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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jhayesjhayes Posts: 10

    I'm hoping the transmission has been resolved, Toyota has ad enough time to resolve the issue. If anyone has an 2009 model, let us know how things are going especially regarding the transmission issue.
  • plknjplknj Posts: 121
    What transmission problems??? Have a 2007 TCH and have not had any problems...
  • iceman9294iceman9294 Posts: 5
    Here is the deal that I just got in Colorado Springs last Friday. I was very pleased with the buying experience and no haggling... After receiving this quote, the other dealers in CO could not match.

    2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid (White ext. Beige interior)
    Plus the following options:
    Carpet/Trunk Mat Set

    Comfort & Convenience Package Includes:
    50 State Emissions
    Leather Package Includes: Power Driver
    Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof w/ Dual
    NAV/Bluetooth/Sirius ready
    16" Alloy Wheels W/P215/60R16 Tires,
    Wheel Lock

    Retail Price: $32,331
    Invoice: $28,378
    Your Internet Price: $28,878

    laid down a hefty down payment 75% and financed 3 years.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    What transmission problems??? Have a 2007 TCH and have not had any problems...

    Do you read the threads???

    Technically the TCH doesn't have a traditional transmission and there are no problems with the PSD that I have heard of. However when the new body style came out in 07 there were several problems, mostly with the V6 models I believe.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter is hoping to talk with consumers who had considered purchasing a Hyundai Sonata and ended up purchasing another vehicle. Please respond to before Friday, May 16, 2008 with your daytime contact information and what you ended up purchasing.

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  • bkushnerbkushner Posts: 10
    Hi learnintofly, I saw the 22988 ad on walnut creek a couple of days ago. It has expired and is gone from their site. Do you have a copy of it? I want to use it for leverage.Don't worry,
    Found it!!!
  • tarugstarugs Posts: 16
    I'm in the market for a 2008 4 cyl SE, and I happened to saw this on ebay but was not ready to make a purchase then: - 3AMEWA%3AIT&viewitem=&item=260223927568&rd=1

    This dealership has sold other camry's at below invoice prices:


    I have now used this pricing for comparison on the internet quotes I am getting here in the DFW area. I contacted the dealership that posted this sale and they informed me that shipping to my area will be around $600. We already have a 2008 LTD HL and would like to replace our 1993 camry. Any thoughts on the practicality of buying from out of state and having it shipped for an additional $600 with the total cost still coming out lower than local dealerships?

    PS - Some part of listing shows it as used, but I have verified with dealer that this is "BRAND NEW AND NEVER TITLED" as shown in another part of description.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    A reporter is hoping to talk with consumers who had considered purchasing a Hyundai Sonata and ended up purchasing another vehicle.

    LOL, they should be talking to the people that bought Hyundai and regret it. Those that didn't buy the Hyundai and got something else really don't know what they avoided. (Sorry all you Hyundai owners, don't bash me, just go to your own blog and bragg if you want)
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    I don't know where you get your info from, maybe you are one of the few who got a bad car, but My Veracruz has been flawless since I got it. I don't regret having it one moment, I enjoy driving it, and I get compliments on it every where I go on how nice it looks and how the color sparkles. I have had Toyota's that had nothing but problems, yet Toyota makes a fine car. I currently have both a 2009 Camry Hybrid and a 2008 Hyundai Veracruz. The quality of some of the materials in the Veracruz are far superior to the materials in the Camry. Don't bash what you don't know.
  • loves2readloves2read Posts: 47
    this thread is about HYBRID Camrys--why are people posting prices for regular V6s???
    why don't their posts get moved
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,306

    Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience

    You might have got here through the Hybrid forums, but this is for all Camry Prices Paid...



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

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  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    A reporter is hoping to talk with consumers who had considered purchasing a Hyundai Sonata and ended up purchasing another vehicle. Please respond to before Friday, May 16, 2008 with your daytime contact information and what you ended up purchasing.
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  • bob_grahambob_graham Posts: 63
    Bought a 09 Camry Hybrid - UP Package - Carpet Trunk Mat set.
    Sticker with Freight = $27,359

    Concord Toyota / Concord CA had an ALL in stock sale 4/26/08 - $23,995.

    Had zero hassle. They said better pick the color and test drive quickly as they were moving them. Picked a Black / Beige unit.

    Agreed to make the purchase and they stood by the newspaper pricing. I think this was about $1000 below invoice.

    My guess, they were moving them to build up the allocation for summer when the gas hits 4.50 + in the San Francisco area.

    Had friends go the following weekend and they were told that was a one time deal on the Hybrids.

    FYI, I went to Walnut Creek Customs on North Main and ordered the Sirius Satellite. They do cars for the Toyota dealer around the block. The price was 1/2 of the price the dealer wanted, installed. had the windows tinted and a clear bra installed. Satellite radio sounds great with the JBL 440 system.

    The first tank avg was 40.3 MPG. This may be the perfect car for today's gas prices.
  • bkushnerbkushner Posts: 10
    Nice price, too late for me though. boo hoo.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I don't regret having it one moment

    I'm not familiar with the Veracruz. However two of my friends have Sonota's. It is a nice car but gets no where near the FE they expected. Additionally, you mention you don't regret "having it" and I believe my main gripe with Hyundai would be when I want to get rid of it. If you get the same resale % as you do with your TCH I'll be surprised.

