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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    hi folks,while i was looking at corollas at my local toyota dealership i noticed some 09 camry's they were haveing a clearence sale on..1 of those is a 09 base camry with the 5sp manual in metallic gold mist which looks very sharp.anyway,the msrp is 20,100.00 and the dealer quote was for $18, this a good price you think???
  • roy2001roy2001 Posts: 62
    No, the invoice you listed does not include destination charge which is $750. So your price is pretty good. I don't think you have a lot of room to negoriate, just my 2 cents.

    The reason I was asking is that you just mention the $25.5k price, I don't know if that is net price or OTD price.
  • roy2001roy2001 Posts: 62
    for $18.5k, you should be able to get a 10 LE auto if you work hard.

    Base, manual, and 09, should be $2500 lower than that price, at least i will only buy at that price.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Check and see if there is a rebate on 2009 Camrys in your area (there probably is). If so, then the $18.5 is OK, IF there is a good factory rebate from Toyota in addition to the $18.5. My area has $1,500 off of new 2009 Camrys.

    The $18.5 is not great, because invoice on the base 6 speed manual 2010 Camry is $18,688. The 2010 has VSC, 2.5L engine, 6 speed.

    I would see what Edmunds says the invoice price (not MSRP) is for the 2009 and offer $200 less than that, minus any factory rebate.
  • renew2renew2 Posts: 23
    Bought in Houston, TX.
  • Thanks AU74. This is exactly the type of post that is most helpful to us all.
    We know the exact total MSRP of $22,850 which includes the items you list.
    And we know the exact amount you paid of $19,288.

    So we can see you got a discount of $3,562 off the Window sticker.

    This is the type of number, the $3,562, that is helpful for those who are starting out and floundering around.

    From the Edmunds data, I have calculated the dealer invoice at around 92% of the window. Based on your 22,850 that gives an invoice of around 21,022. With your price of 19,288 that shows the dealers still have a lot to play around with ($1,734) in terms of the factors such as (holdback, advertising allowance, volume incentives, dealer rebates, etc.).

    So in reality, the dealer can go nearly $2000 below his 'so called' invoice price, and still be making something.

    Good info for the rest of us.

    Thanks much.
  • pn1125pn1125 Posts: 1
    I went to a dealership in Thomasville, Georgia. I found a 2010 Toyota Camry LE with added alloy wheels, upgraded stereo system, and bluetooth. Those options equaled about $800. Not sure what the sticker price was, but I remembered they knocked down $1200 from it. I am also trading in a vehicle that is worth $3500 from the clunkers program. After everything, they offered $20,300. We offered $20,000 with the floor mats and they let us walk. Was that $20,300 a good price? It seemed kind of high to me.
  • sunnyocsunnyoc Posts: 6
    $25.5K is the OTD price for the Camry XLE 2010 including everything. What do you think of that?
  • lbooklbook Posts: 2
    Hi, I am looking to purchase this month while they are offering 0% interest.
    Couple questions for everyone-
    2.5L I4 or 3.5L V6?
    From reading the messages, I will probably go without the navigation package. Thoughts?

    And then to summarize what I am reading, ask for 2000 less invoice to start? Looks like the V6 invoice would be 27,240 without navigation, so ask for 25,240?

    Thanks for the help!!
  • lbooklbook Posts: 2
    Is this for the 4 or V6? With or without navigation? This helps me-I am trying to get the same car. Thanks!
  • roy2001roy2001 Posts: 62
    I think you can look for $1800-$2000 below invoice. OTD price really depend on your states. In CA we have ~9% sales tax so $25k OTD for a XLE would be hard to get deal.
  • here in Northern Ca. it looks like the dealers are trying to "maximize" their profits by jacking up the prices of their vehicles when C4C is involved.

    some are quoting MSRP for the "special" internet price

    anyone think this gets better as end of the month approaches?
    also what is the supply out there like?

  • sunnyocsunnyoc Posts: 6
    We have 7.75% here in Cleveland so its only 1.25% less than CA. On 25K compared to CA we might be seeing around 300 dollars less. I am trying to see if I am not loosing like a grand or more.

    2010 XLE Camry 4 Cylinder base model with car mats only

  • fangyifangyi Posts: 11
    I have to buy a car now becuase my old one is dead.
    I am looking for 2010 LE 4 cyl Camry, invoice is 19,820. How much should be the deal?
    19,820+750(destination)+Tax+title-2000(all rebate and incentives) is the one to get?

