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Volkswagen Beetle Body Work Problems



  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,770
    I've heard of other folks that this has happened to on other vehicles. But since it doesn't seem to happen on anything like a regular basis (i.e. no sudden rash of VW Beetle windows breaking on normal door closures) I would think the explanation has to be that there was a crack in the window that you were unaware of and the normal impact of the door closing was finally too much for it.

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  • vwforbwvwforbw Posts: 1
    I have a '03 convertible turbo Beetle that is falling apart. My headlights do not work on a consistant basis, my right brake light is always out. I recently had to replace the mechanism for the rear window for the sweet price $1100 (and that wasn't even at the dealership!). The frosting on the cake is now the top is starting to pull away from the window. Granted my car is 6 years old but it only has 75k miles. My advice for anyone looking to own a VW Beetle convt, she may be a great car to drive but make sure you have a large savings for repairs costs!!
  • I see a lot of problems on this post and really, c'mon, your cars are five and six years old. Unfortunately, owners are going to encounter issues. Does it stink that after 5 years there are repairs that need to be made? Yes. Is it 100% impossible to design for every situation/climate/owner? Another yes.

    Another part that comes into play here is that quite a few of these vehicles are purchased used and no one can actually tell how the prior owner used the car. People get rid of cars for a reason, mostly because of issues that arise with it. It is definitely no fun to be the recipient of these problems.

  • I have the same year model and some of the same problems. I tied my back windows up so I wouldn't have to pay 1000's to get that repaired only to break again. The window pulling away can be fixed. I used Rhino glue, bought it online, let the top partially down and glued it sections at a time. I stuffed several blankets under the glass to hold it up. I let it dry a good while, I think it was 2 days. Then I sealed it with black caulk type stuff from Lowes. So far so good. I think I did it in June. In my opinion, an 03 car should not be having problems. I have always had Toyotas and Lexus' and now have an 04 BMW and never had problems. VW should have to pay for all of these problems but they won't. A car taken care of should last a long time.
  • I would really be interested in a class action law suit!! My Beetle has 25,000 miles on it and the convertible top has pulled away from the back window. Rain gets in, I can't wash it, and now I'm afraid the window will fall out. VW says "it's no longer under warranty and they won't cover it". I say it's defective and their adhesive is bad. Everything plastic and/or rubber on my car has broken. The gaskets around the headlights and brake lights is melting!!! VW needs to take responsibility for their product.

    After reading these forums I see a trend that I believe warrants a class action law suit. If anyone is interested or knows of one that is started please, please let me know.

    These cars are not cheap, and VW should be held accountable for selling such a bad product at such a high price.

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,770
    The CarSpace forums may NOT be used to organize any legal actions. Please do not use them for that purpose. Posts along those lines will be removed.

    What you do outside of the forums is your own business and if you want someone to be able to contact you outside of the forums you can always click on the Forum Preferences link and change your email setting to public. That way, other registered forums users, and ONLY registered forums users, can click on your username and find your email address.

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  • How did you tie up the backseat windows? My drivers side regulator just broke on my '05 NB Cabriolet and am not sure I want to spend $$ right now and want to keep nature out of my back seat for now, Thanks. I have the seat, trim and speaker removed right now.
  • We used these small bungee cords. If you can send me your email, I can email you a photo.
  • I can't get a picture tonight, its too dark out there. I'll get one in the morning.
  • :mad: I just wanted to comment that I also have a 2004 VW Beetle convertible and am fixing the window... again... for the 5th time! After fixing each of the 4 windows individually, I am now beginning my second round and have am about to have the rear side window fixed AGAIN! The first few times this happened the car was under warranty, so although it was annoying to constantly be servicing the car, at least it didn't cost me anything. The last time was just over a month ago in August 09 and the dealer tried to charge me for the repair stating that this time the problem was "different" than before. After some serious huffing and puffing, they said they would provide the service "complimentary" as a "courtesy" to me for being a regular customer. I'm only a regular customer b/c the damn car keeps breaking!!!! I now have an appt for tomorrow morning to have the latest window repaired and I'm dreading the ordeal that will occur in the morning. I absolutely REFUSE to pay one penny for a reoccuring problem that they have previously "fixed", and a problem that also appears to be a factory issue!

    On a side note, I also had to repair the sensor that indicates a faulty (or disengaged) airbag two times (luckily under warranty) before finally receiving a letter indicating the recall! When will VW issue a recall on these windows!?!?!?!!
    Has anyone had any success in this issue?
  • mihaicmihaic Posts: 1
    Hi Don,

    My name is Mihai and I have exactly the same problem with the openning the trunk.

    How did you solve it eventualy?

    Thank you very much!

