numerous times. The rear A/C makes a hissing sound and a "hooting" type sound. After sixth time the dealership said it was low on freon. After repair they said it was all fixed. Picked it up and it was still the same. It wasn't until then they discovered a TSB from Ford explaining they are having problems with some rear A/C units. They explained to evacuate system and recharge to 58oz of freon. If this didn't work there was no fix for the problem at this time and there engineers were working on it.
  • Is anyone else having a problem with their tire pressure sensor?

    Last year when it was a round 10 degrees or colder and snow and ice on the ground I could understand it happening. Last year the light would only stay on a few minutes. Now it is only in the 50's and it's coming on. The dealership reset it and it seems to be worse now. It stays on from 6-10 minutes. When they have kept it over night of course it hasn't been cold enough for it to come on. Should I take it in 1 more time when it is cold and see what they say or should I just call Ford and see what they have to say? Is it something that can be disconnected?

    Thanks for any input.
  • in my experience timing chains rarely (if ever) have to be replaced, maybe your advisor said the front guides (or cassettes they are referred to) need to be replaced. i know somebody else mentioned the chain is replaced at 100000kms as maintenance but that is a timing belt. does the noise only occur on start up or is it present while driving or at idle? i will keep pondering this one.
  • rbatesrbates Posts: 1
    I have had the same , i mean same identical problems with my 2003 expedition. including new ac mirror motors, rear end replaced, altenator, transmission rebuilt and they still will not do any thing for me.
  • I own a 2005 Expedition and the A/C is also making a hissing noise toward the rear of the car. I can turn the rear air unit off and the noise still occurs, but if I turn all the air off (in the whole car), the noise goes away.

    My Ford service dept. has told me the same thing...we've done what the TSB says and there's nothing else we can do.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

  • I just picked up a 2006 exp. limited last week. I have 3 clothing bars in my garage but none of them fit over the wide fitting in the exp. I called the dealer and ford does not offer anything. If someone has a clothing bar that fits, will you post where you got it. I'm talking about the bar that goes across the back or second row seats that allows you to hang clothes on it.

  • The check battery red symbol is always on even after I have replaced a failed battery and alternator. It passed a battery and charging system load test. The battery charging gauge never fluctuates and always gives a good reading.

    Thank you in advance for your help, Cliff
  • I had the same problem but on the right side I replaced everything including relays and so I took it to Ford....they had to replace the entire blinker the steering colume...there was a short in it.

  • Recently fixed the spring that allows the dashboard cupholder to be pushed closed/locked, then pushed again to open and pull out. I can't figure out, though, how to get the locking mechanism set. There is a small post on a pivot in the back of the mount that fits into a mechanism on the cupholder - has anyone ever put one of these back in that can help me? Thanks.
  • scdscd Posts: 15
    Leather seat update: Took my 05 XLT to the dealer regarding the seat problem. They replaced the front seat leathers. Looks like they are starting to crack again. I'll probably be back in the dealer in about another month for more replacements. Does anyone know if the King Ranch or Limited has a better leather seat surface than the EB or XLT's?
  • pmorg1pmorg1 Posts: 7
    I have a '99 Expedition EB with a 30 gallon tank. Whenever I try to fill the tank, usually when it requires 25+ gallons, the last 5 to 6 gallons has to be pumped very slowly or it will cut off the pump. This is frustrating. It has been this way since purchased new, 6 years ago. Obviously it seems it would be related to a venting problem, but I have been unable to find out any information on this type of problem.

    Does anyone else have this problem or know of a solution.

    Thanks in advance.
  • I have a 2004 XLT Expedition with 4 wheel drive. I have found that when it sits a day or two without being driven, It makes a loud clunking noise when it first starts up. I can not tell if it is the engine or transmission where the noise is coming from. Only 3,000 miles left on warranty, so I really need to locate this if it is a problem. I have been unable to recreate for dealership, they seem to not know what I am talking about. Any help would be greatly appreciated !!!!!!!!!
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    First starts up or first starts moving? If you are not moving I would not think it is the transmission. If you are moving is it possible that a brake caliper is momentarily stuck to the rotor?

  • I'm having the same exact problem. Did you find out what was causing it?

