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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • mbjbmbjb Posts: 39

    It sounds like you might need a new sensor for the airbag. When the sensor go bad the light will come on and go off and sometimes just blink. I would have a tech take a look.
  • marchtimemarchtime Posts: 11
    Are there some tire recommendations, 26570R17? I replaced my Continentals with Michelin Cross Terrain. After 5,000 they began to howl,and I complained every 3,000 miles, now after 25,000, and checking balance, rotation, every 3,000, and alignment, the dealer says it is the tires, and Michelin denies, saying "we do not make bad tires". Also, with the Michelins, my gas mileage dropped. So Michelin is out, any other recs? I do not want to debate Michelin, just want some recs for other tires. Ride and comfort impt.
  • sshun302sshun302 Posts: 3
    My 1998 4.6L Expedion's check engine light came on. My gas mileage subsequently dropped like a rock. I had a code scan performed and the reading turned out to be a blockage in the EGR. I replaced the EGR and had the codes cleared. The check engine light came on again, and again my gas mileage fell. I had the codes cleared twice during this time and the light keeps returning and the same code is showing up, reading that there is still a blockage of flow in the EGR. Any ideas of what could be going on?
  • elealeleal Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Expedition with 63k miles. I had the same thing happen to me a few days ago. Ironically it was two days after I took it to my local dealer to get the cruise control recall issue fixed.

    Did you ever get this resolved, or do you continue to have problems?
  • We got 03 Exp. we realized that the cigarette lighter is not working , We were able to hook up our iTrip and connect it to our iPod to listen songs on the tuned frequency through Car radio .. Suddenly cigarette lighters (Front and Rear) are not working .. I thought it was the problem with the iTrip cigarette lighter adapter , but when I push the cigarette lighter , it does not light up either .. Any one seen this probelm ?
  • I used to drive a Honda Prelude until two days ago .. Now Iam driving a 03 Exp. My question is does the brake light come up , every time I push the brakes in 03 Exp? Apart from my vehicle slowing down , I dont see any other indicator telling me that the brakes are being applied.. Is it my Exp that brake lights dont turn on when I push the brakes?

  • marchtimemarchtime Posts: 11
    I had the tires rotated and balanced, and noticed a slight pull to the right. The Service Manager said all cars made in America do that, so in case the driver goes to sleep, the vehicle will gradually pull to the right, rather than
    go left and meet a vehicle head on. (don't get upset, I am
    only telling you what I was told)
  • 00eddie00eddie Posts: 1
    I had the same problem on my 97 F150 4.6l. The throttle body needed to be cleaned, as well as the tube from the back of the throttle body to the manifold. Sorry I do not know the technical name for this. It had carbonizzed fuel/oil blocking the opening to the throttle body. It took me about two hours to remove the throttle body and the "hose" and thoroughly clean them. I had to use a drill to break up some of the stuff, tehn kpt working until it was clear. I have had no problems now in over two years.
  • sshun302sshun302 Posts: 3
    Thank for the advise. I did remove the throttle body. the problem was the EGR ports that ran from the EGR valve through the throttle body itself. They were completely full of carbon and blocked. I cleanded them out and have since had no problems.
  • mbjbmbjb Posts: 39
    Sounds like the fuse for the lighters has blown. Check the fuse in the panel. If not the fuse, then you have a short in the system. I bet it is the fuse though.
  • razzmaniacrazzmaniac Posts: 22
    I have a 2003 EB 4x4. . . steering wheel used to be so tight it squeeked when it turned. . . now i have a little bit of play in the wheel. . . as far as the alignment, its perfect. . .doesnt pull or wander. . . but the steering wheel itself feels like its a little loose so the truck doesnt have a solid feeli to it. Dont know if it can be tightened or if its something more in the steering column or steering gear.
    Anyone run into the same problem?? Let me know if anyone knows it the steering wheel column can be tightened easily.
  • dockydocky Posts: 11
    My dealer service (on the 4th time bringing it in, or is it the 5th -- for the same issue) said "Oh, you PROBABLY need new tires"

    Count me as someone who doesn't want a "maybe this will help" solution that will cost me $650 out of my pocket, instead of a dealer fix.

    They rotated the tires and realigned, and fixed the stabilizer (not sure exactly what was fixed) that was causing the rattle in front end. When I got it back, it vibrated like crazy above 60 mph. I didn't have alot of time to waste, so they took a quick drive and just rotated tires back to original location. Now pulls again to right like before.

