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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • ryuuko,

    Did you ever get your problem fixed? Did you ever replace any other coil packs?

    It sounded like you did just about everything that could be done except for replacing other coil packs and checking your hoses. I've read several places that any type of vacuum leaks could also cause these types of problems. You should check the hose to your PCV valve, and probably also change the valve (anywhere from $1.50 to $5 so it's an inexpensive replacement). Please post any updates! Thanks and Happy New Year!
  • :confuse: Our 02 Expedition has started jerking when driving at 30-40 mph. It does ok on hwy at 65, but when you turn off onto a side street and go slower it starts jerking. I don't know if it's a traction or ABS problem or sensor maybe. Has anyone else had anything like this happen? I have been using 4x4 alot this week due to snow and ice on our road, I can feel it pulling to one side. I don't know if this all the same problem or not. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Talking about spark plugs: I am working on 2006 model 5.4 and because one of the spark plugs damged one of the coils, the owner of the veh told me to replaced all the spark plugs. Well the 3rd on the right back, as I was pulling it out, it broke the tip of the plug and fell inside the cyl...any ideas?? I appreciate Your reply.
  • Woody, I wish I woulded read Your message. The 3d spark p. on the right back came with a broken tip, no damage on the treads, I used wd40 but probably not enough. Any ideas how I can get the piece from the chamber?? I appreciate Your reply
  • bronsonbbronsonb Posts: 170
    I have a 2004 Expedition. The "master" power window control on the driver's door will not allow me to lower the right side rear window. I can use the switch to RAISE the window if the passenger back there lowers it, but I cannot lower it from the front.

    Any ideas? Would it likely be the switch? I can buy a new switch set off of e-bay with shipping for less than $50, so I might just try that to see if that's the problem, but I thought I'd check to see if anyone else had this issue.
  • Sounds like a switch contact to me. I think they are individuals so you can replace just that one. Or you can open it up and clean it and try to get some more life out of it.
  • I have a 2004 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer. The AdvancedTrack System light is on and it is stalling or seems like it is slipping as I drive down the road. It acts almost like it's running out of gas but that is not the issue. As I said the light for the system is on and there was a warning flashed prior. I was a Ford mechanic years ago and am now retired, but never worked on anything like the perks that the cars have now. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?
  • bronsonbbronsonb Posts: 170
    You were right! I took apart the window switch this weekend. Popped off the switch caps and then the cover and took apart the switch in question. Sure enough, there was carbon or dirt build up on the rocker contacts for the left rear window switch. Used some alcohol to clean them off, reassembled the switch, and reinstalled it. All is working fine now. Saved me $60!

    In other news, I had this annoying clang in the driver's door whenever the locks would activate. I couldn't figure out what it was. I finally found directions for removing the door cover and discovered a loose locking rod and a plastic tab. It was connected to the power lock module on one side, but the top was hanging loose and banging the pin connected to the door handle.

    Couldn't figure out what they went to. Took apart front passenger's door to see if I could determine where it went based on that set up, but that door didn't have this locking pin. Then it dawned on me that this pin must have been attached to the driver's side key lock. I checked, and sure enough, when I used the key to unlock the door, nothing happened.

    I figured out how to get the locking pin and plastic part reattached to the lock cylinder, but there was a clip missing, and I couldn't find it in the door well. Took a trip to the local Ford dealer, showed them the part, and the guy pulls out a plastic box filled with little bitty parts. Turns out I needed a little "c" shaped cam washer or something to slip over the lock cylinder and lock the plastic part in place. Part guy gave it to me for free. It fixed the issue! And I didn't have to spend a dime.

    This car has been very good to me, and although it's had issues, I've been able to address them with relatively minimal expense.
  • rbarbotrbarbot Posts: 19
    Not yet. I have ignored it for 2 years, now I'm back at it and came across my old thread. Did you find a fix? I'm going to pull the head unit out, disconnect the harness for an hour, and then reinstall. someone suggested that on another post.

