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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • lucky6p5lucky6p5 Posts: 2
    i have a 98 ford expiditon i have gotten an error code reading the first one was cyclender 3 misfire and i changed the all the plugs and checked the gap changed wires and coil packs and fuel filters also air filter now cyclender 2 says miss fire during acceleration it is heisting until about 55 to 60 then runs fine any help please
  • steviebosteviebo Posts: 6
    i am in the process of removing my rear rotors on my 98 expedition. i have the the calibers off but have worked for 2 hours to get the rotors off with out any success. we have tried to break it loose with a sledge hammer and used penetrating oil. any suggestions on how to break them loose.
  • vbowlesvbowles Posts: 2
    I own a 2000 XLT Experdition. I drove it Monday and it was fine. On Tuesday I got in it and I had no forward or reverse. It didn't matter if it was in AWD,4WDhi or low. It goes in park. If you reeve the motor a little it feels like it is trying to pull forward or reverse depending which you have selected. It has 123,000. and a 5.4 triton motor. There hasn't been any slipping, jerking or noise. Anyone got any ideas as to what may be wrong? Or how to check and try to find out the problem. Thanks
  • macman246macman246 Posts: 118
    Was it raining when you last drove it? Did you set the parking brake? I've had stuck brakes before on my old Explorer, where the pads stick to the rotors and you can't move, even after releasing the parking brake. This would usually happen when parked overnight after driving through water. I've never had it happen on my Expedition.

    To unstick the brakes, I'd almost have to floor the accelerator pedal. Make sure your other foot is on the brake pedal, ready to slam it down when you start moving suddenly. It's a little scary doing this inside a garage. Make sure your wheels are straight, and no one is standing nearby!!!
  • vbowlesvbowles Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply. No it wasn't raining and it will roll. It's like the transmission just stopped working.
  • 99 Expy EB has been riding high for a few days, but is bouncing like crazy, not sure if Air Compressor went out or whats wrong...anyone else have any ideas.

    Thanks! :cry:
  • whitneyannwhitneyann Posts: 1
    I was also driving my 2005 expedition when the brakes failed. I was driving downhill, when I pushed the brake pedal and it went to to the floor, my car would not stop but it slowed enough for me to put it in park. When I took it to the dealer, Ford's response was that "It is normal for the brake pedal to go to the floor during a "panic stop" and there was nothing they could do" But the dealer did say that all the dealerships were reporting the same problem with the explorers and expeditions. It seems to me that during a "panic stop" is the time you need your brakes the most. I hope anyone else with this problem will post it.
  • msgtincomsgtinco Posts: 1
    My 02 Expedition has a strange problem. When parked in my driveway or on a decline with the front facing downhill, the fuel gauge will eventually register empty. The fuel system will actually register empty and the engine will react as such and respond as though empty. It has happened will traveling back down from Pikes Peak which causes quite a problem when the engine fails and now we have no power steering, brakes, etc... We've taken it to a local dealer but being that I'm in the middle east they attempted to decipher my wifes explaination to no avail. They drove it around town and couldn't duplicate. She of course couldn't believe they were that inept but yet the problem still exists.
  • dockydocky Posts: 11
    I own a 2003 EB with 42K, noticed a pull to the right after buying preowned a few months ago. Brought it back for realignment, but it didn't go away. Brought it back again saying "it pulls to the right, do whatever you need to do to fix it". It came back better, but not gone, and now it is very noticable again. Also has developed a rattle under the front end when driving on anything but new pavement.