    Is it the tires? Do I believe the service guys?

    This issue is making me HATE a vehicle I thought I needed for interior and storage space. Now all I can think about when I drive is how bad my shoulder and back ache from having to pull the wheel left all day every day. And the 14.2 MPG at $3/gal. And the shimmy in the brakes. And the terrible handling. And the frequent poor performance from the Nav system. And....
  • razzmaniacrazzmaniac Posts: 22
    I had a Jeep GC that had the same problem. . .ended up being the stabalizer. . .which is a steering damper and the steering box. . .
    taking it to my dealer in a few weeks. . ill let ya'll know what the verdict is IF they find anything. . nothing worse then bringing a truck in for a VERY NOTICEABLE problem and the dealer saying " we cant find anything wrong with it". . .That pisses me off.
    wondering if theyve been having problems with the "engine speed assist steering" and just cant pin point that.
  • razzmaniacrazzmaniac Posts: 22
    I have been replying to these posts for a few months now since I bought my 2003 EB Expedition in March. I want to return it or file for the lemon law.
    When i bought it, i used to always talk about how sturdy and a car-like feel it had to it. I brought it in just over a month ago for a front end alignment, then had to bring it back a week later cause it still pulled and the dealer said there was something wrong with the alignment and had to realign it.
    Ever since then, the steering wheel now is getting progressively worse. THere is at least 1/2" play in the steering column, does not feel sturdy and solid on the hwy, feels like its floating, and now a slight clunk is occurring when i turn the wheel hard both ways when parked. Also have a clunk in the right front side when going over sharp bumps or road reflectors. This is a heavy duty 4x4. . . how can this truck ever handle going off road?? I cant even imagine taking it for a road trip, i would be exhausted just playing with the steering wheel.
    The dealer said they cant find anything wrong with it and even test drove it against another Expy. I find this hard to believe that this is how these trucks are suppossed to handle. It never did any of the above things until i had to bring it back to be realigned. They also said they cant return my truck to me until the service director gets involved for liability reasons.
    So now if they still claim nothing is wrong. . i want to return the truck or do i need to file for the lemon law?? (Florida).
    Anyone have any similar issues with their expedition?? If this is how they all are. . they are cheaply built trucks, that are way over priced for being so sensative and fragile.
  • patcof2patcof2 Posts: 12
    A word of advice! GET RID OF IT! We are now in the process of getting rid of our 1999 Expy with only 40000 miles. Nothing but problems. Excellent care. Had a F250 Turbo Diesel that was also a major lemon. Blown tranny at 8000 miles, then one thing after another blowing out. Got rid of it at 19000 miles. Stupidly bought another FORD in 1999. Tranny blew out on it at 37000 miles. Leaking head gasket. Bad brakes. Naturally out of warranty. The list could go on and on. WE ARE DONE WITH FORDS!!! FORD will also not deal with their problems with these cars! Only want your $$$$$$!. Regarding the steering--sloppy, feels like a boat flying all over the road.
  • razzmaniacrazzmaniac Posts: 22
    Ya it does feel like a boat flying all over the road. . . and they say thats the way they all are. . .kinda off seeing it WASNT like that when i bought it before they did the alignment. I cant imagine why there are so may of them on the roads then with small women driving them. . I am 5'10" muscular frame and I am exhausted after a half hour drive with it on the highway. LOL
  • I had the same problem. A friend suggested that I buy better quality fuel. Not premium, more expensive fuel but instead of U-GAS-UM type places, use Conoco, Texaco, etc. He told me that the water content is higher and when the tank gets low you wind up with a greater water content. I don't have a clue but since I started using better quaility fuel,I have not had the problem. Good luck.
  • I've had the same problem. It seems to happen when its hot or right after I run the air. I've taken it to two mechanics, had the electrical system checked and no one has found the problem. Have you had any luck with diagnosing the problem? Thanks BigBertha00
  • eb4saleeb4sale Posts: 2
    HELP! My 2003 EB is bi-polar!! Had to have it towed home few days ago, was running great all day then all of a sudden it wouldn't start. It was cranking but wouldn't turn over. 2 hours later went out and it started right up. Last night it stalled out at stop light and wouldn't start again, same symptoms...had to be towed again!!!! Went out this morning and it started right up. Recently changed 3 coil packs, this starting problem acts completely different then coil pack problem. Has new fuel pump, recently cleaned mass air flow sensor, new battery, new plugs and no engine codes. I need to add that while attempting to start this car it sometimes sounds like it is going to turn over or on occassion will start but immediately stalls out as if its not getting gas. I am not a big fan of FORD and hate to give them any more of my money, don't have alot of faith that they will be able to locate the problem without charging me an arm and a leg! Any advice would be deeply appreciated! Thank you!
  • sshun302sshun302 Posts: 3
    I had a very similar problem with a bit older Ford. It was the throttle positioning sensor. The difference was that my engine was showing a code identifying the sensor as the problem. I hate FORD too, but sometimes you just have to let them diagnose it if you can't find the problem yourself.
  • eb4saleeb4sale Posts: 2
    Began thinking it was the fuel reg but when the vehicle failed to start this afternoon we checked the hose before the reg. and there was no gas so that made us think fuel pump, even though this is a new pump. Had that tested and the guy said it is good but not getting voltage so suggested it could be a relay, although we can't locate that or the fuse (I am artificially blonde and not sure what I am talking about just incase this isn't making sense to any of you, I'm clueless) We took it to the dealership and they couldn't locate the problem because it doesn't happen all the time and there were no codes. Any advice??? Thanks for your reply sshun302!!! ;)
  • Question 1321 what was the resolve.
    I have the same problem on my 1999 Expedition?
  • cinepostcinepost Posts: 3
    My 2003 EB battery went bad, which I replaced....but it was the alternator...which I just replaced today with a rebuilt one.

