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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • zonecarzonecar Posts: 17
    Just some info for you guys.

    Last Sunday(8/12) from the ads on newspaper in south Cal, price were 17888 for the LE and 18888 for the SE before tax and fees. Both noted 5 cars in this price.
    I am getting a SE during the labor day weekends so hope they had the same deal or lower would be better.
  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    Hello zonecar

    What dealer offered the cars at this price?


  • zonecarzonecar Posts: 17
    hey coches1

    it was toyota of irvine.
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    Please make a note that these prices include a $1000 College Grad rebate and $1000 Conquest Rebate. You have to qualify for both of these rebates and then the prices become as stated on the ad.
  • carkarcarkar Posts: 1
    If we add $2K to $17,888, isn't that a great deal with total below $20K? I assume that includes destination fee.

    I am looking for Camry LE and my best offer is $20.4K including dest. fee. Is that a good/great deal?

    I'm in MA state.
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    $19888 for a Camry LE is a good price.

    The lowest I have seen a LE go for is $19500. $20,400 for a LE is a little on the high side, especially since year end close in terms of the car model year is coming to a close and 2013's will arrive on lots sometime next month.
  • ypnlypnl Posts: 1
    Hi msmb, would you mind sharing which dealer offer you the $23.3K + tax+ fees?

    Thank you.
  • ballard818ballard818 Posts: 3
    edited August 2012
    I have been offered 22200 for camry se i4 with navigation, power drivers seat, and mats. Anyone think this is a good deal. Also got approved for 0% financing. They sold the cars similar to this on the lot, but are willing at no extra fees to travel to any dealer in region to get the color that we want. The wife gets to decide that when we go to sign a contract.
  • chrisncchrisnc Posts: 3
    hi, could you share your dealer info.

    i am at NC, the lowest price of SE I got from dealer is 22,700$ (OTD)with special financing, most of them are above 23,000$ (OTD). And all the dealer said if you want to special financing, they have to increase the price by 500 - 700. I think this is quite high price, but seems all the dealer are consistent. could anyone share the experience about how to talk to dealer?
  • ballard818ballard818 Posts: 3
    edited August 2012
    Little Apple Toyota Kansas. That was not the OTD price. We traded a 2011 Camry. The 22200 was just the car. Tax here is 8.55% and dealer fees are only 149. Also there is a link on toyota website for the $250 prepaid card for doing a search. so after that is redeemed car price would be 21950. We signed the papers yesterday so just waiting for the car to be delivered. Should have it by tomorrow. The way I got the best price was contacting about 15 different toyota dealers via their websites. I just basically told them what I wanted. It rained all day Friday and Saturday within 150 miles so they were all eager to make a deal anyway possible. I just took my lowest quote to my sales guy and he spoke with GM. They probably hated me. I also made sure i was preapproved for the 0%. I think that is one of the reasons that most dealers were eager to give me good prices so quick. Finally made deal, they didn't have the one I wanted but were more then willing to swap with another dealer.

    debit card link if you buy a camry.
  • chrisncchrisnc Posts: 3
    hi, thanks for sharing.
    Got another question, how to use that 250$ debit card? It requires the VIN, but when I can sure the car is what i will buy. I do this before sign the contract ? or before process the financing program? thanks
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Have you checked out the prices for the Camry SE at Jim Barkley Toyota in Asheville, NC? They are a no haggle price dealer. They also have no doc or dealer fees. I think you would still have to add the 500 if you go with the special financing, but that would still give you a good price.

  • Fully loaded, convenience package, safety package, moonroof, premium hdd package with entune, 10 jbl speakers, 7 inch touch screen, blind spot monitor. The lowest price I've been offered is $31,293. I live in Columbus, Ohio. Can anyone tell me if this is a good price?? I've received quotes from 7 dealerships and this is the best I've received. On kbb it says the invoice price is 28k+