  • deanctdeanct Posts: 10
    I went out to start my 04 exp. and all I got was a clicking noise. The lights work, the CD player is going crazy and my instrument gauges are practically spinning around. At first, I thought maybe the battery was dead, but that wasn't it. So, tomorrow, I'll have to call the dealership where I got it and have them come and pick it up. I'm so pissed, I only have 16,600 miles on the vehicle. I though I would be one of the lucky ones since I hadn't noticed any problems with the vehicle up until this point. I'm curious to hear if anyone else has experienced this problem and what the cause was.

    Thanks! :sick:
  • My 04 hasn't had seat problems, but I know of an 04 Explorer that has had the drivers leather seat replaced because of cracking. Have you used any conditioners on the leather. They should help.
  • I see your message is over a year old so I suppose you found the rattle by now.
    But, if not.... My 2003 Exp had rattles at highway speeds also. The rattle was coming from the plastic door panels on the outside of both front doors.(the back doors did not seem to have the same issue).

    I was on a road trip, and the noise was driving me crazy, so I took some cardboard and wedged it between the door and the plastic door panel on the driver side. The noise was reduced, so I stopped and did the same thing on the passenger side. NOISE WAS GONE.

    I showed the Ford dealer and they pulled the panels, and added soft "bumper stops" under the panels. The noise did not come back.

    I also looked everywhere for the noise..... in the door, mirrors, internal panels by my feet, steering short the DOOR PANEL was the cause.
  • From day 1 my 2004 Expedition has had highway speed vibrations in the steering.
    At 70mph and up the steering wheel starts to vibrate. The EXP has been in for service 4 times. First two times dealer said tire problem. Third time the dealer said alignment and tire issue. Fourth time the same as third.
    Each time a new set of tires are placed on the front the vibration goes away for about 500 miles. Then the vibration appears again.
    I suspect the front end drifts out of alignment, then destroys the tires with feathering and cupping, and then it just gets worse and worse until new tires are installed. This is a daily driver, and long road trip driver. It has never been off-road and is a 2-wheel drive. I know of two other Expeditions that had the same issue, and I see the issue is listed on the Ford TSB (technical service bulletins) Anyone else have this issue, or found a fix for this issue?

  • My 2004 Expedition sounds like it has the same issue your's has. I'm on my FOURTH set of tires now. The first set were "out of round" according to the AZ dealer. All four replaced. The second set of TWO were "out of round" and "oh we just got a rash of bad tires lately"....BS....according to dealer. Third time they only replaced one tire, due to bad cupping/feathering, and completed alignment and completed road force balancing.
    Here is the good one Exp. is now over 12,000 miles, so the warranty is no longer valid for suspention and tire work. So get ready for that one from your dealer. And if they tell you this "JUMP UP AND DOWN ON THEIR DESK UNTIL YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT.....TRUST ME IT WORKS" the dealer agreed to pay for it "this time".

    In short, my issue is still not fixed, in fact I'm researching now because mine is going in again ASAP for same issue. I'm demanding a FORD ENGINEER come and inspect my Expedition.

    Good luck, if you find a fix, please please please....let me know.... I will do the same for you/all here.

  • Kinda late now to be replying to your message, but anyway. We just had the fuse panel and gem module replaced. 1 Monday we took the '97 F150 in for the airbag light. Went to start it up the following Friday for the 1st time and it wouldn't start. Had rained all week. Got in it Saturday and the airbag light was back on again. Took it back to the dealership again on Monday because of the airbag light and am told we might have a water leak. The dealership had the Waterdoctor come out and look and they said the windshield was leaking also. The dealership suggested we call our insurance company to see if they would pay for the new windshield and for the repairs. The insurance adjustor came out and they did replace the window and paid for the repairs. We only had to pay 100 deductible for the windshield. Still trying to get the original money back for the original repairs on the 1st Monday but we did get everything paid for on the 2nd trip.
  • The front driver and passenger doors rattle as if they are not completely closed when driving over bumps or any semi rough road. Does anyone have the same problem or knows of a TSB out on door latch problems?????
    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • jord1jord1 Posts: 2
    I was driving my 2005 Expedition with 9000 miles on it and the brakes failed. The brake went to the floor and the Advance Track light started flashing. It was as if I was trying to brake on ice. Finally the right brake felt like it was trying to grab. After taking the car to the dealership, they noted that an "ABS incident had occurred that lasted 15 seconds." They could not find anything that caused it and gave the car back to us stating" if it happens again, let us know." This is obvioulsy unacceptable and we are trying to find other people that have had similar problems. We have found 2 others so far and are trying to gather the facts to determine how this can be fixed to prevent it from happening again... next time it may be too late!
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