    Now the Battery light stays on, and I get the "Check Charging System" message. Otherwise, the car runs fine.

    What had to be done to get your car to stop giving the message ?

    thanks in advance....Myron from Georgia
  • cinepostcinepost Posts: 3
    Hey MostlyJazz,

    What was the verdict on your problem?

    My 2003 EB has a new battery and alternator....but now indicates "Check Charging System". It seems to be running fine though.

    I'll take it in, but want to know what to expect.
  • mostlyjazzmostlyjazz Posts: 11
    The dealer finally replaced the alternator. The "Check Charging System" warning light never came on after that.

    However, prior to the new alternator the dealer replaced the cruise control, replaced the wiring harness and ECU (computer?).

    Since the alternator was replaced the dealer rebuilt the rear axle, repaired leaking sunroof,replaced a fuel pump and EGR valve. Continental tires were shredded at 10,000 miles.

    I purchased the Expedition new in January 2005 and it currently has 24,000 miles on it. Judging by the sound of the rear axle it is ready for another re-build. Engine pings under load. I am hopeful the repairs end soon. :sick:
  • cinepostcinepost Posts: 3
    Thanks for the reply! This forum really works.

    Yeah, I figure that it is just something with the Alternator.
    I am going to swap it out for another tomorrow.

    We had to replace the tires at 20,000 miles which I thought was too soon....and the front disc brakes and rotors at 25,000.....

    It is a really nice car....our lease is up in November and I could buy it at that time, I am not sure whether or not we're going to do it or not.

    Thanks again for the feedback!
  • Anyone know if Ford has the so called black box. Talking about info/Data kept on speed , braking, revs, etc that can be used against a driver involved in an accident. I have heard some manufacturers have the ability to tetrieve crash info. Sometime in a court action either willingly or not have provided info/data whether the vehicle owner agreed or not. In other words the manufacturer was subpoened and forced to provide data. ;)
  • razzmaniacrazzmaniac Posts: 22
    As many of you had to endure all my bickering about the alignment and steering problem i had with my '03 Expedition EB 4x4 . . . I brought it to another dealer, and they found that the original place that had to REALIGN it twice had messed up the alignment again. . something about too much caster in the wheels which in turn does loosen up the steering. Love my Expy and so glad it actually did have a problem. . as for the original dealer, they claimed it was my tires and needed new ones . . .so they prolly would have charged my big $$ for new tires and then fixed the alignment again without telling me so it wouldnt look bad on them. So, dont give up on your Ford trucks. . just the dealers. . lol. . . lets just hope this is it for the SAME problem with the Expy. . .knock on wood.
  • cat3126cat3126 Posts: 43
    Try adjusting the brake pedal one we or another. My guess you pressing the accelerator and brake pedal at the same time. I was involved with another make of auto as a consultant and that is what we found. You also my try a narrower shoe.
  • Hello, I am experiencing the same thing in my 2003 Expedition E.B. 4x4. I do not know what the problem is. Have you come up with a solution as of yet? Thank you.
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