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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • alexm234alexm234 Posts: 10
    I have been experiencing some pulling on my engine and at time the engine service soon light comes on. The other day it just stalled out on the freeway. Its in the shop now, but I am sure they are just going to say there isn't anything wrong with it, just like they always do. They car did turn back on after it was towed to the dealership. Anyone have some information on this or know what it could be? Thanks.
  • ranger8ranger8 Posts: 1
    I don't have an expedition, but I did have a Dodge Ram crew cab. My truck was doing the same thing and it was new. It turned out to be a seal in the engine. My oil was slowly leaking a burning out through the exhaust. After dodge found the problem then fixed it and never had any more problems.
  • My explorer did the same thing - try the Crankshaft positioning sensor - CPS - a small switch held in by one bolt - The Auto Zone sold me one for $40 and printed out instructions on how to replace it.
  • cjtakedacjtakeda Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem and took it in twice to be looked at. The first time, I had the hissing and no air. The second time, no hissing but no air either. After the first time, it got refilled w/ Freon, recharged, and let go. Drove down to LA from SF and it was fine. A month later and 100 degree temps, A/C took a dive. Now it blows hot air. Took it to the dealer and he said there's a "small" leak in condenser and O rings are gonna need to be replaced let alone, recharged, and new freon!!! I'm really starting to think I should have bought a Tahoe or Yukon!
  • nofordnoford Posts: 1
    I have the same problem and have developed a theory.

    When I hear the clunk in the front drivers side area I also feel a slight drag on the car. I thought I was losing the font caliper. I took the caliper off and noticed that the brake pads sits in a shallow channel on the rotors with the outer and inner edge built up by rusty corrosion. My guess is that there is enough play in the brake pads that they "float" onto the rusty area on occasion which causes them to clunk. Have you checked you rotors?
  • car2903car2903 Posts: 2
    After reading a similar post back in May, I actually tried (in our long driveway) to hit the brake and gas at the same time and could not manage to do it, even with trying several times, I wasn't able to press both at the same time.

    I'm sure this isn't the problem, b/c basically the same situation occured inour 2005 Expedition 4 times, in 10,000 miles of me driving it. It has to be a very intermitent problem going on with something in Ford's design, since the rest of the time I drove the vechicle for a year, the brakes were OK.
  • ferniefernie Posts: 11
    if some one has the speakers wiring diagram for a ford expedition 1997 please i need help with it :cry:
  • bberksonbberkson Posts: 4
    Does anyone have the full Technical Service Bulletin for TSB 99243. I want to know if replacing the turn signal/wiper switch lever will correct the problem of the front wipers staying on while in the off position.


  • ebtvisionebtvision Posts: 1
    my 97 4.6L expy has this problem... difficult to start (like its not getting enough fuel) but when it starts it idles perfectly. if i slowly give it gas, it will rev up all the way like normal, but as soon as i push the pedal quickly it coughs and almost stalls (like it is starving for fuel). when in gear, i can only accelerate by very slowly giving it gas, and it will barely make it up hills. if i floor it , nothing happens it just coughs. converters, muffler, plugs, wires have been replaced. mass airflow sensor, fuel pressure, coils, and fuel filter are all good. all injectors are definetely working, im not sure if maybe they are clogged though? ive ran cleaner through them but no difference. engine code says misfire cyl 3, and one o2 sensor bad, but it has new plugs and idles great. any ideas????
  • I have had trouble since I purchased 2004 Expedition. Dealer finally said it was the Michelin tires and Michelin would not do anything. At my want, dealer installed Goodyear Fortera tires, but could not get balance together. Goodyear replaced one tire as out of round, balanced, aligned and sent me on my way, FREE! Just put 3500 m. on them, great tires! Since purchase positive batt. terminal corrodes, finally split, causing intermittant spark. Only cables are in New York or Forida! Anyone else have problem?
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Has anyone else had to have the steering gear box adjusted or replaced on a 2003 + Expedition??? After all the problems I have had with the alignment being redone over and over again, the newly aquired play and squishiness in the steering i found on the internet is the steering gear box. I had the same problem on my Jeep Grand Cherokee.
    No Dealer will admit to a serious problem to fix it even though its on warrenty.
    Anyone else run into this problem?? :mad:
  • moemoe1moemoe1 Posts: 2
    I just joined this forum because I know someone here can help with a disaster I made. I am going on a trip tomorrow and thought I would add some gas treatment but instead I added oil treatment. Can anyone think of something I can do to fix this? Do I need to drain the tank? Can I add something else? Help please....
  • fundadfundad Posts: 27
    Just leave it. It will be fine. You can expect maybe a little smoke comming out the exhaust, but it will just be the oil treatment being burned. No problem at all. Enjoy your trip.
  • :P I have a 2003 Expedition and I have just now (August 21st, 2006) had the 4th repair on the rear axle for the limited slip. I would say about every 9 months I have to have it repaired. Now my Ford dealership is making me pay for the very high price repair. When does it stop? At what point does FORD do something about this? I have 70,000 miles on this car and its been great other than the limited slip. Please help every 17,000 miles I have had to have repaired and its not cheap.
  • yet ANOTHER problem with my 2003 Expy 4x4. . . awhile back i mentioned how the tranny clunks into 2nd on the decelleration at about 20 mph. . .well. . .the dealer found nothing wrong on the computer. . .go figure. . .and now the tranny groans just about ALL the time now on decelleration at about 30 mph to stop. . . it works fine. . no slip and all 4wd levels work fine. . . does anyone have this problem or is it something like the self adjusting brakes???? when i hose them down it seems to stop for awhile. I think it really is the tranny though cause also when i hit about 45mph. . . when it downshifts. . . it starts to groan at a very low rpm. . . do i need an adjustment or just a servicing???? :sick:
  • there is also a fuse for the cigarette lighter under the hood or at least there is one on a 99 expedition
  • I just bought a (used) 2006 Expedition, we traded in our 1999 Expedition which we never had any probs with. Since the day we got it, it has pulled to the right and the steering wheel shimmies if I brake on the freeway. What the heck??? Took it to dealer they said the PSI on the tires were all off so they set them all the same. Manager said he test drove and no pulling or shimmying. Well it still did exactly the same thing! Took it back again and mechanic drove w/ me in the car and he called it "drift". I was sooo mad- its a definate pulling to the right, they did an allignment, put a weight on one tire, and again said it was fine. Well it still does it!!!! Now what!?
  • I have a ford expedition the heat doesn't work the AC is perfect. I have taken it to different mecahnics and they can't find the problem. please help
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Take it to another dealer. . .I have had to do that on numberous occassions. I have had so many problems with my Expy in the 6 months that i had it, that i have come to the conclusion that either the dealers DONT know how to make proper repairs, are imcompetant, or Ford just lives up to the "american car' reputation. If Ford can ALLOW so many faults in steering and front ends, I am soon becoming sorry that I purchased my Expy.
  • The driver side power seat is stuck to the absolute furthest point forward and I cannot locate the fuse that operates this. I assume it is blown but I just cannot find it. I have looked through the 03 owners guide and it appears to be space 109. Please help!!!!
  • I took out 108 and the passanger seat stopped working. So my assumption that 109 was the correct fuse should still play out. So, I moved 109 to 108 and 108 to 109 and the passanger seat still works. So it is obvious to me that if 109 is the correct fuse it is not blown.

