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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • camrytpacamrytpa Posts: 8

    Yes, it included all the fees and taxes. I checked my 10 yr old Buick (100k miles) on and in fair condition (it IS fair) the trade-in would be $1400. It has issues but I do have someone who will buy it for $800.

    So, out the door with fees and taxes at $22.5K, no trade-in ? I'm also paying cash but I don't think that matters much. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Shabbim - did you have any other upgrade besides the leather seats at $23k out the door?

    Sounds like I may need to do some more haggling.
  • btalmagebtalmage Posts: 6
    What I don't hear is that you know the invoice price of this car. ALWAYS negotiate from the invoice price, not the MSRP. Go to or edmunds site here for invoice pricing. Then only work off that price, not the MSRP. fMake sure it is a 2009, as the 2007 2008 V6s have problems worse than average per Consumer Reports. Also, Test drive a 4 and V6, the 4 is pretty peppy, cheaper too. Without mentioning the deal you have so far, call the Fleet Sales Mgr at that dealer (and a couple other dealers, and tell each what price you get, it is not a secret that you want the best deal and let them know they have to complete for your business). The fleet sales are easy to deal with, no pressure selling, they just give you a price from invoice over the phone (it could be $200 over, it could even be $200 under as they struggle to move cars). If told to come in, say no, you are serious buyer, but if they are a serious seller, then they will give you an invoice price over the phone. Don't talk trade-in at all, even if asked. You are to make a deal first, then work on a trade in price (the higher the trade in price, the less they are lowering the new price, it's obvious).

    Camry LE-4cyl invoice is $19655 (incl dest charge). Add the invoice price of each option, s(uch as leather is $1300, but $1009 invoice)
    Camry XLE-4cyl invoice is $

    You can also get a good starting place by going to, which offers easy price figuring and honest company. You take their quote and buy it, get online quotes then negotiate over those, or use to to get a lower quote at the dealers (remember to involve more than one dealer, make them compete).They will show you what price they would get a dealer in your area to accept. Since the V6 is not selling well, Toyota Corp was offering $1500 nationwide rebates on top of a good deal, but that deal expired July 7th. But maybe they extended it, as they often do, you can check with the dealer. You still have wiggle room, and V6s aren't selling well due to gas prices (even though they only get a 2-4 mpg less than a 4cyl says Consumer Reports, and there are plenty of V6 Camry's on the lots to choose from. Try for a better deal. Keep tax/license separate to see the true price of the car, since you'll pay that anyway, then add it in to see what the final price.
  • shabbirnshabbirn Posts: 6
    I think you can do better $22K out of the door would be very good!! i think thats around $1500 below invoice on the V6

    I got loan from a credit union for 60 months at 4.49%

    Contact Toyota of tampa bay internet team and i think you should be successful. Try to get them to put in the tint for you as well
  • I am also in Michigan and look for a 2009 Camry LE.
    Could you please share with us the dealer information?
  • I got an invoice for 2009 LE-4cyl with the following items:

    Vehicle 18532
    VSC w/ Traction Control 520
    Destination charge 660
    TDA 417
    Dealer holdback 428
    Whsl. Financial reserve 214

    I am not quite sure what the TDA, the Dealer holdback, and the Whsl. Financial reserve are for.

    Why did the dealer include these items and charge me?
    Should I negotiate to take them off the price?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Too much.

    Shop around for a better deal..........
    LE with VSC
  • Kiawah,

    Thank you very much for the advice.
    The number is very impressive.

    Since I am new with car shopping over the Internet, could you please advise me how the process will be if I purchase my car over the Internet?

    How will the shipping / delivery be?
    How will the documentation and title be?
    How will the sales tax be? When I register it in Michigan, do I need to pay Michigan sales tax?

    Look forward to here more advices please.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    There are a number of folks who have signed/mailed some paperwork, flew there, the dealership picked them up and the Marta station, they inspected the car, signed the final paperwork, and drove home (one packaged it with a sightseeing vacation in DC). I personally came very close to doing that, but my local dealer finally matched their price. They are about 4 hours from me, and across the street from a business location I deal with, so I've stopped in to check them out. I have a number of friends, a relative, and business associates who live in that area and have bought from them and very pleased.

