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Lincoln Aviator



  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    Take it to a mechanic. You're in over your head. If you start changing parts you'll just be throwing money away. Better make sure it's not the head - check compression in cylinder 8.
  • Hello,

    I know this is an old question, but I'm having the exact same issue today. I was wondering how you resolved your issue. I need that part and no one has it anywhere. So frustrating.

    Thanks, Vince
  • I'm taking my 2004 Aviator to dealer tomorrow morning re acceleration hesitation problems that cause the suv to shake violently and not accelerate when I attempt to go over 60 mph. Started happening right after a recent oil change. The mechanics who did the oil change said it's not their fault, ran diagnostics and nothing came up. I know almost nothing about cars and after reading some of the posts, I feel like I'm in big trouble. Already had the heads and coils replaced by the previous owner. Any suggestions I can tell mechanics tomorrow?
  • I suspect bad coil packs.There is one for each spark plug.There
    have been service bulletins on them.The warranty on them
    was extended through 100,000 miles.There have been some issues
    with the #6 & 7 cylinders.My engine was eventually replaced.
    Here's to hoping it's just the coil packs.Good luck!
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    I thought the 4.6L still used a single coil pack rather then COPs. Either way it does sound like a coil problem but could also be a clogged fuel filter or fuel pump.
  • Thanks abtrman. Fingers crossed.
  • I believe the engine was redesigned to address the overheating
    in the 6 & 7 cylinders.Perhaps the coil configuration was changed
    as well? I agree that it could fuel related but this has happened
    to me with 6 coils.My has had the same problem with 4 coils
    on her 5.4l expedition.
  • Abtrman and akirby- you were right on- coils and clogged fuel injector- you guys are awesome! The cost to replace some coils (and some spark plugs) and flush the system came out to $1,100 which I can afford. Can't wait to get my baby back purrin like a kitten. Thanks; I was relieved to hear it from the mechanic today because u gave me a heads up. Thank you again for the fast responses and you were dead on target.
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