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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    Wow, 3k under invoice? That's the cheapest I've seen so far. Many people were able to get about 1k off.
  • And they didn't have the red one at our dealership, they had to have it transferred. When it arrived it already had a remote starter so we got that too for no extra cost :)
  • Wow, could you post what dealership you used?
  • marylanddrivermarylanddriver Posts: 2
    edited October 2011
    I am looking in the Maryland/DC area to get a 2012 Camry SE, 4 cylinder, with the leather and convenience package. A few dealerships have given me quotes all over the map (between $24-28K), with one claiming that I needed to also buy the navigation package in order to get the leather package (clearly not accurate). According to, the car I want invoices for $24,310, with a $26,680 MSRP. What would be a good price that the dealership would go for? Thanks.
  • can i ask what is the lowest price you rec'd for camry 2012 xle loaded. i'm also looking. lowest i received was 26,500. not including taxes.
  • I wonder if anyone can explain why the new Camry already sells for so much under invoice? There are no incentives officially published by Toyota, as the car has just come out. Is it as they expects issues with the first bunch, as they get their new assembly line gaining experience on how to put them together and their new parts or what?
  • Houston are dealer offering CAMRY SE fully loaded except for remote start @$ 27000, Is this a good deal? Please advise.
  • Sorry, I am not looking at the xle, so I can't help you out. But from what three different dealerships told me, you would have to special order the car if you want just the leather and convenience package on the SE (and not the navigation package). Argh.
  • I bought one, not fully loaded, 2 weeks ago at $2500 off MSRP. You can probably do better now. Dealer added about $800 dealer installed options which I didn't really want. Check newspaper ads from Dallas area. Some dealers are selling LE for $4200 off MSRP. Local dealers some times can match their offer.
  • Sorry for my first post to be such a stupid one but I'm lost as to who's saying they got 2012's at so much below invoice vs who's saying they got 2011's for so much below invoice even though I'm going back and checking the "responding to" taglines closely.

    jw - 2012's are selling at 4200 below msrp in the Dallas area?
  • No, this does not include TTL. It was about 10 days ago. Do you think this is a good price for the L, or should I wait?
  • I test drove both the 4 cylinder and the V6 Camry 2012 SE. I preferred the V6 but will probably purchase the 4 cyl. Besides automatic and a power driver seat, what I really want is satellite radio and preferably the JBL system.

    As most of you know, Toyota requires that you purchase the convenience package, leather seats and moonroof in order to get the higher end stereo system.

    Is it possible to purchase the jbl stereo sytem without also buying the moonroof, leather and convenience package. It seems that this would be easy for Toyota to do since they only have to install the stereo at the distribution center. Anyone have experience trying to get an SE with a good stereo system?
  • Its not possible, you need go by the options restrictions Toyota has... so to get the JBL you need all the other junk.

    You can check one other thing, and that is if the dealer will install a Toyota Entune/Nav + JBL part that they can get from Toyota to replace the display audio. They will need to also install the speakers, so not so simple install but... maybe the dealer could do it for you (they are supposed to know how to take a car appart if they need to replace something that does not work...).
  • From what I understand, the JBL was only available with the Camry SE V6....? We have the the 4 cyl, our stereo system is just ok...nothing special, wish we had a better system such as the JBL.
  • Has anyone received a quote ... under msrp?
  • Do you mean under "invoice"??
  • So i got a quote for XLE V6 no nav (and the Blind Spot monitor, Safety Connect BS). It is effectively 1000 dollars under dealer invoice. There is a Dealer handling and TTL on top of that.

    But on my trade in the price they are giving me is 500 below KBB value for my car.

    Now this car config is available in some other state and they say they have to transport it to the dealership from other state and pay the frieght which they are not charging me.

    Is it a worthy deal ?
  • pattyg-

    Was that price on one particular car like a manager's special or was it one you picked out? Also since you've driven it a few days now what are your thoughts on the new leather dash.
  • Anyone had experience recent with 2012 camry LE 4cyl quote? In NJ I am getting a quote for $21,100 for base and $23K OTD (including tax and fees).

    Let me know if this price quote is good.
  • Yes, 2012 Camry Hybrid XLE with all the options MSRP $34480. I was only able to talk them down to $32301. Should be delivered in a couple of weeks.

    CQ] Convenience Package - Smart Key System with Push button start, backup monitor, auto-dimming rear view mirror with compass, Homelink® and alarm

    (LA) Leather-trimmed Ultrasuede seats; Leather door trim with integrated armrests and seatback pockets; Multi-stage heated front seats; Four-way power adjustable front passenger seat

    (SR) Power tilt/slide moonroof; Rear personal lamp; Dual illuminated visor vanity mirrors

    Premium HDD Navigation w/Entune and JBL:
    7.0" touch screen with split-screen functionality and AM/FM/HD radio and single CD player with MP3/WMA playback capability; HDD navigation system; 10 JBL GreenEdge speakers including subwoofer amplifier; Sirius XM satellite radio and XM Select Package including NavTraffic, NavWeather, Fuel and Sports & Stocks with 90-day trial subscription; iTunes tagging; Auxiliary audio jack and USB port with iPod connectivity; Vehicle information display; Hands-free phone capability; Phonebook access; Advance voice recognition; Text-to-speech with programmed and customizable text responses; Music streaming via Bluetooth wireless technology; Entune is a collection of popular mobile applications and data services integrated with select Toyota vehicles. Entune includes three years of complimentary access to apps and services delivered via most smartphones connected to the vehicle using Bluetooth wireless technology or a USB cable. Entune's features are operated using the vehicle's controls or by voice recognition for some services.

