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Lincoln Aviator



  • I bought my '03 Aviator new and it has been wonderful. I've had no troubles with it at all. (only negative is the gas mileage, 12 -14 avg...ouch, and a crack on the lift gate, fixed by dealer) I'm very disapointed this model was discontinued, hate the look of the new Nav and MKX or whatever they call it, it's no Lexus. I pick up my new Escalade next week, very sharp and hopefully the've worked out the electronics. Hate to leave Lincoln (20+ years)but they seem to be leaving nice design and styling at the curb. Good luck :D
  • I have an '03 Aviator with 22k; received recall notice on coil (mine had just started to miss). Dealer replaced coil last Wednesday and now it is worse than before. Do they use original replacement or a coil that has been modified to fix the problem? Does anyone know if they will continue to replace coils on the same vehicle?
    I have had good service from my dealer, including the rear whine fix but I never get any warranty repair papers for any of their work! When I complete the 'survey' calls I inform them of the absence of warranty repair paperwork. Hey, one of you guys might require proof of recall work when you purchase my ride! Any input?
  • I posted last week about my '03 Aviator with 22k that appears to misfire and I thought it was related to the coil problem. But the mechanic told me each cylinder has a coil? They have tested it twice and found no problems with the coils. If that is the case,I would expect to loose rpms or horsepower but this misfire is more like the older coils when they heat up and engine cuts out for a second or two and worsens with time. My problem seems to be mainly within the first 10-15 minutes after start-up and on a level surface at about 40-42 mph but not accelerating. It seems to shift fine when accelerating and going through its normal shifting sequence. Maybe the OD is hesitating locking in? It didn't do this when new. The condition seems to be getting worse. I have another appointment this week and they are going to keep the car. I didn't see any postings similar to this. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your time and expertise.
  • Thought I would respond to myself since no one else did. The root cause of the hesitation/misfire was two bad coils. Just turned 20k (not 22k). Didn't show up on bench testing so after the 2nd visit, dealer took it for a test drive. N/C since covered under the recall notice. FYI.
  • I am in High School and looking for my first car to get me through college and then some. I have been researching about it and it is a very good car except for the reliability. But i figure most of the problems have been fixed and since it is based on the Ford Explorer it with be easy to fix. i have found one for $15,000 with 60,000 miles on it. All suggestions are welcome.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    For $15K you could get a brand new Focus coupe. Cheap to insure, much better gas mileage and a 5/60 powertrain warranty.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Thanks for the question - and the answer! :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I need AWD and I want an SUV.
  • I am hearing a rattling noise from the back latch (tailgate). Is there a TSB out on this? I have the nav system and a 6 disc and can't seem to eject any of the cds loaded in the changer. I checked the owners manual and it only tells you how to load it. I have tried pressing the eject button and then the eject button and the disc I want out, and a bunch of other things also. Nothing seems to work. Need some assistance.

  • I just got my 03 avitor a month ago but didnt get to drive it that much til recently due to vacation. I started nticing that it has a whine coming from the drivers side rear wheel every time i press the gas a little. I read in someones earlier posting that its the differential with the wrong factory lubricant on it? how do i get that fixed, what is the right kind? can i fix it myself? Help! :(
  • i surprise when i went to the lincoln ford part to buy just only on piece of molding to my lincoln aviator 2003 ,in some way i lose that piece of molding who go in the ritgh side upper glass third row passanger this glass it is stady glass ... the thing is the lincoln ford part do not sale that molding alone , in my situation just is only a piece of plastic cover .in my understand this piece of molding cost at list less of 50.00$ .and how the lincoln ford dont sale this piece of part alone ,does sale the hole glass with the cover for $1,200.00 dollar i think does guys is a thief, please if some vary can help me to find this cover molding part email me am i buy thank you....
  • cant help you with the noise. But i have been an installer for 10 year and i had the same prob with my 2004 aviator with the 6disc nav. unit. what you will need to do is take the unit out of the dash disconnect all the wiring plugs from the back of the unit then reconnect them. This will reset the unit,this is the only way i found to work after 4 hour of trying everything else. hope this helps good luck.
  • One Feb. 17 of 2003 my husband presented me with the most expensive birthday gift I've ever received. A new Lincoln Aviator. It is a beautiful car but once you get past the look of it - you have nothing but trouble. These are things a non-mechanical female can tell you about our experience:

