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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    I will do is Palm Beach Toyota and I will send you the email address. BTW, I love the SEV6,,,what a car...I did like the 2011 I4 LE too but the SE is a whole different car....I just love driving it. Oh, BTW, the leather seat with the light colored center is also a step up...I didn't want black leather but with the light colored inserts it is terrific. This is one special car.

    Jimmy Drew
  • failanfailan Posts: 2
    edited April 2012
    Can you tell me how you were able to get it below invoice over $1500? I'm trying to buy a car that has options that you got. You can reply my message or send me some advice at my email. multicyde at Thanks.
  • nuke365nuke365 Posts: 2
    USAA car buying service quote and the fact that I chose the I4 vs. V6 option.

    Here is a copy of it.

    Toyota Scion of Poway USAA Savings Certificate Created on April 04, 2012

    USAA Savings Certificate

    This Certificate entitles you to a Minimum Savings of:
    $2,381 ( 10.24%) off an MSRP of $23,260
    on ANY In Stock
    2012 Toyota Camry 4dr Sedan I4 Auto LE
    at Toyota Scion of Poway
    Your Estimated Price and Savings based on your selected preferences:
    Estimated USAA Price
    Estimated USAA Savings
    $2,381 off MSRP of $23,260

    Important Information About Your Certificate

    Toyota Scion of Poway may not have a vehicle with your preferred options in stock. Its important that you contact your dealer representative to review your preferences so they can locate a vehicle that suits your needs.

    Minimum Savings
    You are entitled to a minimum savings of $2,381 off MSRP on any in-stock 2012 Toyota Camry 4dr Sedan I4 Auto LE style vehicle at Toyota Scion of Poway. The $2,381 savings off MSRP reflects a vehicle with no options and is your guaranteed minimum savings regardless of which colors or options you choose before additional Charges and/or fees. Your Actual Savings off MSRP may increase as you select different colors and more options. Default incentives assume a retail vehicle purchase. Toyota Scion of Poway will confirm incentive eligibility and compatibility with manufacturer lease and financing offers.

    Preferred Options and Colors
    Your Estimated Price and Savings represents the price and savings for a vehicle based on your preferred options and colors. The price is strictly an example of what you can reasonably expect to pay for your vehicle as configured with your preferred options, and is not an advertised price by Toyota Scion of Poway. Because the options and colors you selected may not be available in your exact preferred configuration, your actual price may go up or down when your guarantee is applied to a differently equipped, qualified in-stock vehicle. Navigation and limited availability packages, as well as diesel or Hybrid engine styles may be priced differently.

    Included Fees
    Your Estimated Price includes both the $760 destination fee (which is listed in the total MSRP for this vehicle) and the $381 regional advertising fee.

    Excluded Fees
    The Estimated Price does not include dealer installed accessories, applicable tax, title, licensing and documentation fees, other state and governmental charges and/or fees, and any other charges and/or fee allowed by law.

    Secure Your Savings
    You must be in contact with your dealer within 3 business days to receive your Minimum Savings. Please be aware that vehicle prices may increase or decrease based on future market conditions.

    Your preferred options on your virtual 2012 Toyota Camry 4dr Sedan I4 Auto LE

    Preferred Colors
    EXTERIOR: Classic Silver Metallic
    INTERIOR: Ivory

    Preferred Options
  • failanfailan Posts: 2
    I was reading steve6206's message and he paid $24400 + ttl. On edmunds, with leather package, convienience package, navigation/Entune package and moon roof, plus floor mats it comes out $25970 for invoice. I got a quote that I can buy a car at $26500 + ttl with same options as steve6206. I think dealer will go down few hundred more but that's not even close to $24400.
  • gl45sgl45s Posts: 1
    I am interested in buying a 2012 Camry Hybrid XLE and would like to the deal here. Has anyone bought one recently in Rochester or Buffalo or other upstate areas? And the price before ttl? Thanks.
  • ronn13ronn13 Posts: 5
    Jim, where did you buy the car. I got following quote for 2012 Camry V6

