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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Did that include ttl?
  • This is a great deal if it includes Tax, Title and all. Did you get any rebates? Any tips?
  • $25,400 and I got to pick my color..... Not sure if that is good or not
  • k111k111 Posts: 4
    I have been looking/discussing pricing for Camry LE in Dallas area with many dealership and this is the best I have seen so far -

    Camry LE with NO Added options - $21,050 + TTL.

    Is this a good deal ?

    Thank you in advance.
  • Hey camryhybrid12.. I think you got a great price. I went to a dealer today and asked them if they can match the price you got and they basically said there was no way.....They said the model with navi, and leather without moonroof hasn't even came out yet. Is there anyone in the SF Bay Area that can come close to the price you have. Anybody????!!

  • 2012 Camry LE (no option): 20800 + ttl
  • From what I've read, the price you have is pretty good. Right now, the Dallas area dealers are not getting holdback cash from Toyota. The average price being paid for the model you are looking at in the Dallas area is over $22,000. I suggest starting with for pricing information.
  • Hey Wannacamry12,

    I'm the guy who posted Message #8802 about my XLE Hybrid buying experience in the SF bay area. I used Truecar and came up with a great price using Momentum Toyota in Fairfield, CA. I am in San Jose, so it was about a 2 hour haul to get it, but nobody from Monterey to San Francisco could even come close to the price. The dealership had to do a trade to get my color choice, but I was not charged for the added work.

    I will say, though, I think you may have a problem with a Leather/No Moonroof setup. As it is now, all of the leather XLEs are being built with moonroofs. It even states in the Camry brochure that the Leather Package requires the Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof. You may get lucky and get a dealer to special order the car, but I don't know if they would be willing to give a great price on a special order.

    Please let me know if I can help with any additional info.
  • Hi blk_in_sf,
    Thanks for your help. So what was your out the door price?

  • Hey yoyoma,

    My out the door price was $36008. Included in the price was $31884.40 for the car, $2714.85 for tax (The tax rate is based on where you live, not where you buy the car and we pay BIG sales taxes in the South Bay!), about $400 for license/Registration/Tire/Doc fees, and $999 for the Toyota 7yr/100K Platinum Extended Warranty. I usually don't buy extended warranties, but I worry more about the electronics than the actual moving parts of this car and the price was reasonable, but you can talk to me in 7 yrs and ask me for my opinion then.

    Hope this helps....
  • camryhybrid12camryhybrid12 Posts: 18
    edited December 2011
    The price I got was OK, there were lower prices with truecar (e.g. at invoice price) for my area (10-15 miles around Princeton, NJ), as well as from what I read on the web (from few $100s under invoice all the way to $1000 under - for a Camry Hybrid - something is going on, Toyota pushes to close the year and show merit for the redesigned Camry and their sales of cars in general). I wanted to have a relationship with the dealer at first priority (i.e. if there are issues with the car, the dealer will help me get that fixed or, at extreme, exchange it from the maker, Toyota, if major problems are discovered, as well as being able to trade in the car every new generation, get a fair price, get fair service etc), so initial price was not the most important aspect for me. My contacts with the General Manager of this dealership has been going on since May, including questions on the rumors of the new Camry (he wont tell me of course anything that Toyota has not released - usually I sent to him leaks of info and pictures), driving impression, technical questions, etc since very little information was available, including when the car has been released fully. So my price was $500 above invoice which is no problem to match by the way. But dealers may tell you otherwise, so you need to show them you know the prices or else they wont give in. How to show them? Use truecar prices site with other dealers offering cheaper prices, or quote posts from this forum and others on the network.

    I was doing my initial contacts using email/internet. Try to talk with the general manager of the dealership, send emails etc - no need waste your time going in person there at first and will be worse advantage for you. Internet contacts get better prices I think since they know you are free to easily move around with other dealers. I was not deciding to buy a Camry. I was first looking for a dealership I can do business with, hence in my search (which included 30-40 or more dealership) my contacts had to be using internet and prices such as available through Edmunds etc. It has been a long process, the last time I did it, of over 1/2 a year (but was trying to buy a car before.. as I had my old car for 21 years.. every 5-6 years went to try to buy a car, but my way at the time was to first decide on the car and then go to dealers in person and negotiate.. I ended up not being able to buy a car that way as I have sensed the pressure selling and the add ons I was tried to be pushed to buy etc. - took me a while to learn how to buy a car as you can see...). I am sure if you buy now, or next week, you will get such a deal or even better than I got.