    I'm not endorsing them one way or the other. You make your own assessment, although I think their business model is fantastic and the way of the future. I'm not associated in any way with them. They do however, provide an option to those in geographic areas where the dealers aren't providing that aggressive pricing. Very upfront, really no-haggle and aggressive pricing

    If you think you might be interested, give them a call and ask them how they can make it work. At a minimum, it gives you a price point to consider as an alternative to your local dealership. You know your local dealer CAN go lower, IF they want to go lower based on their desired profit margins and inventory costs is a question that only they can answer. Another alternative to consider, is to walk into your local dealership and tell them you'll buy that car for XX, XXX.....take it or leave it. But you need to be prepared to walk and go elsewhere. Most dealerships are reasonable, and will take a small deal rather than no deal. Just make it a reasonable price to them.

    I believe they give you temporary 10 day travel plates, and you register the vehicle wherever you live, and pay sales tax at that time.

    The point have options. Shop around until you are comfortable with the deal. Doesn't have to be the lowest price, needs to be a reasonable price. You don't want to waste your time to save 50 bucks, get a reasonable deal, get close, and pull the trigger.
  • Kiawah,

    This is excellent information.. Thank you very much.
    Your post makes this forum very helpful, especially for a new car buyer like me.
  • gaffgaff Posts: 3
    I am interested in purchasing a 2009 Toyota Camry XLE. Outside of Boston. Sticker prices is 30,414. How much over dealers invoice should I pay? Dealer did not give me a price.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    26,300 + tax + tags


    .This one is a little bit more expensive than yours
  • papa317papa317 Posts: 2
    I live in upstate NY. Not sure if I am getting a good deal on a 2009 Camry SE. MSRP $24,589
    The deal they will give me is $2500 down, $239 month, 36 months, 12000 miles a year. This includes taxes and DMV fees.
    What do you think? Thanks!
  • cmsgtzcmsgtz Posts: 4
    Quick question, did they give you an estimated delivery date?
  • papa317papa317 Posts: 2
    They didn't have the color I wanted in stock, but they are getting it from another dealer. Should be 7-10 for delivery.
  • btalmagebtalmage Posts: 6
    Anybody from NorCal area get a new 09 Camry Hybrid? Let me know what you got going out there in terms of deals. I'm in San Jose area. I checked with Fleet and Internet the first week in July at all dealers from Roseville and Folsom, Sacramento (Maita), down to all the SF Bay Area dealers. most wanted over MRSP, or $500 under. Costco deals in June were $650 over inv, now $1000 under MSRP, still not good, but too much demand. Only Sunnyvale Toy and Piercy Toy were locally offering Costco discount on TCH. Best deal so far is $1000-1200 over invoice of $28,503 incl LA, UP, CQ, mats (~$29,500 +tax/lic. MSRP is $31,567).

    To get earlier delivery, can't order what you want, but must take what car options come from factory, so either low-end or fully loaded Nav/Leath. Waiting is about 1-2 months, some dealers quote 2-3 months, but Sunnyvale has higher allocations. There are 50 on order now at the dealership, which seems bad news, but Prius waiting list is now up to 300!!.

    Ext Warr from Toyota (Platnum) 7yr/100k is WAY cheaper if you buy it online also from other Toy dealers. Priced at only $990, zero ded.

  • btalmagebtalmage Posts: 6
    buy extended warranty online for your TCH, not from the dealer, or use online quotes at least to get better deals. getting prices like $990 for 7yr/100k with 0 ded on Toyota Platinum extended warranty (the one you need if you have a Hybrid). All you need is your VIN number. There are 3-4 great dealers in the East that are selling at these prices, insted of $1800-2400! Crazy, people pay that, b/c they didn't know to shop around.
  • tclantontclanton Posts: 15
    What would be the best extended warranty for a 2009 Camry XLE 4 cylinder?
  • btalmagebtalmage Posts: 6
    If you don't have a hybrid or Nav, I suggest as most others, including consumer reports, that you do not need a warranty at all, especially these reliable Toyotas. I have 2 1999 corolla's and neither have ever been in the shop. Most will tell you the same. If you buy for peace of mind or to add resale value (people want to buy a car still under warranty), then spend the $500-600 to get the lower level plan (the Platinum plan is to cover hybrid parts and Nav, it costs $990 for yr/100k/0deduct. But you can get the 6yr/100k or 7r/75k miles, to save money, but depends on your yearly miles you expect to drive. You have up to the first 3yr/36k to purchase this ext warr, so no hurry... best deals are from Troy at ToyotaofGreenfield in Mass ( You can also check or, and you'll pay half the dealer rate for genuine toyota ext warranty. Or negotiate with your dealer to lower their price to the same. But do not mention to the dealer who you are buying the warranty from, as it causes him to get nasty emails from other dealers.

