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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Does that include tax?? Can you share info about your sales agent?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Actually, go buy a set of WeatherTech's for it. They cost more, but are wonderful. You can find many internet sites that carry them.
  • I usually put the weathertechs over my oem mats to preserve them. But thats just me. :)
  • Bought the car @ fitzmall, PA for 20,693 + TTL. No trade-in and got loan from my local credit union. I benefited a lot from this forum and thanks everyone for their contributions to this board.
  • Hi,guys:

    I am planning to buy Toyota 2008 Camry LE automatic base model in Atlanta, GA area.
    Has anyone bought one recently? I would like to find out about the lovest price I could get on it.
    Thank you very much !

  • jarnjarn Posts: 3
    I just purchased a new 2008 LE base (I4), no frills Camry. I did get the anti-theft and floor mats. When I say I just bought it, I picked it up last Tuesday (I've had it less than a week)

    I negotiated a price of $18,650 for mine Thats before tax. I had a trade-in that I feel I got an adequate price on (1999 Nissan Altima, they gave me 4K for it).

    I put a portion of the leftover due as a down payment and financed about 9K. (so they are making a little money from me that way.)

    I live in the NE, so I am unaware of how that affects pricing compared to where you live. I hope this is helpful.
  • ctstmctstm Posts: 4
    Thanx to this posting by mk26, I was able to get the same price.
    2008 Camry LE classic silver for 19500 out the door ( with mats + cargonet ).
    This was the best price I got from any dealer for this car.
    If you back calculate, it translates to appx 17,900 + Tax + DMV Fees.
  • jarnjarn Posts: 3
    I realized after I posted that (and 30 mins has gone by, so I cannot edit it) that I forgot to include that the price I was quoted already included the $1000 cash back they were offering at the time.

    minor detail... right?
  • Got the following quote in Southern CA:

    Camry SE 4 cyl Auto
    - Color-Keyed Rear Spoiler RF
    - Moonroof Package SR
    - Carpet/Trunk Mat Set

    Dealer is offering $20,900 (includes Dest charge) before tax, etc. Good deal?
  • Picked mine up last night from Jerry's Toyota in Bel Air, MD.

    2008 Toyota Camry SE (4cyl/Automatic)
    with the following options:
    50 State Emissions
    JBL FM/AM In-Dash 6CD Changer
    Power Moonroof
    Rear Spoiler
    Vehicle Stability Control

    For: $21,748 OUT THE DOOR! After rebate.

    This included tax, tags, proc fee, tire tax and lien fee.
    And I got free floor mats. This was the ONLY 2008 Majestic Grey SE I could find, walked into the dealership at 8:50pm and they were closing at 9pm.
  • ctstmctstm Posts: 4
    Thanx to this posting by mk26, I was able to get the same price from same dealership ( DARCARS, Silver springs ).
    2008 Camry LE classic silver for 19500 out the door ( with mats + cargonet ).
    This was the best price I got from any dealer for this car.
    If you back calculate, it translates to appx 17,900 + Tax + DMV Fees.
  • Wow, great price! Congrats on the car and thanks for sharing the price. I just started looking in Southern CA and here's the best offer after rebate I've received so far:

    Color: Magnetic Gray Metallic
    Options: SR (Sunroof) + Spoiler (RF), Carpet Floor+Trunk Mat
    $20,900 (dest is already included) + tax+fees.

    Rebate is $750 in CA.
  • BTW, some of the dealers are saying that the SE is only built in the U.S. - I want one built in Japan. What does your VIN start with? If it starts with "J", it was built in Japan.
  • skv73skv73 Posts: 3
    does it include the rebate
  • jl582jl582 Posts: 6
    Finally pulled the trigger and ended up buying 2009 Camry XLE V6 w/ Nav
    Out the door price including NJ tax, registration fee, doc fee..etc for $30,500. 30.5k is out the door price. That's how I negotiated the final price using otd.

    I hope this price can help out people who's in for Camry XLE V6 models. I was told only 2008 models were elligible for rebate so no rebate on this one.

    MSRP was 32k and change considering tax is about 2k, I think I got pretty good deal. (at least that's what I like to think so. :D )
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    As I've said before, my Camry built in the USA had only one problem - the hesitation that was completely fixed with a 25 minute reprogramming. This was a design issue from Japan, not an assembly issue.

    On the other hand, a Rav4 built in Japan had multiple squeaks and rattles that were all completely fixed also, but it took about 8-10 hours total. So my experiences say that USA assembled is great.

    Same with 3 Corollas (2 Fremont, CA, one Ontario Canada - all three Zero problems).

    My advise - buy the Camry that you like, don't worry about where it was built. Camry's have a $750 rebate now in my area - great deal!!!
  • Thank you for your information, I get a quote $18,080 (include rebate), plus TTL, is this a good deal?
    Thanks again!
  • jarnjarn Posts: 3
    Sounds like a good deal to me (I was very happy with my deal) if you haven't spoken to the finance guy yet, that's where they added in the cost for the Anti-theft. Here in New England, I wouldn't have it any other way.

    I'm no expert, I just walked into what I feel was a worthwhile purchase. (it is my first new car, I have always gone with pre-owned up to this point).

    Maybe another opinion would be good beyond mine. With the 2009's rolling out, it seems that now is the time to get some good deals on the 2008's.
  • Can someone educate me on the best way to get the cheapest 2008 Toyota Camry Extended Warranty?

    I am thinking of options that make me buy the warrantly after I get the car at a lower than the price a Toyota dealer will see me at the time of the car purchase.

  • Dealer in Marin California has been running an ad for 2008 Camry Hybrid with $4521 off MSRP of $31119 for a sale price of $26598 plus a $1000 rebate for final price of $25598. I have never bought a car there and made the mistake of giving them my phone number. They never called when they were running these ads( I wanted $4000 off MSRP last Nov) but did call all the time when they were priced higher. Good price but don't give them your phone number.
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