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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • Ford replaced the muffler 2/13/06. There has been no noise since.
  • Ford replaced the muffler and all noise stopped.
  • My 04 expedition EB with 33000 miles has a craking noise coming out of the left rear tire, and is not the brake pads, because they are new. Ford dealers don't know what it is. Also the gear indicator doesn't stay in the gear i want him to stay, it always goes somewhere else. Does anyone know about this two problems, can someone help me?
  • 99eeb99eeb Posts: 2
    Can anybody help me? I own a 99 EXP EB edition, and I was having misfire problems. I took it to the dealership in the DC area, and the dealer told me that my spark plugs need to be changed and and coil's 3 and 4 needs to be replaced. Well I had ford fix everything, and for about two weeks, everything was working fine, now I am experiencing the exact same problems. I took it back to ford and they are saying that the diagnostic check is still telling them that 3 and 4 is still misfiring. Does anybody have any other thoughts on this matter. I am starting to get real frustrated with ford.
  • We are having the exact same problem with our 2000 Expedition and have done everything you have. We even replaced the fuel injector. Nothing is working and we are frustrated as well and nobody is able to help. My next though it to replace the motor, which is cheaper than buying a different vehicle.
  • teldocteldoc Posts: 49

    We have an 04EB also and by accident I found that the Toyota headphones from our 04 Sienna work perfectly with the FOMOCO system. Try it.
  • Check to see if antifreeze is leaking onto the spark plug wire.
  • I concur. Our '99 Expy had a slow antifreeze leak dripping on some wires. It would cause the engine to shudder randomly when accelerating.
  • I also have an 03 Expedition, and I get the same sound, I came home from work one day and crawled underneath to listen, the sound you are hearing is your muffler expanding and retracting, the muffler in mine has a few crinkles in it. Take a hammer or something metal and tap your muffler with it, it should make the same sound.
  • The plastic trim on the lower part of the doors on my 2003 expetion xlt are fading out, the molding on the quarter panels are still dark gray, but the door moldings are turning white, anyone else have this problem??
  • joe106joe106 Posts: 1
    everytime i fill up there is gas fumes in the inside of the truck. anyone experience this problem?
  • I have a 2001 Ford Expedition and it has approx 68000 miles on it. It had been a great vehicle until I drove it from Riverside to Las Vegas Nevada on 3-3-2006 and upon arrival one of the Spark plugs blew out of the head.
    The dealership that i had it towed to told me that there were 2 options.
    1) Replace the head $3600
    2) Replace the engine $8000

    Has anybody heard of such a thing ???
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,604
    Were the plugs ever removed prior to this incident? And why can't the one head be removed and repaired at a machine shop?

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  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    I don't know if this is common or not, but it is not uncommon. I have heard of it before. If I recall correctly there are not enough threads engaged between the head and the spark plug. I think Ford changed the head design later on to allow for more engagement. Do a search on flatratetech and go to the forums. They may be able to guide you.

    Good luck.

