Toyota Camry Owners: Meet the Members

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Please take a moment to introduce yourself and share some details about your Camry!

My name is KarenS and I am the host of the Owner's Clubs. Please let me know what discussions you would like to see in your Club folder. I will create them ASAP. You may want to take a look through the other clubs to get ideas for discussions.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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  • armtdmarmtdm Member Posts: 2,057
    Best Camry they ever made. Still rollin at 139,000. Still handles better then many new cars on the road, certainly better then the new breed of Camry's and the watered down version they sell as an SE now!
  • weathermanbob1weathermanbob1 Member Posts: 17
    Hello, I am Bob Clarke. I own a white 99 v6 le after market Classic Soft Trim Leather. I have 55,000 miles so far in in 2 years 1/2 years. I love this car. I pay 403 per month and never regret paying it. I am a weather forecaster in the Air force. I have been in the Air force for 13 1/2 years. I currently do weather forecasts for Operation Enduring Freedom. It keeps me very busy with 13 hours shifts. I am married with no children. I love Sci Fi and enjoy bowling. Have a great day Bob
  • ftx42ftx42 Member Posts: 4
    I just bought a 2002 XLE V6.
    I like the car very much.
    Only defect so far is a rattle in the dash while driving in high wind conditions. Anyone else encounter this problem?
  • ficklefickle Member Posts: 98
    Hi, I'm Linda and I bought a "watered down SE" as mentioned by armtdm in Post #2. :) I love my car. I had a '93 Maxima SE before I bought this one.

    I can usually be found lurking and posting on the Sedans message board.
  • minsterminster Member Posts: 5
    bought 'watered down" se v6 with package 4 and 7.wonderful car. also have 94 dx camry with 243000 miles--this version is much improved...
  • daveqdaveq Member Posts: 20
    bought a XLE 4cyl 2 months back. love it!
  • mackabeemackabee Member Posts: 4,709
    Hi! I'm mackabee. I own a 92 Camry Dx, 5spd "stripper" no power anything. It's my wife's car and we love it! Has 132k miles on it, just got it's first tune up a month ago. Have had a few minor problems with it. Had to replace the spark plug sleeves as they were letting in oil into the plugs and car began to run sluggish. That was done at the time of the tune up. Other than replacing the motor mounts when we first bought it, it has been a very dependable car. This is our 3rd of 4th Toyotas. I will also tell you that I have been selling Toy's for the last 5 years and would not buy or sell anything else! The best car for the money. I disagree with armtdm about the "watered" down 2002 Se. I've driven both the "old" SE and while an outstanding machine, the new one beats it "hands down".

    : )

  • mackabeemackabee Member Posts: 4,709
    I've been trying to talk her into a new XLE but she says it looks to much like the last generation Camry. (I think she needs glasses)

    : )

  • wanna2002wanna2002 Member Posts: 23
    I recently purchased a 2002 Camry XLE V6 - love the car! But, I too have a rattle coming from somewhere in my dash. It sounds more like a bird chirp and can be heard mostly when I drive over little bumps. Is this similar to what others are hearing? It sort of sounds as if it is coming from behind the vent on the drivers side, but it is hard to isolate exactly where it is coming from.

    Any input would be appreciated.
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Member Posts: 1,391
    I purchased a 1988.5 Camry V6 about four years ago with 60,000 miles. Four years later....200,000 miles. New clutch a few weeks ago (yes it is a 5-speed manual).

    Now I looking for a nice little hatchback (for my 100 mile daily commute), a Golf TDI (something about 600 miles before the need to fuel up again is appealing, and yes for the price of a loaded Golf, I can get a Camry LE for the same price, though I prefer a SE with a moonroof, 5-speed manual of course, 4 banger)
  • alyxalyx Member Posts: 3
    I have just been given a fully loaded 89 Camry for Christmas by an old and dear friend of mine.