    Mihai Coman
  • I have a turbo new beetle convertable 05 and during my warranty had many prblems fixed- rear window falling out, broken parts on covertable, bad electrical issues, trunk latch, window motors ( 2 covered under warranty). Right out of warranty had transmission problems, additional window motors, and headlights/turnsignals going out. Good luck with VWOA-they too told me when I called to complain about their poor product-"no promises" I was called back and told- your issues are isolated, no other owners have come forward with the same concerns-and when I told them to go on the internet I was told that you can't believe everything you read on the internet!!! I will never buy another VW product-ever! I'm going back to Honda and Toyota-at least they stand by their product.
  • I have a 2001 new beetle and during this (Florida) summer, the roofliner has detached from the roof and now hangs down about 4 inches. The grey plastic liner on the doors also is detaching.
    Is there a fix for this?
  • I have a 2001 new Beetle and, over the last year, a large bubble (almost 2 inches in diameter) has formed in the paint on the driver side door. It is getting bigger! Is there a fix for this?
  • You can contact me about the class actions we have had 11 window problems most requiring a new regulator we have also had the airbag light come on because of bad sensor in the seat belt clip we also had the check engine light come on and it was the temp sensor and a turbo valve cover that were bad that time we have also had other multiple problems with the top and others that I can provide information on. Now the real big bomb on all of this is we have a 2004 beetle like the rest here but ours only has 34700.00 miles this many problems and it has less than 35000 miles on it. Now we have a new problem that is not covered in any way by VW we replace the tires on the car about 6wks ago 4 brand new ones and with in 6 weeks they showed wear like needing rotation so I took the car back to the shop that did the tires at the time on the new tires being put on they asked if the car was pulling to one side or the other or if we thought alignment was required and we said no and they said that when the new tires were put on they test drove it and didn't think alignment was necessary at the time now about 6 weeks later the car is at dealership for window work again and other stuff and they notate the wear on the tires so I went to tire guy and he checks the car and finds the camber is -2.14 degrees off he feels that with it that much off and it can't be adjusted into proper alignment that it came from the factory that way. Of course they are not going to do anything about it I am not done talking to them yet we will see what happens. So contact me if you need info about about window problems and count us in. Thanks trixhilda
  • "You can contact me about the class actions we have had 11 window problems most requiring a new regulator we have also had the airbag light come on because of bad sensor in the seat belt clip we also had the check engine light come on and it was the temp sensor..."

    We have had the exact same problems. In addition, we had to get a new catalytic converter. Luckily this item was still under warranty, but really, I have never even heard of anyone needing a new CC on a car with only 45,000 mi on it.

    BUT ITS GONE NOW!!!! We got rid of it, which is very exciting. (airbag light was still on when we traded it)
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,770
    The CarSpace forums cannot be used to organize any legal actions. What you do via email or outside the forums is your own business, but please don't post anything about organizing legal actions on the forums, thanks!

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  • I purchased my vw beetle convertible brand new and the top has been inoperable so many times and repaired so many times that I stopped using it a long time ago. Don't buy this car!! This is minor compared to the other issues, I have a lengthy list. My car has been in the shop for 145 days since I bought it! I finally got the time to submit a claim to BBB and lemon law.
  • wellsie7wellsie7 Posts: 2
    Is a class action suit going foward on the window regulator issue. I have had this happen twice already, costing a ton of money w/less than 35,000 miles. I am scared to put the windows down now. I have also had the air bag sensor problem, headlight/signal problems, and check engine light issues. The passenger seat will not push all the way forward so people cannot get in the back from that side, etc. Very disappointed. Will gladly help w/lawsuit.
  • wellsie7wellsie7 Posts: 2
    Sorry - I read your post right after I sent mine. Will not post on this subject again.
  • lrock1lrock1 Posts: 1
    I'm feeling vindicated after reading some of these posts. I have an '04 Beetle Convertible Turbo. Had the airbag light problem. Took it in to be fixed while under warranty. Came back on. Took it in after the recall. Came back on. Called to have it dealt with again and was told they'd ALREADY FIXED IT. MUST BE ANOTHER PROBLEM! The flap thingy on the driver's side broke off and shortly thereafter, the top got stuck - open, with rain coming and no garage. Took it in, out of warranty. Cost $900 to fix. But the airbag light was off! Can't open the trunk with the key. Have to use the switch on the door. But now I fear that'll stop working soon. How is is possible that one can't open the trunk with a normal key??? Get the feeling that this car is WAY over-designed and WAY under engineered. Did I mention that all this has happened and I don't even have 20K miles? I can't wait to get rid of it.
  • winklebugwinklebug Posts: 3
    I currently have 70,000 miles on my beetle. (One of the many mentioned in the stream of blogging beetle banter here) My warranty has finally expired...and that is upsetting enough...because I had to put so many miles on it to drive it back and forth to the shop--ugh.