    93,000 miles - on the 3rd set of tires (all purchased from the dealer)

    On the 2nd set of brakes - almost time for a 3rd set

    When braking, the steering wheel vibrates and I wonder at times if it's going to stop me in time

    The car tries to stall when idling, tries to keep going when I try to stop because the RPM's go to over 2,500 when braking these days. The check engine light started out flashing. Now it stays on as a solid light. Fortunately, the info I read in this forum has the dealer paying for our 2nd set of coil packs :) THANK YOU!!

    My door ajar warning comes on and stays on - even after I check and double check all the doors. This happens about 25% of the time.

    The motor to the A/C unit went out and had to be replaced by the dealer. This happened when the car was 5,000 miles out of warranty coverage.

    The rear air constantly clicks, clicks, clicks ALL the time. It doesn't matter if it's off or on. You drive down the road and all you hear is click, click, click.

    The CD player will not eject the #6 CD. Fortunately, it's one I like :)

    So, here I am driving down the road in my $50,000.00 car with the check engine light on, door ajar flashing on the dash, click, click, click coming from the rear, brakes failing, listening to CD #6....maybe I need a nice tall cliff? LOL

    There is some good news though: After $2,000 more in payments, it will be all mine. The bank will be paid off. Me? I'm now stuck with the prettiest, most expensive gift I've ever received and wish I was driving a Honda Accord (the former most expensive vehicle I ever owned). I had that car for 180,000 miles. I maintained it properly (as I have the Aviator) yet the Accord only cost me one timing belt and water pump at 95,000 miles in repairs. These parts weren't messed up, I replaced them based on Honda's guidelines.

    I hope some of you can get some good out of my funky post and if anyone knows a solution to the click, click, click coming from the seldom used rear A/C or the "door ajar" warning light, please let me know.

    I'm being a good girl and trying to be nice as possible and to keep my sense of humor about this whole situation. My advice: Find a different luxury SUV to buy and never buy a new vehicle within it's first two years of production.

    You birthday is next month.......hmmm, can anyone say "trade-in"? :sick: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490

    I enjoyed your post and can empathize a bit. I came within an inch of buying a new 2004 Aviator, but changed my mind at the last minute cause it was just too small for the family. Ended up with a Navigator and so far so good, though only 45000 miles. Ran out of warrantee last Saturday - and the cruise control stopped working on Monday. :mad: Shades of things to come? Thankfully I purchased a Ford maintenance plan the week before so I'm covered til 75000. (Oh, BTW, I recently had the dealer replace my radio unit - cause it wouldn't eject CD #6 ! :confuse: )

    Good u've kept your sense of humor thru this. I've read here many horror stories about the Aviator, including one where the wrong drive train had been installed at the factory! I also had an Aviator as a loaner once and found that the heater design was absolute grade-school. Not only did the auto-HVAC not work properly, but the only way to get heat out of the thing was thru the floor vents - and one of them blew directly on my foot on the accelerator so I couldn't stand that very long and ... well, it IS a beautiful vehicle inside and out. But it is a terrible shame the thing ever saw the light of day, based on many reports I've read of it. It was just not ready for prime time and probably never would be. It is a glaring example of what is wrong with Lincoln (Ford) - NO foresight, NO support of existing designs, HURRIED release of inferior vehicles (Blackwood, Aviator, Mark LT, Zephyr, ...) when a need arises, and apparently a continuing slide into the depths of poor reliability and a growing list of people who will "never buy another Lincoln (Ford etc)". I am NOT one of those people. Yet. I own 2 Lincolns right now and both have thus far been quite good vehicles. THough not in the class of a 180,000 accord with miniscule maintenance issues.