    I've seen these cars on the road for years and didn't think twice about them by their "common" styling. But as they say, "you can't judge a book by it's cover".

    This car is awesome!

    I have one question for the members here, though.

    Does anyone know what the button marked, "ECT" stands for? And what is it's purpose?

    Unfortunately, the only thing the car didn't come with was an owner's manual. So I have no idea about this button.

    Which I guess leads me to another question. Does anyone know the best way to track down the right owner's manual for my year and model?
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Member Posts: 1,391
    Power or Economy mode

    Just a small difference in shifting patterns. Power mode shifts a little later.
  • ahossaahossa Member Posts: 152
    Call Toyota at 1-800-431-3331 and Customr service will tell you where to purchase one.It's probably the literature section of the customer service department.The number could also be 1-800-331-4331.It's one of the 2. Their customer service is in Torrance,Ca just outside Los Angeles.
  • alyxalyx Member Posts: 3
    I really appreciate both 8u6hfd and ahossa for their timely and thorough responses to my queries.
    I hope to be able to return the favour sometime.

    Thanks again!
  • jab22jab22 Member Posts: 1
    Who know's of a source for original brochures from '95.

    I just purchased a sweet '95 Camry Le V6 Wagon with 45K for under $9K... White, Leather, 3Disc, third seat, slider and very sharp.

    It's a classic
  • beethoven07beethoven07 Member Posts: 167
    I have a new Camry with 10k miles so far. I started a topic that's getting a fair amount of participants under 'Maintenance & Repair' called 'The practices I will use to make my Camry go 1,000,000 miles' I'd love input if anyone is interested.
  • wilcoxwilcox Member Posts: 582
    We have been very satisfied with it. It is now seven model years old but due to the careful treatment we give it, it looks 2.5 years old on the outside. Although I don't think the bluish/green paint job is one of it's strong points. It seems a tad thin to me. Since we do not eat drink or smoke in it, and we use deep well floor mats, and clean the inside, the interior looks almost brand new.

    Surprisingly, no rattles, and wind noise is acceptable. Once in a while the windows get a little foggy and we have to run the defroster. My guess is that there's some water...somewhere...just don't know where. Perhaps it is in our breath.

    With over 70,000 miles on it, the only things I've done to it is change oil, filters, change transmission fluid twice(just drain and refill), install new battery (old one lasted 5 years). No brakes put on yet, but we have the "click" noise when brakes are applied the first time after backup breaking. Toyota told me this was normal....

    The original Michelins weren't too good, lasting barely 17K miles. A set of Yokohamas didn't do much better. The Pirelli P400's have been very good. They track nice and straight too...which was a problem for the other two brands. I love the looks of the V6 hubcaps on this model.

    The door hinges on these cars have a solid (Audi) look to them. They are different than the 2002's. (Just a little observation on my part). Underneath the Camry looks like it was built to be rugged. Perhaps that's why many have had such great ownership experiences with the 92-96 models.

    I really like the smooth shifting V6. And it uses 87 octane most of the time.
    When it's time to go, it scoots!

    I dread changing spark plugs and wires and may let Toyota do that when I go in for a timing belt in another 10,000 miles. I have a couple of manuals bought from retail outlets. Each one has some conflicting information in them. If I have time I might tackle the plugs, especially if Toyota wants $275.00 to change them!

    I'd like to own a 2002 SE. I think they look just great! My fear is that because our 96 has been such a great car for the family, that my expectations may too high for our next one...thereby causing me to grumble and say how I should have gotten something an Acura.

  • sinjin_dogsinjin_dog Member Posts: 84
    I have 4cy with 18k miles on it. It is 16 month old.
    Good - Trip to Las Vegas (one trip with all high way so far) returned 33.1 mpg. This is with two adults and little bit of luggages. Using synthtic motor oil (and trasnmission oil).
    Very quiete and smooth.

