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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • IMO, 19k is too high w/ grad rebate. It should be in the low 18K. No, I don't think you can get the new 2012 in the low 18K b/c there will be no 1k factory rebate and dealer will try to sell above invoice or closer to MSRP.
  • Hi guys, I want to buy a 2011 camry with a few miles (22,00). The price the dealer is giving me is $17K with leather seats. Is it a good deal? Thanks!
  • I think 17k is good if you're looking to save some money but, personally, I wouldn't touch a new car w/ 2-5k miles b/c it was either a rental, a loaner or a demo. I rather buy a personal own 2010 w/ 10k miles or so.
  • You are thinking about buying a 2011 model with 22,000 miles on it? I agree with the other poster to check around and get another car with less miles.
  • Thanks, you two! I will look around. What is a great deal on 2011 camry with leather seats and under 1K miles?
  • I thought I got a great deal even compared to the True price recommendations. 2011 Toyota Camry LE in dark gray with floor mats....Sticker was 23660.00 but the internet price was 23285.00, so the dealership was doing 3000.00 off MSRP. Bringing down my price to 20285.00 with ofcourse 2 years full maintenance. They also gave me quite a bit more for my trade than I thought I could get.
  • Your best option is to use Edmunds for your search.
  • Just purchased new 2011 Camry LE with Alloy wheels, moonroof, and alarm system for 24,400 out the door. Did I get a good deal?
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,133
    The better question from me to you would be, do you like the car? You've already bought it so why ask a question which might make you feel bad after the fact. That question should have been asked before the purchase. So just be happy with your new car...enjoy! :)

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • the quote for XLE V6 Is $26,607 with no additional options or accessories. $ 3998 below MSRP. Is this a good deal or there is scope for further negotiation?
  • Purchased a 2011 Camry LE Automatic for $20,300 - no additional options, after $1,000 cash rebate. Called a few dealers for quotes asking for the internet sales manager. Done in about 45 minutes. Got matching offers at $20,300 but none would beat that price.

    This is $231 below invoice and $900 below Edmunds TVM. Good luck buying!!!!
  • That is about $300 below invoice cost which is the best I could get on the phone for an LE I4.
  • Bought Camry LE 2011 Auto with several options (Sat Radio, floor mats, lock wheels, theft tracking system, and a few more I didn't need).

    Paid $20.5 k before tax and tag. I think they are really trying to get rid of the 2011 stock because the 2012 model is arriving at the dealerships in early October. Bargain hard and you'll get a good deal.
  • With floor mats and alloy wheels I paid 19,000 with all fees except from sales tax - different from state to state. Did I made good deal?
  • walker2011walker2011 Posts: 2
    edited October 2011
    I'm at the beginning of my purchase research in the Bay Area California. The plan is to purchase a 2012 Camry SE with Leather seats, Homelink, Nav, Entune. I got a reply back as below, but not clear on the type of packages the dealer mentioned. I do not want more than I need, and of course, how about the quoted price? The below quote is for a 2012 EX with PD, EX, C4 options.

    MSRP $25380 includes PD EX C4 options.

    Internet VIP price $23580 after $1,000 bonus cash (this is a limited
    availablility offer, only available to the next 14 units sold, first come,
    first served), plus any applicable sales tax, DMV license & document fee.
  • I am planning to buy Camry 2012 XLE with convenience package.

    Has anyone bought recently in Bay area, if you can share your experience that would be very helpful.

    Thanks !!
  • This is before TTL. --This is for basic - as few options as possible. Should I keep looking or grab this one?
  • I negotiated with a few dealers and had ones go as low as 200 over invoice but I preferred the convenience of the local dealer.

    CAREFUL WITH THE EXTENDED WARRANTY! They will show you a financing option and focus on the payments saying the only thing that changes is the length of the term. Well let's see... paying 500 a month for 60 months and paying 493 for 66 months is not the same thing. Negotiate the extended warranty if you want it and disregard their "this is my cost of the warranty" list. I skipped it.

    Wheel and tire insurance? Make sure the insurance is tied to your VIN not the tires. Meaning when the OEM tires wear out, you can put on ANY tires you want and if you get a puncture they will replace it WITH THAT BRAND no questions asked. I paid $649 for 5 years (have the 18 inch wheels)

    Absolutely LOVE my Camry. Don't shy away from the SE it's not like a difference between a BMW 525i and M5. The ride is better than my 2008 Accord (17" wheel), but it is not as athletic. The interior is so beautiful, from the leather to the design.

