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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gtc7gtc7 Posts: 2
    Thank you for your opinion!

    I went on as recommended by spt3 and got pretty much the same exact quote as the one I received from the dealer. I will contact some dealers around and see if they can go any lower.

    Might wait until after the current incentive expire on 11/16. I'm guessing they will either have better incentives or extend the current offer.
  • 2010 Camry LE model - got a dealer quote for $20,700 + tax and fees (and 2.9% APR) . MSRP is 22850 . invoice is 19820+750 (750 = Destination charge) . TMV as per edmnunds site is $21,271 . And this is in New York. is this a good price or should I wait?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Hop a train to yourself about 1500 bucks.

    Camry LE 2010

  • ...I don't think you can get that price along w/ 2.9% but I might be wrong.
  • garpgarp Posts: 4
    I went and test drove an LE yesterday. Really liked it.. would you guys advice to wait till December end? I can wait if it could save me some money. Generally what kind of deals does Toyota offer during year end?
  • petras2petras2 Posts: 104
    Hard to say what toyota will do but in a recent WSJ ariticle, toyota camry/solara sales numbers for Oct/09 are third highest among all vehicles..also the georgetown, ky. plant is recalling/hiring me that doesn't bode well for extended incentives but dec. is usually a slow month so who knows..also you need to consider that the federal sales tax deduction on new car purchases expires at the end of Dec...
  • garpgarp Posts: 4
    that's true. I guess, it may not be as lucrative to wait, but can not hurt... thanks for the advice...
  • Greetings!

    Hey just got my 2010 Camry XLE, 4 cylinder, no leather seats, just the standard XLE.
    Traded my 2008 Corolla inwith 24,500 miles for $9,5000. The traide in value was OK, + 500 loyalty discount.

    2010 camry Invoice:______$ 25300

    Taxable Tota___________: $ 15.921
    Balance owed on trade/in_: $ 11.064
    Tax:___________________$ 995
    Dealer Inventory:_________$ 45.94
    Vehicule inspection:______$ 23.80
    License/Title____________$ 93.80
    Gap Insurance __________$ 299.00
    ______________________$ 28310

    Cash down_____________ $ 9.000

    Financing Amount $ 19,564

    Payment $350/monthly, 2.9 for 60 months. FYI: location is Austin, Texas

    Also added extended waranty for 100,000 miles/72 months for 1900. But didn't take the waranty cost in the loan. We've setup an installement for 1 year no interest for $142/month + 192 cash down to pay the extended waranty off.

    FYI: I'll drive this car until It fall a part just to justify the extended waranty.

    My objective was to say under $350 in the case you lose ur job you can still make your monthly payment.

    So know regarding the question to wait until December. I tried also to wait until next December but after Toyota publish his sales for October I decided to buy this month because there may be a high probability that toyota don't offer the 2.9% for 60 months any more specially on the camry. That why I've decided not to wait until december; 2.9% on 25,000 is way better than 6.5 % on 25,000. Just to answer the question about waiting until next month.

    So If you are looking to buy go for. Just because on the Camry and Rav4 the financing is not always offered and Toyota is selling the camry's the last couple months like bread.
    0.0% 36 months or 2.9% 60 monthsBTW on 2010 camry not 2009 So waiting may not be good.

    Hopefully It helps.



    NB: THANKS TO ALL who did share their purchase experience here on this forum because It's the only so way we, buyers, can find the light through the dark tunnel off purchasing a car by the dealerships. Keep on with that.
  • Congrats! Enjoy your new ride!
  • HI
    I am buying a 2010 Camry SE with sport package 3.5 L in MN. The MSRP for this car is $ 29630 and the dealer is offering 26500 including the $750 rebate. Since this is my first ever car in this country would like to know if this would be a fair deal.Should it be bargained? Any help would be appreciated.

  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Looks reasonable, compared to
  • gteegtee Posts: 179
    check prices. It seems to me that you can get much better prices in South East region if you are willing to travel there. Look at this link
    link title
  • Yes, South East Toyota usually have better promotions too, and they had a $1000 financing rebate while the rest of the country only had $500 to $750. Also, some of the SE dealers have access to base model which are impossible to find in my part of mid-west!
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    Please share the name of the dealership and location.
  • Hi Bob, That is a great price. Just checking where did yo buy?
  • it's first time i buy a car. i have no idea what should i do :cry:
    please share dealer name or location
  • Hey guys, I am looking to purchase a 2010 Camry SE V6 with moon roof, spoiler, JBL, leather, etc. Pretty much loaded except for navi.

    Do you guys think it's possible to score one for $25k out the door?

    Especially because of this economy, and Toyota declining, I was to get one for this price.

    Please advise!
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    since each state and county has different tax rates and DMV fees, that kind of question is impossible to answer.

    Try doing comparison shopping for a similar vehicle at, who have good internet prices. Add you local taxes and dmv fees, and that would be a good target.
  • Looking to buy a '10 Camry SE during the Thanksgiving sales. Have been offered invoice minus 500 loyalty cash from my local dealer. Anyone been able to also collect an additional 500 for the Dealer Marketing Support?
  • Article in news about camry- the findings says it is because of weather mats but how come it is happening only with toyota not other brands- something to research before making a decision.