    You'll also find on this board we love to bash what we don't know :P
    I don't plan to ever get personal knowledge about a Hyundai so I guess the articles I read and my friends comments won't allow me to form an opinion, so'll I'll now shut up and we can get back to Camry prices
  • alanmilleralanmiller Posts: 10
    Just purchased a 2009 TCH from in Chambersberg, PA. Drove 2.5 hours to pick it up and am very happy with it. Got 18mpg of premium on my way there, got 43.7mpg of regular gas on the way home.

    White / Gray
    All options (nav, carpets, etc.)
    MSRP $31,269
    Invoice $28,256
    Paid $700 over invoice
    Paid $200 to get color/leather combo traded from a dealer 3 states away

    Total with all taxes/fees: $30,488

    I was very happy with the deal. No haggling/negotiating. I deal with Wendell and would definitely recommend him.
  • nkaizernkaizer Posts: 25
    On my 09 TCH I think it came with DVD Navi version 7.1. I found a guy on the internet who created version "8.0" while keeping the old version of 5.0 enabling the override of the speed lockout device for the phone and Navi. He sent me the DVD for $49, plus $20 in shipping. It was a little steep, but it really ticked me off having the Navi cut out while driving. Anyway, the guy may still sell them on ebay. I asked him to lower the price for shipping, but well, no doing. If you can't find it on Ebay, I might be pressed into service of making a DVD copy and getting it to you. It's not an ordinary DVD. It's something like DVD-RW =+ or something like that. My office computer doesn't recognize it, but I'm sure Kinkos could copy it.
  • dodge1515dodge1515 Posts: 3
    Have been looking at 09 Camrys and hve been offered 09 Camry XLE V6 w/Nav, mats, stability Control, heated seats and smart key with MSRP of $31,870 for $28,500 including destination fee but plus TTL. Is this a reasonable deal or can I do better. Any in put would be appreciated
  • loves2readloves2read Posts: 47
    I think price is determined to a good deal by location--what is your area like--is the economy moving--how many cars do you think this dealership sold this month
    how many V6s do they have on the lot like this--
    look at the registration tag on the front windshied--at least in TX that is where it is--a car that has been on the lot more than a month should be moved--they have lost the hold back on it....
  • shand32783shand32783 Posts: 76
    First question is what are the incentives right now on the 2008 or 2009 Camry?

    Anyone know if Toyota will sweeten the pot on 2008 or 2009 Camry's this Memorial Day weekend?

  • west12thwest12th Posts: 1
    So far I'm three pages into the postings and appreciate the info --

    I'm trying to help my husband decide on repairing an old, old car ---
    leasing or trying to actually buy ---

    We have the April issue of Consumer Reports on the '08s and I've looked at a lot
    of cars and they don't feel comfortable -- claustraphobic -- though the Camry LE felt comfortable. How much are you all being guided by Consumer advice -- or are you all able to rely on personal experience????

    As a female, I would mention that I think most of the cars are very masculine ---
    and hate that they still have the "sporty" nutsy stick in the middle of the car--
    makes no sense to to me, especially as anything sporty!!!
    Every car --- huge lump taking up most of the floor space!!!

    Will check back in later ---
    Thank you!!!
  • steved192steved192 Posts: 21
    I'm wondering if Toyota will sweeten the pot this weekend, too.

    Also, does anyone know what the dealer hold back is on the 2008 Camry?
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Hold back ranges from $371 to $500 depending on the model for the I4, $471 to $560 for the V6, and $524 for the Hybrid. There are no incentives currently available on any model.
  • steved192steved192 Posts: 21
    Thanks for the info on holdbacks.

    The dealership I'm working with had some hail come through....I couldn't see any damage on the 2009 I was looking at, but he said there were some tiny spots. I'm wondering what kind of discount I can expect- they said that they had them all on sale because of the hail damage. If they want to move them and get new ones without damage, I'm hoping they'd really be willing to deal.
  • nascar9900nascar9900 Posts: 48
    Anyone care to speculate on what the availability on Camrys will look like this Summer?

    Will Toyota continue to build the 2009 Camrys through the Summer? Or will they shutdown for a few weeks, retool with modest changes, and call it a 2009.5? Then try to get back to a normal model year schedule with a 2010?

    I'm in the market for a I4 Camry SE, and can wait for the best time to buy.
  • toycar12toycar12 Posts: 5
    3300 off MSRP is not bad. But your Camry is not in high demand, I think you can ask for more. More options = more mark ups
  • steved192steved192 Posts: 21
    I've got a quote on a 2009 XLE 4 cylinder. It has some minor hail damage. MSRP is $26413 and they say they have it "on sale" for $23988 plus TTL. Invoice is $22383. I'm trying to figure out what to counter with...I've also thought about seeing if they would throw in DVD player head rests, window tinting and a spoiler...I mean, it does have some dings from hail, so it's not perfect, KWIM?
  • loves2readloves2read Posts: 47
    the dealership has insurance--they are not losing any money on the hail damage--probably making money--
    ask them what they claimed for damage and see what they say

    they could not have totaled the car but you might be surprised what they did get off the value...
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Considering I got roughly $2200 off MSRP(Sticker) on a 2009 Hybrid, you can do much better than what they are offering. They are still making well over $1200 on the offer they made you, plus whatever insurance they got for the damage.

    OTOH, the same dealer I got my TCH from had a 2008 model TCH with leather and NAV with 5000 miles on it selling as new, and the best they could deal on it was 29800 OTD. The moron who drove it smoked in it, otherwise I may have purchased that one instead.
  • louisnlouisn Posts: 110
    Maybe the smoking was balanced by the TCH's low emissions. ;) I hate that stench too.
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