    You cannot get leather without getting the moonroof. Toyota has very strict configuration rules, and they wont build one. I was able to get no moonroof because it is allowed, and you can then only get the Entune/Nav (no JBL) and the Convenience package. Really this is way over the options I need or ever use in full, and the audio system sounds very fine to me (you want an expensive audio system - get one for home).

    Researching leather further it seems to me other than some visual look, it does not feel good, in summer or winter and may crack and need more care than the cloth. The cloth seats in my car look very nice (dual color) and seem well built. My last car was cloth too.... lasted 21 years (first owner... ). I am not sure leather will last so long unless caring for it all the time.

    Good luck!
  • Paid $20780 for an LE with power seats and carpet mats in Bergen County, NJ. So far love the car!
  • k111k111 Posts: 4
    7 year / 100k warranty worth it for Camry ? Dealership charges $1500.00.
  • Thanks camryhybrid12 and blk_in_s for your help. I really appreciate your insights as its been a long time since a bought a new car and so much has changed especially with the internet tools used to track pricing. The frustrating thing is you can't really only pick and choose the features you want to save money. They come in certain packages, and if you really want one feature, pretty much you have to pony up and pay for the additional features that you may not necessary need. I'm waiting for the models that come with leather and navi without moonroof option but it doesn't come in until mid january at the earliest. I'll keep you guys posted.

  • camryhybrid12camryhybrid12 Posts: 18
    edited December 2011
    wannacamry12 and other car buyers - just to make it clear:

    "I'm waiting for the models that come with leather and navi without moonroof option but it doesn't come in until mid january at the earliest. "

    There is no such official Toyota built car. Toyota does not allow you to get leather without getting the moonroof. What a dealer may do is add leather after the build, (i.e. at their local body shop). You need to research what are the configurations Toyota allows for this model as I have done this intensively, not to "save" the cost of an option I do not want (moonroof) but because I did not want the moonroof at any cost.

    I was looking for a fully loaded (incl. blind sport monitoring, safety connect etc) Hybrid XLE but with no moonroof, even offered to pay the price of the moonroof as long as it is not installed. This cannot be done, the General Manager of the dealership went all over, discussing with their regional distributor and Toyota, to check such for me. No can do. He did offer to add leather after I get my base build, at his local body shop (have seen an example of such and it does look nice, though has no variable heating control, only on/off - maybe now they can offer such too).

    So if someone promises to get you leather without moonroof it wont be originally built by Toyota. It is Toyota decision to simplify their production and lower costs hence they do not offer pick your list of options at will but certain limitations and option packages only.

    I am very happy I did not get the leather. I have testdriven a regular XLE with leather and moonroof. The cloth seats feel much better. Even the GM said that leather is over rated and does not feel good in the summer/winter. Also you will have to take care of leather, it may split and the overall bench feels less comfortable than with the cloth. I do not know why, maybe the padding inside is different (more firm or... to prevent the leather damage from stretching ? ).

    I suggest go and get the car and preference (i.e. what is called "special order") one if they cannot find in the all of the USA one that is built as you like without moonroof (I have seen another post from someone in IL who has found such a car and his dealer got it for him - its called trade at port, i.e. no transportation from one dealer lot to yours is involved as long as the car has not yet arrived to the dealer. They have a system where they can "grab" cars being produced before they are shipped to the final dealer and reroute them if needed). If such does not exist, the dealer will be able to preference one of their one allocated cars (the allocation is made by regional distributor to each dealer, e.g. two hybrids XLE) for which such a dealer can decide different colors or options, as long as these are within the constrains of what is allowed with what options from Toyota.

    Probably your dealer is waiting for their new allocation and will get a car without moonroof and without leather and will add leather locally. You need to check if this is the case and if you really want a locally added leather. You can always drive the car as is and add leather latter if you want.