    Thanks for help
  • Yes for a 2010 CAMRY AUTO LE, you should be looking at getting something for 18500-18300 + tax/fees etc and i think that should be a good deal. i bought it about 10 days back and that was the lowest i could find after negotiating with about 20+ dealerships here in Los Angeles.
  • Hi Mike,

    I'm trying to buy the '10 Camry LE and no one would offer less than $19,800 + TTL in So Cal. Maybe it's the C4C effect. I probably won't be able to get the same deal as you but could you let me know the dealers that offer you the lowest quotes? My email is gnad361 at if you can't post it here. Thanks
  • As another follow-up to AU74 post . . .
    Just yesterday (Saturday) I bought the Red Camry at the Chambersburg Fitzgerald dealership that he mentioned.
    I paid the Internet price of $19,288.
    The window sticker on this car was 22,850 including shipping and 200 for the floor and trunk carpeting.
    So I paid 84.4% of the window sticker.
    This is all before taxes, license, etc.

    And I am happy to report that the buying experience was about the best I have ever encountered in purchasing a new car.
    The Internet guy who sent me first reply to my internet inquiry on their website was top notch. Told me everything I asked up front and never wavered from anything.
    I was still apprehensive when I went in to close the deal . . . waiting for the next shoe to drop. It never did.

    I got apprehensive when sales manager came by . . . but nothing about 'mistakes' in the listing that would cause price to go up.
    I got apprehensive when the 'accessories specialist' came by . . . but nothing about missing accessories that I must now buy.
    I got apprehensive when they sent me into the 'financial closing office.' But nothing bad happened other than having to initial off that I didn't want any of the ridicoulsly priced extended warranties, simmonizing plan, etc.

    And, I got the new Toyota incentive plan of zero percent interest for 60 months. I was ready to pay cash . . . . but jeez you can't pass this up. I will just leave my 20,000 or so in Money Market fund earning a measly 2-3% . . . but whatever it adds up to over 5 years, is frosting on the cake.

    Now I will say that I got the last (for now) of the $19,288 deals.
    They were up front with me that if I wanted to wait for them to replenish their stock with more color selections . . . the prices would be higher. They never really explained why, but I am guessing it will be because they know the American brands (obtaining 25-26 MPG for family sedan) are low on stock and they can command higher price (for awhile) on the Camrys.

    So I just checked their site now and see that they only have received one Camry since I was there yesterday morning. They are only knocking off around $1700 bucks on it compared to the $3562 they were previously knocking off. But even that $1700 knock down is more than all other Toyota dealers were willing to do when I shopped around. Most are only coming down around $1200-1300 in my area.

    Oh . . . yes this was my first experience with 4 cylinder engine in this size car. I have had V8s most of my life and had V6 on 2005 Camry. But this new 6 speed auto on the 2010 Camry with 4 cylinder really seems to do the trick.

    I drove west from Chambersburg on I-81, I-70, and I-68. Went up over Eastern continental divide. The car ran at 2000 rpms in 6th gear. It only shifted down one gear (I think) on the uphill segments and ran at 2600 rpms. There was no engine noise at all.

    However, if you start out from a stop and floor it, or punch the pedal all the way to the floor at moderate speed . . . the engine will make a lot of noise when it has to drop down 3-4 gears or so. Much more than my 2005 V6 makes.

    But, that isn't they way I drive anyway, except to make sure I can merge onto the Interstate at the top of the ramp . . . so I can report that I am quite happy with the performance and sound of the 'tiny' 2.5 4 cylinder.

    Also, the ride was quite nice in the 2010 and we preferred it slightly to the 2005 Camry. Can't really pinpoint what made the ride better, but that's what we thought anyway.

    Still trying to figure out some of the new lights, instrument panel settings, lights, etc. The gear shift settings are also pretty confusing and not nearly as simple as in the 05 Camry.
  • More thoughts.
    I took some heat from another poster here for asking questions about his 'deal.'
    He advised me to 'do my own work.'

    But I hope my complete info posted above will be of great help to others.

    Many posts here are quite confusing. We never know from their posted numbers exactly what numbers they are referring to. We can only evaluate 'deals' when we tell each other the exact window price (and what is included in that) and then the exact price we paid (before taxes, etc., which will vary from state to state.)

    If we all help each other with this exact info . . . I think eventually most people will be able to get better prices. More info leads to power for the consumer and dealers will eventually have to start matching prices that others are offering.

    I can even see the day coming when traditional car salesmen will go the way of travel agents. Many of us, including me, simply do not need to be 'sold' anything. We use many means to search out info, and then we make a decision. All we need is to then get the paperwork filled out and drive off. We could probably even do the paperwork ourself by filling out some forms on the internet.