    Now, the drivers seat still doesn't work. Is there some other fuse some place else that runs this? Like, a secondary fuse under the seat? I am stumped.
  • Find a place with Hunter 9700 equipment. It will even help determine if you have wheels or tires that are out of round and need replacement.
  • Kudos in advance if you can answer this one. 1999 Expedition Eddie Bauer; 5.4L 4X4; Never has a problem until now. Engine will crank, won't start; has no codes; emergency fuel cutoff hasn't tripped; has gas; fuel pump runs; "Theft" light goes off properly; in park; all electical systems function; key code is good; locking and unlocking door manually was only activity to get it running fine!; next day; cranks, won't start. Battery is fine; not idle air control; same response in neutral or park; MAF is clean;wet or dry same no difference; not a temperature issue; when last running it ran great (not a coil or plug); has compression; engine is multi-point fuel injected and single coils for each cylinder;OBD-II reports no codes; gas cap is sealed correctly;no ignition occurring;checking fuel to plugs and if it'll turns with carb cleaner in the intake; battery strong; gear position sensor, security system, or sensor issue seems plausible (again, no codes). I'd be honored if anyone can diagnose this issue, or share similar conditions and ultimate fixes. I'm a "gear-head" from way back...but this one's stumped me. TELL ME WHAT I'M OVERLOOKING?! PLEASE!? Thanks in advance & sorry for the long message. Wanted to give as many details as possible.
    Regards, FloridaDomer :confuse:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Take a look at posts over in the "No Start" Problems discussion while waiting for responses.

    I had a no start Volvo back in ~'75; it busted a tooth on the flywheel and the starter would occasionally engage normally but it wouldn't start. I'd crawl under it with a screwdriver and move the flywheel over a notch through a little access port, and it'd work fine for a while. After a few months of that, the stress busted some more teeth and it was off to rebuild it. Ring gears on starters sometimes break off too.

    Long shots from the history vaults but something to chew on until some better suggestions come along. ;)
  • Did you try the other key? I've read before about the security chip falling out or getting erased/damaged in the key. But your "Theft" light goes out, so that's probably not it. Good luck.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,856
    sounds like a rare problem. try over at flatratetech. there is a lot of expertise over there.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • Interesting and appreciated input. Worth a check, although the flywheel is engaging and turning over...or so it seems.

    Steve, timely and value added advice...I'll keep everyone apprised of developments and hopefully, a fix, when found.

    Keep the cards and letters coming. Regards, FloridaDomer
  • Macman246 and explorer4x...good advice, thanks. I had made three keys prior to losing one, all were good prior to the failure...all three are unable to fire it up. Excellent input, though. I'll check in with the suggested URL as well. Any known tech service releases on these symptoms?

    Keep the advice coming...first time in a forum, and I'm impressed at the caliber of responses. If found, I'll pass on the solution for the record.

    Don't be shy with suggestions. Regards, FloridaDomer
  • Well, this is my second Expedition and once again, I believe I have Piston Slap. Is this in the newer engine with the 300HP version?

    My previous engines were the 5.4 260HP.

    Why does Ford build an engine to make noise like this? How long can I expect this engine to last?
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