    Please email me @ rbarbot2@hot(REMOVETHIS) if you fixed yours.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Please email me ...

    Let's keep the discussion here so everyone will benefit. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • wedo43wedo43 Posts: 14
    Hi Gulfcoas
    Did you ever get an answer, I can't seem to find any. I've got trim on the top of the doors that is peeling black plastic. Want to replace/repair but don't know how to remove.
  • if u r having vibrations at higher speeds then it might be that u have a broken belt n one or more tires, i'd have this check'd at ur nearest tire shop/dealer
  • jg88jg88 Posts: 59
    In our '04 Expy EB, we have a climate control ventilation system and lately, the switches to send air to the 4 vents in the middle of the dash does not send the air through properly. For a while, it just took a little while for the air to be channeled to the middle vents, now they don't work at all in any position such as Auto, the position for just the middle vents, or the position for floor and middle vents. There must be a flap or something not moving properly. Anyone else experience this? If so, is this a simple fix I can do or do I need to get it to the shop?
  • Could just be a vacuum leak, the blend doors are moved by vacuum. The most common location for Expedition vacuum leaks is under the battery.
  • He guys, just looking for some direction. in my 2000 Expedition, is there a way to make it so the 12v power outlet shuts off when the car turns off? looking to mount a gps permantly and hate to keep puttling the plug every time. Thanks for anny assistance!
  • :mad: I own a 1998 Expedition with approx. 125,000 miles on. It usually drives really well. Three months ago, it started idling low while at stop lights and then shake really badly like it was going to cut off. It did this for a little while and then it actually started cutting off after idling below 1000. We took it to a mechanic that said something about gaskets. We had the gaskets replaced which fixed the problem temporarily. It is now doing the same thing again. It drive fine, but will idle low when I come to a stop, shimy really bad then cut off. Does anyone have any opinions as to what this might be?
  • Ever had the plugs done? They are supposed to be done at 100k. Not sure what gaskets they may have done, do you know? You could always try to go back to this clown and see what he thinks (clearly wrong once). I would also take a look at the IAC valve (Idle Air Control).
  • tyshauntyshaun Posts: 13
    I have a 2003 eddie bauer ford expedition. Sometimes when I push on the gas pedal, it hesitates before it accelerates. A friend told me my fuel injector might be clogged and to use fuel injection cleaning when I refill my gas tank from empty. Also to upgrade my gas from regular to premium. Does anyone else have this problem and if so what is it and what did they do about it?
  • tyshauntyshaun Posts: 13
    I have a 2003 eddie bauer ford expedition. Sometimes when I push on the gas pedal, it hesitates before it accelerates. A friend told me my fuel injector might be clogged and to use fuel injection cleaning when I refill my gas tank from empty. Also to upgrade my gas from regular to premium. Does anyone else have this problem and if so what is it and what did they do about it?
  • tyshauntyshaun Posts: 13
    I own an 2003 Eddie Bauer Expedition, every once in a while when I shut my truck off I hear a loud 'BOING!!" sound as if a large coil broke. I told Ford but they act like its a big mystery. Does anyone know what that sound is?
  • Premium is a waste of money. That is bad advice. The cleaner can't hurt.

    The bang you hear is probably a heat shield on the exhaust popping
  • tyshauntyshaun Posts: 13
    is the heat sheild suppose to do that? Is that normal?
  • sled312sled312 Posts: 1
    i have been having a issue with my 99 my door ajar light comes on every now
    and then and when it does my interior lights stay on. anyone else have this
    problem and what should i do, i pulled out the fuse tonight so i dont kill my
    battery. i was looking for the door sensors but not sure where they are.
    any help would be great
  • It is insn't abnormal. It happens. Changes over time as things get older.
  • You have a sticky latch on one of the doors which isn't reading that it is closed. Spray the door contacts and latches with WD-40 and give them a few cycles. Should clear it up. Don't forget the hatch and window glass.

