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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Did he give $1500 cash back from Toyota? If not then, this what you have paid $19,898
  • If you re-read my original post, I wrote a check for 18,417 period. No complicated calculations necessary. :)

    I don't know what was or was not included to get the price to 18,398 +$19. This was the price advertised on their web site and that is the price I paid.

    I purchased it on what was the last day of the $1,300 marketing incentive, so I would assume that was factored in.

    FYI, Another dealer told me that there are more that 12 different incentive programs at their disposal, including some that are only known to the dealer. ex: Dealership volume discounts.

    Point being is that if you are comfortable with the price offered, I wouldn't be overly concerned with how it was arrived at. The price I paid was about $700 less than any local dealer offered. (see my previous post for numbers).
  • I contacted Boch last night via their web site, made an offer of $17,292 for a 2009 Toyota Camry, and my offer was accepted! Now that includes the $1,500 rebate as I will pay off the 36 month loan in 6-9 months. I'll sign the papers Tuesday night in Norwood and they will deliver to me on Wednesday morning in Norwich, Connecticut. By the way, the $17,292 is the Consumer Reports "Bottom LIne Price" and is well worth the $14. :)
  • Is that for a CE or an LE?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    and how much are the doc/admin fees?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Other than CE or LE, please also advise Manual or Auto ...
  • Can you please give me Ph# or name of the Person, I am willing to contact them . Thanks
  • Please reply ASAP to help us. Seems like there are many who are willing to buy from there including myself. Summarizing questions...
    1. Is it CE or LE?
    2. Is it manual or Automatic transmission?
    3. What was out-the-door price and its breakdown?
    4. What is the address of dealership?

    Thanks in advance for helping fellow community......
  • One more to add to list

    5. Does it include mats ?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    6. And verify that this is a clean cash transaction for dealer comparison trade, no lease, no financing thru the dealership.
  • josomejosome Posts: 8
    This is the Boch Toyota from Norwood, MA.

    I contacted them once.

    Anyone interested to make group buy from them? Count me in,

    I am in CT, Willimantic area.
  • Place is 260 miles from me but if its substantial savings and makes sense, I am in as well. If this goes through, we need to keep it transparent where everybody gets same deal and savings and not one guy pretending to be bringing in 3-4 customers to get benefits for himself/herself. I am not saying anybody will do that but just wanted to set expectations upfront.
  • josomejosome Posts: 8
    this is becoming interesting~

    team work~ :shades: I'm in

    as I know, Boch in MA is a huge dealer, but the review in dealerator is not so good. Anyone bought from them say sth?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Be aware the floor manager double-dip on dest charge. He would put the dest charge on the quote even the MSRP price had it included. If you protest he will scratch it off.

    Also prepare to sell the old car yourself, they will lowball your trade at least $2k - $4k less than KBB fair trade-in value.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,301
    From everything I've read, they are cheap, but you have to work your tail off to get that price... Screamer ads, last minute price bumps, etc, etc...

    I have enough trouble keeping my own deal straight, without worrying about 5 other people that I don't really know getting their deal..

    Either way... we can't arrange that here in the forums.. If you want to contact another member through their email, then feel free, but take it off the forums..



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  • Hi all, I am also one of the person who was talking to Boch toyota for the past one week. Looks like they won't give a dealer license plate, if you want to take the car out to another state. I live in PA. The only way is that we have to travel twice. Once for buying the vehicle. Then come back and register the title and get a license plate. Go back and pick you car. I dropped my idea of buying from there. People living withing 100 miles should be ok with this. Just an FYI.
  • 4rman4rman Posts: 30 it is 2010 Camry. Not sure how many has seen this but I have been waiting for 2010 Camry. Hopefully, we'll have more pictures soon. l
  • rik4rik4 Posts: 90
    not too much of a change. they keep the piggy grille although it is a smaller snout now. was hoping for more. it will have a hard time against the new sonata if it turns out looking like the spy pics.
  • 4rman4rman Posts: 30
    I like the new specs; 2.5L engine, 6speed auto, Bluetooth (phone/music streaming), Stability control and 17inch wheels for the SE. I wonder if the price will stay the same.

    You are right, it does not look that much different but if all these changes hold true, I would like to take it for test drive and compare it to the mazda 6.
  • Just got a cash price of $16,995 for a 2009 Camry LE plus tax from Sandy Springs Toyota. Sounds like a good deal. What do you think?
  • ls09ls09 Posts: 6
    I live in southern california, so no extreme weather and am looking at buying a camry AT. Electronic stability control doesn't come with the base camry model and has to be purchased extra for the LE. I am looking at the Camry becuase of its reliabiltiy and safety features, but was looking at the base model not the LE. Does anyone know if its really necessary to have the added stability control?
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    That sounds like a good deal, was that for the manual or automatic?
  • any deals in california--socal or norcal? the best offer i have in the bay area isn't anywhere close to some of the deals i'm reading about here. i'm looking for an le auto and most dealers are quoting in the high 18K range. $16995?--i'll take two!
  • Hello ralphwiggum1
    I am in Bay area too. Currently, I have quotation of $19500 before $1500 rebate for 2009 CAMRY LE. I am finding better deal now. When I find $17000 or around this price, will you join and buy two with me really?
  • vincent, i am pricing two different camrys right now, le and se. my goal is to pay 17K (or less!) for an le or 18K ($1000 above an le price) for the se. so yeah, if we can combine for a better deal, let's do it. please keep me posted. thanks!
  • qiangqiang Posts: 10
    I am also in bay area. I think 17K or less for LE is VERY possible!

    I once tried to ask some dealers to beat 17388 and 16995 separately, some said " if I can beat this price, will you buy it today" and another asked to be onsite to further discuss it...

    Keep me posted, please.

  • qiang, are you interested in being our third? i have to believe that our buying power increases with numbers.

    as far as dealers saying they'll give you a deal, but that you have to come in--i'm hesitant to believe them as i've heard way too many stories about deals falling apart and time wasted. i won't go into the dealership until i have the deal in writing. even then, i'll go in with the check pre-written so there's no funny business.
  • qiangqiang Posts: 10
    Definitely count me in. But ideally I want to buy a car soon since I am renting now...
  • qiangqiang Posts: 10
    Actually I am planning to visit some local dealers and only do the below thing:

    17K before any TTL fee, deal or no deal? :)
  • gbcacgbcac Posts: 7
    I also live near Bay area and planning to buy an LE/SE this weekend if get a better deal ..
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