    I appreciate any insight in advance! Please and thank you!
  • you put in the vin after you purchase the car. I just took delivery today and did it. after you put in the vin and code from doing the search it will then want you to enter the name and address.
  • Numbers I have been given:
    2012 LE: MSRP = 23,585, sale price = 20,960; 36 month lease, 12K per mile; .00001 mf, 13,786 residual, $300 down, $239 a month. Does that sound reasonable?
  • chrisncchrisnc Posts: 3
    thank you so much.
  • msmbmsmb Posts: 41
    edited August 2012
    I purchased mine at Sandy Spring Toyota in Roswell, GA (just a few miles from downtown Atlanta). i had to fly down there, which cost me $129 but on the other hand i will be getting an additional $250 off the car as a result of a promotion at the toyota home page. With the $250 gift car from toyota the final cost of the car was 23031 + transportation there + tax + tags (must pay this tomorrow; around $730). The sales person was ... . The only thing I have been a little disappointed in is that my LE did not come with the touch screen or the electronic seat that LEs in my own area come with as standard equipment. But, then again, I have not seen another Camry hybrid that cost as little as mine and if I was given the choice between those items and my car without them, for less money --even if it was just several hundred dollars, i probably would have taken the car without them. actually, for all we know the touch screen could be a problem in the future.

    This is the second Toyota that I have purchased at that dealership; the last one was a new 2010 Prius II and I also thought i got an outstanding deal . Both times I purchased the car over the phone without seeing the actual car that I picked up and both times I have been very happy with the transaction. I still find it very nerve racking to buy a new car and take every precaution and get everything in writing before giving my credit card over the phone; but that is a formality. I have found the dealership and my sales person(same one as previously) to be honest, straight forward; no negotiating, but of course I knew that I had a very good price at the time of purchase and if i could get the car lower at that particular time --just a couple of weeks ago-- I did not think it would be for much less. I figure that the dealership has to make some money on the sale also. For my next car i will go back to that same dealership to see what they have to offer. I should add that i was a little concerned about the trunk sticking a bit --turns out there is no problem-- and i took the car to my local dealership. They welcomed me as if I had bought the car there. A slaesperson even came out and discussed the trunk with me and said he thought my deal was fabulous, something they would not match. Everyone has been very encouraging and there is no competetive angst from either sales people or service. As with other toyotas car comes with 2 years service and i will have that done at my local Toyota.
  • msmbmsmb Posts: 41
    One other thing about the price i paid for my hybrid that is probably obvious; aside from the gift card that comes from Toyota and has nothing to do with the dealership, I did not get any rebates or special financing, etc. anything along those lines was included in the price of my car.
  • On Aug 30th, I bought Hybrid LE with basic modle for $22997, OTD $25326 in Davis, CA. I drove 100 miles from San Mateo county where I live to pick up my car, paid all by cash. I made this deal all through cell phone talking with dealers. I did more than 5 quotes in San Francisco Bay area, the lowest pirce dealer could offer was $23700.

    Buying tips:
    First, do all the research, including test drive and made the decision which car you gonna buy. Don't change your mind and buy other car else you are not familiar with.
    Second, find out the rencently lowest transaction price in buyer's forum in internet. I searched the lowest price report in this forum at $23300. Also, find out the lowest price on the dealership website in your area, including dealer specialtiest, all the special rebate and discounts. I found lowest price in Fremont toyota, they had 2 specialties, $23997, after $1000 college graduate rebate is $22997, however they didn't have the blue one what I want.
    Third, call all the dealers have the car in stock with in 100 miles, negotiate them with purchase price through phone only, they will invite you go to their dealership to test drive, don't go there. Tell them you wanna get the price under $23000. Most of them will decline your initial offer and say they have extra packages with the car or offer the best services, etc. Then let them know other dealer can offer this price, tell them go check it out and inform them you only sensitive with price. After these process, they will tell you they gonna talk with manager and call you right back. The reality is that, if they think the price you ask is far below they can accept, they will never call you back. Otherwise they will call you soon. After this step, only the dealers in Redwood city and Richmond called me back. Then I told rest of them, they had competitors, offtering the same price, I asked them the OTD price and the new car's mileage. Redwood city's dealership offered the little higher OTD price and higher mileage, I told them to cut down the price then they back out. At last I chose the Richomd dealer, they told me car is in Davis, and email me the quote with the real OTD price, no deposite and immediate pick up required, they are actually not very passionate after we made the deal.
  • OK peeps I got a Camry SE fully loaded + Tinted windows for 27000 OTD PRICE.
    MSRP was $28743 I think ....Is it a good deal ?
    I am in Socal area I think this is the lowest I have seen so far.
    Also I got the 1000 conquest cash and my car trade worth 600 so final price was 25400 to be paid in 60 Months. What do you guys think ?
  • Does 25400 include or exclude sales tax?
  • I paid $28K OTD With 1.9 percent financing.