    Bad - From day number one, whistling wind noise coming from rear right door. Took it to the dealer and changed window sealent but still appears at 60 plus mph.
    Car always pulls to the left at high speed (50 plus mph). Took it to the dealer and after two trips, dealer blamed on tires (General Brand).

    This is my fifth Toyota and has the most number of annoying problem/issues.(Corolla, Tercel, Tacoma, Previa)

    This is Japanese made Camry.
  • edfrsdedfrsd Member Posts: 2
    Just bought a "watered down" 2002 se 4cyl std silver. Love the gas milage, since I drive from Temecula to Poway for work everyday.
  • 518carmel518carmel Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1988 Toyota Camry LE V6 2.5 liter 24 valve engine. Anyway the engine is shot. Can anyone tell me if a 4 cyl engine can replace the one I presently have.
  • aditkoffaditkoff Member Posts: 7
    I purchased a '02 xle v6 camry in late january. It has the options #7 & 9. I wanted the v6 for highway driving and 4 adult loading. The car puuurrrrrrrs. Nicest car I have owned. Currently has 2600 miles and getting about 24-25 mpg on 87 octane. I am concern about the sludge problem I have been reading about. I should not have a problem if I keep to maintenance schedule (I hope).
  • tdi90hptdi90hp Member Posts: 20
  • tdi90hptdi90hp Member Posts: 20
    Sorry I screwed up above. My name is Claude and I live 1 Hr west of Toronto. My 1992 Camry LE 5 speed 4 cyl, just turned over 534,000 kms on my way home yesterday. (For thos of you who cant translate that it's about 330,000 miles.
    The car has been a joy. The Silver beauty has let me down once in 10 years with a bad igniter.
    Original exhaust, rear brakes,alternator, all electrics,and most other components. If you folks only knew what you are driving. These cars wear like Iron. I run it on Mobil 1 synthetic oil in the engine and transmission and it gets yearly fluid flushes, (Brake,coolant,Transmission, etc...) Plugs are done every 60,000 ,miles along with air filter and fuel filetr and brakes are serviced every 6 months and I KEEP driving her. She will see a 1,000,000 kms in my hands.
    Rustproofing and fanatical attention to simple maintenance and easy driving when it's cold and you should ALL have cars that might outlive you!!!
  • alyxalyx Member Posts: 3
    My 89 Camry runs like a dream. But as soon as it rains the trunk fills up with water. After researching message boards like this one and countless articles, the only thing I could find out about this phenomenon was that others were having the same problem.

    So. I resolved the situation myself. I traced the streams of water and found that it was getting in through the open seam at the top of each tail light. The solution was simple... apply silicone caulking along those seams and voila! No more wet trunk!
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Member Posts: 1,391
    Also another source of water leaks are the side body moldings & the rubber plugs in the trunk. More silicone solves the problem
  • rev4rev4 Member Posts: 38
    Just bought a black camry xle with moon roof, floor mats, trunk mat, alloy wheels, glass breakage sensor, and spoiler...........I love this car......
  • grivera1grivera1 Member Posts: 2
    Lady Karen and Toyota Friends,

    I am new for Toyota cars. Last August 2001, I bought an used 24,547 miles Toyota Camry 1999 LE, 4 cyl.

    Now by May, the remaining factory warranty will end. As I do not know if extra warranty would be a good deal because great folks tell ghost stories about ulcers when you need them, I would appreciate your insights to care my car by myself.

    Thank you so much in advance for your excellent ideas.

    Guillermo Rivera
    Thornton, Colorado
  • scrdnscrdn Member Posts: 8
    Hi, Im Scott and I just purcashed a 2002 Camry LE.
    I went after this car after a Volkwagon dealer severely low balled my trade in for a Passat. I teach Weather Forecasting at Keesler AFB to our up and coming weather warriors. Im married and have two kids.
  • i_luv_toyotai_luv_toyota Member Posts: 350
    I love my 1991 Toyota Camry LE V6 sedan. I purchased it in 1999 from my mother who bought a (then) new pre-restyle 1999 Avalon Platinum Edition loaded with everything (a birthday present for herself).