    You should also be able to roll the dimmer down until it clicks the interior lights off if I recall my 99 correctly.
  • I have owned 3 Ford SUVs. 2 Ford Explorers and an Expedition. All three have had the same issued arise. The rear drivers' side window does not roll down anymore and the locking mechanism is screwed up. When I unlock the door with the remote, it will unlock the driver door and passenger doors. Rear doors are hit or miss. Rear passenger side opens sometimes, rear driver side, never. Has anyone else has these same problems with their Fords? :confuse:
  • yashodoayashodoa Posts: 1
    I have 2001 Expedition and I bought it from my friend last summer, prior to her selling the SUV, she had no problem with it at all. Her husband had taken it in for tire rotation, belt change, window fixed, and stuff and hosed down the engine to clean it out. When I drove it out of the parking lot at the 'you park and sell' place, I noticed the idle problem immediately and told my friend about it, she had no idea and said it was the first time.
    Let's remember this key point in the story I'm going to tell you because it's going to get weirder - I live in Anchorage, Alaska.
    Now, I got the SUV at the end of July, I had idle issue all the way to October. My mechanic couldn't figure it out. The engine would shake so much and then die every time I am at the red light. It was so hard to drive it. I had the SUV taken in several time to my mechanic to fix it. He replaced the spark plugs (all of them) then he replaced some bad coils (near the spark plugs), then my husband replaced the IAC valve to a new one. Idle problem remained and no improvement. Then it stopped in October for some odd reason.
    But a new problem rose in November when I got below 0 degree weather. The SUV would accelerate on its own on the highway and keep at it as if it were on cruise control, but at high speed of its own preference (75 to 80 mph and the limit is 65!) I have to brake to slow it down and hold the brake to get it to stop; it will gear up the engine so much, fighting me. If I put it in neutral, it roars and accelerate like crazy, or in P, it go nuts! I had to turn it off completely. But when I turn it back on, it still accelerates at its own will then finally gives the speed control back to me after 5 to 10 minutes. Scary and crazy! It happens from time to time, not all the time. After a few minutes of this crazy possessed moment, the gas pedal would 'snap' against my feet meaning I got the control back.
    I began to notice the pattern here. It will accelerate and stick on its' own speed when the outdoor temperature is 10 degree or under. But over 11 degree, it's fine. It does fine if it's previously warmed in the garage and run perfectly on cold days. However, it had started to warm up lately in past two week and the idle problem happened again.
    So; between 11 degree to 40 degree it run just perfectly, but anything under 10 degree, it has "sticky" gas pedal or over 40, it has shaky idle issue.
    HELP ME! I love this SUV, but this is driving me NUTS! And my mechanic or even the Ford mechanics could not figure this out!
    What is wrong with my SUV? :cry: :confuse: :cry: :confuse:
  • _cperry__cperry_ Posts: 1
    Both the liftgate and the rear window remain latched even though I can hear the normal unlocking sounds inside the door when using the remote or the key to get in. Is there an easy way to access the latch mechanism without going to the dealer?
  • My ABS light came on this morning and has stayed on. Can I check a sensor or do anything before taking it in? :confuse: This is a 2002 Expedition.
  • bronsonbbronsonb Posts: 170
    Does the passenger window control work? I had a similar problem in my 2004 Expedition where the driver's controls wouldn't work for the rear driver's side passenger window, but I could control the window from the passenger's controls. I remove the window switch from the driver's armrest, took it apart, and cleaned it all out. Put it back together, and it now works like a charm. Some dirt had built up under the contacts and caused it not to work. Why THAT switch and not the driver's window, which is used MUCH more, I do not know.

    I guess I'd start there and see if that helps. If you google "Expedition Door panel removal," you should be able to find directions for getting the door panel off and taking a look at the switches.
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