    I was not able to buy a car for 21 years which I had the old car first bought from a dealer. So I can tell you stories about my experience through the years (every 5-6 years have attempted to buy a car). But not as in the past, where I physically went to dealers, and was first looking to choose the car I want, this time I was using the internet trying to choose the dealer first. Before choosing the car. Once I was able to decide on reasonable dealers (I end up with 3 finalists for me, out of 40-50) out of my internet/phone/email/ and various other ways (checking reputation etc), then I looked at which car to buy from these.

    So this was between a VW Passat TDI, Altima, and the Camry. This was back in June and I was waiting for the new Passat and the new Camry (based on the rumors only) to only make the decision now after test driving these.

    In term of price:
    I know what are the going on prices having researched them. I did not pay the loest, actually the dealer charged me at least $500 over the going on prices around this area per truecar, which were for invoice. In addition, truecar charges $300 per deal made through them, from the dealers, so I have read. I have seen others buying same model of car and options as I did few $100s lower than invoice. Also I read that some offer to sell any Camry at $500 to $1000 lower than invoice (not going through truecar fixed pricing so they do save the $300 commission). The General Manager told me that he asks customers to pay $1000 over invoice if the contact is through Internet. While I have not negotiated with him, I pointed him to others whom bought cars cheaper, and suggested he may be pricing himself out of the market in those cases buyers shop for price only (not me).

    He did give me a fair price for my old 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix LE... $375 as you have seen. Even if I could sell it for $500 lets say (needed tuneup and repairs, though my oil change person always was asking if I sell it to him), it is fine as it saves the trouble to deal with selling the car.

    Since you hate to pay of options you do not want, be also aware that during the sell process, you may be pressured to buy extra services and add ons, while closing the paperwork at the Finance manager or finance person office, even if you pay cash (such as I have). No need to decide on the spot on these unless you have the info and you want them be included into your lease or finance price (then you need do it there so to finance it together with the car). But, you maybe paying way higher than market price (i.e. internet for extended warranty) and you need to know what you get and if really you want it (lots of very small print involved in these additions). It seems to me these are a source of substantial profit for the dealership. Nothing wrong with it of course, I appreciate people who try to make a living, but you just need to be prepared and know you do not have to take these extras then, can take them latter on and probably at better price if you wish.

    Finally, I think this is best time to buy, not January. That is because all car companies and dealers are in a race to show they are at the first place in sales of their cars/models for the year. If Toyota will lose such, they will have an additional PR hit in the eyes of buyers. Hence I think dealers and Toyota, are making special efforts to close the year at as many cars sold as possible. This may not be the case in Jan. Note that while there are no rebates offered for Camry Hybrid XLE, the dealers maybe getting all type of bonuses to meat quota from Toyota. Car selling is very complex business. I prefer to get my discount not through a rebate but through such indirect dealer bonuses, as such discount will go before tax (i.e. reduce tax
  • Should be less than 1000.. approx 700-800 is a good price
  • I'm Curious, Does your price not include the destination charge and that AD fee they like to mention? seems very low seeing that invoice is about 21800, I believe, without the added mats and power seat. best trucar value here for Dealer Cost is 21361. best price I get is 21900, so far. but I get the college grad 1000 off then
  • Team Toyota Mall of Georgia in Buford includes a lifetime warranty with new Toyota purchases at no extra charge. It requires that one maintain the car per Toyota recommended maintenance schedule and that maintenance be documented. The same is true for the adjacent Hyundai Mall of Georgia dealership for new Hyundai purchases.
  • Well apparently I got hosed then as I just purchased some extended warranties from Libertyville Toyota in IL - Toyota extra care platinum was quoted at $2,050 for 7 years 100k miles which I purchased. You stated you paid $999 for the same thing. She said she would discount it $100 with a coupon but looking at the paperwork - she never did. (Finance person) so I have to call them about that. Got the 5 year 55k mile VCP Toyota wrap - was told that added to the two years for a total of 7 years. (lube oil filter tire rotation after complimentary 2yr) Also got tire and wheel protection (road damage and unlimited balancing) for 5 years for $349. Purchased a fully loaded xle for $32,300 less $800 trade $31,500 the other day. They showed me msrp being $34,705 and invoice being $32,235.4 (after adding on something they call TDA (described to me as Toyota advertising allowance) of $488 which interestingly is not on the MSRP side) But looking at other posts here - looks like that should have been the price I should have gotten outright - so essentially they gave me nothing for my trade. So I'm ticked and going back on Monday to see if they can give me $800 more or if not I kill the deal. I had a acura rl 1998 gps magazine condition body and interior 1998 Acura RL premium with navigation but it needed ball joints, had a couple bent rims, needed new brakes and brake fluid. Cost to repair from NTB was about $3,100 so decided to trade since my retail I'd get for it would probably be about 4k as the odometer light was out. Only had 166k miles on it though. 6 cd changer, moon roof, nav, heated leather seats and premium package. too bad it only got 20mpg or I'd have fixed and kept but it took premium gas and you could watch the needle drop..
  • Should be "good" versus. "Gps magazine".... What I get for typing on an iPad
  • Quote I got for that at Libertville Toyota in Chicago area was $2050 which I purchased. Apparently at $550 more than you and $1051 more than the other guy. Platinum plan for Camry xle
  • blk_in_sfblk_in_sf Posts: 5
    edited December 2011

