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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gabbogabbo Posts: 22
    I don't get it....I'm not getting any dealers to go south of 20K on 2009s or 2010 LE's here in DFW?!?!?!?!?

    Can't figure out why. I'm looking for cars in stock. I'm paying a straight cash deal. I'm not playing hardball or being an a-hole. Seems like it would be an easy deal for one of the many DFW Toyota dealers.
  • sam1985sam1985 Posts: 12
    I am getting a LE Camry 2010 with leather seats for $21500+TTL. Is it too much????
  • sam1985sam1985 Posts: 12
    I think you are right. i am from dallas also. one of the dealer quoted me 21500+TTL for LE 2010 Camry with leather seat. Seems like it to tough to find a better deal in texas
  • sam1985sam1985 Posts: 12
    Does you car have leather seats??
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    On the 09's you should be able to get between $5000-6000 off MSRP as I've seen a dealer in Austin and San Antonio, now granted both have options that bloat the MSRP to around $24,000 but none the less that puts them around $18500 or so.
  • sam1985sam1985 Posts: 12
    i agree with you. i am shopping around for LE 2010 with leather seat. one of the dealer quoted me CE camry (leather seat) 19800+TTL and LE (leather seat 21500). All these prices include $1000 rebate that toyota have valid until 8/3
  • sam1985sam1985 Posts: 12
    send me details of your purchase at
  • sam1985sam1985 Posts: 12
    Hey when you bought the car under cash for clunker program did they reimburse you on 'scrap value" or they just reimburse $3500?
  • bjfromsdbjfromsd Posts: 5

    Where do you live in CA? Do you mind to share the dealer info? my email address is

    This is great price for a 2010 Camry LE Automatic. I am in Southern CA, and the best price that I can get is $19,800 plus tax and fee.
  • sam1985sam1985 Posts: 12
    i think it is a great deal. I am been offered $19800+TTL on this car here in dallas texas.
  • "Cash for Clunkers" goes into effect on 7/24 and I am planning on taking delivery of my car after that date. As far as I know they will be deducting just the $3,500 from my purchase price of my Camry LE. Do you know if they are supposed to give "scrap value" in addition to $3,500?

    No, my Camry LE does not have leather seats or any other options except Carpet Trunk Mat Set which I didn't want but every car comes with it.
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    Do you know if they are supposed to give "scrap value" in addition to $3,500?

    I think it's either not both.
  • Actually you get both the rebate and the scrap value.

    "The program requires the scrapping of your eligible trade-in vehicle, and that the dealer disclose to you an estimate of the scrap value of your trade-in. The scrap value, however minimal, will be in addition to the rebate, and not in place of the rebate."

    I am planning on trading a 20 year old MB 420 sel for Camry Hybrid. I am in the process of checking scrap value quotes. Just to make sure the dealer doesn't low ball the scrap value and pocket the difference.
  • Thank you for the information. Until I read your post I had not realized that the dealer is supposed to give me the scrap value. How are you checking for scrap value of your MB?
  • sam1985sam1985 Posts: 12
    As my understanding, they are suppose to reimburse scrap value of the car inaddition to $3500. They cant cheat you because the law requires them to disclose the scrap value as well. I dont think scrap value of mini van such as windstar ford would exceed $100, BUT in today's economy every penny matter. Following is what i found on
    "The program requires the scrapping of your eligible trade-in vehicle, and that the dealer disclose to you an estimate of the scrap value of your trade-in. The scrap value, however minimal, will be in addition to the rebate, and not in place of the rebate."

    Also, if any of you figure out about the scrap value let me know how much maximum a person would get on scrap value??? Any ideas????
  • I used google and found a couple of sites. Also, looked up some numbers in my phone book. I haven't gotten any calls yet. Just did it this morning.

    I guess it depends on the vehicle, but used parts on the MB still have a lot of value. However, don't get me wrong, my expectations are around another $500 or so.
  • piccopicco Posts: 1
    Check your 7/17/2009 newspaper, Toyota of Dallas has only one 2010 Camry LE for $18,495. Sales end 12PM 7/18/2009. :)
  • sam1985sam1985 Posts: 12
    there is only one car for this price. no one knows what color it is. there will be many like us to bid on that car for that price. i am sure this is just thr way to get business from all the customers and want all of us to be thr so that they can prey on us....what u think??
  • buyacamrybuyacamry Posts: 2

    From your screen name seems you are from SanDiego? I am here too, looking for a good deal for the same 2010 Camry LE Automatic. If Mike send you the dealer info., do you mind sharing with me? My e-mail is Maybe we can buy together be able to cut a really good deal ?
  • buyacamrybuyacamry Posts: 2
    Hi Mike,

    This sounds like a great price ! Is this price before or after the $500 "Loyalty Cash for current Toyota owner" ?
    I am looking for the same 2010 LE antomatic. Do you mind sharing the dealer information? My e-mail is
  • bjfromsdbjfromsd Posts: 5

    Mike didn't reply me yet. Yes. I agree that we can buy together. Check your email, please.
  • tjc5401tjc5401 Posts: 1
    Hello skboston

    Sent you email for information on 2010 Camry. Thanks
  • sam1985sam1985 Posts: 12
    hey did u figure out about the scrap value? One of the junkyard person told me it is $30 per ton and the van is about 1 ton so the value of the scrap will be about $100 because they will sell the parts. Any more details will be appreciated.
  • Never believe this Dealer.
  • sam1985sam1985 Posts: 12
    why what happen??? did you actually went to this dealer?? Detailss please!!! email me at
  • Here is where I mistaken. When they said scrap, I thought the car would go to the junkyard, be stripped, and unused metal crush. Since my MB 420sel has never been in an accident, I figured they would even reuse the door panels, trunk, and engine and tranny. However, reading into the program, most of the vehicle has to be crushed including the engine and drivetrain. So the scrap value does in fact be minimal.

    As far as quotes,I person quoted me $1500. However, I believe he is under the assumption it can be parted out.

    Another person said to just scrap the car. Around $200 to $300.
  • chris789chris789 Posts: 37
    I'm looking at a camry le without any extra options for $18,988(includes destination of $750)+fees and wanted to know if this is a good price? I'm in Santa Clara county in California.

  • patriclygpatriclyg Posts: 3
    Count me in. I'm at bay area as well. The best deal I got over the phone is $18777 plus TTL. My email is Thanks.
  • ppmmppmm Posts: 12
    Hi guys,

    I just moved to MD a few days ago from MA. I plan to pick up a new car soon. But my insurance is still from MA. Do I need to change my insurance to MD in order to buy and register my car in MD ? Do I need to have full coverage to buy a new car? When should I change my driver license ?


  • atlien3atlien3 Posts: 1
    Hi folks,

    I am interested in the 2010 Camry SE, 4cyl AT. I'd like to add just the Navigation system. No dealers currently have this in inventory, so it would have to be ordered direct from the factory with a wait time of about 8 weeks.

    My question is, how much can I realistically negotiate off the price of a car that is ordered straight from the factory? I've received quotes via email between $24,900-$25,300 invoice.

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