    As for your specifics, there I need to take you to task a bit - 93000 miles on third set of tires is about right for a vehicle like this. I just put my 2nd set on my Nav at 44,000 which puts me in my 3rd set at 88,000. I dont think this is a valid complaint. Ditto the brakes. In fact, only having to replace the brakes once by 93000 miles is quite good. I'm betting you replaced the brakes and tires on your Honda a couple of times as well? :) Also, the vibrating of the steering wheel when braking is almost surely the sign that it IS time to replace the front brakes - or at least the rotors - they're probably warped a bit and causing the vibrating. A big truck-based SUV like this is going to go thru brakes and tires faster that a light weight sedan like an accord. Those are just the facts, Ma'am! That said though, it is apparent to me that Ford is selling vehicles with the worst brakes of anyone. This can be seen in the almost always LAST place showing for braking wheneve a Ford product is compared against competitors - and the fact that you are far from the first I've heard complain about how frequently Ford brakes wear out. You would think a company that has lost so much money to lawsuits would at least try to make their vehicles able to stop well.

    As for the clicking - got me on that one, though my bet would be it's a simple fix - like a sticking 'blend door'. I think I've read of others complaining about similar thing in these parts before though - either here or in the Navigator forum. The door ajar is most likely a sticky switch in one of the doors. Again, cheap as a spray can of WD-40 or something to fix, though first you gotta find the sticky one.

    Feb 17th is coming up soon :) Got your eye on anything? Have you heard of the new Lincoln MKX? HAHAHAHAHAHA

    If u dont need an SUV, it's probably time to strike an accord with your husband as to what you'd like this time around:>) Best wishes to you.
  • hey did you ever install that navigation system into your aviator? I was about to buy one over the web till i stubled upon this site. I have the regular six cd changer but would like to put the factory gps.SO its not as easy as swaping it out. Let me Know if you hear anything. preciate it.
  • Thanks for your friendly response :) Well....the dealer ended up not replacing the coil packs. They said the computer was showing something else. It's strange though because the computer told our local mechanic is was the coil packs a few days before.

    For some reason, my brakes are working better now :) My husband gave the service manager a list of all the problems we had with this vehicle and now the brakes aren't "bumpy" when we apply them. Maybe they did an adjustment they didn't charge us for? In the past when we had brakes put on the Aviator, they vibrated right away. This has been a constant thing since we left the lot with the car. It feels like I have dinky little brakes that would be better suited stopping an itty bitty car instead of an SUV. I just hope they keep on stopping me :D

    The "door ajar" warning light isn't coming on now either. Maybe they cleaned the sensor thingy.

    I stated the wrong total of brake jobs my car had in the original post. My husband said we are about to need our 4th. Boo Hoo.

    You are right about the Honda I owned needing brakes. I can't remember how many times I replaced them but it seems like it was 3 or 4. Plus, it had to have tires but not too often. I don't really understand why some cars/trucks need brakes more often than husband drives a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 4-Wheel Drive HD with an extra cab. He has 92,000 miles and is still on his original factory brakes. I wish those kind of brakes had been on my Aviator :)

    I guess my main thought is...shouldn't a car that costs $50,000 have less mechanical problems than one that costs $20,000 :confuse: I guess the familiar phrase "You get what you pay for" doesn't apply to the Aviator.

    Best wishes to you with the Navigator. :shades: That's a *NICE* car!
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    Hi again.

    Yeah, thanks the Nav is a real nice ride.

    Glad to hear things are working out a little bit better now. I would be surprised if the dealer actually did anything and didn't tell you or charge you or both. But who knows? One thing I've pretty much learned is the dealer and their service dept make a HUGE difference in the happiness of the owner - whether the car is a gem or a lem(on). Eg: My Nav on delivery had a driver door inside latch that was sticking out quite a bit and it was so close to actually opeining the door with just a slight touch that it was dangerous. I took it to the dealer where I had just bought the thing for over 50 $Large. The GD tech gets a micrometer and measures how far the handle sticks out and says "within spec. Next?" I flipped but they wouldn't do anything else. Took it to another dealer 30 miles away. They spent 10 minutes taking the door panel off and found that a screw under the handle had not been properly installed at the factory. They fixed it, handle lies perfect now and I personally told off the service dept mgr and owner of the dealer where I bought the thing and havent been back since.