    I bought it for $3500 (Toyota dealer offered $3k) from her in July of 1999. It's Dark Blue on the outside as well as big plush Dark Blue cloth seats on the inside. It only had 70K miles at the time (only used for getting to in-town job and the grocery store), it now has 105k miles on it. Still runs like a top. I use it as my commuter vehicle (20 miles round trip) every other day and gets good fuel economy (25 mpg hwy.) for a V6.

    It still looks good after 11 years. Paint still has a shiny luster. No rust (unheard of in the NorthEast) or moldings falling off. Washed every week (or atleast every-other week) by hand for it's life by my family and now myself. Waxed every 6 months or so. Always garaged. It still looks and shines better than most of the newer Camrys and Corollas out there today. It literally looks like a brand-new car! It looks better than my 2000 RAV4!

    It has alot more power than my 2000 RAV4 which I bought for carrying larger items and foul weather, and alternate commuting (every other day) with the Camry.

    It's loaded with Power windows, locks, moonroof, everything but leather. I have since added tinted windows, security system, CD player and am ordering upgraded 16" Tires and rims (from 15"). It has VentVisors, too.

    I love this car and firmly believe that the 2nd generation Camry was the best ever built. The 2VZ-FE 2.5 V6 was the best V6 ever made, better than the 3-liter 1MZ-FE that's around today. This is also a Japanese-built Camry and has yet to develop a rattle, squeak, or a shake. This car has got me hooked on Toyotas since before I could drive (mother bought it when I was 11), and couldn't wait to get a license just to drive it.

    My first car (I was 17) was a baby-blue 87 Corolla. Had it for about two years and change and never let me down. A great car that cost only $1000. It was a great car, but lacked power (carburetor) and the body developed rust problems. Sold it for $750 and bought the Camry. Kept Camry and bought RAV4 and have both to this day.
  • sterlingwsterlingw Member Posts: 1
    I love my 1990 CamryLE(4cyl). Its white w/ black trim, and has a velvety blue frabric that really can't be found in the cars of today.

    I bought it off my parents when I went to college. I was 13 when my parents purchased it in mid-1989.

    When I got it in 1998, it had 70,000 miles on it, now it has 106,000. Used primarly for commuting.

    I believe my Camry and other 2nd gen camrys were the best made, due to the reliablity and styling.

    I plan on getting a new car, but I really dont want to let go of this life long companion.
  • silversolarasilversolara Member Posts: 113
    38K miles and still a wonderful car. No problems with manual tranny, drive train, electricals, but... paint chips. Got about 10 of 'em. The touch-up paint works for me. Hey WebG/CurlyQ - hope things work out for you both!
  • hallagehallage Member Posts: 24
    I was thinking of getting a new camry. What do you feel about the comfort of the driver's seat?

  • jake696jake696 Member Posts: 111
    Bought my '99 new in July of that year. I feel in love with the pick-up and handling of the Toyota after years in the dark, driving a Ford Tortoise. I've never owned a quicker, smoother, reliable car. I've got 65K on it now, it's paid off and I drive it hard. I've hit 120+ mph more than once with it out in the "West River" region of our fine prairie state. No "geling" issues and little contact with the dealer, it just goes!

    The original tires were crap (28K) and the seat can be uncomfy for a large guy. At times I wish the driver area were bigger, but then it wouldn't be so nimble...and when I step on that pedal it justs feels good. Hard to tell when it shifts, it's so smooth!

    I'm not thrilled with the (normal service interval) idea that I'm supposed to take it to the dealer @60K for a (300.00+) timing belt. My intuition tells me that if it ain't broke...

