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Lincoln Aviator



  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    No, that's not the rear axle whine. Sounds like you may have a bad caliper on the rear. Could be a loose bolt. Check it yourself or have the dealer check it asap.
  • asemaasema Posts: 33
    My Aviator has a sound that I hear every once in a while..its a high pitch whooooooping sound coming from the rear of the car...occurs at any speed, and does not go high or low depending on acceleration. It last anwwhere from 2 seconds to 5 seconds.
    Any ideas what that sound is? I've realized its not the rear axle whine that many have.
    2003 aviator with almost 15k miles.

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I'll bet you have an expansion valve hanging up in the rear A/C unit. Does it ever happen when you don't have the rear air on?
  • asemaasema Posts: 33
    You know...I'm pretty sure I've only heard it when the AC is on...I will have to see whether it occurs when the rear AC is on as well or not.
    thanks,...this helps in trying to isolate the sound.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I'm not sure if Lincoln has a TSB out on this, but whoever they've been buying expansion valves from lately, has produced some faulty ones, and this is the noise they tend to make. You really hear the one in the rear when it decides to fart. And it's eerie sounding, difficult to identify. But if you hear it when the rear air is not on, then that's not it. I'm ready to bet the house though, that we've identified your culprit. Now, your big challenge will be to get your dealer to go for it.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731

    I'm watching these boards for the past month, and have some comments and questions.

    I think the current Aviator is one of the best and hottest vehicles produced by Lincoln, and most owners would agree. The Aviator must stay the way it is. The new Aviator (RX-330 replacement) is a different thing at all, and should not replace the current Aviator.

    The new Aviator with a V6, and ugly styling, should get a different name. I think Alligator is a good name (?)

    Someone mentioned above that Lincoln should stay with V8 engines only. I would like to ask, since I'm not familiar with engines: Is the engine type more important than horsepower/torque output? i.e., Town Car have a V8 with 239 hp, but Ford will soon release the new Duratech engine V6 with about up to 260-270 hp. Isn't the latter one better and more powerful?

    In other words, if I have 2 engines, a V8 and a V6, both producing an equal amount of hp/Lb.-ft. of torque, would there be any performance difference? If yes, why? If not, why are people crazy about V8?

    I personally can't afford an Aviator, and it wouldn't fit my needs perfectly anyway. However, I have a neighbor who owns an Aviator, and I can't look enough on it. I think it's one of the best looking vehicles out today, both inside and outside.

    Ford/Lincoln, if you listen, keep the Aviator for the next few years. Leave the new Aviator/Alligator in the side, or give it a different name. GOOD LUCK !!
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    "In other words, if I have 2 engines, a V8 and a V6, both producing an equal amount of hp/Lb.-ft. of torque, would there be any performance difference? If yes, why? If not, why are people crazy about V8?"

    This is a loaded question I've answered on other forums, I hope I can answer it completely.

    Let's take an Explorer V6, and a V8. Difference in weight.. just 20lbs. (V8 is made of aluminum-lighter-more efficient). The V6 consumes just as much fuel as the V8. Why? The V6 works harder to attain it's power, the V8 is much more relaxed. The EPA number's are off by just 1MPG....Real world experience, I've acheived similar numbers with both.

    Other factor's to consider... Transmission gearing, transmission shift hydraulics, axle gearing and computer's efficiency, throttle by wire.

    Transmission gearing: The higher, the quicker the engine rev's up to the next gear, and so on.

    Transmission shift hydraulics: A slow one, will cost you acceleration timing, and shifting-hence frustration when passing.

    Axle gearing: The higher the number (3.73:1 - Common, 4.10:1 much quicker) the quicker your axle will turn (spread the torque) but TOO high, and it'll cut your EPA highway mileage. You could have a 3.73 axle give you 21MPG HWY, and a 4.10 could give you 18MPG HWY.

    Computer efficiency-Throttle by wire: Ford has been implementing Throttle by Wire on numerous vehicles already. This allows the computer to read your foot much better, and understand if your an aggresive driver, or enjoying the senery. Impart, giving you the best shift for the moment.

    I have a friend with an '01 Explorer V6, and sometimes I get frustrated because THAT computer takes a bit longer to understand me. So when I slam it, I want a double down shift, and it might just give me. Then smash it thinks... then gives me another shift... Issue? TOO LATE, don't pass, killed it. How to go around it? Play with the gas a bit more. Although it's been rectified with the new generation Explorer... somewhat....

