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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    edited December 2010
    You really don't have enough specific information on that vehicle, or about the deal, to know for sure. For instance, whether it is a 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder will vary the price substantially. When a dealership adds 'fees', it could range from nothing to 750 or higher.

    An easy way to do research, is go to this website = >

    Go to the Toyota section, look at the SE models
  • monimoni Posts: 8
    edited December 2010
    I am looking to buy a base LE in the DFW area before the end of the month. The best price I have upto now is 20K, including all taxes and fees. I dont have the breakup, but I am guessing the price without TTL will be 18.6K.

    Anyone else with recent price paid for similar car in DFW?
  • I am also searching for base LE in DFW area. The lowest OTD I have is 20500 with 2,000 rebates. Would be interested to know the dealer giving 20k OTD. Thanks!
  • Just bought LE with alloy rims, carpet mats and body side molding for $18575, OTD for $19640. After initial internet contact, negotiated with sales manager for 5 min by phone. I had done my research and knew what features were worth. Sale was hassle free. They delivered car with full tank of gas and gave me good blue book price on my 2000 Honda Accord with 160K miles. Would recommend dealer--Rice Toyota in Greensboro, NC.
  • laukolauko Posts: 4
    I am happy with my purchase of11 camry,silver,automatic (MSRP $21595) for $18228 ($16000 +tax,fees)out of door at Fremont Toyota. Great dealership in Bay area,Ca.
  • Could you tell me which sale person to contact? I went to the dealership today, and they refused to sell me the car at the price. Thanks a lot.
  • I`m trying to buy a 2011 Camry LE in Denver, Colorado, I`m getting a price of $22,500 OTD which incl 7 yr platinum warranty & 4 yr maintainence. This includes the new grad rebate and 0% APR for 60 months. Any suggestions/comments?
  • laukolauko Posts: 4
    edited December 2010
    It was one of two cars on add. (one was blue and other silver). You can e-mail me but I do not think that sales person will sell you for that price unless management will place it in another add. Cars on add are lost leaders and first come first
  • with the LE extra value pkg., floor / cargo mats, and windows tint, is $21.3K drive out with the 0% apr. a good deal?
  • For 2011 Camry LE in Denver, Colorado, I`m getting a price of $22,500 OTD which incl 7 yr platinum warranty & 4 yr maintainence. This includes the new grad rebate and 0% APR for 60 months. This also incl the floor/cargo mats but not tint windows. So what is incl in extra value pkg? What do you think abt me deal?
  • danhoustondanhouston Posts: 20
    edited December 2010
    hello camrybuyer,

    the extra value pkg. has the 7 spoke alloy wheels instead of hub caps. mine only has the standard rebates with 0% apr for 5 yrs., but not qualified for additional rebates on recent grad. and/or military personnel. mine doesn't have extended warranty; since it's a new car that has 36K miles comprehensive & 60K miles mechanical warranty, to me extended warranty is certainly not necessary.

    if you have not bought it yet, shop around little more for a lower price since you're qualified for the new grad. rebate which is additional $1K. btw, my location is in houston tx
  • Hi danhouston,
    Thanks for your reply, I haven't bought the car yet, so will shop around for a better deal.
  • Hey Guys, buying a 2011 model in 2010 and buying the same model in 2011 will make any change in the price difference?.
  • Just to be clear on your deal.
    MSRP $23506
    Dealer offered $19000 before $1000 cash back, that is you would pay $18K if you do not finance at 0%?

    That is a great deal. Please provide the dealership name and the salesman. I am looking for a 2011 camry LE no options. I was quoted $18648 + $100 doc fees + TTL for MSRP $22985.
  • jasayjasay Posts: 6
    It's okay but you're still giving the dealerhship around $800 or more in profit. Check out They negotiate the car price for you and always get it at factory cost. My wife and I used them last month and they saved me alot of money
  • jasayjasay Posts: 6
    My wife and I just got our Camry in the same area this last month.. We used a service to negotiate the deal for us and actually paid below invoice (close to $2000 or so below MSRP). The service charged $299 but it was the best car-buying experience I have ever had. Saved us a bunch of time and headache dealing with salesman. They were referred to us by my sister.
  • so, what was the drive-out price for yours? which trim (base, le, se)? and any optional features?
  • Is this a good deal for a Toytoa camry LE for a purchase price of $21,300 :confuse:

    (MSRP 26,100 + rebates/discounts) with 2.9% financing. The Drive Out price comes out to $23,000.

    * AM/FM CD Palyer with Satellite Radio/Playback/IPod Connectivity/Blue Tooth etc.
    * 16 in 7 spoke Alloy Wheels
    * Rear Lip Spoiler
    *Leather Seats
    * Window Tint
    * Premimum Carpet Mat
    * Dealer threw in cargo net
    * Carpet Mat Set
    * Vehicle Shield Package
  • good deal...what is the name of the dealership and location..

  • 2011 Toyota Camry LE - gulf states (1500 cash + 500 cash = 2000 customer cash)
    options: floor mats only
    price out the door: 20,350-20,600 (the higher end prices include alloy wheels, and/or vehicle shield/tint/vehicle stripes)

    This is the Houston and Dallas area dealerships. These prices are 500 or more under invoice.

    I used a "fax blast" technique - told each dealer exactly what I was looking for and asked for the price. I then called each one back and let them know the winning bid and offered them a chance to beat it. Many cannot beat the guy who does business at ~20,300 out the door.

    However, this tells you that the Gulf State Toyota region appears to have higher priced vehicles than the national market. Basically, a full day of work got me 1000 less than the default Edmunds "fair price" quote.

    I think everyone here is looking for the dealer who will sell at 20k out the door on a Toyota Camry LE. There are definitely going to be Toyota Camry CE's at that price.

    Now - I don't understand how people in California are paying a full $1500 less than people in Texas out the door.
  • Is the MSRP about 25K? This seems to be a great deal. Please provide the dealership name and where located.

  • This is a great price. What area is this & which dealer. However why are you not getting the 0% APR ?
  • This is Houston, TX area. I didn't get the 0% APR because I took the incentives (it was an either/or but because of my credit I was able to get a low interest rate).

    In fact, they first quoted me 3.25% and I mentioned that I was getting a 2.9% from another dealership and they matched it (I told them I was going to pay cash otherwise).

    Make sure you get a quote before going to the dealership with exactly what you are looking for and have them quote the drive out price. I went ahead and took this car because it had <5 miles and the clear paint protection that the dealer put on themselves which was in addition to the MSRP price I put above.

    Hopefully the deal I got was a good one.
  • danhoustondanhouston Posts: 20
    edited December 2010
    Now - I don't understand how people in California are paying a full $1500 less than people in Texas out the door.

    because the dealer's quote or buyer was qualified for additional incentives of new grad. & military. if mine had those extra incentives, i could have gotten a camry le for about $19.7K drive out with the 0% apr.
  • This is really a great price. As I`m in CO I don't think I could get a price like that. Congrats on your deal.
  • I'm finally happy with my purchase of the 2011 Camry LE (MSRP $23,185):
    $21,720 ($20,196 incl tax,etc + 7 yr extended warranty & 4 yr service maintenance $1524)
    This deal incl:
    -0% APR for 60 months,
    -$1000 new grad rebate,
    -$750 Toyota holiday savings
    -Carpet mat set
    -Cargo net
    - ;) Full tank of Gas.

    Thanks for all your feedback! Good luck guys!!
  • Let me try this again. I paid $24,694. with a list of $29,964. This includes rebates and freight plus I got the zero loan. The deal is good not great. It doesn't match some of the other deals on this board.964
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