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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • How do you remove the stock radio; 2005 Expedition, Eddie Bauer? Does the entire dash have to be removed first? If so, how does that come off?
  • Call your local Ford dealer service dept.; ask them who
    does their radio/cd work. Most dealers have an authorized
    out of store shop who only does this for Ford. If it is
    under warranty they can do it free, if not under warranty, they might tell you how to get it done. If you are replacing it with a non-dealer unit, get the unit from Best Buy, or a local auto sound system dealer and they will take out
    and replace. Good luck, good listening.
  • How do I remove the rotors (front and rear)on my 2004 2-WD Expedition? It looks like they should just pull off like my old (don't laugh) '97 Tahoe once the calipers are freed up; but they're tightly on there and I don't want to start pounding, even gently, if there is a puller involved. Just took ownership and haven't yet worked on an Expedition. Help? Quick answer fine.
    Thanks in advance,
  • :lemon: My traction control comes on for a few seconds on my brand new 07 and the dealership treats me the sameway. My sunroof broke this week and the wind piece him me in the head while I was driving. I have had it with Ford and have decided to call my lawyer and file a lemon law clame. It's already took me 1 full page to document the times I've took it to the shop in the short 6 months i've had it. :lemon: :lemon:

    HAS anyone had a problem with brakes / traction control? The dealership plugs mine into the computer but there are no codes. I think its because the computer thinks its doing what is right although it doesn't. They can't duplicate the problem and it does it very random too. They won't even open the hood or do anything but drive it and return it with an empty tank of gas ( and I usually have a full tank when the problem happens and have to take it in). :lemon:
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    If you have another dealer located near enough by, you might want to try them.

  • I have took it to 2 dealerships. :lemon:
  • I have a 2007 Ford Exp LTD. The climate control problem was first diagnosed as due to a low charged AC system. They filled it up and the problem resurfaced about a week later. Ford dealer then took the vehicle for two weeks to determine what was going on and eventually replaced the head unit. Unfortunately for me when they did so, they also replaced the push button switches and elimated my power liftgate button. They eventually took care of that snafu. As for the climate control problem itself, it still occurs. Once it even did the cut off, and then restart but when it came back on, it was full tilt! None of the controls worked....even the power switch! I pulled over, turned the vehicle off, let it sit for a few minutes and then restarted, everything back to normal. Go figure.

    There is a TSB out for a similar problem. I suggest calling your Ford service mgr. first and then be prepared for them to "dirve it around and try to duplicate the problem". This could be futile since I never could determine what series of events needed to occur before the AC cut out. I have resolved myself to the fact that the vehicle is possessed.
  • when i went to machine the rotors on my 04 expedition, i found that my rotors were conveniently rusted onto the assembly. i tried using a rubber mallet and screwdriver and did not make any progress. i decided it was worth the extra money to have my local mechanic do it instead. i would suggest (if you haven't done so already) to call a trusted mechanic and talk to them about the rotors. if you don't have a trusted mechanic, ask friends if they have a guy they trust and see if you can get the mechanic to tell you how to get the rotors off. if you feel it's too big of a task then it might be worth spending the extra money. hope this helps.
  • not sure if you have found a solution to your problem yet, but i just wanted to throw my two cents out there. i have an 04 expy eddie bauer with the electronic hvac controls. i used to notice that the ac would randomly stop blowing cold air. i noticed it mostly when i drove long distances. i took it into the dealership and they said it was some sort of related wire harness. they fixed it at no cost (under warranty) and said that there was a TSB out for that problem. maybe similar to yours???
  • The driver seat heat/ac switch on my 2003 EB has quit working. I took apart the console, figuring I could get to it that way. I still cannot get to the switch. can anyone give me guidance on how to replace the switch? Thanks
  • bronsonbbronsonb Posts: 170
    Hmmm... I have a 2004 Eddie Bauer Expedition, and I was able to get the seat heater/AC switch. First off, there's a screw in the large bin toward the front of the center console under the rubber mat. You need to unscrew that. Then you have to pry along the seam under the center console along each side. You should be able to pop the cover off. There might be another screw accessible through the center storage box, but I don't think there way.

    Anyway, once I popped that cover off, the switches were easy to access and are only attached by a screw and a harness clip. Good luck!
  • I have a 2002 which when cold (temp gauge) and when the engine is idle, the car shuts off. When its warm, the truck is good to go. We tried going to Ford but I think they messed up something as the diagnostic doesn't show anything wrong ... I think its a sensor of some sought but unsure... what can i try or look for???

  • got 05 has gas fumes coming out of defroster been to dealer 4 times changed o-rings on injetors they can't find problem
  • I too have a 2007 4x4 Expedition and I was just making a short run (less than a mile) to the store and on the way back the brakes started chattering severely and the traction control indicator came on. This was on dry pavement. I just bought this car with 22K miles on it. Is it yours?
  • The very end of my automatic gear shifter is broken off(it has the OD button in it).How do i take it off to replace it?
  • sonyamsonyam Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2004 Expedition and I am having SOOO many problems with it. :lemon: First off it has about 190,000 miles but this is the only truck we could get at the time. I regret it now. I can't even turn my truck on without it giving me problems. I have to crank it at least 3 or 4 times before it will start. :( Then sometimes it kinda jerks like it doesn't want to go. Just this morning i was ocming to a red light and it just turned off on me. The brakes sound horrible as well. I don't know ANYTHING about trucks can anyone help me out to what u think it could be so I won't get taken advantage of at the mechanics.... I'd really appreciate it. :) I tried putting gas treatment and fuel injector fluid but it still does the same thing :cry: .... Thank you!