    Any suggestions on what to say to dealer/service to get these things fixed? I have 100K warranty. Thanks in advance. Love the truck otherwise (except for 14.2 mpg!).
  • car2903car2903 Posts: 2
    We bought a 2005 Expedition Eddie Bauer model new in March, 2005. After driving it about 2000 miles, something odd happened. I went to turn a corner, and the brakes failed. Since I wasn't used to driving a SUV, my husband and I decided that it was just a fluke and thought nothing about it until the next time it happened at about 4000 miles. I tried to stop at rail road tracks, and the brakes didn't hold. About a half mile up, I tried to stop again at a 4-way stop sign, and went right through it. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that a red light came on briefly, but when the service manager at the dealership asked me which light it was, I told him I was more interested in making sure I didn't hit someone, or get hit, so I didn't take time to look at the liht. They kept the car for a few days - didn't find anything wrong. We took it back. A month ago, at 10,000 miles, once again the brakes didn't work at a stop sign and I almost was hit. The vehicle made a loud noise. We took it to the dealership again and said we would not take the car back until something was found to be causing this problem and be fixed. The service manager asked if the car made a noise (he tried to duplicate the noise, and it was the same noise that I heard), but still they couldn't find a problem after keeping the car 4 weeks. I don't know how many times they checked it during that time, but we did leave it there four weeks. The outcome was that Ford did buy back the vehicle from us. We, in turn, bought another Ford Expedition, a 2006 Limited. I took possession of it almost 2 weeks ago on a Friday. Everything was going great until the following Tuesday. I came to a stop sign and hit the brakes in plenty of time to stop. The car kept going, and the motor sounded as if it was accelerating, while my foot was pushing the brake as far to the floor as I could. Again, my guardian angel must have been with me, b/c I wasn't hit, nor did I hit anyone. We brought the car immediately back to the dealership - they kept it for 2 days, couldn't find anything wrong with it. Ford Motor won't do anything this time and I know there is something very wrong with this vehicle also. What are the chances of having 2 brand new vehicles with the same unexplained problem? Maybe one in a million. So, the car is sitting in the garage. My husband is driving it around the subdivision trying to get the brakes to malfunction again. Anyone out there have a similar situation with at least one Ford Expedition? Please let me know - I'm desperate!!!
  • razzmaniacrazzmaniac Posts: 22
    i have a 2003 EB also with 43k miles on it and a full warrenty. I have the same problem with it pulling to the right. . . kinda feels, when out of any 4wd, like the steering may be a bit playful. . . i dont get any clanking noises though YET . . .just waiting for that to happen. . could be a shock problem. Lemme know what you find out. . thanks.
  • razzmaniacrazzmaniac Posts: 22
    OK, NOW i get the clunk . . . ok the 03 EB 4x4 pulls to the right a bit. . .and i hear a clunk (metal on metal) when i go over some hard bumps. . .ONLY when the wheels are turned though. If the wheels are str8 on, it doesnt do it. Sometimes the clunk is so hard that i feel that metal on metal in the steering wheel.
    Any clue on what it may be??? Thought it could either be the ball joints or something actually in the rack and pinion steering. Most likely think its the ball joints. Anyone have the same problem or figure out what it is??
  • razzmaniacrazzmaniac Posts: 22
    I know some of us have experienced a pull to the right. . .but my 2003 EB 4x4 has aquired a little play in the steering since the pull to the right. . . i have to make an effort to keep the wheel to the left and on the highway, too much effort to keep it str8. I feel the steering is a bit wishy washy and a little play in the wheel.
    Anyone with similar situations?? Would love some input before i bring it in. :confuse:
  • bberksonbberkson Posts: 4
    About 3 weeks ago my 1999 Ford Expedition front windshield wipers began to turn on intermittently while in the off position. If you turn on the air conditioner, they turn on more frequently. I found that if I set them on the slowest intermittent speed, they turn on less frequently, but they still turn on, anyone know if I can repair this without having to go into the dealer????
  • bberksonbberkson Posts: 4
    Several months ago my 1999 Expedition began having an issue when accelarating from a stop, the vehicle hesitates as if the fuel pump is not working properly when I first press the acceleration pedel, this only happens if the vehicle has less then 1/4 tank of gas, it does not happen every time I start off but is more noticable if I depress the gas peddle quickly, I had 2 mechanics look at it and neither could resolve the issue. Anyone know if this is an electrical issue or is it the fuel pump.
  • john22670john22670 Posts: 4
    There was a recall on the intermittent wiper swich. The dealer can input the vin# in to check if was done.
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    yup. Spend the extra $$$ on an xlt instead of an xls... but its probably to late for that now.
  • bberksonbberkson Posts: 4
    Thanks, i'ss check with the dealer.
  • trooper5trooper5 Posts: 1
    I have just purchased a 2006 expedition. I have a recurring problem that sounds like a high pitched squeal that is coming from what sounds like the front dash area. It lasts for only a short time and goes from a low pitch to a high pitch. I took it into the dealer and because it is intermittent they could not hear the sound. It normally occurs when accelerating or decelerating and when the AC is on. Any suggestions as to what this may be?
  • fundadfundad Posts: 27
    We have two 2003 Foed Exped. One w/ normal idle rpm at 1,000. The other w/ only 500. Engine stops during heavy traffic. We replaced spark plugs but problem still persisted. Anyone who has the trick to correct this problem, guys?