  • badford1badford1 Posts: 1
    Did you ever resolve this problem? I have having the same problem right now It doesnt happen all the time, but Say I'll go to start the car and it wont stay started unless I Hold down down the gas pedal as soon as I let it off it dies. The dealership cant tell me anything on why its not starting. This is the most frustrating thing I have ever delt with. THey say take it if you want, but then how do you know you wont get stranded?
  • rippinrippin Posts: 1
    I have an 03' expedition and out of nowhere the rear window in the rear hatch just opens all by itself. It hapenns with the car running and shut off, parked, or moving. Its killed the battery a few times anyone know the cure? Also I have been experiencing some steering wheel shimmy at various speeds on variying road conditions, it doesn't happen all of the time but when it happens its very noticeable.
  • Wanted to post a thank you for similar solutions to my problem that worked for me. My "service engine soon" light came on yesterday. I got a free reading from an auto parts store. The trouble code came back as P307. That translates to misfire on cylinder 7. I installed a new "ignition coil on plug" for that cylinder. Voila, my Expedition ran as though it was brand new. My success doesn't mean that it will work for you, but for $60.00 it was well worth the try. :)
  • I have an '03 Eddie Bauer 4x4 Expy. . when I am cruising around about 40-50mph, i get a somewhat loud humming/whinging sound coming from underneath. I used to have a Jeep grand cherokee 4x4 that did the same and people told me it was the axle that needed to be rebuilt. The problem is on the Expy, its in 2wd and no live axle as oppossed to the Jeep was always in 4wd. When I let up on the gas, it goes away, and when i depress the gas more it goes away. . . Makes this sound only when just staying at this speed, not getting on the highway or to greater speeds or slowing down. Could this be coming from the transfer case or drivetrain?? Is this something that is common on ALL 4x4s??? Just wanna have some input before i go to the dealer.
  • northcarnorthcar Posts: 1
    Hello There..We have replaced the threads on these heads without removing cylinder heads-relatively straightforward repair.Special extended reach kits are available for doing these..Bernie G
  • don38don38 Posts: 4
    I am currently experiencing a problem with my driver and passenger side power windows ('03 XLT Exped). They are slow and have a "scraping noise" like they are off track or loose. Of course, just out of warranty and the dealer claims no recalls or TSB's.... Any one else experiencing this?
  • don38don38 Posts: 4
    Same with my 2003 XLT... The windows sounded like they were "scraping" or "off track" making their way up and down. The dealer says there are no recalls or TSB's. If you hear anything new please post...
  • don38don38 Posts: 4
    Apparently, this is a thermostat problem. It doesn't show up until you have driven with the A/C on for about 3+ hours. The A/C coil begins to freeze up and the diverter valve acutator for the rear air cannot find the correct position for the A/C available. This goes away when the coil warms up and the t-stat is satisfied...all is OK again. The manufacturer is not saying much about this since the problem never shows up on short trips...
  • don38don38 Posts: 4
    Same problem with my '03 XLT. Grinding noise and finally stopped going up and down. Check your passenger side for the same thing - according to use. Ford has not issued a recall on this but there should be a recall. I cannot verify if there is an internal Ford Technical Service Bulletin on this one ...yet. Keep your service receipts!
  • mbjbmbjb Posts: 39

    I have the same problem and my 04 expy is in the shop right now. I do not know what parts are being replaced but there is a TSB for this problem. The TSB # is 17632, release date 03/01/04, power train:axle assembly. Problem is described as an axle whine at speeds of 40-60 mph.

    I hope this helps.
  • ironmac1ironmac1 Posts: 3
    I have a 99 Expy. The gear shift assembly (display) on the column recently broke inside the steering column. The vehicle would still go into gear but the display would read "R" for reverse but actually was in park. Drive was neutral, and so on. If this is your problem, it's a plastic part (although dealer likes to refer to it as a teflon part) that costs about $22.00 (that's $22 U.S. Dollars) and it will be a couple hundred to have them fix. Check it out and see if that's your problem. (p.s. I discovered mine when I could not remove keys or get truck started after parking it. almost rolled into a couple of things since it was hard to remember what gear you were in.)
  • Ya, i just got mine back from the dealership . . .took them less then a day to do the work. . . it IS the ring and pinion gears. . .they are slightly off line from the manufacturer. . .they have had numberous problems with this issue and were totally ready with parts for the work.
  • ktcoooktcooo Posts: 1
    We have the same problem, found out that the torque converter was shot with metal shavings found in the fluid . Ford sent out a letter reguarding certain year 2001 expedition, F-250,F-350 F450 , F-550, excursions , navigator, about internal problems with the transmission that can result in a loss of second gear and ultimately an inability to move. It started with a clunking noise since the time we bought it , and it had a hard time shifting through gears when increasing the speed onto the highway.In the letter I have received from ford will cover it and says it will be in effect as of oct 2001 "regardless of milage" . Well like everyone else, the warranty was up 4 months ago and taken in several times with nothing found ? $3,500 to fix !
  • Did you have issues with tire wear as well?
  • mbjbmbjb Posts: 39

    I have not had a problem with unusual tire wear. Are your tire properly filled? This could cause tire wear problems.


    Yeah I got my expy back in a day and a half. The dealer had to replace the ring/pinion gear and the cluth pack. So far I am enjoying the lack of the axle whine.
  • I didnt have wear issues. . .but they said something else in there was racing . . .didnt really pay much attention cause it was covered by the extended warrenty. . . was worth coming to this website and doing some research on the issue before i went cause when i did go, i told them what the problem most likely would be and they said i did my research very well. . .THANKS GUYS. . . :shades:
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