    Color : Attitude black
    Camry SE V6
    Convenience package
    Carpeted Floor Mats
    Display Audio with Navigation Entune and JBL
    Door still Enhancements
    Leather Package
    Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof

    OTD = 30,400

    I am from Detroit area, but 28,000 seems to be impossible here. If you provide me some tips, that would be awesome. Btw, how to apply Edmunds rebate ?
  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    I went in with the price and that was it....I got the silver metallic...with the leather package and moon roof package and display audio package and convenience package and mats and tinting (which makes a big difference in Florida) I used Palm Beach Toyota....the Edmunds Rebate is in a banner on the website just print it and send in your paper work when you buy. I have sent mine in but haven't received the rebate yet. BTW, I love the SEV6. The leather seats with the light suede inserts is terrific...I didn't want the black leather....

    Jimmy Drew
  • Let me know how I did guys, I think I did well. Unfortunately some "fees" were in there, but, I am still happy with what I paid. I'm in the Raleigh, NC area.

    I got the loaded up SE-V6 Camry, Silver Metallic with black leather and ash inserts, not full leather seats. I think that's the only thing this car doesn't have.

    Sale price = $26,325.63
    Tax = $789.77
    Tag and title = $86.80
    Their "fees" = $548
    Total out the door = $27,750 and they threw in the all weather mats
  • ali28ali28 Posts: 7
    Is it for 4 cyl or 6 cly? what about nav package and convien pack?
  • It is a V6, and has both nav and convenience packs.
  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    I have the same thing..but yes, they are leather seats..the inserts are still leather suede..I love beat me. I paid $28K out the door.....not bad though and I absolutely love the car..what a joy to drive. How do you feel about it.? I had a 2011 I4LE and it was a great car but not fun to drive..

    Jimmy Drew
  • ronn13ronn13 Posts: 5
    Thanks Jim for your reply, here in Detroit it is very difficult to find that price. In motor city, car is not cheap. What a shame :(
  • Yeah Jimmy, I used your sale as a guideline. Funny that this whole Camry thing started Wednesday as I was attempting to deal on a used '09 Accord EX-L V6 via texting!!

    I drove down the street because I was getting pissed that I was wasting time over $300, and decided to just give the Camry a quick look. I drove the 4 cyl and was like "ehhhh", but then drove the V6 and was like "wow".

    I spent a total of an hour at Toyota (and wasted 6 at Honda and still didn't buy from them). Worked out some numbers with the Toyota guy but never shook, then Wednesday night emailed four other dealers in the area. I didn't reveal names, just numbers and what I was looking at, letting them know I will be buying Friday and asked "what can you do to earn my business".

    Low and behold, the two "big names" were in competition and didn't know it. The "other guy" beat the deal by $9 and after I asked, threw in the mats. I gave the original guy my business though, because he was nothing like a typical car salesman.

    I pick it up tomorrow and am psyched to drive it on a 400 mile trip the first day!

    Anyone in NC, drop me an electronic mail at silv333 at G mail dot com and I will gladly share the dealer info.
  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    So you got it for $28000.00 OTD? I got mats and window tint and all the packages...I love the SEV6 it is a drivers car....not as subtle as the LE or EXL but you can feel the road and around corners it is very willing. I lov eit...and I think I got a good price.

    Jimmy Drew
  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    Don't know if I got a good deal or not but I am very happy with the car. Like I said I have been driving the I4 LE for about 2 years and the SEV6 is just a different car. NO matter what, if you are a driver enthusiast you will love it...don't let a couple of $ sway you..this is a very special car...I love it. I just took the grand kids home about a 35 mile drive on I 95 and coming home it was very quiet on the road so I thought I would nudge it a bit...well, before I knew it...and any police officers close your ears or eyes...;-) was doing over 120 MPH and the car was not even breathing hard. It is one great car and one terrific engine..actually Ward rated it as one of the 10 best engines in the world.

    Jimmy Drew
  • Got it for $27,750 OTD....the windows came tinted by S.E. Toyota, and got all weather mats and a cargo net thrown in.

