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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I agree with lucky_777 here. I'll wait for plugins or at least more advanced battery technologies and proven reliability. For now, I have a 2000 Toyota LC for weekends, and for commuting to work, I drive a '94 Saturn SL1 4 banger that gets me at least 27MPG. For long family trips, we have the wife's camry which gets 28-30MPG on the highway. Good enough for me. I'm sure I'll still have my LC in 10 years and drive it around amongst all the electric cars with jaws dropping. :) lol.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,046
    There are plenty of Hybrid forums and comparison discussions..

    This forum is to discuss your pricing and buying experience. Any posts that are off-topic will be deleted.



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  • I just bought a Toyota Camry LE. with accessory pro pack which includes mudguards, cargo tote, and emergency assitance kit, spoiler, and alarm system for 21000 (not including tax, fees, etc.). I got 0% financing. I feel like I got ripped off. Is that a good deal? At 1st I thought it was a good deal. The dealer was pretty nice and since we were there around lunch he even got my family some food because we were there so long and wanted to take a break to go eat. Somebody tell me if this a good deal or not so I will learn to say "NO" even if they are nice.

  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Learn to say NO, and do some homework before purchase.

    The base LE car, with fees but not including tax and license, could be had for the low to mid 19K' range

    here's an LE

    The alarm might be a couple hundred bucks, and I don't know about spoiler costs but I would guess maybe 3-400. Mudgards would be about 50-75. In total all of the extra stuff might be in the range of 500-750.

    So everything except for state/county tax and DMV tags would be at 20K. My assessment would be that you made an excess non-deductible contribution to the local economy by about a grand.

    At this point, not a whole lot you can do about it, but enjoy your new ride. It's a great car (have an 07), and I'm sure you'll be pleased with it over the next years.
  • Hi, I am in the market for a 2009 XLE, V6. The best offer I have had so far is 27,330. (+ taxes, tags and registration) Includes - Vehicle Stability Control, Nav, Smart Key System, Driver and Passesnger heated seats. Could someone comment on the price?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    You can comparison shop online, by going to Check out different models, with different features. You can usually get a really good idea of what you should be looking for in your local area.

    It's in a fairly competitive geographic location, so they have very good no haggle prices. Those who live in CA can sometimes do slightly better, since CA is THE most competitive area.
  • I am looking at 2009 camry LE. My current best quote: $20,287.00 minus rebate $500 = $19,787.00 plus tax and title.

    Anyone can comment on this ?

    I am in Ohio, btw.

  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    19.2 to 19.4 at fitzmall, so you did very good.
  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 126
    Hi, I have gotten a quote for $19770 - $1000 rebate = $18770 +++ for an 09 LE w/ toyoguard as the only option. I was wondering if I should ask for less or would it be pushing it. I am in Tampa, FL by the way. OTD price is around $20,700 including tax and all fees
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Many dealerships in Fla have like a 600 dealer fee, right? If so, that's taking your 18770 up to 19370
  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 126
    yeah, thats all included though in my OTD price of $20,650, ($599 by the way)
  • are you financing it through them? If so are they giving you 0% interest rate?
  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 126
    Havent spoke to them about financing, but I highly doubt they will give 0% unless someone here has heard of such a thing on a discounted car. Will let everyone know if we end up going with the offer.
  • I was offered a quote of $21,378 OTD (including everything. 5% sales tax) with 0% interest rate for 36 months for a 2009 New Toyota Camry LE with carpets and no other options.
  • kapkanimdkapkanimd Posts: 126
    I dont know what state you are in, but that is about 1000 more than my quote and mine included toyoguard, and another difference is my tax is 7%, still not that bad though, good with the 0% if you can afford the payments for 36 months
  • should a camry engine with 193000 on it be trusted mechanicly a 2001 wagon multi point injection
  • I am in Mississippi. Is your quote includes 0% interest?
    If yes, you got a great deal hands down. If not, my deal is better because the interest within 3 years will be for sure over $1500.
  • lucky_777lucky_777 Posts: 205
    don't forget to deduct income tax from your interest.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,046
    Hi, mancpete.. welcome to CarSpace!

