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Ford Expedition Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • captjoe06captjoe06 Posts: 3
    Safety/security package

    heated/cooled seats

    power moonroof

    power rear-quarter flip windows

    powerfold 3rd row seat

    I paid $34,000 with $200 doc fees, $1700 Ma sales tax and $85 plates/title fees. Total check off the lot $35985.00

    Sticker was $45850 with the above mentioned options.
    Hope that helps anyone out there shopping.

    Bought it June 2, 2005

    Hope this helps people out there, I love the idea of sharing this info to help each other out.
  • madramadra Posts: 4
    Thanks Capt Joe;

    Your response is much appreciated. It is possible there are some folks on the forum who don't like when the 'real' numbers are posted but I do beleive you are doing a good service to all.

  • jligonisjligonis Posts: 1
    I have been trying to determine what the employee discount really means? Can you or anyone else help? Is the auto maker eliminating all other incentives to the dealer (holdback, advertising incentives, etc.) and replacing those with this program, or is the employee discount just another discount on top of everything else?

    It is my understanding that the auto makers will actually sell a vehicle to a dealer at a price reduced by the employee discount being offered. If that is the case, the auto maker eats 100% of the employee discount.

    However, you mentioned that there is a dealer commission on the vehicle you were looking at purchasing. Under that scenario, both the dealer and the auto maker will share the burden of the employee discount.

    In Tampa, FL, new 2005 E/B 4x2 Expeditions that MSRP for about $40K before the Family pricing were advertised for sale at $28.5K after all incentives. The current Family price after all incentives is almost $31K. Sounds like a scam to me.


  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "n Tampa, FL, new 2005 E/B 4x2 Expeditions that MSRP for about $40K before the Family pricing were advertised for sale at $28.5K after all incentives. The current Family price after all incentives is almost $31K. Sounds like a scam to me."

    I can concur the same thing happened in Los Angeles. It seems the prices were better "BEFORE THE EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT PROGRAM"...........

    But, the 31K is still not a bad price. None of us know what will happen when the '06s come out.
  • daericksdaericks Posts: 9
    Um... they are out aren't they??
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Um... they are out aren't they??

    If they are I think that well in to the '06 model year, it may be possible to see low numbers again. Gas prices are still high. However, Ford is not going to discount them "to the hilt" at the introduction of a new model year. You may see $500.00 or $1,000.00. Just my "guess", no insider information.....
  • kcjockcjoc Posts: 2
    When I was ready to buy my 2004 EB, I started research on-line, and was emailed back by a person who started quoting me some prices. Once I more or less agreed in principle to the deal, it was THEN put through a local dealer. But at no time in the beginning of the process did I deal directly with the dealers personnel. Once at the agreed upon dealer, they wrote the paperwork out exactly as the deal put forth by my internet salesman. The only thing I did at the dealership was the paperwork, and some aftermarket accessories. It was a wonderfully pain-free transaction, and a great price. I have not been back to the selling dealer, as a new Ford service center just opened by my office. So, great transaction, great price, great SUV and easy routine service! What more could I ask for!!??!!
  • I just bought a new 2005 Eddie Bauer, Red w/ Tan, safety package, heated/cooled seats, sunroof, limitedd slip, power 3rd seat & tow package for $33.4k.

    The only thing to negotiate was the trade in. Basically got the value in Edmunds for my Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    Some may be complaining on here, but I thought I got a good deal and alot of truck for the money. I never thought I'd see the day of $10k off Expeditions.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
    Were you motivated to go car- or truck-shopping because of the employee discount deals? If so, a reporter wants to talk with you.
    Please respond to no later than Tuesday, August 9, 2005 with your daytime contact info and a few words about your experience.


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  • 1. The dealer will always be in control because they have what you want, especially in your case.

    I would disagree. I've bought & I've sold, and let me tell you that there is no worse feeling in the world than being underneath inventory you can't move with carrying costs eating you up. This is much worse than not having a shiny new .

    I've also pondered markets a lot too much - if you suffered a similar fate you might also conclude that the "right" price is the one where neither side cares whether the deal gets done or not. Advantage: Neither, by definition.

    Granted, on average dealers maintain better discipline than buyers, but they are subject to macroeconomic forces the buyers don't have to contend with, such as plant overcapacity and inflexible labor contracts. Even on a micro level, in the luxury market no-one has to spend 50/75/100k on a car while in the budget market buyers can usually choose to buy next week or next year, as the mood strikes.

    I do not envy the car industry one little bit, no sir, not at all. They work hard for their money.

