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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • aishaish Posts: 5
    edited December 2011
    I am looking to buy Camry 2012 SE with 8-way powerseat and carpet set which basically comes with the car. I am from VA and a MD dealer is offering 22,200.00 OTD price. No trade-in. VA has 3.17% tax processing fee they charge 199.00. Is it a good price?

    BTW, the MSRP is $24425.oo.
  • Seeing as how I used this forum to help me before I purchased my Camry LE Hybrid , I thought I would register and let everyone know what I paid. MSRP was $27,217 , paid $25,000 + $250 doc fee + tax . Don't know if the hybrid is worth the extra money but it is what I wanted and I love the car. What do you think of the deal?
  • with power seat and mats, Bought today for 20300( including Destination) + TTL in MD/VA along with 2.9% finance. Will also be using the $500 Edmunds toyota camry rebate!!!

    hope this info help someone for the year end events as this forum has helped me a lot.
  • Is the $500 Edmunds rebate still available? I tried search for camry inventory and clicking ads for several times but couldn't find that. Popup blocker is off.
  • My SE's MSRP is 24883, and paid 21826.
    I heard from my friend in MA is having excellant price. You should
    ask for 1000$ below invoice. Today is the best day.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I'm not sure sliding into a seat is a really a valid excuse for leather. However, even though I normally prefer cloth, the 2012 cloth in the XLE is a bit rough and crude like something I'd expect more in a pickup truck. Not as soft and refined as the previous generation cloth at all.
    Makes me wonder if they did that on purpose to get more people to upgrade to leather.
  • Ryan,

    The only option I added was the driver power seat. I bought the 2012 Camry le.

  • Try surfing for Honda Accord SE or LX-P and you will see it as next to top layer of Advertisements on the page. On thursday i was continously getting it even while surfing for Toyota Camry itself but do visit the competition too to see if it comes on

    Good Luck.
  • aishaish Posts: 5
    edited December 2011
    Thanks Vanvenum. Fianlly bought Camry SE with only power seat and carpet for
    OTD - $22000.00(fitzmall reduced another $200 today).
    Before TTL the price is $21059. The invoice price is $22662.00.
    I wanted Cosmic grey which we liked very much and this color was available only with fitzmall (that too only one car they had with MSRP $24425). No dealer in nearby DC metro area has the car with that color. To get to my price the manager gave 2 toyota rebates of $250.

    I have Toyotathon sharethon promotion certificate for $1000 and rebate for $500.00. Hopefully I get both of them without any issues. Then my Final price would be 22000(OTD) - 1000 - 500 = $20500.

    One thing I realized with this car buying experience, internet salesman don't send their best quotes in mail. If you talk to them they go over the price orally and ask you to come for test drive. Afterthat if you visit them they really work with us and try to finish the deal buy offering additional discounts. May be they are afraid that buyers would be using their email quotes to get better rates from other dealers.
  • aishaish Posts: 5
    edited December 2011
    Anyone planning to buy toyota carmy and wants toyotathon certificate?. I have an extra one.
  • aishaish Posts: 5
    edited December 2011
    Your price is great price. where did you buy in MD?
  • Aish - Congrats! You got a great deal as well. I was not aware of $1000 certificate. I bought it yesterday from the same dealer as yours.
    I can use the extra certificate that you have..... but not sure if it has limitations like the same name requirements on the buyers contract like the edmunds rebate....
  • s110s110 Posts: 3
    Hi. I could use a Sharethon promotional certificate if you still have it.

    If anyone else has one that they will not be using, I will appreciate if you can share it.

  • rampramp Posts: 11
    I am planning to buy a Camry, could you please share it if you have a Sharethon promotional certificate.

  • rampramp Posts: 11

    I am planning to buy a Camry in Phoenix, AZ, could you please send me the Sharethon promotional certificate.

  • After much back and forth in calls upon calls to about seven dealers here in Connecticut, I signed today for a Camry SE with power seat, carpeted mats, all-weather mats, bumper applique, mudguards, door sill enhancer, and new plates for the OUT THE DOOR price of $23,467. No trade-in. This includes Conn.'s 6.35 percent sales tax and $175 for a new registration.