    Anyway, 4 brake jobs is way too many at 92000 miles on just about any vehicle. Unfortunately, I'm not that surprised. My Nav needed front brakes and rotors once already (though most of the cost was warrantee) and I just had the rear brakes done last month, at 45,000. These ARE BIG heavy vehicles, but brakes do come in BIG sizes so you'd think Ford would put the appropriate ones in, but NOOOOOO. IMHO, they do this on most of their vehicles and like I said, it shows in performance numbers and in owners maintenance logs. And it's not just the SUVs as a good friend had a Taurus wagon whose brakes would need replacing oftener than 20,000miles. Pathetic. The new Lincoln MKX and Ford Edge are good examples - vehicles that mean the world to the comapny and magazine tests show they need 10 to 30 feet further to stop than equivalent competitors. Is THIS one of Ford's better ideas?

    As to your last question, I can pretty much say the answer is NO. All else equal, the $50,000 vehicle is going to have bells and whistles and electronics etc etc that will fail more often than a smaller, cheaper car. Engine, tranny and brakes have to work that much harder too. So it's not surprising at all that an Aviator would cost a lot more to maintain than an Accord. I have little doubt that a Honda Pilot would cost more in maint than the Acoord as well. THough maybe less than the Aviator.

    So are u up for new wheels? THere's so much to like out there right now.

    Best to you.
  • Greetings - new to the board. Have a 2004 Aviator I bought off lease a few months ago. Just back from the dealer today to find out why the vehicle is behaving badly. When driving, let's say 60mph, and you lift off the throttle, the ECU holds the engine rpm up around 2,000 so the truck tends never to slow down. If you put the selector in neutral you can watch the rpm's hold around 2,000 till the vehicle runs out of momentum and slows. Only as the vehicle slows (in neutral) does the rpm's come down back to idle. Calls to Dearborn engineering resulted in "it's designed that way"...

    Anybody else having this problem/situation? Really pissing me off - I put the truck in neutral or turn off the ignition when going down a hill or preparing to stop just to stop that engine from pulling it...
  • It would be silly of us to sell our Aviator, I do love it, but my gosh has the value of it dropped. I have the 2005 & with the high gas prices I guess it's worth more to me to keep it than to trade it in or sell. What a bummer.
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    I'm in the same boat with my Navigator. I have resigned myself to the fact that it's a real nice ride. Selling at a big loss and buying something that gets better mpg is just too expensive and would take a decade to pay off. I'm just kicking back and enjoying it and swearing at the politicians who've done this to us each time I visit a gas station.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,786
    i spent lots of time trying to figure out how i could afford an aviator. i have an '02 explorer it runs great and i let my kids drive it now. my problem is i want my damn lincoln. i bought a fusion 4 months ago, but the aviator prices are making me think about swapping out the fusion.
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  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    The Aviator is a beautiful vehicle. But it was not without problems, to put it mildly. The Navigator is actually a more reliable vehicle. And bigger. And rides probably better and handles darn near as well. Just be careful out there. Course at today's prices and with an extended warrantee, an Aviator might be a steal. Isn't there an old adage that says "When everyone else is selling, it might be a good time to buy." Or something like that.