    A Duratec 3.5L DOHC V6 could almost have the same, if not more torque and horsepower...BUT at a higher RPM than the 4.6L V8 2V. Meaning, the transmission will need to shift, the engine will have to sing higher, to attain it's horsepower (probably around 6000RPM). Personally I believe that's decent for cars under weighing 3800LBS. If the vehicles weights more, the transmission will have to shift much more to attain that power/torque, because of added heft.

    Worse case senario... You will never see a Honda V-tec engine on an SUV singing upwards of 8000RPM, to attain a measly 157TQ. HENCE, you see it on much smaller cars, where torque is not needed as much.

    And from personal experience, whenever selecting a vehicle, try going for the largest engine... works less, transmission shifts less, quieter-more relaxed...will endure more.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I think Alligator is a good name (?)

    I don't think so! Someone will inevitably associate it with the reptile's cousin, the crocodile, and shorten the appellation to something less flattering. :-)

    tidester, host
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I agree totally with ANTs comments. I would add that even if the output and performance were equal, a V8 satisfies better with a pleaslng exhaust rumble and low end grunt. I look for a V8 in any car I buy if its available.
  • user1825user1825 Posts: 4
    Thanks. I'll have the dealer check the problem tommorow along with the smell of coolant when turning on the AC.
  • she1122she1122 Posts: 33
    Can anyone tell me what the real world mpg are? I have seen 15 town and 18 hwy. But I have also read from Epinions owners' remarks of 10 mpg. This is all very confusing. I love the ride and handling and am interested. I currently have an ML430( it has been a great vehicle) and am accustomed to 16 in town and 20 hwy on premium fuel.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Brand new, you should get around 12 in town. After break in (about 20,000 miles), it may stretch to 14.
  • hammer995hammer995 Posts: 27
    I have about 4000 miles and I am getting 13 mpg.
  • dhagadhaga Posts: 4
    I have about 1200 miles and the info center sez I am getting 13.2. I suspect it will take some time before I see the 15, or so, that I hope to get.
  • albellalbell Posts: 185
    At just shy of the 10k mark, I am averaging 16.5 overall, and approx 21 on the highway. I don't do much city driving,thankfully, cause that MPG is 12-13 at best. Overall. I am very pleased with the gas mileage.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    2wd - 15 in mixed driving, 19 on the highway.
  • mongo1mongo1 Posts: 49
    Good P.M. She1122 and may this find you well. My Aviator is brand new with 1000 miles. I average 12.5 miles per gallon in strictly city driving. On my one trip to Tampa, I averaged 20 miles per gallon at an average speed of 75 M.P.H. and a distance of 120 miles. I expect the city mileage to improve over time. Hope this helps.
  • lolaj42lolaj42 Posts: 420
    The best I've seen on our 2004 Ultimate Aviator is 17.8 mpg and that was on a downhill leg of highway cruising dropping in elevation from 7K ft (Flagstaff, AZ) to 1.3K ft (Phoenix, AZ metro area). The worst I've seen is 11.3 mpg around town, but it mostly gets about 14.5/15.5 mpg in city/highway driving. Out west, speed limits are 75 mph, and I regularly exceed that slightly, so that could explain our poor highway mileage. Better gas mileage results when cruising at 55-60 mph.

    Our Aviator now has 12K miles since we got it in February. My family and I just got back last weekend from driving it to Boise, ID and back (to Tempe, AZ), taking in a few of Utah's National Parks and Arizona's Grand Canyon, North Rim along the way. In all, we logged more than 2400 miles in 9 days. I know, we were a little rushed, but we've been to these parks before. Of the 2400 miles driven, ~200 miles were true off-road miles on surfaces marked as either "Primitive Road" (62 miles out and back to the North Rim's Toroweap lookout with numerous posted warnings about severe tire hazards), or "Forest Service Trails" (~20 miles out and back to Point Sublime inside the North Rim Grand Canyon National Park).

