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Volkswagen Beetle Body Work Problems



  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Take the car to another dealer as it is still under warranty. I would take it to a VW dealer that also has a body shop. Maybe their body shop personnel are more familiar with such problems becuase they fix wrecked cars and know the roof mechanism better than regular technicians.
  • Help! I love my car- I do, but I have to say I hate VW. My auto tranny was running rough and I took it to the dealer who (of course) said I must replace the tranny altogether for a whopping $6500. I took it to Aamco for a second opinion who told me that VW won't release the codes for the diagnostics and won't even sell parts for the tranny's on their new models- it's all or nothing! They took it apart to confirm it couldn't be fixed and told me the inside was burned out. They also confirmed the cost of at least $6k!

    My car is 3.5 years old and has $75K miles. It's TOO SOON to be dealing with this! As hard as I try to find a creplacement I just can't find a car I like so I think I'm going ahead with the repairs. Can I bargain them down? Do I have any rights to have VW help with any of the cost? What can I do? I feel like a total sucker and I'm so afraid to poor $7k into this car only to have more issues.

  • geco1geco1 Posts: 1
    I did little research before purchasing this brand new cool Geco Green convertabile off the dealer floor - felt confidant that from all I have read purchasing a forign car for the first time no quality problems. After reading and doing some research I am now getting nervous - if there is a problem will it be honored under warrenty - sounds like VW might not be too customer friendly. Any expeienced VW owners have good experience?
  • denasdenas Posts: 1
    I am currently looking for a new vehicle and I really like the VW NBC, but I am a bit weary of purchasing one after reviewing problems people have had with them. I am just looking for some advice, is the car worth the potential trouble....or should I cave and go for a toyota instead?
  • jodonyjodony Posts: 4
    Hey denas - Well these things happen with every type of car now and then I guess. I have had a beautiful Harvest Moon NBC for 11 months now, and I haven't even been for service yet (5k mi so far). You will have nowhere near as much fun in any Toyota as in the bug... so go and get it! Good luck with your purchase!
  • dcm5150dcm5150 Posts: 7
    We have been having lots of problems with our 2003 Beetle Convertible. There were a few minor things in the first couple years. Then recently, the car had to be in the shop for nearly THREE weeks as the drivers door basically fell off. At least it was under warranty.

    Now, 1 week after warranty experied, the rear passaenger window won't move. Took it in to the dealer and they want $900 to "fix" it, yet they don't even know if their recommendation will even solve the problem.

    Don't buy this car and don't deal with VW dealers!
  • jrich3jrich3 Posts: 1
    I am the proud owner of a 2002 beetle that i got new for my 16th birthday. I love it so much but i have had so many problems with it, the check engine light has been on for a year and no dealership can figure out what is wrong with it and just recently i had to replace the water filter and all of that. I have been wanting the convertible beetle for some time now but after reading all of these posts i am beginning to wonder if it is even worth taking the chance on getting a lemon. As of now it is a tossup between a new beetle convertible or a new mustang convertible. I know both have problems but i just cant decide. Anyone with knowledge on both cars HELP!
  • jasmith52jasmith52 Posts: 457
    What exactly is a water filter ?

    My choice to drive would be the mustang convertible. The VW will likely be less reliable but potentially could have a higher resale value if that is a consideration. So you'll probably pay more to keep the VW running, but when you sell it you just may get more for the VW than the Mustang.

    - Just my two cents
  • jwinstonjwinston Posts: 3
    I looked a many beetle convertibles and liked them all but the repair problems...i decided to buy a used miata,6 years old and no problems whatsoever in the last year.
  • aladdinsanealaddinsane Posts: 182

    This is precisely why I'm leery of buying a VW, whether it be the NB/NBconvertible, or the new Rabbit. Negative reliability/dependabilty issues with VW in general, are the usual suspects or culprits, so to speak, which I don't care for (speaking for myself).
    As nice as the VW machines are I'd rather go with an automotive brand that has a better record in those regards, IMHO.

    I'm glad you dig your trouble free Miata!!! ;)

    Good luck... :)

    Peace! :shades:
  • I had a 98 beetle since 2003 I got it as a birthday gift when I was a junior in high school, I loved my car, last month it was parked in front of my house and some stupid lady hit it head on and totaled it. The insurance ended up giving me 6800 dollars for it, and given that my parents paid 7 thousand even, it was as if I had rented the car for 4 years for only 200 dollars, my parents bit the bullet and bought me a 2004 NBC 2.0 and I LOVE IT. we've had no problems with it, it has 60 thousand miles and is amazing. I turn so many heads in my car, and I must say, bumping High School Musical has never looked cooler. ha ha
    Sorry all of you have had such negative experiences :confuse:

    People looking to buy, consider this:
    Thousands upon thousands of these cars have been sold, and the comments you see on here reflect a small number of people, you're not hearing any of the good experiences b/c people who are having good experiences with their NBC's are too busy enjoying their car to come on here and post about it. So take whats said on here with a grain of salt.