    Buying the last day of the year really saved me some bucks. Five dealers dropped out of the pricing death match and I had a great price from Hartford Toyota. But that salesman wouldn't call me back, so just before I drove there prepared to fight in person for the price he had agreed to on the phone, I called two more Conn. dealers. One said "If you can get it at the price, buy it." Then Hoffman Toyota called back and agreed to beat it by $250 plus add the doorsill enhancers. They were super easy to deal with, honored everything they said they would, no games, no hassles. Kudos also to Middletown Toyota. They were great to deal with, but just couldn't the price Hartford had promised me. Thumbs way down to Hartford for not calling me back after I left two messages. Thanks to all who posted here previously. You all helped me make my deal. Picking up my cosmic grey mica with black/black interior from Hoffman Toyota next week. I can't wait.
  • I bought a 2012 Camry XLE with the leather and convenience package for $25,199 with tags, taxes, etc. I paid $26,411. Did I get a deal or not? I've been trying to find the true car value for the dealer, but different sites say different things and I could never find any information on dealer rebates. They were having computer problems, so I still have an out since all the paperwork couldn't be completed.
  • I would like to get you certificate. Is it still available?
  • Happy New Year everyone!
    If you happened have an extra Toyotathon Sharethon Certificate, Please let me know. Just got Carmy LE with OTD $22820 (7% tax). Not sure about if it is a good deal, just want to share information.
  • If anyone has a Toyota Sharethon certificate they are not going to use, I would like to have one also. Thanks
  • Me too. Finally got the Edmunds rebate but missed the Toyota Sharethon certificate. If anyone would like to give away, please contact me. Thanks!
  • Happy New Year everyone!
    If anyone has an extra Toyotathon Sharethon Certificate, Please let me know.

    I bought a 2012 Camry SE (4 cyl) for $25,900 after dealer fees (not including tax) on Saturday. The car has leather, power seats, moonroof, convenience package, navigation package, mats. The MSRP was $28764.
  • kcmoverkcmover Posts: 32
    The price of $25,199 was that a V6 model Nav and blind spot cameras. It seems like a great price. What was the sticker price on the car? Edmunds used to post that Wholesale / Retail pricing but I don't see it anymore on this site.

    I want to go in pay cash on Tuesday and buy a loaded Camry XLE with 6 cyl engine. What should I pay.
  • kcmoverkcmover Posts: 32
    edited January 2012
    The MRSP of the car is 29,845.00
    Optional equipment is safety connect with emegency assist 450.00
    Blind Spot mirror 500.00
    Premium HDD Navigation with entune and JBL 7" Screen 1550.00
    Carpet / Trunk mat set 225.00
    Rear Spoiler (don't need or want) 159.00
    Rear Bumper Applique (don't need or want) 69.00
    Total options (2,953.00)
    Vehicle Base Model (29,845.00)
    Total MSRP $32,798.00

    What should I expect to pay for this car in the Kansas City area? I was hopeful for about $27,000 are there any incentives or additional bonus items I should be asking the dealer for on the purchase.

    I feel I need body side molding. What should that value be or tell them to include it?

    The dealers all have warranty gimmicks Like lifetime powertrain warranty but thru who and what terms and conditions.

    No trade in. Strictly a cash deal.

    I would appreciate any advice as I would like to buy it today January 3rd, 2012.

    In addition to the MSRP of $32798, you will have to add the destination charge ($815 or so) and then the dealer fees (varies).

    Based on True, you should expect to pay around $29,700 for the car if purchased in Atlanta. How did you do?
  • bizibizi Posts: 17
    Bought 2012 Camry LE Hybrid in SoCal for $550 under invoice. At the moment, LE Hybrid generally doesn't have any options other than the floor mats. Many dealers in the area are selling the hybrids around the invoice price.
  • Can you tell me what dealership in Bergen county did you buy from? Did the price included destination costs?
  • Just purchased Attitude Black, 4 cyl Camry SE with moonroof, navigation, power driver seat and mats for $23.7k including dealer fee at Clearwater Toyota. Felt it was a fair price. Talked to dealer w/o dealer fee but they wanted more for car with fewer options. Gettel/Lakewood in Bradenton, i wouldn't ever deal with them again. They wouldn't let me wander the lot--they had sales people bring cars to you. What a terrible experience they were, while I have nothing but great things to say about the folks at Clearwater. Be warned, however, when you pull into their lot at Clearwater, there will be 20 guys hanging out waiting for you like you are meat. I would advise you talk to the internet guy and work things out, then come with a specific person to meet...
  • hbqiaohbqiao Posts: 5
    Wow, this is a great price. You really mean $550 below the invoice price? The invoice is $25028.

    Could you share the dealer? I am in the same market for the same car. Thanks!
  • bizibizi Posts: 17
    Try and check out San Diego area.
    The invoice you quoted doesn't include floor mats ($140 invoice).
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