    Ever since replacing the crappy OEM Michelin Pilot LTX tires (don't even think about taking those puppies off a paved road -- I shredded the left rear in April after only 2 miles into a very tame scenic drive into Organ Pipe National Monument) with Yokohama Geolander All-Terrain tires in the OEM size, the Aviator acquits itself admirably when the going gets tough. The Yokohama's even have a higher speed rating than the Michelin's, though they're not as quiet (oh well, you can't have everything, but I'll make that tradeoff just for the peace of mind when ever getting off pavement). I'm not into rock crawling (or rut/mud bogging), nor would I suggest doing so in an Aviator, but I found myself doing just that, much to my chagrin. The Aviator got home VERY dirty, but unscratched (except the running boards). A 4X4 Nissan Titan pick-up didn't fare as well on the trail to Point Sublime. It took me a LONG time to get the vehicle clean again.

    Did I mention that the cooled seats are GREAT!
  • us002840us002840 Posts: 6
    Anyone know what the top maximum speed is for the '04 Aviator?

    The speedometer has a max of 140 mph, but is the computer programed to "cutoff" the engine at around 95 mph or so?

    Inquiring minds would like to know.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    I believe it's 98MPH if I rememeber corrently, then you'll here and feel the "whooooom" when the engine cuts off and it won't kick back in till around 90MPH. I just place the cruise control on 95 and keep it there to avoid the "Whhooooommm"....
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    Can someone please verify something for me? I don't think my cooled seats are working properly but the dealer says they are.

    When I turn them on A/C, setting 5 I can barely feel anything - and that's with cotton shorts and a thin tshirt on. I don't feel any difference between setting 2 and setting 5 and the fan doesn't seem to change speeds at all. (setting 1 is just cabin air - no A/C). You can barely hear it even on setting 5 with everything else turned off. It's like it's stuck on low.

    So please verify:

    Does the fan seem to vary speeds between 2 and 5?
    Can you tell the difference between 2 and 5?
    Can you really feel the cooling on 5?

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    "Does the fan seem to vary speeds between 2 and 5?
    Can you tell the difference between 2 and 5?
    Can you really feel the cooling on 5?"

    Well, Allen, my experience is:

    1) No, the fan speed never varies.
    2) On heat, I can tell a difference, but not cool
    3) Yes, but only after considerable time. Like an hour on the road, then you'll notice your butt is COLD. It takes a long time at least in this climate to feel the cool, but if I don't turn it on, I sweat a lot more.
  • albellalbell Posts: 185
    I second nvbanker's observations. I used the cooling feature for the first time last weekend, and expected it to be like the heating function. It is not. You dont feel the cold blowing, but its definitely there. You will notice it when you get out of the seat and feel your, er, posterior region(s).
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    That I'm not going to be liking to buy my next car without this's that nice to have.
  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    My wife's '04 Ultimate running great - so glad i got the Ceramic white tri-coat w/the chrome wheels. Recently, i've noticed a whining sound (like a belt), very pronounced when the engine is cold. Sometimes the steering wheel "shudders" a bit too when starting off at very low speeds. Before I take a trip to my L-M dealer, i would like to see if there might be a TSB on this. Thanks for the help!!! Otherwise -the best car we have ever owned - great ride, love the navigation and the DVD player, and I dont know what others are talking about - i think the cooled seats work great!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    That's a new one - I'd have it checked. You may have a problem with the Power
    Steering pump or pulley.....
  • I think the best way to describe it is its very subtle. Nice feature to have but I think it shuts off too early. I wish that I would just stay on. I've only noticed it when I feel hot again and see that the A/C seat light is off. Every leather seat should have this feature...
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I agree on all observations, and I wish it wouldn't shut after 20 minutes either. But it does that because the Peltier unit that produces the hot or cool, uses a lot of power. They put an automatic shut off on it so that there isn't an undue strain on the electrical system should one just leave them both on indefinitely.
  • If the Aviator is the same as the LS, you press the hot and cold button together and the temp for the seats will stay on and regulated to the Auto climate temp setting of your AC. Like, when I get in the car, if I set the auto to 70 and the car is hot, the AC will kick on, but the cooling seats will actually get cold quicker.

    You can tell if you did it right because above the blue and red seat buttons, the middle green led above each will be lit. It keeps this setting always even when powering off and on, until you disable it by pressing one of the buttons.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    Jeff - it's not like the LS control-wise. There is a button for each seat that selects heat or cold and a thumbwheel to set the level from 1-5. It does not tie into the auto climate control system.
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