    Blind Spot Monitor:
    Blind Spot Monitor detects vehicles in the driver's blind sports and alerts the driver using indicators on the side mirrors. The system can be switched off if desired.
    Safety Connect:

    Safety Connect includes Emergency Assistance, Stolen Vehicle Locator, Roadside Assistance, Automatic Collision Notification and 1-year complimentary trial subscription
    50 State Emissions
  • Purchased a 2012 Toyota Camry SE 4 cyl with entune/nav, convenience, sunroof and leather (MSRP $28,540) on Oct 15. Paid $25,579 sales price ($750 under invoice) + tax(KY 6%), title and processing. OTD was $27,646.24. Also got Toyota Credit financing for 1.5%!
  • ky-
    That's a great deal. Do you find that they give you a better deal if you get a car that's loaded than if you were to get more of a base model? I think I want an SE but one not quite as loaded as yours. Did they give you a break on one specific option or did you just negotiate them down?
  • camryhybrid12camryhybrid12 Posts: 18
    edited November 2011
    If you are near Brunswick Toyota in North Brunswick, NJ, go there and ask for the general manager.. best deal and sevice... I have ordered a Camry XLE Hybrid from there.. will get it in 4-6 weeks, with Convinience, Entune/Nav (no JBL). NOT including the moonroof package (I hate it). This is the best dealer and I can tell you as I looked at all of them around my area, not just Toyota dealers - all makers (was looking for a good dealers first before comparing cars...).

    Good luck!
  • What did you pay for it? I couldn't get a quote on a hybrid from the dealership I went too.
  • camryhybrid12camryhybrid12 Posts: 18
    edited November 2011
    smeggo I have not yet received it. The general manager is fantastic.. I trust I will get best price he can give me. I was not even asked to place a deposit or anything... try this with your local dealer. DCH group has a very unique approach and I think it is so refreshing to find such in today's market (unless you go to luxury cars of course). I will post the price when I take possesion of it. I suggest you just call them and go visit and see what you like - if you are around the area that is and serious to buy. I hate hagling on price hence once I was able to select the best dealer (and how have I done it - well this is in another post), I was completley satisfied I will get the best service and best price. This is a relantionship that I looked for long term, so I can trade in my car every generation (5 years or so) and get a new one and not worry about being cheated or such. More importantly, not worry the dealer will not be there if initial faults happen and car will need repairs, especially since this is a new just out model. Would prefer to buy after a year since introduction but I do not have time to wait. Have been waiting from May with this dealer.. many emails with the general manager... on specualtions, issues, etc.. always reply... even at night... from his ipad/iphone. I have seen others stating they know him and his team and will buy anything they sell from them... etc..

    Just to give you an idea.. I was trying to buy a car.. for a VERY long time... For some reason I did not like the usual dealers near my home. So while trying from time to time to replace my old car, I always had a problem not trusting a dealer, worry what if I get a lemon and have to waste time and frustration etc. Well.. I do not worry anymore. I have found my dealer! To give you an idea, I am still the original first owner of.. a 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix LE (no fancy options, but a V6).. a miracle this car is still running after 21 years.. had no major repairs but its the time to change now.. it stalls from time to time (at stops after some driving) and its not worth for me to even investigate how to fix it.. looking forward to drive the new XLE Hybrid.. Its great not only to find the best dealer I can around my place but a very good car... !

    Good luck!
  • 3camry3camry Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    Got it for 21800 with pw seat, mate and side door rubber
    plus TTL and doc fee minus 1500 rebates
    Comes with LT PWT war

    In other words 3-4.5k under MsR p
  • I didn't get quote on any other vehicle. I knew what I wanted, so I sent quote requests online to several area dealers. I started gathering quotes and then sharing them with the other dealers and they would match it. I eventually got down to two dealers that were competing with each other!

    I have had mine three weeks now and am loving it. I have already averaged a 34.5 mpg on my last tank of gas and it isn't even broken in yet. Very satisfied customer at this point.
  • purpleaislepurpleaisle Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    I intend to buy Camry XLE 2012 Model 2540 with CQ, EX, FE, LA, CY factory installed options. The OTD price quoted was 29580 usd. (Inclusive IL sales tax 1986 usd +156 usd doc fee+ license & title fee 194). Price quoted with 600 usd below invoice price. Is it a good deal ????

  • That looks a great price - better than what I paid.

    So you paid effectively 20300+TTL+doc fee?

    I paid for an LE for 20700+TTL+doc fee
  • wolverine2011 please tell me which dealer you went ? - for LE for 20700+TTL+doc fee???

    I am looking for reference what people have paid for 2012 LE 4cyl - Base price and OTD.
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