    Oh...AND...My toyota was made in the Dodge Ram pickup was made in Mexico!! Weird, huh?
  • cjileongcjileong Member Posts: 9
    Hi. I live in Honolulu and we got our Camry on April 6. (That was the delivery date) btw it's not mine, it's my parents' new car. I'm still a bit young...

    Anyway, it's a 2002 Camry XLE 4-cylinder. Lunar Mist/Stone Cloth. Options are: side/curtain airbags, JBL with CD changer, 16" alloy wheels and the floor mat set.

    No moonroof though, that's my only regret...

    Anyway, it rides like a wonder and is a beautiful car. Except for the paint I took off trying to squeeze into a stall that a Thunderbird was hanging over. It was stupid...consequently I don't drive the Camry much these days...but it's okay I guess. Anyway, we just hit 3300 miles a little while ago.

    As much as I love the XLE though, I've been thinking recently maybe we should have gotten an SE. Oh well...
  • silvercrownsilvercrown Member Posts: 237
    I just stumbled across this thread. Can't believe I didn't check this out sooner. My name is Renee' and I own a 2000 Camry LE V6, lunar mist, cloth, alloy wheels. I'm sure you guessed the color from my screen name. :-)

    I just crossed the 30K mile mark and had the rather expensive service associated with it last week. I live in SE Michigan and this is my 2nd Toyota. My first was a 1999 Camry Solara that was stolen 6 months after I bought it. (boo hiss) :-( I bought this car to replace it and decided on a sedan instead of another coupe. That Solara was a beautiful car though .....

    My car has been flawless and you can't ask for a smoother, quieter ride. That V6 is sweet, it can go, go, go when the pedal hits da floor!! I love it, it's like a power rush. This car is a "sleeper", I see astonished looks on other drivers' faces as I zoom past them (when I decide to let 'er rip). It looks so conservative, elegant and unassuming, but has some awesome power and a lion under the hood.

    My only wish is that it had slightly better handling, without compromising the smooth ride too much. Earlier this year, I thought about trading it for something sportier, or with more unique styling. I even thought about getting some smaller to save money. Every car I looked at fell short in one area or the other, so I've decided to stick with my silver bullet and try to refinance it to save some $$$.

    Prior to buying my 1st Toyota, I was loyal to American cars, mostly GM and Ford. Being born and raised in this area, I felt obligated to support the "Big 3". I always admired Toyotas and their reputation for quality and reliability is what won me over. My Camry was a good choice for me and I have buried my "buyer's remorse" that I once had. I did consider the Accord back in 1999, but I just wasn't as comfortable in the driver's seat (the steering wheel was too low). The Camry simply felt better to me and I felt at home right away.

    I expect to continue enjoying troublefree and happy motoring for years to come. I am happy to meet other Camry owners here on this board.
  • jake696jake696 Member Posts: 111
    Renee' bury that guilt! My parents and family are all native Detroiter's with auto industry job experience that goes back three generations now. As I've already posted, my Toyota (and yours) WAS built in the USA by quality American (non-UAW) labor. -We could spent lots of time talking about how the UAW shoots themselves in the foot...but I just wanted to mention again that my Dodge truck was built in MEXICO! ???????????

