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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • 99eeb99eeb Posts: 2
    I own a 99 Exp. EB edition. My truck is all wheel drive but when I go to put it in 4wh Low or 4wh High, within a few minutes of me changing gears, I hear this LOUD THUMP. Took it to the dealership and they told me that there is no problem. Can anybody help me with this problem??

  • I wish I found this thread before my hubby took my 01 Exp to the shop....$236.00 -- and I even called the dealer right after I found this and told him what it was...

    Dealers suck!
  • Hello,

    I just replaced the battery on my expedition and started getting these jerking motion on my expedition and now my wife calls me and told me that the Service Engine light is on. did you get get any luck with yours..
  • I dont have an answer to your problem, but my wife also has a 2001 Expedition and her "Service Engine Soon" light came on. We also noticed a similar hesitation (occasionally), and sometimes we get a white puff of smoke when we start the car.

    I took it to the dealer, who ran diagnostics on it. Diagnostics came back with lean fuel mixture on both banks of cylinders. They took a sample of fuel from the tank, and concluded that the fuel was contaminated (i.e. bad fuel). The Ford Dealer was quick to point to the gas station where I got the fuel (Gulf) and said that some service stations will mix either diesel or kerosene in with the gasoline fuel because it is cheaper.

    Ford dealer changed my oil, drained my tank, reset my Service Engine soon light, and gave me $20 worth of gas....all for the bargain price of $396.

    Personally, I think the Service Mgr. at the dealer is the crooked one. I think the lean fuel is an indicator that a fuel sensor is bad and the car is compensating by making the mixture too lean. Good luck.
  • I have Expedition 2003. In June 2005 I experienced the same clicking from the back panel. It was mostly on, but would stop sometimes.
    I took it to local Ford dealership (Irvine, CA) and they said that "heater rear blend door" is stuck. They mentioned that it is a kind of motor that switch form heating to cooling. They replaced "aux. blend door actuator" and charged me $420 for it.
    At the beginning of December 2005 (a little less than 6 months later) clicking started again. I took it in yesterday, and they wanted to charge me again since the warranty on that part is 12 months or 12,000 miles and I had 15,000 miles since I did the work.
    So, be careful, ask how long the part/repair work would last! :mad:
  • jdub5jdub5 Posts: 1
    I often hear a popping noise coming from the rear end on my car. It happens at all times parked or driving. My guess is that the fuel tank is not venting properly and pops when to bring in air. Although no one/dealer can confirm this since I cant recreate it. The sound is much like a tin oil can being hit with a wrench.
    Anyone getting this?
  • When the engine is warm (after a long trip) my 1997 XLT Expedition engine misfires after trying to accelerate from an idle (at a stop light, etc.). Every once in a while the idle also gets rough when at a stop. It seems to happen when I using the blower with the AC or Heater. The dealer can't find anything wrong. Anybody got any ideas what going on?
  • jdub5

    Sorry I have no solutions. But I am sharing in the same agony. I also have a 03 making the same noise. Only thing is; the gas tank is made of a plastic. But I swear the sudden pop sounds metallic.
    My wife wrote a website called A guy named skeeter gave a list of possibilities. First he thought the gas tank may be getting sucked in by the vacuum that the fuel pump puts on it while driving. This he said could be caused by a bad emissions valve associated with the fuel vapor return system or possibly a bad gas cap. Secondly, he thought that maybe the exhaust system is cooling down and causing the noise when it cools off. Possibly the muffler or catalytic converter contracting. If a locking gas cap has been installed it could cause this problem.
    Skeeter suggested taking the Expedition in to a shop and listen to the noise with the mechanic. But you and I know that this sound is too unpredictable. Another suggestion was to have someone look underneath the vehicle after it has been driven enough to act up and see if the gas tank is sucked in. He said it would be real noticeable if this were the problem.
    Personally, I like the bad emissions valve theory. I just have to figure out what and where it is considering there are no hanes manuals available yet. Hope this was helpful in some way. If we figure out the problem and get it fixed we will let you know the results. Good luck!