    These car's are amazing!<3 :blush: :blush: :D :)
  • jasmith52jasmith52 Posts: 457
    Well what you say is true - any particular car can be good or bad. You may get lucky and not have any problems.

    The problem is taken as a whole late model VW's just haven't been as reliable as their Japanese or even domestic competition.

    VW couldn't make their cars fast enough in the late 90's. The cars were selling for way over list price and people were on waiting lists to take one home. VW had that envied demographic of the twenty somethings that would potentially stick loyal to the brand over their driving lifetime.

    And then the problems started. You can read about them here on this forum - just do a search. VW really blew it cause' most of the people who bought their cars in the late 90's would never even consider a VW again. VW sales although improving are a shadow of what they were and the financials of the company reflect that.

    So although you liked your car and apparently didnt have any problems, As a group your peers had a vastly different experience.

    Look where VW comes out in the reliability ratings...

  • I need some good advice...purchased a brand new NBC in 04, right out of show room. I fell hard but got a good deal and have had VW's in past, 3 times. Never any problems.
    NOW, nothing but problems... inside light comes on when ever it wants to, bells go off for no reason, one night @ 11:30 on a busy highway the car just turned off, couldn't even display hazzard lights. The trunk opens at will, doors lock at will, including locking my infant granddaughter inside with my keys. Thankfully I was at home so had access to my spare. Another night got home from work and car would not turn off for over half an hour. My son was going to come over and unhook the battery. None of my windows work, none of the electrical buttons work, in fact my driver side window has been half down for about a month now, waiting to get into repair with a loaner car.

    The dealers (I'm now dealing with my 2nd because of poor service at the 1st) say that my warranty will run out at the end of July, the date car was delivered to the dealer, almost a year prior to my purchase. Their reasons i) I got too good of a deal therefore the warranty will remain as is. ii) Part of the negoiation process is addressing the warranty, neither I have heard of before.
    Isn't there a legal agreement that if your car has xxx many issues it will be deemed a lemon and either replaced or money returned?? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
    Melissa 604 :lemon: :lemon:
  • jasmith52jasmith52 Posts: 457
    You probably have a case for a lemon law buyback.

    You didn't mention what state you live in. The state laws will determine if a lemon law buyback is available.

    Consult with some of the legal help available...

    Do a search on automobile Lemon laws

    here's a couple of links to get you started...
  • kay9999kay9999 Posts: 1
    I am a big fan of VW Beetle convertibles and happy to say, no problems as of yet. I just bought a 2005 automatic convertible and now need to sell my beloved 2005 turbo manual convertible. The ONLY reason I am selling the Turbo is that I injured my leg and am no longer able to drive a clutch. The car is in excellent condition, very low mileage and was always garaged. I would love for someone to buy her who would appreciate her as I did. I'm not trying to use this board as a sales area, but was just looking for any suggestions. I refuse to trade her in; she's worth much more than the dealer would pay. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thank you for any suggestions! Go Beetles :) :) :)
  • blanyrdblanyrd Posts: 1
    I have been addressing this issue with my wife's 2003 Beetle Convertible. The car is not under warranty any more and the front window shattered out. They say it is due to the regulator failing. Then the rear passanger window broke the cable on the regulator and just makes a grinding noise when you hit the power lock button. I took it to kalamazoo mi maple hill auto mall for service and they quoted me $190 parts and service. Ask the dealer about regulator cable issues? :confuse:
  • I have recently purchased a 2007 Triple White. Its a great car. No problems, other than I can't seem to get the white leatherette seats clean. Any suggestions? :)
  • Did you ever resolve these problems....?

    My wife has a 2003 VW BUG CONVERT GLX that has encountered the same exact problems. Rt passenger side window shattered during warranty period, but the Driver side rear window cables disconnected after warranty expired and VW Service in Greenwood, IN, said $400 parts & $400 labor & they would "replace" & fix the Rear Window....even though the Rear window motor did not need to be replaced...?
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  • My daughter bought a 2003 VW Beetle Convertible new. She lives in Phoenix and drives a lot of miles so is over her mileage warranty. However, the window motors on her car have gone out six times. Four under warranty, and then we had to pay for two ($800 each). No help from Volkswagon. Her mechanic just told me this was a manufacturer defect and the warranties had been extended for 7 years, but was unsure if this covered convertibles. Does anyone know? He said mileage should not effect window motors. I'm wanting to know if I have any recourse. :lemon:
  • momin87momin87 Posts: 4
    hi...i hear daughter also has a vw 2003 convertible only has 24,000 miles nad has been out of warranty for only 3 months...during warranty the window motor went out once...(covered) and last week another window went...yes..800.00. Im getting concerned hearing this. I spoke with VW of america and they refuse to assist. I will never buy or think of buying another vw over this issue...any ideas...Im wondering if we can get a large enough group together...migh consider class action suit??? be in touch. this problem is obviously not isolated to only us.
  • dcm5150dcm5150 Posts: 7
    It seems like everyone's window is breaking!!! And usually just out of warranty.