    Jimmy Drew
  • rocco_hererocco_here Posts: 3
    edited September 2012
    well it is 27000 OTD including everything - 1000 conquest cash - 600 old car trade value = 25400
  • I live in New Orleans and am trying to purchase the SE today if possible.

    Here is the message I received from one of the larger dealers here. Waiting on a couple other online quotes:

    For a gray/silver one with power seats and window tint is $23,900 before any rebates. Finance at 0% -$500 rebate offerred. College Grad rebate -$1,000. That is $22,400.

    If you want the leather/suede seats, we can add them at the dealership for another $1,000.

    Total price $23,400.

    If you buy one with the factory installed leather/suede seats, it comes with the naviagion and etunes and will probably cost over $25K.


    The dealership also offers lifetime warranty and 3-year or 25K miles gratis maintence.

    He said that installing the leather/suede seats at the dealership would help keep the price down ($23,400 vs. over $25K), but I wouldn't get the navigation, etunes, etc.

    No sunroof, power driver seats and tinted windows included.

    Any responses would be very much appreciated!

    Regards, Joanne
  • msmbmsmb Posts: 41
    I just returned from a trip on which I put on about 1000 miles combined city and interstate driving. couldn't be more impressed, especially with the power on the car and the smoothness. Chassis must be very hard steel because it just absorbs the vibration from the road, yet you feel like you are handling the road so it is sportier than my previous Camry (a gas version). Last week I was getting service for my Prius and told the service rep that i had purchased the Camry; he said i would like it; it drives just like a Lexus. I never drove a Lexus for comparison sake but given the way this Camry performed I imagine the service rep was correct. it also was very comfortable. spent some time seated in the back seat while someone else drive and it is spacious and comfortable. I am averaging 40.8 mpg over the last 1200 miles (according to my display statistics).
  • Protective package; mats; sunroof; Nav w/entune; power drivers seat. MSRP $26630. capitalized cost was $25600, buyout is $14890. Payments $149 for 36/12K, with used A4 @ KBB valuation of $2500 and $3000 down. I got $500 for the weekend credit from Toyota.

    Unfortunately I had little leverage - no other car in the region had that package, and it was exactly what I wanted. Nothing more, nothing less ... a smart sedan with nav and blue tooth, & sunroof.

    Also purchased the Platinum wrap around package - as I intend to hold the car for the next 8 years. Cost an additional $1000.
  • Good deal, I just paid 22,499 for car with same options, got 48 month financing at 0.9%
  • I just got an i4 SE last week, MSRP $25,600, Invoice around $23,600, I paid $22,499. You should get at least a $1,000 under invoice.
  • Hi Bigid48:

    It's always tough to compare the SE because of all the different options. I am going to make an offer tonight and I want to make sure I get the best deal. Based on your post, you bought this car for a bit over $22K.

    For the SE with power driver seat, etunes/nav; leather/suede seats, no sunroof, the offer from the dealer was $24,000. The MSRP is $27,648. This particular care does not have the paint protection package.

    ">link title

    Thanks for any insight.
  • I always do a lot of reserch when making big purchases and appreciate all the posts. So I hope this helps someone else.

    Purchased my 2012 Camry SE; navigation/leather & suede seats/protection on seats and exterior. MSRP was $28,086. Before rebates paid $25,700. Received the $500 rebate for financing 0% at 60 months and the $1,000 rebate for recent college graduate. I am 54, but received my master's degree in Dec. 2011.

    After rebates paid $24,200 plus tax and license. Purchased car in New Orleans, Louisiana.

    They tried to see me all these warranties, etc. The premium package 5 yrs./75,000 miles for $1,795. I told them I didn't think I wanted it right now. Then the finance guy said he would give it to me for their cost: $995 about 5 minutes later. Told him I would let him know when I picked up the car.

    Searched the Internet and found someone named Jerry Johnson in Kansas. Emailed him and his prices were significantly's a Toyota National you can buy it anywhere. I am going to purchase it from him a bit later. You don't need to make the decision right away...but the price could increase over time.

    Love the car...smooth the hands free bluetooth and satellite radio.

    Hope this helps someone as they look for a Camry. Looked at other cars: VW Passat and Honda. I was all set to buy the Honda Accord at $19,500, but then read all these reviews about how the seats cause back pain when you ride in it longer than 30 minutes. Didn't want to take a chance as I already have lower back problems.

    So there you go. Cheers! Joanne
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