    Here is the link to the toyota corp's Extra Care Extended Warranty details ehicleProtectionPlan
  • james108james108 Posts: 34

    I got an LE V6 with $5500 discount on July 4th. It's a really good deal on an excellent car. We like it. :)
  • bnguyenbnguyen Posts: 2
    Does anyone have any experience in owning a Hybrid Camry? Is it worth paying for? What's the repair cost ...

    I'm debating on whether to get an Accord or Camry Hybrid ?

  • loves2readloves2read Posts: 47
    what do you think is forum is all about---
    read some posts---
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Lets see, 40 MPG, room for 5 including two in car seats, comfortable to drive, great sounding stereo, AC that gets cold(compared to the Prius). Yes it is well worth it! Did I mention 40 MPG?! You will not find a new Accord that will get anywhere near that.
  • okamuraokamura Posts: 3
    I am looking for a 2009 Toyota Camry LE V6 with only standard features in Classic Silver Metallic for as close to $21.5k as possible as that is the price I have been reading people getting on this forum. If anybody knows of a killer deal like I am looking for on a Camry please let me know!

    Here are my results so far in my search for anybody else interested in the same car I am looking for.

    Quality Toyota in Corona, CA
    The best OTD price they offered me on the phone was $24k

    Riverside Toyota in Riverside, CA
    The best OTD price they offered was 23k but the car wasn't going to be in stock until this Friday.

    Crown Toyota in Ontario, CA
    Avoid this place like the plague as they do not have the decency to tell you no over the phone but resort to playing typical car salesman games. They offered me 22k I immediately went to their dealership, they showed me a 4 cylinder and I told them to show me the car I asked for then they said they couldn't do it for the price they told me earlier. The "manager" told me the best he could do was 25k.
  • okamuraokamura Posts: 3
    Quality Toyota in Corona, CA
    They called me back and offered 23.2k

    I have seen several people on this forum in this thread get the car for 21.5k-22.5k OTD please advise if this is a good price I am being quoted or if anybody knows where the best deal on this car is. Thank you
  • go to west/south orange county. much, much more competitive rates. i suggest elmore toyota. they're a no-fuss dealership. i just walked in, asked how much a camry v4 was OTD, and they gave the price 20.5k. told them another dealer was offering 20.1k, so they decided to do that price instead. don't buy the alarm for 1k, and they should give you free oil changes for two years. for a V6, ask for 22k OTD. honestly you should have gone at 4th of july/memorial day sale. people are off work so there's more customers on the lots so the salesman will want to get business done as fast and efficiently as possible.
  • okamuraokamura Posts: 3
    I got the car tonight at Quality Toyota in Corona, CA for smoking deal. It only took 45 minutes to get everything done. NO hassle, and it was an extremely pleasant experience.
  • macno0bmacno0b Posts: 22
    Hey guys,

    Can i buy an alarm system on ebay and have it installed into a brand new camry 09 without having the warranty voided?

    I heard from the salesman that I need to have it done through them to keep the warranty status intact.

    I never trust a salesman before so I want to confirm with you guys.

    We are talking about $500 different.

  • james108james108 Posts: 34
    As I mentioned in my previous post, we got it at MSRP - $5,500 on July 4th. It's less than 21.5k OTD.
  • macno0bmacno0b Posts: 22
    Hey guys,

    Can i buy an alarm system on ebay and have it installed into a brand new camry 09 without having the warranty voided?

    I heard from the salesman that I need to have it done through them to keep the warranty status intact.

    I never trust a salesman before so I want to confirm with you guys.

    We are talking about $500 different.

  • rolypolyrolypoly Posts: 5
    Camry LE Automatic
    Only options were:
    -rear bumper guard
    -preferred accessory package

    I paid $18,588 including destination.
    Tax/title not included since that varies based off your zip.
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