  • Just bought an 05 Expedition 4x4 XLT, paid 26872+tn tax for it after discounts, no doc fees or add ons at this dealer, felt like I got a great deal, leather seats, 6 disc cd, 300 hp 5.4 liter 3v V8, very nice. Was able to negotiate 100k ford esp warranty, everything but cosmetic stuff, added 500 to end price. Have had it one month, and wife and I are very satisfied with it, none of the problems encountered that I have read on other threads related to expediton problems.
  • I just started to research the Expedition and wanted to ask you how did you get leather seats in the XLT. According to another car web site you cannot get leather seats with the XLT.
    Congratulations on your purchase.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    don't know where he got it...
    but here is a source:
  • dockydocky Posts: 11
    Capt Joe,

    Where did you buy your Black EB? I've been told Quirk typically will deal, but of course their cust satisfaction and service are abysmal.

  • My 2006 exp. was due to be delivered today the 19th. When I went to the dealer to find out when it would be here, he called Ford and was told that it was built but was being held up with 40,000 other expeditons and navigators. He was not told why or for how long. I haven't seen anything about this anywhere and neither has he, but he suspected a safety problem. If anyone hears anything, please post it here.
  • That would be bad news for you dude. You're going to have to keep a close eye on your new ride. The most common reason they do stuff like that is to catch a defective batch of parts that made it into production vehicles. Sometimes they catch all the bad parts and sometimes not. Good luck.
  • The dealer called me back to say it was not limited to expeditions and navigators. The problem is the starter, which is furnished to ford by a vendor. The vendor is examining the problem. The $3000 rebate expires on 10/3 but people at ford that my dealer talked to think it will be extended or even increased. Of course, there is no guarantee. I can back out, let him locate, or wait. I'm inclined to wait for now as this one has the options I want.
  • okay guys, i have 1997 Expedition right. i got it for my birthday and just hate the color (dark red) i asked for a paint job for christmas, and I'm pretty sure i'll get it. i just dont know what color i should go with. I have Hot pink and Teal under lighting. But i want to get a aint job to match it before i pick one and put it on. what do ya'll suggest?
  • Does anyone have any experience with the new Simple Plan Price? Is it possible to negotiate any lower than this SPP after cash back rebates or that the final firm price? I am interested in a 2006 EB 4 x 4 Expedition ($34,557).
  • Does any one give me advice here. I'm planning to buy a 2006 4 x 4 XLT Expedition($39,700). How much will I expect for all the Rebates/Dealer cash back/Incentives? I live here in Cranston,Rhode Island. I have a trade-in with a negative equity and planning to roll it? What will be the best offer that I can give to the dealer? :confuse:
  • nbxnbx Posts: 28
    Back in late November I was offered an extra $1,000 owner loyalty rebate and $500 Shopping Spree (in lieu of $1,000 Shopping Spree credit card allowance) off the so-called Simple Plan Price on a new 2006 Expedition. The Shopping Spree ended here November 27th, but there is usually something similar that the dealer will dig up if you start to walk away.

    Big decision to go for a new 2005 Expedition right now--need to get a great deal and know the 2005 will be driven a lot to get long term value. Extreme soft market for 2003-2006 used Expeditons makes it very difficult to trade back in at retail on 2005 and 2006 models. Even with rebates, you could find yourself $10,000 to $12,000 or more "upside down" after 100 miles. Lots of 2005 and 2006 new Expedition inventory all around--some new 2005 up to 18 months and getting to be very non-current. Tried out the above new 2006 that had been on the lot for over 6 months already. Noticed the battery was stone dead and there was only 3 tryout miles on the odometer.

    (Hey Mr Ford, get some weight out instead of making the suv models heavier each time, e.g., the 2006 Explorer, 2003 and up Expedition)

    But, if you know you are going to drive a lot, have good income, maybe have a growing family, a drop dead deal on a new 2005 is worth looking at. Despite high vehicle weight and size, most new Expeditions get somewhat decent mileage and have the potential to last to very high miles when properly driven and maintained. And, the 2wd high setting on late model Expedition 4wd is a huge advantage for Expedition versus a Explorer 4wd without 2wd high setting. For example my 2004 Expedition 4wd NBX gets better hwy mileage than my wife's 2003 V-8 Explorer 4wd (no 2wd high setting to choose), 3.73 towing ratio.

    Finally, one local dealer mentioned that "Ford is getting back into leases" or something along that line. Ford had problems with market values of Expedition/Explorer coming off lease a few years ago and had to pull back the attractive offers. Dealers then could buy same or nearly identical vehicle at the sales for a few thousand dollars less than FMC payoff. Apparently from the above comment, a lease on the new 2006 Explorer is much more attractive than a similar lease last year.

    ..hope this helps..
  • Coming close to trying buy an Expy but the dealers are driving me crazy.