  • km5km5 Posts: 3
    I have the same problem with my passenger side window on my 03 EB Expedition. Any ideas on how to fix it?
  • I own a 2002 Eddie Bauer Expedition. It makes the same noise. I took it to 2 shops and they could not figure out what that nosie was so they told me to take it to the dealer which I did. They also told me that they did not hear anything and could not tell me what it may be unless they heard it. When I shut off the truck it makes that noise and then goes away. Sometimes it does it and sometimes it does not. Did you ever find out what caused that noise?
  • My 1997 Expedition is doing the same thing. The battery light was coming on when you accelerated and turned off when you weren't on the gas. Now it's on mostly all the time. I just replaced the battery a couple months ago. The only thing I can trace the problem to is the truck was broken into a couple of weeks ago and the entire ignition was broken off and had to be replaced, then taken to Ford to be reprogramed. The truck runs fine, but the light is annoying.
  • I also own a 99 Exp EB Edition, my truck is also AWD, we had snow 8 inches of snow and I was in park put the truck into 4wh. When I got out of the snow. I stopped and put it back into awd (so I thought). The 4x4 light goes out but it still is in 4wh. We have replaced the shift motor today. What other suggestions does anyone have? Maybe a hub issue???
  • Hello. I was wondering can I somehow disconnect my front passanger airbag? I have a need for that front seat and I can not risk having an airbag explode on it. (Don't worry it is not a child) I make VERY LARGE paper mache pieces.
    Thank you
    Cath :confuse:
  • I just replaced both of the rear light bulbs and everythings rosey.
  • one of your lights is it. Doesn't necessarily mean it's your blinker. It's probably one of your parking lights.
  • I have the same jerking problem with my 01 expedition. The service engine light came on as well. I'm going to have it looked at in an hour. I'll let you know what they say about it.
  • The garage said the jerking is caused by a malfunctioning cylinder. Either the spark plugs are bad or the coil is bad. Since I just had the spark plugs changed during the tune up, it's most likely the coil. It's about $140 for the coil and about 30 minutes labor.
  • Here's the deal with the jerking. The expeditions get condensation in where the spark plugs are so they blow. It also causes the ignition coil to go bad. I just changed my spark plugs, you want the ones from the dealer. They cost $12 a piece. If it doesn't solve the problem, then your ignition coil is bad. Don't get that from the dealer. They charge 150 for it. I got mine at autozone for $54. The mech charged me $20 to install it. It runs perfectly fine now.
  • I'm experiencing the same problem with my 2003 Expedition. I thought that it was assoicated with the heat/air vents but the sound is coming from the right rear panel. I have an appointment with the dealership in the morning but wanted to get an idea of what the problem is. Did you get it fix ? If so what was the problem and how much did it cost to have fixed ?
  • syungsyung Posts: 1
    I also have a 2003 Expedition and I just started getting the same ticking noise. Did the dealer identify the problem?
  • kenatakenata Posts: 4
    I had the exact same problem with my 97 Eddie Bauer. I've got the 5.4 Triton engine. Each spark plug has its' own coil. I would say one of those coils is going bad. Might have to wait until it triggers the check engine light so the codes can be read to determine which coil it is.
  • kenatakenata Posts: 4
    My 97 Eddie Bauer also hums, sometimes, when I shut the engine off. It does not concern me much but I was thinking the idle air control valve was doing it. One of these days I'll get out there with my mechanics stethoscope and check it out to satisfy my curiosity but I would not worry about it.
  • We have a 2000 Expedition that has the dead - start problem. I load tested the battery and it checked O.K. Replaced it with a new one anyway. Problem represented a few days later. Bought an automatic 1.5 vdc trickle charger that plugged into the cigarette lighter. Eliminated the problem for several months. Now the problem is back with a vengence. We have to jump start it if it sits more than 8 hours off a charger. The interior lights shut off or blink when the problem occurs. There must be steady drain on the system but nothing is obvious :cry:
  • b20755b20755 Posts: 1
  • The leak might be under the hood with the hoses run to the heater core. If one camps is loose you will loose antifreeze and need new wires and plugs.
    Check the antifreeze overflow tank
  • azzleazzle Posts: 1
    I just bought an '02 Eddie Bauer and it has been in once to fix a water leak (rain) on the passenger side coming in from the handle on the windshield column.
    I took it back to where I bought it and they had it for four days and finally said they found the problem. They stated they cleared all four drains from the moonroof.

    Yesterday it started leaking on the drivers side???

    Has anyone experencied this???

  • I can't get my wipers to turn off. Switch (knob?) seems to operate correctly (I can turn it to "off") but the wipers stay on intermittent. Since the problem cropped up after washing the vehicle I'm guessing a short in the electrical system somewhere?

    Thought problem disappeared on 2nd day, but as soon as I used the blinker the wipers started working again. Any suggestions?
  • My 99 expedition also has a broken front blend door. How did you replace it ? did you have to remove the dash.and if you did can you give me info
  • I had the same problem years ago. It is more than likely just the Thermostat that controls the temp it cracks and when you turn it you think you are turning the temp but you are not. I suggest you get a new control if manual if digital I am not sure. Good luck I had it in the shop many times finally a deal after going to numerous one's
  • OK, I will start off saying I have those continental tires that I keep hearing not so good things about. my problem is this, I have had my tires balanced twice in the last 3 months and i still have this ocassional vibration when operating at slow speeds while driving the expedition, balancing the tires helped some, but the tires according to the tech are spin balanced perfectly, he even recalibrated the tire balancing machine on this last balance job. But it still vibrates the dash at certain speeds. Most of the vibration is comming from the piece that fits over the passenger side airbag> this is getting very frustrating! Has anybody else out there experienced this excessive vibration with 2003 Ford Expeditons? and what can be done about it? any other areas to check on the vehicle besides tires? Thanks for any help!
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