    Toyota to replace 4M gas pedals that could jam

    he recall includes 3.8 million vehicles, including the 2007-10 model year Camry, 2005-10 Toyota Avalon, 2004-09 Prius, 2005-10 Toyota Tacoma, 2007-10 Toyota Tundra, 2007-10 Lexus ES350 and 2006-10 Lexus IS250/350. Toyota officials said about 4 million vehicles would be covered, including new cars and trucks sold since September and others manufactured since the recall was announced.

    Toyota also plans to make the brake override system standard equipment throughout the Toyota and Lexus lineup starting with January 2010 production of the ES350 and Camry. Most new models will get the equipment by the end of 2010.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    This is not the place to discuss this, but I have said it way too many times - this can happen to ANY car, given the right circumstances. Why did this get so big - because of the cell phone call - big media event, big news, big ratings, big income.

    How many times do I have to say it - use the hooks, and don't stack up mats, and there will be NO problems. I know many people want you to believe otherwise. I have two Camrys, and I will continue to use the mats properly. I will not have the recall done, because it is NOT necessary. The recall is to completely idiot proof the car from people who choose not to use the hooks and stack up the mats. What's next? I fell down the stairs one time, so I guess we need to recall all stairwells and make a safety net to catch you in case you start falling down.??
  • Happy Thanksgiving.
    looks like somebody work at toyota delership.
    so you are saying that people are not using hooks and stacking up the mats in toyotas only and all the people who do not own toyota's are using hooks and thats why not having any problem. read the blogs and search articles, the consultant in MA has found almost 2000 incidents related to this problem.

    you are so confident about your solution of 'using the HOOKS' that even toyota is not that confident about it and asking dealers to reduce the size of pedals and redesign them along with installing the Break assist system in every model from jan 2010.

    don't try to shrug the discussion under the rug by pretending to be the wise guy.
    I am also in the market of buying a camry and had a camry for last 11 years(excellent car, love it!! ) but when things like this come up, you have to research and find out. of course toyotas are one of the best cars and they will live up to their reputation no matter what improvement they might have to do to resolve this issue.
  • Happy Thanks GIving, It's funny that I am looking to buy the exact same car, 2010 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder. I live in Maryland too, $19000 sounds like a good deal to me, can you tell me the name and location of the dealer where you bought your Camry? Thanks, hope you enjoy your new ride. :)
  • got Camry 2010 at Oct 31th, auto, base model + "keyless entry" option + car mat, out of door: $20,500 ( include TTL, Dealer fee, every thing...)
    this is in south Florida.
  • Hope you enjoy your new ride, I wish that we have a generous dealer in MD as yours so I do not have to go around the town trying to find the best deal. Hopefully, I can get my camry at the end of this month. Can someone recommend me a dealer in MD? I LOVE CAMRY
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666

    in Gaithersburg, MD

    check website, good prices
  • Last week I leased an SE (Black with black leather) with the V6, Sport Leather Package, JBL with 8 speakers, floor mats, Moonroof and Rear Spoiler Package for $27,200. MF converted to an interest rate of less than one half of one percent. Payment of $339 including tax (CA rate of 9.25%) with 0 in cap cost reduction and including GAP insurance. Lease of 12K miles per year for 3 years. Was this a good deal? According to Edmunds true value and one other site it came out as a pretty average deal...but MF was incredible compared to other car companies I looked at (Nissan at about 3.9%).
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Wrong, I don't work for anything automotive, never have. I have said this hundreds of times. The pedals being reduced in size and the smart pedal (brake cancels the accelerator) are to make as sure as possible that nothing happens like the California incident again. With these fixes, people can stack up mats and not secure their floor mats and still have a good chance of being okay. Understand?

    don't try to shrug the discussion under the rug by pretending to be the wise guy.

    Never did anything like that, just presenting the "other side" of the story. The side many here (the haters) want you to believe is that Toyota is pure evil, and the worst company in the world. I'm convinced that they hope and pray daily that everything goes wrong for Toyota - sad. I don't post crap about other makers, because I see no need to, and I hope all makers do well.

    The consultant in MA is an ambulance-chaser.
  • Hello, I am leasing a 2010 Camry LE with a V6 and moonroof package. I am paying nothing out of pocket except $100 - $200 in DMV fees and my first months payment. My monthly payment is $250 for 36 months, 12,000 miles/year. Is this a good deal? If the region makes a difference, this was in NYC.

  • I'm looking at either a 2010 Camry LE V6 (Currently have a 2005 LE V6) and a 2010 Honda Accord EX V6. Seeing how my friend got it recently for about 25K OTD, these XLE deals and making me think. For about about 26k OTD, the XLE would definitely blow the Accord our of the way. Is this a price I can look for in SoCal? Also, if this are the prices for an XLE, how low do you think I can get a LE for? I got my current 2005 LE V6 for about ~20K OTD almost 5 years ago.
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