    I ,too, had the trunk not opening--First by key--then by switch and key. And NO it was not in Valet mode...which is the option to take your key and lock the gas lock and trunk lock so that those things are inaccessible when the top is down or valet takes your amazing sweet Beetle ride to park!!

    So in 2 years I have warranty work done:

    Top flappy thing broke TWICE (47,000 miles and 58, 000 miles)
    Had an entire NEW CONVERTIBLE top put on (47,000 miles)
    Airbag sensor replaced (42,000 miles)
    Check engine sensor...
    Power Steering Rack replacement ...after having an oil change...and tires rotated...the problem started---started car the next day--grinding power steering pump. (67,000 miles)
    Window switch replacement (67,000 miles) becasue the windows weren't rolling all the way up after dropping the 1" or so when opening and closing door...
    Trunk release switch Replaced
    PROBLEM STILL OCCURING NOW AND AGAIN...they said it's something with the timing of the locks, blah blah blah...
    Center console lock needed replacing--THEY HAD TO BREAK IT TO GET IN UNLATCHED!
    Seat adjuster at the shoulder (the ones that drop the seat forward) Broke...was apparently glued back on...

    The driver side window squeaks terribly--it's embarassing and if anyone has a solution--I would appreciate it...They never fixed that problem.

    The second huge (and embarassing) issue is the entire interior console is coated with a rubberish black material--probably looked pretty cool when it was new--but it has degraded so much--it is just scraping off....If you were to take your fingernail and even lightinly scratch it--it removes the surface and looks terrible.

    I borrowed a loaner--a 2009 Beetle NON was soo roomy. I could really pack things in and my 11 mos old daughter loved the big window.

    Sooooo/...if anyone want's to buy my Beetle--please disregard the forementioned problems and contact me! LOL :)
    It is still fun in the sun....but not a Mom car! :cry:
  • dcm5150dcm5150 Posts: 7
    We got rid of ours! (2003 NBC)

    Besides the usual problems (airbag light, windows, headlights, front door falling off), we also had to replace the catalytic converter (at 40,000). Of course the garage first wanted to charge us a few hundred for the temperature sensor so they could be sure it was the catalytic converter. Then on top of it all, the shop didn't put the hoses back so one rubbed on the belt and leaked all the coolant out so it had to be towed back to the garage. Never so happy to be rid of something (the conv. top was about ready to completely break too!)
  • bpaigebpaige Posts: 1
    Have a 04 beetle convertible and already had to replace top due to back window falling out several times after dealer glued it back. Also, once the top goes down I have to wait several hours for it to go back up again. Additionally, after the top goes down, the cover plates stay up. Can't ever get those to go down until I put the top back up and then they retract OK. I have told the dealer this several times and they seem to have no trouble with any of it till this last time I had it in for the same problem and I was told they would have to replace both motors. Also my driver airbag light stays on. Dealer says the problem is in the seatbelt. All this will cost about $2000 to correct. The new top cost over $4000. I am wondering if a stronger battery might be what's needed. Any ideas?? After Road Mart put in their strongest battery for this car last year, the top and cover plates worked pretty good for a few times. I have had several VW's but am really disappointed with this one.
  • iucpa1iucpa1 Posts: 1
    I am definitely interested in hearing how you fixed the airbag light. The same thing happened to ours (I believe). I had a hard time buckling the belt one time and had to "force" it in - later that day the airbag light came on and has been on ever since. Curious to know how to fix it.

    Thank you!
  • Mine is grinding and leaving a mark on the window. The Airbag light just came on. I need to get it fixed as we need to sell as we need money. Any suggestions?
  • Mine is grinding and leaving a mark on the window. The Airbag light just came on. I need to get it fixed as we need to sell as we need money. Any suggestions?
  • jmr49jmr49 Posts: 1
    We just replaced top of our 03 Beetle Conv today. Cost of ultramax top top was $1200 and install from local auto upholstry shop was $500. Hated having to do this (top still looked new), but glass falling out. W/this top we get lifetime warranty on glass separation on 5yrs on cotton mid grade top itself. Total drive out of $1700 much less than was garage kept. I agree VW needs to change way they do apparently exists to provide lifetime glass happiness.....can't disclose vendor but use the previous clue.....
  • harry53harry53 Posts: 1
    I Beetle have 46,000 miles and have exactly the same problem. We need to do thing about it. Please advise me what do do.
  • trjrtrjr Posts: 1
    Am having the same problems and was told that no known glue will hold glass in place for very long. Before investing in a new top (crazycrazycrazy) was wondering how your repair from '09 is holding up?
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