    Does anybody know anything about recalls, such as who and when a recall is declared (I assume its the NSTB, but not sure). I would guess since its probably not a major safety issue that it will be ignored.

    By the way, for those who have paid to get it fixed, make sure you keep your receipts. If they do issue a recall they should have to reimburse you if you paid for the repairs (happened on a previous vehicle).
  • Okay, I contacted VW again - no help. I contacted BBB Autoline - I'm probably not going to get help there because of mileage but going to try. I want to file a class action suit, but we need more people to respond first. Then, I'll figure out how to go about it.
  • Bought 2004 NBC Turbo at 35000 miles, at 45000 miles the convertible top had problems retracting and it was repaired under warranty, at 55,000 miles the drivers side rear window would not roll up, paid dealer $800.00 to replace motor, motor supposedly has a built in computer that allows it to work with the convertible top. Tow months later, the one of the cover pieces on the same window would not close when the top was put up and they wanted another two hundred and fifty to replace this cosmetic piece. I worked with it and it finally fixed itself. go figure. Now at 65,000 miles the passenger side window is doing the same thing, we are scheduled to take it to the dealer tomorrow, if they say it is a window motor we plan to attempt to purchase the motor through a body shop and have our friend that is a certified mechanic install it for us at a minimal cost. Sign me up for any class action effort to force VW to deal with this problem and yes I do have my receipt from the first time. Love the car, afraid to drive it, 26 mpg on the highway, great ride and great sound system.
  • OK...heres a start..I just got off the phone with VW of America customer service. This was the first decent rep ive spoken with since this problem began..He suggested that everyone I am aware of that is going through this window issue should call them and file a complaint and WV will look at extending the warranty and covering it!! call this number:1800-822-8987
  • Just spoke to VW to complain about this - passenger side broke last year under warranty, but it happened again on the driver's side yesterday - dreading taking it in on Thursday and seeing how much they're going to charge me...

    Call and let them know if you've had this problem as well, I'm sure it takes MANY complaints before they issue a recall!
  • There is also a place to file complaints online at the NHTSA.
    The form requires some detailed information about your car (VIN, etc) and requires you to coose from a list of issues. For the window is close to the bottom of the list, something like "Visibility: Window Side/Rear". The start of the form seems a bit daunting as they ask the date of the incident, whether people died and if there was a fire. The rest seems more like a normal complaint form.

    Anyway, might be interesting if a bunch of people filled it out. It might now even take too many if they start to investigate, I'm sure they can get repair records from VW, but we need to get investigation started.
  • Mom in 87 - Did you happen to get the name of the nice representative? If so, please post they are suppose to call me tomorrow or next day. I would like to talk to a nice one for a change. Also, I have a plan. I live approximately 160 miles from El Paso. I am going to attend the next Volkswagon Rally there, in my cute little 2006 VW (yes I bought one two, of course this was because I was unaware of the window problem at the time, she didn't tell me until she had to take care of the two out of warranty). Anyway, I'm going to put a sign on my car I'M CUTE, BUT BUYER BEWARE. I'm sure I will be asked a lot of questions, and I can take names of other VW owners with same type of problem. Probably get names for a class action or forced recall much faster this way. Also, just today I had two comments on my cute little car (she gets lots of attention, especially with top down) anyway informed both people I would never buy VW again because of dissatisfaction with this problem and poor customer service. I'm sure we all live in different parts of the country. Anyone else willing to attend a Rally?
  • Well today has left me frustrated. :mad: Frustrated that my New Convertible Beetle has been in the shop more than my driveway - and always with overnight stays without a loaner car. :lemon: The usual issue is usually a check engine light on, but this one is different.

    I pulled in my driveway last week, with my driver's side window down just to expose about 1-2 inches of glass. I shut the door as one normally would, and before I reached the back of the car, the complete window shattered - most inside of the door.

    My VW dealership has informed me that although my bug is still under warranty, that the window's regulator is intact and working fine, and because of this, the breaking of the window is attributed to an "outside influence".

    Basically, they are saying I am lying as to what happened.

    I am really frustrated, and not finished with this one.

    Has anyone else experienced this type of problem with the window?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,770
    I've never had this happen to me, although I can see how it might take place. Not sure how likely the following scenario is, but it's about all I can think of to explain it.
    With the roofline the way it is, there's not a lot to support the glass when the window is partially down. The door gets shut and the door frame stops the door, but the glass wants to keep moving. What's really stopping it is the top edge of the door, which sort of acts like a fulcrum. Must have just been in the absolute right spot to cause the glass to fail.

    I understand why you're taking it that way, but I don't think they're saying you're lying. They're just looking at the door, seeing that everything (other than the shattered glass) appears normal and functioning, so some "outside influence" must be the cause.

    Weird stuff DOES happen sometimes. :confuse:

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