    Also.......I rented a 4 cyl '02 Camry for the last few days and drove it over 500 miles in IA, NE and SD for work. I noticed that it was also an awesome car, built very tight and the 4cyl was very peppy! In fact, I believe it would beat out the 6 cyl. '02 V-Tech garbage Ford Tortoise they rented me a few weeks back! I know it was faster than my old '90 Ford Tortoise 3 liter V-6...I had no trouble hitting 110 mph out here on the prairie w/ the Camry 4 cyl...I rent cars every month for work, I try to get a Honda, Toyota or Nissan...I have yet to drive a bad one! I was a dedicated American car owner until I replaced 3 trannys in my Ford Tortise and was abused by the dealer and company. I'm sooooo glad I've seen the light!! Check where your so-called American car is actually built and where the components are made! It may surprise you as much as if you check the sticker on the seemingly "foreign car" as well. Hammer down!
  • yukonmommayukonmomma Member Posts: 3
    I have a 1999 camry. I hate the painted plastic bumpers. I have been bumped into in parking lots and the plastic and paint cracks. I wonder if anyone knows how to fix this or if it can be fixed.
  • andeeandee Member Posts: 2
    Hello, my name is Susan and I just purchased my first Toyota last Monday (09/30/02). So far, I love my new Solara. I have a 2002 black V6 SLE. I have previously owned Hondas, Nissans, Subarus and Acuras. It will be interesting to compare this car as it ages to my previous vehicles. I'm looking forward to reading this board and hope to learn a lot about my new car. The one thing I have picked up so far, is that I think I need to invest in a leather nose mask for the front end - seems folks think the paint chips too easily.
  • jake696jake696 Member Posts: 111
    I would suggest that depending on the region of the country you live in and the type of driving you do, determines the importance of buying what is called a "bra" for your new Solara. If you live where winter driving means lots of salt and wet weather...such as the Great Lakes region of the US, the bra actually creates a rust trap. If you do lots of highway or interstate travel in rural areas, like the Great Plains states, where high winds and lots of gravel are present...get the protection!
  • alteregonycalteregonyc Member Posts: 3
    I'm "J" and have recently purchased a 2002 Toyota Camry LE V6. I've owned, in order of purchase, a hand-me-down 70s Olds, an Oldsmobile Cutless Ciera, Lexus ES250, Honda Accord, Nissan Maxima... and now a shiny phantom gray Camry. Camry's been good so far-- but haven't been able to really test it on a long roadtrip yet. Eh, it's one of the disadvantages of living in NYC, I guess. I look forward to informative discussions.
  • rexallen13rexallen13 Member Posts: 8
    I recently purchased a 2002 Camry LE-4cyl. I love the car. It is very well built and I hope to have many trouble free driving miles. This is my second Toyota. I also have a 2001 Sienna. This was the first foreign car I ever owned. I'm very impressed.
  • melikescarsmelikescars Member Posts: 2
    GOts 363 miles on it, I loves my car, first new car for me Interior looks almost like my sisters lexus gs300. Quieter and prettier then the accords i test drove plus bought it from fleet so didnt have to put up with annoying salesmen.
  • camrytimes2camrytimes2 Member Posts: 31
    I have a white 4-cylinder 2003 Camry LE with just one option...floor mats!

    Previously, I had a white 4-cylinder 1997 Camry that was the best car that I have owned with only the following services over the course of 100k miles:

    1) Oil & filter changes every 3k miles (by self)
    2) 60k maintenance (included timing belt)
    3) One new set of Michelin tires
    4) One new battery as preventative maintenance
    5) Brake pads replaced once at 91k miles!!!!

    That's it. Nothing ever broke or leaked. It was a very early production model from Kentucky. In fact, it was the first 1997 Camry that I had seen.

    I thought for years that I would eventually upgrade to a V6. However, when the time came, I felt that the 2.4 liter I4 was more contemporary as compared to the aging but still very nice V6. Plus, after having timing belts fail prematurely on 2 Hondas (which I bought new), I was attracted to the idea of a timing chain. Had the 2.4 liter I4 not been introduced, I would own a V6 today.

    Personal observations of 1997 versus 2003 models:

    I disagree that the newer model is quieter. In my experience, the less complex cast iron 2.2 liter engine was more subdued (though not as responsive)during acceleration. At highway cruising speeds, both engines approach comparable refined sound levels.

    The ride of the previous generation was indeed floaty - and I enjoyed it after owning an Integra with a rather firm ride. While no sport sedan, the current Camry is no longer floaty. Some Camry critics have not caught on to this fact and are erroneously applying 1992-2001 ride qualities when describing the current model. Obviously, they need to take a ride!