    The paradox is that the MSRP of the 2005 on the EB is almost exactly $1,000 higher than the 2006 so that automatically washes out the 5k versus 4k rebate on the 05 vs 06.

    Then Ford is offering a 1000 discount on the 06 with the DVD and power 3rd row (what we want). That leaves the 05 further in the hole not counting the near 15k depreciation of driving it off the lot. The Ford dealers I have spoken with on this have their head in the sand or they are finding some suckers to take the 05's off the lot. They won't offer much less than some other's are for the 06's. I would have pulled the trigger for a great deal on the 05 because it is nearly the same vehicle and I drive my cars for 5-6 years minimum.

    Not to mention the bold face lie told to me by my small town dealer about the Ford Simple Plan and rebates that just ended. Just price the dang car for what it's worth. Ford and GM are circling the drain and the dealers aren't helping them. Anyone notice how dead this expy forum has become?
  • nbxnbx Posts: 28
    Overall very good analysis.

    But, I will add that the $1,000 "discount" on the 06 DVD is not really a discount at all because the discount is not reflected in the vehicle's invoice. The standard mark-up or cost factor for Expedition for many years has been from 88.5% to 88.7%, but some of the above discounted units have cost factors of 89.5 to 90.5%. Thus no real discount.

    Also have noticed that some of the true price cuts for 06 Expedition are only on units built way early, say May and June of 2005. Later inventory have price cuts from 05 in their MSRPs, but not the invoice prices. Similar to the above.

    One Ford dealer commented that Ford got its money when they ordered the Expeditions months ago--was hoping to dealer transfer all his stock.

    Surprisingly, only one dealer has been aggressive in trying to move his new 2005 Expedition. Called me three or four times at work and home. The others like you said have their heads in the sand or dreamland and don't want to admit to what high gas prices have done to market conditions. So there sits non-current new Expedition inventory looking a bit older every month, maybe the finance guy can find a proud owner, that sort of thing.

    I usually go the 5 year route to avoid the excessive
    depreciation that is typical for 2003 and up Expedition. But, wanting the new 5.4L 3V engine.

    ...still like the Expedition XLT for my hard working, general utility use versus say some of the more plush full sized suv models...but my advice to Ford continues to be to get the excessive weight out of Expedition to salvage what otherwise would have been an excellent full-sized suv...forget the Toby Keith ads about massive frames...give us weight reduction so we can comfortably stay in full-sized suv (or F-150)..
  • I have a new expedition with 6,000 miles that I have not driven in 6 weeks because it will not start and the dealers cannot seem to fix the problem. They have tried everything, and every time I get the car back I drive it for an hour or two and then it won't restart. Be careful before prucharsing to be sure it doesn't have the same issue. I wonder how long the starters have been a problem?
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    These electrical "gremlins" can be hard to figure out. I would start reading up on your states "Lemon Law" and be prepared to enforce it!
  • HI, I was offered this 06 expedition limited with these options, PEWTER CLEARCOAT METALLIC
    .5.4L-3V SOHC V8 ENGINE
    .P265/70R-17 OWL ALL-TERRAIN
    JOB #2 ORDER

    list is 50,350, and is being offered for 39,995 plus tax and tags or for 43,995 with 0% financing. thanks for reading and any info is appreciated..
  • HI, was also offered 06 king ranch model with these options
    .5.4L-3V SOHC V8 ENGINE
    .P265/70R-17 OWL ALL-TERRAIN

    List is 53,390 and they are offering it for 44,830 with 0% financing. thanks for reading and any info..
  • jg88jg88 Posts: 59
    We have an '04 Expy EB 4x4 that will be two years old in April and we already have about 31,000 miles on it. It has been completly trouble-free so far. However, we also had a '95 Explorer EB 4x4 that we kept until '04 that had 165,000 miles and it was not completely trouble-free with work done on the 4wd components in the first 100,000 miles. When the Explorer was around 30,000 miles, I purchased an extended warranty for the truck that I considered to be a good investment after we experienced problems later on. At the time, I had information from a dealer that gave me dealer invoice/cost pricing on the extended warranty from Ford and I purchased the Ford warranty for $100 over invoice. Am considering adding an extended warranty to our '04 Expy but currently, I do not know what the dealer costs are for Ford's extended warranties. (Am thinking of something that will cover me for a total of 3 years and another 65,000 miles over the initial 3 year/36k mile warranty taking me out to a 6 year, 100,000 mile total.)

    Does anyone in this forum have access to the warranty costs from Ford for the Expedition? Please let me know if you do. BTW, am not interesrted in 3rd party warranties, only Ford's.
  • Just started reading these, so you've probably already found this, however, I believe leather is an upgrade on XLT. I saw one on dealer lot locally in Ga.
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