    Gas predicted to be $1.00/gallon lower by Labor day makes it even more attractive.
  • waygrabowwaygrabow Posts: 214
    Ford is offering great incentives on new SUVs right now. The trade in on your Aviator may suck, but, if you can negotiate an excellent price on a new vehicle, you could still come out alright. We had a '99 Explorer, which we were very satisfied with (108.5K trouble-free miles); bought a new '08 Explorer ($6000 below invoice), and are amazed at how much better the new Explorer drives. As soon as my wife drove it she said, " We can sell my Audi; this is what I want to drive." A fully loaded Expedition would probably be about the same as a Lincoln but at a better price.
  • Hi I have a 2003 lincoln aviator and i love everything about it. I do have a problem tho when the truck is cold it idles smooth and nice. When the engine temp comes up approx after 10 min it gets rough. It looks to be idleing a little low . Any one who can help me it would be great.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    Have the compression checked - could be in need of a head replacement. It's a known problem but won't be covered under warranty.
  • Mine did the same thing and after a few weeks of this, the engine light started flashing then turned solid. It would stay this way until I did 3 or 4 cold starts. The mechanics will tell you its a $2,200 repair.

    Our rough idle happens at all temperatures. We found a way around this... when we are stopped at a traffic light, stop sign or anywhere the vehicle needs to idle, we put the car in neutral or park and keep the motor turning at least 750 rps. It works! This has been going on for over a year now and all the mechanics we took the car to told us if we didn't replace that expensive part, the vehicle would not run.

    They get a specific error code on their diagnostics check but for some reason you can "bypass" the misfire by revving the motor up a little.

    The downside is you can't let your car warm up on cold mornings. I'm going to try to find a mechanic that will set the idle speed a little higher.

    Good luck to you!
  • Ok thank you i was thinking of having the idle set a little higher too .I probably will run a compression check too . I will let you know what happens.
  • stvdman1stvdman1 Posts: 1
    I am getting ready to purchase an 03 Aviator with 9300 miles on it. So I started reading about all the "problems" these vehicles have. I actually have read about the problems of a dozen or more SUV's, it seems they all hve their "issues" but I digress...

    I also own a 2003 Mustang Cobra. The car has a built in "defect". The heads have a cooling problem. BUT there are a couple aftermarket "fixes". After buying one for my Cobra I noticed in the write ups that the problem may be with other 4.6 DOHC V-8's made by FORD. As here is the description.

    "From the factory, the 2003-2004 “Terminator” Mustang SVT Cobra was an absolute work of art by Ford with the exception of one issue. The 4.6L DOHC heads used in the Terminators (and other vehicles as well) have a cooling defect that was later recognized and corrected by Ford several years after its production with a revised head. The coolant does not have an escape route out of the rear of the head which aids the development of steam pockets forming in the rear cylinders of the head. This specifically takes place in the #7 and #8 cylinders. Under normal operating temps on an unmolested cobra, the heads will suffice however when modifications are added it becomes more and more likely that these “hot spots” will develop due to inadequate cooling and as a result, the motor will develop a “TICKING” noise. The revised head from Ford is extremely expensive and was not released until most warranties were already expired.

    With our custom head cooling mod, the coolant passage out of the rear of the driver’s side head will be complete thus allowing adequate cooling of the rear cylinders. This simple insurance mod will greatly reducing the chance of harming the head due to a heating issue.

    This should have been done from the factory to begin with, but it wasn’t and so we must improvise. Why risk harming your car? If you have any modifications on your car and haven’t considered necessary cooling modifications, this is the perfect mod. for you! It will pay for itself many times over."

    Maybe would work with the AVIATOR V-8. To find the products just run a search for "Mustang Cobra head cooling mod". I know that will be the first thing I do with the Aviator I buy. GOOD LUCK!
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    It should work since it's the same cylinder head and same symptom.
  • I was just getting ready to purchase a 2004 Avaitor Ultimate with 55,000 miles when I found this forum. Must admit, after reading through the comments, I decided I wasn't going to buy it, However, after a bit of thought, I'm not quite sure what to do. I know all cars come with some baggage especially when you purchase one with some miles on it. I had already planned on purchasing an extended warranty. This is the only luxury SUV I can find around $15,000 that has a third row seat and I really like the look, feel and drive. Should I up my price and go with the Navigator or even go with a 2005 Aviator? Any suggestions out there? :confuse:
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