    The V6 really does get stellar mileage, I have been very close to my 4 cylinder Accord's mileage! I love the smoothness and power of the V6, the fuel economy is just a plus.

    My gripes are only a few:

    -JBL "Greenedge" has really taken the edge off the sound of the previous generations awesome stereo. It's 80% as good I'd say, but a huge step up from the Accord so I'm enjoying myself.

    -In my SE V6 I have auto up/down for DRIVER ONLY, my Accord had at least driver and passenger, annoying.

    -I'm not expecting a Porsche Boxster Spyder levels of feedback from the steering wheel, let alone my old Accord's level; but there is absolutely ZERO steering feel. I have absolutely no idea how much grip I have or even the direction at times (for ex. when parking in my garage)

    Overall I'd give this car a 92/100 based on my expectations going in. I plan on keeping it for a long time.
  • amberlambamberlamb Posts: 5
    edited October 2011
    I currently have a deposit down for a loaded 2012 XLE they should be getting in any day. V6 and it includes floor mats. The agreed upon price was $50 under invoice ($200 more than I could have gotten through trucar but driven 130 or so miles). Is this a good deal? Or should i wait/try for better. Total out the door would be 33357.01 which includes taxes/registration fees of 2581.08.
  • otoluvaotoluva Posts: 158
    For this $$ you can buy a fully loaded 2011 Nissan Maxima.
  • I've been car shopping for months... I've decided on this particular camry for a variety of reasons, I am just curious if this is the best deal I'm going to get on this car at this time. Or if I should try for better. I will pay cash, so financing doesn't really matter.
  • I have recently talked to a dealership about the 2012 Camry SE and I am trying to get a feel for what a good price is. I believe I can get it for invoice but they currently do not have any specials on interest rates. It sounded like it would be around 2.9 for 60 months. Do you guys think next month they will have any cash back or interest rate specials?
  • cc62966cc62966 Posts: 30
    edited October 2011
    There usually are better deals come December - they may run a financing special through World Omni. But with a new model year, expect to pay something quite close to invoice.
  • I am also in the market for 2012 Camry XLE V6 with C4 option added to it only.

    The problem is there are not that many cars with that configuration in the market. Most of them have the nav, blind spot monitor, safety connect options added to it.

    So i have 2 dealers i have negotiated the deal with. One is ready to give it to me for 500 below invoice. And he may have the car on the ground this week. Other one is also 500 below invoice but he wants me to pay to pick up the car which is located somewhere like 450 miles away from where I am. I will let you guys know how it plays out.
  • Fully loaded Maxima SV's are around 40K. Do you mean to say that this can he had for say 30K ?

    And if that is the case where ? And are talking about 2011's or 2012's.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • I paid $26,328.00 or $28,395.00 OTD for my loaded Camry Se 4-cyl that included: Convenience Pkg, Carpeted Floor Mats, Leather PKG, Moonroof Pkg, Entune/Navigation Pkg. and rear bumper protector applique. We live in Central Illinois. We had to buy quickly as our previous car was totaled. We waited 3 weeks for this particular car to arrive at the dealership after Toyota started releasing them. When trying to get prices from other dealerships online, only 1 out of 4 or 5 would give me an actual quote. Others wanted me to come in and talk to them directly. One dealer in St. Louis, MO (Jay Wolfe Toyota of St. Louis) was great about sending a OTD quote and returning emails but I ran out of time and needed a car quickly, and would have had to drive 200+ miles round trip to save $200.00. Just being released, I couldn't get my local dealership to take any less than the $26,328.00. (Invoice was 25,960.00 and MSRP was 28,540.00). 2012's were selling almost as fast as they were coming in so I didn't have much leverage. Would have been great to have gotten my Camry at or 500.00 under invoice as others on this forum has done, as we paid $668.00 over invoice! Am wondering how other's faired with the same car w/options. We felt it was a fair price but would have liked to have gotten a great price.....maybe we did?
  • otoluvaotoluva Posts: 158
    Here in Mass a fully loaded 2011 Maxima is advertised regularly at $8000 off MSRP so, yes a 40000 car would sell for $32000.
  • Not sure where you are located, we are in MA and today we bought the 2012 Camry LE, with moon roof and power driver seat (MSRP 24,745) for 20,070. Thinking you might want to keep looking...........
  • was that 20,070 +TTL? What was your OTD? thanks.
  • 18,400 + TTL = 20,070. Bought the Barcelona Red one so also added the protectant coating onto that cost and the extended warranty. Got an interest rate of 2.7.
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