    My best to all car shoppers!! :-))
  • Hello everyone, I've been reading these forums here and noticed all the good prices everyone has been getting. I am being offered a SE with JBL/8speakers, moonroof, cloth seats, and the normal stuff that comes in the SE in the Ohio Area for $23,700 0% interest for 60 months , which includes my trade in junker $3,500, OTD with taxes. The MSRP on the car was $26,734. I was wondering if I was being taken for or is that a good deal for now and days. Thanks for any responses
  • based on what I've been reading here, I'm also looking into a similar model as slash316's. Could someone confirm, with a sticker of $26734 and a C4C trade (3500 not 4500) I would expect a good deal to be somewhere between $19000-20500 + TTL/Dealer Fees after taking into account the clunker and 0% financing.

    This is taking a 84.4%-90% value of the sticker.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    TIA :D
  • lavelilaveli Posts: 12
    Hi guys I’m new here so please take it easy on me.

    I'm trying to buy 2009 Toyota Camary LE 6cyl it gives me a MSRP of $24,215 and an Invoice price of $21,793. Now I know I qualify for two of their incentive programs which are the $1,500 and a $1,000 for new graduate.

    Can anyone please tell me how would I start the negotiations? Can I start from the Invoice price and ask for them to give me both of the Incentives (21,793 - 2500) would that be possible?

    I live in Los Angeles

    Thanks in advance
  • lavelilaveli Posts: 12
    Hi Mike,

    If you don't mind I also live in Los Angeles, if you can tell me how you were able to negotiating and maybe which dealership you got your car from. My email is

  • I am in a market for the Camry 2010 preferrable but willing to buy 2009 if the price is low low. Need a commuter car but stretching a bit from Corolla/Civic to gain some comfort. (Accord price is outrageous). Looking for a descent car in the DFW area (Plano/Richardson/Frisco/McKinney/Dallas/Irving etc.).

    Any suggestions?

  • jaemcojaemco Posts: 1
    I am new to this forum, so please bear with me.

    I am looking to either buy or lease (for the first time) a 2010 Camry, SE. I would like leather, sport package etc. Most likely the 4 cyc. I am very confused and frustrated by my experiences so far with dealerships.

    Specifically, How do I get the best deal? In reading this forum, I have discovered that I know little about the whole process. Family is not being helpful. I have noticed replies mentioning the use of internet sales... are they the best way to get a good deal?

    How do I negotiate the price- a % off invoice, or suggest a specific amount? From this forum, I believe I am reading that I can get residual values and MF from the general Edmunds site. Is this true and is there anything else I should be researching?I have found so far that when I go in to a dealership to look at their vehicles, they seem to blow me off because I am not with a man... plus, give me the "out the door" price with almost no discounts.

    I will not be using the cash for clunkers program (private concerns) and if I trade the current vehicle in will get very little for it.

    Looking for all ideas and suggestions, not the lines I seem to be getting from family and the dealerships... Please help!
  • I went to a dealership in Thomasville, Georgia. I found a 2010 Toyota Camry LE with added alloy wheels, upgraded stereo system, and bluetooth. Those options equaled about $800. Not sure what the sticker price was, but I remembered they knocked down $1200 from it. I am also trading in a vehicle that is worth $3500 from the clunkers program. After everything, they offered $20,300. We offered $20,000 with the floor mats and they let us walk. Was that $20,300 a good price? It seemed kind of high to me.

    We just bought a 2010 LE from Nalley Toyota in Roswell GA, and got it for $18,500, but it did not have the upgrades you mentioned. The MSRP on ours was $22,900. We also used C4C and received $4500. All in all our total cost ended up at $16,000 out the door. Sounds as though you could do better. We bought on July 27, so am not sure if the prices have eased a little higher now that inventories are lower, but I would definitely shop around, we did all our negotiating over the internet, and just went to the dealer to test-drive, and make the purchase. I know you are not likely to buy in Atlanta, but would NOT recommend Sandy Springs Toyota. There price was alright at $18,900, but the service was awful. They could barely give us the time of day. We walked in telling them we wanted to buy on that day, and we had financing organized, and hadn't mentioned C4C yet, and they really could not be bothered to make any effort, needless to say we went elsewhere to spend our money. Good luck!
  • Buying an XLE, loaded minus nav. I was thinking that 27000 out the door would be about right. I am in the Cleveland area. Do you think that i am close? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
  • au74au74 Posts: 4
    Congrats, camrylooker, on a great deal! I'm very glad someone here was able to get that particular car. Fitzmall now wants invoice for all their LE's.

    You actually did better than I did, because you got the same price plus the 0% financing. Ours was written up as 19,788 - 500 rebate, so even if the financing offer was available at the time, we would have had to choose rebate OR financing. We ended up with 4.75% from our credit union.

    I'm still confused by the $500 rebate we got, since it supposedly had expired two days prior.
  • what options did you get with your LE?
  • roy2001roy2001 Posts: 62
    Email is your best friend. Just send MANY emails to dealers around you.
  • roy2001roy2001 Posts: 62
    Do you know the sticker/invoice?
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