    Since this is a pricing discussion, you might have more luck getting an answer to your question over here: Older Camry Maintenance and Repair

    Good luck!
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    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

    Need help picking out a make/model, finding inventory, or advice on pricing? Talk to an Edmunds Car Shopping Advisor

  • q3dq3d Posts: 3
    My younger sister recently bought a 2009 Camry LE OTD for 19700 (before Tax, title and license was 17,900). This is an automatic LE and she did not add anything extra to it. Bought it a Toyota Place in Garden Grove, CA. I have been doing the legwork for her. She bought it 2 weeks ago, after the manufacturer up-ed the rebate to $1000 for October. Hope this helps for all those shopping.
  • Today I offered $20,500 OTD (including everything) with 0% interest for 36 months and I felt the salesman agreed but I didn't buy because I want to try the 2009 Honda Accord first. It is a better deal than getting the $1000 rebate. I didn't like the dash panel of the Camry. It looks cheap and really doesn't match the interior color. It is stupid for the designers to go backward when they should go forward. The interior quality of the Honda Accord is much better than the Camry. Also, the Camry LE has no satellite radio antenna. It is standard in every 2009 Hyundai Sonata even in the base model!
  • Hi, macno0b,
    I want to buy a 2009 Toyota Camry LE too. I wonder where you buy your car. I appreciate any advice.
    I live at Skokie, IL.
  • I was quoted a OTD price of 27687.66 with 0% financing for
    2009 Camry XLE 4 CY WITH NAV AND LEATHER INT in Maryland

    Is this a good deal? Has anyone bought this model recently? Any feedback would be appreciated
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    you can easily compare prices in Maryland against You should be able to find a pretty comparable MSRP vehicle.
  • toddantoddan Posts: 5
    Just wondering if you ended up buying the car and what you ended up paying? What location?
  • Hello,

    Ended up buying an 09 Camry XLE V6 with tint, floor mats, and all XLE options. Smart Key, Sunroof, Bluetooth etc. I got it for $28K drive out with tax, title , license here in Houston at FT BEND TOYOTA !!
  • wenikiweniki Posts: 13
    First off I was hoping people could give me some guidance here. I've done a search and it looks like a couple months ago, people have been able to purchase the 2009 LE-V6 for about $22,500-$23,000 drive out (atlanta & cali). Is this something that I should shoot for in Texas? The sales reps here have been very negative about this edmunds forum telling me that people make up prices and sales reps come on here to throw in low prices for fun to try to get people to buy from them. :confuse:

    Currently, the best I've been quoted is $24,500 without the $1000 financial incentive. Should I hold out and wait?

    Thank you guys! I really look forward to any advice you guys can give.
  • waltchanwaltchan Posts: 124
    Please help me. I am going through one of the most unethical behaviors I have ever seen, and after all the price negotiation, the 2009 Camry LE I4 auto I liked would cost $18,600 before tax versus only $17,500 in many other So. Cal. dealers. The reason why it is more because the salesman made all kinds of stories telling me the VIN # starts with J (Japan), and they would need to charge more for it, even though the MSRP is the same in all other Camry LEs. Just because it's Japan doesn't mean a dealer should have the right to charge way above average LE price, when they have several J models in-stock right now. Is it right for a dealer to charge $1,000 more for a basic Camry LE? Or should I threaten the dealer to bring the price down more? This is at Longo Toyota at El Monte, CA. Yeah, yeah, I can't believe they are doing this to a loyal customer. This will be the last time I will do business with them. cry:
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    BS....your hunch is right....just move on to a different dealership. Better yet, make them a final offer no BS price of 17.5 (which you indicate you can get from other dealerships), and if they don't take it just walk....and don't look back. If they want to move iron they'll accept your offer, if not, you just saved yourself a grand by buying from a different dealership.
  • How much below MSRP is a good price to negotiate? Is is true that should alteat take 2 to 3k off the MSRP when negotiatin with the dealers. Wondering if anyone has purchased this model. I saw a posting for OTD price of 28k for V6 model which makes me wonder the my price is higher since it is a V4
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