    Both sound messed up. Idle should be around 650 in park and 550 in gear. 1000 rpm is too high for idle.
  • My 2000 Expedition air bag light come on and off, and sometime it blinks. I've reset the air switch and it will stay off for a period of time, but comes back on. What up ?
  • mikey64mikey64 Posts: 2
    Bought '99 Ford Expy EB used . Only got one key from dealer--wanted $100 for extra key and we said no. Tried to use key we bought from key shop and it would not work. NOW car sounds suspiciously like it did when we tried to use the "bad" key shop key several years ago. Won't start--appears to be anti-theft related. We have checked everything else. Suggestions on how to diagnose for sure and also how to fix?? Without paying dealer $100 for another key when that might not even be it?? (smile) Thx much
  • millerfordmillerford Posts: 10
    I work at a local farm supply store in my town and we make keys for GM, Ford, and Chrystler. The reason you are experianceing this porblem is that the key you had made didn't have the factory code. The origional key has an individual code that can only be formated by the factory or a certified Ford dealership. You should have experianced this problem along time ago if it's been a few years..but since the kay you had made didn't have a code it messes with the computer erasing all other codes from coded keys from which therefore you experiance the problem you are having. The fob key wont work. In a since you should have purchesed the fob key from the dealership for $109. That would have saved you in the long run. I am the owner of a 1998 Expedition (XLT) as well and purchesed my Expy with only one factory fob and had one made with remote in town for $128. What you should have done was gotten the key cut and then take it to the dealership and had them code it. In a sence it's a good thing because basicly only the owner can get a key made for a Ford vehicle..excluding super dutys...but you need the vehicle for the key to be coded...unlike GM where each key has a code 1-8 and like what we have is a device where you put the key in it tell's the code a number between 1-8 and then you make the key and put the new uncoded key in it and then it codes i guess thats easier than each key having it's own individual code. I hope this helps you.

    MillerFord :shades:
  • millerfordmillerford Posts: 10
    Yeah, but my Expy is a 1998 so XLS wasn't even thought about at the I guess my version on the XLT was close to the XLS..but I would still really like to know if it's possible to get rear air installed

    MillerFord :)
  • mikey64mikey64 Posts: 2
    Thanks! We did have an additional key made at the dealer a few days ago...has been starting fine ever we hope that solved it!! (we are not convinced, but we are hopeful!)
  • pgarzajrpgarzajr Posts: 1
    I have 120,000 miles on my Expedition. It had been bogging down when I accelerate. I changed the plugs, and it took care of it for about 3 weeks. It started again. I have changed the EGR valve and it still bogs down. Any suggestions?
  • cajun2cajun2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Expedition that is experiencing the exact same problem. Have you had any luck locating the cause?

  • I did'nt receive a reply to 1544
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Another person had the same problem: basshyman, "Ford Expedition: Problems & Solutions" #1334, 2 Nov 2005 6:54 pm!keywords=allin%3Amsgtext%20limit%3A.ef06fb5%20airbag%20light

    Unfortunately, there was no followup to specify the cause or the cure. Has anyone else had the problem?

    tidester, host
  • How do you program the remote for a 1997 Expedition, XLT?
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