    The interior of my 1997 was rattle free. Unfortunately, my 2003 is plagued with several creaks and rattles. Some are thermally sensitive and others are not. Oddly, most rattles are on the passenger side. Toyota has been aware of the interior rattle issue since the 2002 model year and has in fact not corrected the assembly quality control problems for the 2003 model year. My 2003 was manufactured in Kentucky during September, 2002.

    The annoying rattles have spoiled my 'new car experience' to the extent that even if they are eventually corrected (doubtful), I will not buy another Camry. However, I am not against buying another Toyota product assembled in white!
  • rjlsnow1rjlsnow1 Member Posts: 3
    My wife and I recently purchased a 2002 Camry Le V6. We owned a 2000 model before purchasing the newer body style and adding leather. On our way home from the dealership (about 1 hour out) we noticed some wind noise coming from the back left passenger door. We thought maybe the door was not completely closed or the window was cracked open. We pulled over and checked both, but could not find anything visibly wrong with the door. The following weekend we drove to Houston with my in-laws in the back seat. My father in-law commented that the door sound like it had an air leak/wind noise. The following week I took it in for service. Now four months later, and five trips for service I still have wind noise coming from somewhere along the left side of the car. As of now the two different service departments have no idea how to fix it. Anyone else ever seen this in an 02 Camry?
  • alohaetalohaet Member Posts: 4
    Boy do I love this car! The standard features are great for a entry level vehicle. The options I got were ABS Brakes and the Security System. The out the door price all taxes and fees was $20,700. This being my 1st Camry I like reading the comments of previous Camry owners. The color I got was Black Walnut Pearl. The best way to describe the color is, it's like Root Beer with a nice golden glow when the sun hits it. Have received many comments on the color. Any suggestions on how to keep fron getting those nasty swirls or scratches you get when you wash the car?

  • 2002camry2002camry Member Posts: 20
    I had wind noise coming in from the driver's side window/door or B-Pillar. Initially the service technicians replaced the rubber moldings around the window. But that didn't solve the problem. After closer examination I discovered that the window was not closing properly. As the window goes up, at the very last moment the window would shift slightly away from the proper seated position. When I alerted the dealership of this they replaced the regulator and window and that solved the problem. No more wind noise. Good luck in your investigation.
  • mja216mja216 Member Posts: 4
    I purchased my car in September 2002. it is a 2002 XLE. I love driving it, and yet worry about certain comments made about some of the problems associated with the 2002 camry. Am wondering if any of you have purchased an extended warranty for your camry. Have done a great deal of research about pricing etc, and have located a Toyota dealer willing to sell the 7/100K for under $1,000. Is that the best price you have heard and is it neccesary?
  • alohaetalohaet Member Posts: 4
    I just purchased an extended warranty from cliffy1 at kjtoyota in Springfield VA. I got this contact from reading the questions about warranties on this board. Check it out my dealer wanted $1450 for this warranty. I got the 7/75 for $675. Tell him that you got your info from the chatroom. Hope this helps. By the way you can buy your warranty at any Toyota dealership and it is valid at all Toyota dealers. Also you do not have to buy it within 30 days as the dealers say.

  • rjlsnow1rjlsnow1 Member Posts: 3

    I told the dealership your story, but they don't seem to believe me. I have escalated to the "customer advocate," but have not heard back from her as of yet. Hmmmm? I don't see how they are my advocate if they work for the dealership?? Anyway they are still trying to adjust the doors and add weather striping they seem unwilling to try the fix that was successful for you. Anyone have any good methods to push them along?

    Thanks for all of your help!!
  • 2002camry2002camry Member Posts: 20
    You can check yourself if you have the same problem I had. Look carefully as the window goes up. Does it jerk in any direction just before it seats? If it does then the window regulator may be the problem.
    Anyways, if your dealership don't believe you, they can call up my dealership Regency Toyota in Burnaby, British Columbia to confirm the repair. If you need more info, feel free to ask.
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