    I almost forgot... the 6-disc cd changer id so MESSED UP!... it plays what it wants when it wants and has trouble loading and ejecting... it says BAD DISC on brand new cd's :confuse:
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    I would bet any money that the person who drove this vehicle before you skipped many of the scheduled maintenance requirements.

    190,000 is 3 years is 63k+ miles per year!
    5,200 miles per month!

    You Expedition should have had 38 oil changes, about 1 per month
    3 Transmission services. about 1 per year.

  • Dear Trumpguy03: My friendly neighbor is a retired automechanic who owned his own shop. I had the same problem. He said they the rotors should be turned in place. If you take them off and turn them they will likely never go back on exactly the way they were. Rust or other stuff behind them will cause them to be out of alignment and cause more problems down the line. He said he had a machine that does it while they are still on the car. He recommended only taking them off if they couldn't be turned and you needed new ones.
  • That person is pretty typical - upset and calling the truck a lemon, gets onto the boards and posts once and never comes back.. A lemon? It's got 190k on it. They probably never drove it before they bought it either.
  • solo57solo57 Posts: 2
    Does anyone have the time to explain to me how to replace the gear shift knob?I'm clueless.....Thank you in advance :)
  • I tried searching to see if this subject was posted before, but nothing came up. We are looking at buying a new SUV in the next few weeks and am researching all I can. I really like what I see in the Expedition, but on website there are many Ford owners that say there is a spark plup defect where the spark plugs blow out, causing the cylinder coil to be replaced. Does anyone know whether this is a problem that only occurs in certain model years? Does the 2007 or 2008 Expedition have a different engine? The link where I saw the spark plug problem is
    I truly appreciate any advice. We will be towing a 19 ft travel trailer and we guess it's almost 6,000 lbs loaded with everything.
  • I believe I read where this had been fixed in newer models. Seems as though there weren't enough threads on the head to hold the plug in place. I believe the mechanics are using heli-coils to repair them.

    Good Luck,
  • 190,000 miles and a lemon?????? I would have to say not originally. I bet if you do some much needed PM'ng (Preventative maintenance) you might find some of your issues clear up................then again, maybe not.

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    190,000 miles and a lemon??????

    I think that's called an oxymoron. ;)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I drive a 1999 Ford Expedition and my headlights have suddenly gone out but the bright lights work and my fog lights. I would like to know what i can do to fix this probelm as soon as possible. Any help would be great! thanks
  • jas11jas11 Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Expedition that I bought brand new. I have had it serviced at the dealer since then for all major services. I have 60,000 miles on it.

    The O/D (Overdrive) light started blinking. I manually pused the overdirve button and was able to shift the car in and out of overdrive, so it was working.

    When I tool the Expedition in for the 60,000 mile service I told them the O/D light had been blinking for a couple weeks. When they checked the codes they said it was a sensor on the transmission. Then they called back and explained that when they opened up the transmission they found metal chunks that were fairly large. They tore apart the transmission and replaced the torque converter and 4 clutch bands (I think that is what the said). They said the front clutch was burned up?

    I paid $1200 and picked the car up. Within a few miles.....guess what? The O/D light started blinking again. I called back and they said bring it in the next week. I did and now they found that the PCM is bad. What is interesting is that the same codes showed up the second time. The new PCM is covered under the 8/80k warranty.

    Now I have asked the dealer to consider that the damages that I paid for before were caused by the failed PCM. He disagreed (no surprise) and said that he has never seen a PCM cause transmission problems. Is that true? Can I get them to pay for part of the transmission repair? I think you call that "consequential damages" ? or something like that.


  • I have a 2004 ford expediotin, we bought it in 06'. Last year we noticed a weird rubbing noice coming from the drivers side tire. we changed the brakes and got new tires. it didnt fix it. about a week later we noticed the ABS light was coming on, as well, the brake pedal when pressed felt as if the lines needed to be bled, with a serious shaking. so we had it looked at, all in all they told us the HUB was bad so we had it replaced. it beed about 6 months and the noise is coming back and the ABS light never went off, but with the light off is when we notice the shaking and vibrating in the brake petal. we took it to the dealer and they s aid " there is nothing we find wrong with any of the stuff you described" all in all im about to drive my car off a cliff and get enjoyment out of watching it burn! PLEASE HELP.
  • Can anyone help me with possible solutions to a Fail Safe Engine light that comes on in my expedition and then shuts the vehicle off. It was in the shop under warranty about 4 weeks ago and the claimed the replaced a throatle switch on it. Then today it did the same thing so it's back in the shop.
  • I went to the ford repair shop. to get my heater fixed. they had to pull the dash. an my console where my cd player is well when i got it back, i went to play a cd. I push my cd button an it reads no cddj. so what i would like to know is what is that And how do i fix it. I went rounds with the repair shop how say its not their problem. please help
  • has been performed on my 2000 Expedition?

    I just purchased a 2000 XLT RWD Expedition with 78,000 miles. I have no mechanical history on the car except for the carfax report which doesn't offer very much.

    It runs well, but I've noticed a few eletrical ticks. I'm most concerned about the recall that prevented the cruise control from starting a fire. Is there an easy way to check if this car was fixed during the recall or do I need to have the dealer do it?

    Also, are there any tips for a new owner? :)
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