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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • camrynewcamrynew Posts: 1
    Hi fabric,
    what and where was the dealer that you bought your camry 2012 ?
    I am looking for one like yours but I don't know where to get a good price like your.
    How does edmun work ? Edmun discount = how to get it ?

  • zhijianzhijian Posts: 3
    2012 Toyota CAMRY SE 4 CYL

    Option: Power Driver Seat, Remote Control Starter

    CAMRY SE 2012 MSRP24425 OTD23750

    After 1000 student rebate and 750 edmunds coupon FINAL22000
  • jrcamojrcamo Posts: 1
    Which dealer did you get this price on the 2012 camry se?
  • rvularvula Posts: 3
    Could you please tell me options you have? How do I get the edmond's coupon? I searched the site with no luck. Thank you.
  • Looking for to buy Camry LE 2012 first time, what is the OTD price should I tell the salesman? I am in California,Bay area. Which dealers can you recommend? Thanks. Are there any special incentive during Memorial day weekend?
  • jay999jay999 Posts: 7
    edited April 2012
    Folks... I am just about start looking out for a 2012 SE with the leather and convenience package in Dallas.Can any body share their buying experience along with prices paid . What is the price I should be shooting for before TTL
    Appreciate your feedback.
    Also where would be the best place to find out the incentives Toyota is offering this month?
  • Research this thread....quite a few with their experiences. Just start at the newest post and work back a few pages.
  • Hi, zhijian,
    Could you please tell me what the student rebate is, and where I can find the 750 edmund coupon? I am also looking for the camry SE 4 CYL with the basic model. It will be great if you can give me more information on that. BTW, I am an international Chinese student in UCLA, am I eligible for the 1000 student rebate? Thanks a lot
  • Hi, fabric,
    That's really a terrific price. Could you please tell me what's the dealership name? And where I can find the college discount and edmund discout? Thanks a lot. I am also looking for a new Toyota camry SE 4 CYL basic just as you. If you can give me more information on that, it will be great. BTW, I am an international master student, am I eligible for the college discout? Thank you.
  • mkjamesmkjames Posts: 3
    Hi Truckie,

    Did your OTD price include any student or military rebates?
  • Hi MK, nope, no student or military, just the Edmunds. And go figure, the other day they had a commercial for 0% for 72 financing.

    I highly recommend the salesman I used, and depending where you are coming from, a one way ticket to Raleigh-Durham may be worth it!! Let me know if you want my dealer info, my salesman was great.
  • mkdorfmkdorf Posts: 10
    Purchased in North Carolina

    Super White with Tan Interior

    Safety Connect
    Blind Spot Monitor
    Conv Package
    Leather Package (sure wish the entire seat was leather - worried about stains)
    Premium HDD Navi/Entune (7.1 screen)
    Power Moonroof
    Rear Lip Spoiler
    Carpeted mats w/trunk mat
    Toyoguard Elite (already on the car but I paid a fraction of the $699 MSRP)

    MSRP $35,957
    Paid $32,528.50 plus TTL

    By my calculations, my deal was 10% less than MSRP. I think I did well considering the instability in gas prices of late. Got 46mpg on the 45 mile drive home from the dealership.
  • puff2icepuff2ice Posts: 2
    Test drove both the I4 and the V6 SE, am going with the v6.

    Dealer said the best they could do is $31,867 OTD, MSRP is

    Base $26,640
    Convenience Package-CQAT $895
    Display Audio with Navigation-EJAT $650
    Leather Package: Includes-LAAT $1,050
    Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof-SRAT $915
    Carpet Mats w/Trunk Mat-PV50 $349
    Manuf, Delv, Proc & Hndlg $840
    Subtotal $31,339
    Dealer Fees $999
    Total $32,338

    From what I am reading, I should be closer to $28,000 than $31,000, told them no thank you and walked out. Am I nuts for walking out? This is the first Toyota we buy and it seems the MSRP is marked way up, please help.
  • raysfanraysfan Posts: 13
    edited April 2012
    This dealer is trying to rip you off. The SE V6 comes with the Display Audio w/Entune & nav as standard equipment (on the I4 the MSRP for the nav option is $1050 and not $650) - check the brochure or check on the Toyota web site. Also you should try to negotiate your best price and then have them throw in the mats, tinting, etc., to seal the deal.