    I think the planets aligned and I just had luck on my side when I got the 7yr/100k plat plan for $999. The salesman started at $2900 and went down to $1999 before I went to finance. I really was not interested in the plan, but the finance guy said "what would it take to purchase the plan today". Not really caring if I got it, I said I would love to call my wife and say I got it for $999. He left the room and came back about 2 min later and said I should call my wife and tell her the good news....As I said, I just never thought they would let it go for that, so I think it was just stupid luck and I was in the right place at the right time...He did say at $999 it was about $100 above their cost, so they are still making money on all of us.....

    Good Luck on Monday
  • I believe that you can cancel an extended warranty within 30 days of purchase. You might want to look into canceling it if you believe you were overcharged.
  • Cloth versus leather: I actually prefer the feel of cloth, but my wife and sister assure me that sliding into the seat in a dress is much smoother on leather than on cloth.
  • Hi,

    Trying to shop around for 2012 Toyota LE with moonroof. The price I got was $23,392 with power seat and moonroof options w/ grad+2.9% for 60 months. Walked away from the deal. I think base price was quoted around $22,500. Not willing to give around $3K dealer profit. Any tips and advise to expand the research. I am kind of disappointed in the local dealers.

  • hi i read your post about the Camry Le did brought that car for $20,750 with tax and tittle or without those thing. if you can give me my answer then that would be soo help full to me.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    edited December 2011
    The poster said "out the door" and that it included "everything," so that would include taxes but I wish they would stop doing that or at least specify how much of the price applied to tax, title and license.
    Giving nothing but a grand total price you paid makes it harder for anyone else to compare prices because tax and license fees vary in different states and sometimes even between different cities in the same state.
    If the person had a trade-in involved, that also makes the deal not comparable because the dealers play games with trade-in values either to make extra profit on the trade-in or to pay off an underwater trade-in or both.
    Unitemized grand totals and trade-ins always contaminate any kind of comparison with anyone else here.
    What matters is how much money went to pay the dealer for the car and any other add-on fees the dealer charged such as dealer prep charges and doc fees, was there was a trade-in, did you accept their financing or bring your own, did you buy accessories and extended warranties etc.? All those things make a difference.
  • I bought an LE for 20,991 +TTL at Schaumburg toyota, IL. The price included power driver seat and mats.
  • Hi,

    Can you give us the breakdown and the options you had?
    I'm interested in buying a brand new camry too. I'm in orange county california.

  • Yesterday, I a bought a Camry 2012 SE with standard features. I wanted mp3 & blue tooth, and it is standard. (no premium or convenience package). I asked for 900 below invoice, and said I'll buy today from Lawrenceville, NJ. It worked over the phone.
    Customer Rewards : 100 (becuase I service my van there)
    With TTL On the road : 22203
    Got 2.9% 60months

    I pulled the whole thing without much reading. ;)
    PL opine for others to compare.

    I declined the extended warranty because it 1500$, and they want to reduce only by 100. Same dealer gave extentended warranty for 880$. TFS told me when I bought, it can be bought before the 3year ends, and it can be bought from any toyota dealer. Pl give your insight on this.
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