    Add in the Edmunds rebate, so that puts me at $27,000. Car rides like a dream!!
  • dpurwindpurwin Posts: 3
    MSRP was $24,425.
  • gnartgnart Posts: 36

    Sadly, I blocked ads in my browser so I didn't see the rebate offer until after I bought my vehicle. After I learned about the offer, I allowed the ads and printed the coupon. I am going to submit it anywhere and hope.

    Where did you buy your SE?

  • ronn13ronn13 Posts: 5
    Just wondering, has any one in Detroit area have bought 2012 Camry SE V6 for less than $30,000. I have got quote from all top dealers in that area and no body is willing to go down below $30,000. I can see other users from different State were able to buy it for $28,000 or under. Whats going on Detroit, you suppose to be Motor City.

    - Ron
  • If you are familiar with the Triangle area, "the Peak of Good Living" dealer.
  • fabricfabric Posts: 10
    Just bought a silver tonight. SE basic without any other option.
    OTD price $23,288. And also got the College discount $1000 & $750 Edmunds discount. Final OTD price $21,538.
    I think I get a good deal. Good Luck everyone.
  • Fantastic price, that is the best deal I've heard of to date.
  • mkjamesmkjames Posts: 3
    Did the OTD price include any rebates or discounts?
  • As you may know, yesterday was the last day that all the dealerships in Southern California to receive double bonus for their sales. There were no College Discount and Edmunds Discount to combine in order to get to the final OTD price of $21,538. Second, there was no SE basic without any other option on the current market. Everyone knows that Camry has basic model, LE, SE and XLE.
  • rj2007rj2007 Posts: 3
    FYI, We bought 2012 Camry SE for 23900 OTD price. This includes the dealer installed leather package.
  • I made a deal on Monday for an SE with power driver's seat for $21,975. The car they located for me comes with bumper applique and all weather mats for that price. This includes the dealer's $75 document/processing fee. Add tax and DMV fees for the total.

    I am happy with the deal and should take delivery on Saturday. I also will file for the Edmunds rebate later.

    Excited about getting my "wife's" car (I drive a Honda Ridgeline).
  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    That is a terrific price. I wanted the V6. And had to have all the packages!!!

    Jimmy. Drew
  • Was this a V6??????
  • nflguynflguy Posts: 90
    edited April 2012
    I live in Fort Worth, Texas and would like to buy a 2012 Camry XLE.

    Still undecided on 4 cylinder vs 6 cylinder and was told by a local dealer that you can't get the blind spot monitor on the 4 cylinder (not sure if that's true).

    We want convenience package, navigation, leather upgrade (powered and heated front seats), wood grain interior panels , floor mats, dark window tint,. I wonder if those that purchased the 4 cylinder regret it. The published MPG of the 4 cylinder is pretty sweet though.

    One local dealer's internet manager sent me the following two quotes:

    A 2012 Camry XLE 6 Cylinder loaded:

    In his email he says the MSRP is $30,690 plus $3,800 in installed options for a total of $34,530

    His internet price is $30,500 plus TTL.

    I thought most options come standard on the V6 XLE (Moon roof, heated/powered leather seats, navigation etc).

    On his pricing details it looks like the added options included upgraded Navigation to the 7.1 screen and safety connect.

    If we get this car I want it OTD for $28k

    Is that a realistic expectation?

    He also emailed me a quote for a 4 cylinder XLE:

    Base MSRP: $25,000

    Options added: $5,070

    Total: $30,070

    Internet price: $26,800 plus TTL

    The added options were convenience package, navigation (6.1 screen), heated leather seats upgrade, Moonroof. this one does NOT have the blind spot monitor.

    What would be a fair offer for me to submit to the dealer on either of these vehicles?
  • The V6 is sweet! This is my wife's car and she would never "use" the V6, plus fuel economy is very important to me (although the V6's rating is great for what it is). I am tall at 6'4" and unfortunately all packages in the SE (at least the 4) are bundled so I would have to get the moonroof if I wanted anything else. This killed it for me, as you lose a couple inches of headroom (with the seat all the way down my head was into the cutout for the moonroof). My wife liked the backup camera so we added this aftermarket to the base SE (with power driver's seat). The camera and new mirror comes to just under $500.

    I really look forward to this car.
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