    I'm in the Tampa Bay area and was able to get my I4 SE for about 15% under MSRP and got the mats & tinting for free plus am waiting to receive my $500 rebate.
  • ziyuluziyulu Posts: 55
    It seems like the prices of Toyota Camrys have gone up for the 2012 model year even though the MSRP is lower. I remember last year we could get an LE for under $20,000, however, this year the best I can get is over $21,000 for an LE. I am regretting that I should have purchased one in 2011. I just can't see myself paying that much for a basic 4 cylinder car.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    It is the first year of a new generation - demand is VERY high, so of course prices are higher. They always are for the first year. They will come down.
  • zhijianzhijian Posts: 3
    power seat
    remote starter

    you have to refresh and try you good luck.
  • zhijianzhijian Posts: 3
    1000 rebate for all graduate who graduated within two years or who is going to graduate in 6 months.

    You have to refress at to try you many times toyota ads..
  • oz_22151oz_22151 Posts: 7
    I got everything, leather, moonroof, blind spot, HDD Premium Nav, etc.

    My price was $33K even plus $67 for lock nuts (friend had wheels stolen before).

    This $33K price was before tax and tag.

    I probably overpaid by about $300-$500 over true value. oh well.

    Then for trade-in, they tried to low ball me offering me only $2000 for 2001 Camry XL. They said, "well.. we're not gonna retail this, we'll have to wholesale the car". whatever that means. The they said some crap about they pulled the "car fax" on my car. I only had minor fender bender here and there. I think they just bluffed.

    I just said no to their offer, car is worth $5000 IMO base on kelly blue book. Finally guy came back and said $4500, then I agreed for the convenience sake.

    Then came the talk with the finance guy. But this time I was determined not to buy anything.

    I had to keep saying "not interested, not interested, not interested".

    I refused pretty much everything in the finance office, no Undercoating (what a joke), no ding protection, no gap ins (may get myself with ins co.).

    They do try to get you in the finance office, made me watch video and then gave me the usual line of "this will only increase payment by $20 per month".

    I just said no to everything except I got the prepaid service for dealer maintenance for year 3-4-5 for $700. Year 1 and 2 is already free with purchase of car. original price for this deal was $825.

    Picking up the car today. woohoo.
  • All right, thank you so much for your information
  • fiapopfiapop Posts: 1
    Where is this EDMUNDS rebate everyone is talking about???? :lemon:
  • jay999jay999 Posts: 7
    Hi Would you mind sharing the options on the SE that you purchased?
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    Where is this EDMUNDS rebate everyone is talking about???? :lemon:

    Browse around Edmund's new car section and it'll show up on some of the pages -- theres one for Rav4 and theres another for Camry/Corolla

    I usually see them when I'm browsing in the Hyundai Elantra or Sonata page
  • Google "camry edmunds rebate"....that's how I found it.
  • Quick questions, is that possible for me to combine the $1000 graduation rebate and the 2.9% finance going on right now for the Camry?
  • acauseyacausey Posts: 2
    Retail value of $29363 for a white 2012 Camry Hybrid LE stock with floormats, vehicle shield package, tint. Got them down to $26035 which they are saying is $200 above "their cost."

    Good deal or no?

    I'm also looking at a 2012 Prius 2 stock and got a quote of $23990. Trying to decide what car I want out of the two and get the best price.
  • gnartgnart Posts: 36
    My dealer said "yes" that you can have both incentives. I said "I had my own financing". They tried to offer lower rate. I had cash, so I wrote them a check....
  • gnartgnart Posts: 36
    I looked at about buying hybrid on my last two purchases. I calculated the difference in vehicle cost (I pay cash so no added interest cost to the vehicles), the difference in gasoline cost projected out for 10 years, battery replacement cost, even without calculating city (battery) and highway (gas) usage. I find that it costs more to own a hybrid or break even. Just my own analysis.
  • acauseyacausey Posts: 2
    I think you are right. I know I will not own this car for any more than 5 years. I calculated the cost and I still wouldn't recoop the initial $3000 or so extra.

    Unfortunately, the monthly gas savings of the regular 4 cyl camry compared to my current 4Runner wouldn't be quite enough to justify the purchase. While the Camry Hybrid will cost more over time, it would be cheaper monthly.

    So, I'm stuck with just keeping my 4Runner although I have a really good offer on it right now... getting the base prius... or this hybrid camry.
  • Live in Central/North New Jersey. To make a long story short:

    Camry Hybrid XLE
    Leather Package (and all that comes with it), Carpeted Floor and Trunk Mat Set, and Rear Bumper Applique

    MSRP: $32,274
    Paid: $30,472

    Also got the 7 yr/125,000 mile warranty (drive 70 miles round trip for work) for $1,445 in lieu of the $2,075 MSRP. In regards to financing, the dealership/Toyota originally offered around 4.7%. I showed them a national bank was offering 2.64% 60 month new car loans and checking account holders got a .25% discount so they matched the 2.39% finance rate.

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