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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    congratualtions itsmesri

    What city and state do you live in?

    what dealer?


  • Dallas, Toyota of Dallas
  • I got a similar price at Performance Toyota in Memphis

    22,600 plus TTL on 2012 Toyota SE with sunroof. Dont have paperwork in front of me but I think it came out around 24,100 as well.

    In addition I qualify for college grad rebate of 1000 and got 0.9 financing for 60 months.
  • 2012 XLE Hybrid with leather pkg (with 6.1 inch navi) - 32,000 OTD in CA.
  • Haven't seen any new Toyota rebates for October yet.
    Could they show up soon or are they normally released at the beginning of a month?
    I will wait til November if necessary for best price as long as selection is still good.
    Any thoughts?
  • I am looking for 2012 Camry XLE (Nav, backup camera must) no leather seats, what is the best price I should look forward to pay. I have in the Bay Area, CA.
  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    It surprised me Toyota didnt offer rebates for the camry in Oct. The company
    is having a great year and does not have to offer rebates. However, the
    accord and altima have been newly designed and offer more standard features.

    Look for a rebate soon. I am looking for a LE.


  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    The best prices in the bay area are near sacramento.

    roseville toy. elk grove(look for their ad in the sac bee), and maita toyota.

    good luck

  • drjjjjdrjjjj Posts: 25
    0.9% is the rebate and selection is getting thin where I'm at! 22K plus tax and license only (no trade/cash/finance) for a 2012 SE 2.5 with pwr seat is a great deal and you'll be cheatin your dealer to ask for less! No I'm not a dealer, bought an SE for this (didn't have to negotitate-local ad) and think it's a steal!!Most dealers 1000 higher! Picky Engineer that won't touch direct injection or a CVT until it'proven long term reliable-which I doubt!! Well done toyota production systems-magnificent auto!
  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    Dr. J

    0.9% is not a rebate!! What city and dealer did you buy the camrySE?


  • Looking for 2012 Camry LE - mats but no power driver seat.
    Best price locally (Northern California - East Bay) is just under $21,000 plus tax & lic...before college grad rebate. Was hoping for more rebates in October.

    Best price I've been quoted in California is just under $20,000 in So Cal at Toyota Orange (LE with no power seats). The problem is the location is a long drive from No Cal.

    Any thoughts on waiting for better deal? I am not in a rush but want decent selection.
    I have seen on this forum that 19,500 for LE (possibly even with power seats) was possible in CA... is that confirmed?
  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    Hi Mr. ve

    We are both searching for the 2012 Camry LE. I am confident the knowledge we
    share is going to help us obtain the best price.

    Elk grove Toyota has an ad in the Sacramento Bee for 19,500$ without power seats.

    The reason their are no rebates is because business is strong for toyota. September sales were way up. Its possible toyota will have something mid month.

    Look at the LA times Orange County car classified. They have 2 sections. Orange Toyota has a LE listed for 23,625 without PD for 19,500$ and the other with PD for 24,025$ for 19,995$.

    I believe Robert is the fleet/internet sales manager at Orange. He is the only sales person to provide the ad price as soon as you ask. 20k for an LE is a good price. It is a waiting game for the TOY. rebate. 500-750 less will be even better.

    keep in touch

  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    Mr V

    Talked to Robert from Orange Toyota. He has LE models with power for 19,995$.
    Talk is cheap in this business, but I believe he delivers what he promises. Nothing is for sure but have a good feeling about the deal.

    I could regret it but I am waiting for a rebate from edmonds or toyota.

    good luck

  • zonecarzonecar Posts: 17
    Another update.

    One dealer in Socal is offering 12 camry SE for 22800 OTD, did a quick calculation the selling price is 20884 (260 DMV fees + 80 dealer document fees + 7.75% sales tax in orange county), is this a good deal to pull the trigger?
    2013 Altima and 2013 Accord are out with better specs and Toyota is still not offering any rebates to clear the 2012 camry models. I would have jump to 2013 Accord but prices are too high compare to 2012 Camry. Or should I wait to see the 2013 Camry? (Believe it will just be carry over)
  • I just got a quote of 20.998 for the 2012 Camry SE with floor mats. Plus tax, lic and 80 doc fee. This is in No Cal - Bay Area.
    Seriously thinking about that offer but don't want to miss any new Toyota rebates in November...if they have them.
  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    Hi zonecar

    What dealer in So ca?

    20900 seems like a good price for a 12 SE. Toyota is having a great year and does not need to offer rebates. However, the new accord could change this because of the added standard features of the 2013 Accord.

    The new rebates will be here in November, perhaps waiting three weeks will save us an additional 500-1000$.

    Robert in Fleet @ Toyota of Orange offered a LE for 20k. Call and find out the price for a SE.

    let me know

  • zonecar,

    What dealer was the one that offered 22800 OTD for camry SE? I am also looking to buy a Toyota Camry SE 2012. I was searching in several dealer In the Los Angeles County area and the cheapest I found was 21200 and OTD would be 23,300. Friends of mine are recommending to wait for end of the year specials,and some say I could get the same model for 2100 OTD if I wait until December. What would you recommend? I think we can get a good price on the Camry when the 2013 come in.
  • zonecarzonecar Posts: 17
    edited October 2012
    It is Tustin Toyota.

    One thing you should put into consider is that the price for end year sale will definitely be better but don't know about the inventory. There is a chance that very limited color choice left at that time.

    I am having 2nd thought of the 2013 Honda Accord Sport, MSRP at 24980 compare to 24680 for the Camry SE, hoping to see if I could get around 3000~3500 off MSRP in a few month since I am not familiar for the Accord pricings. I understand that the Accord will always be a bit expensive compare to the Camry, but I can justify 1K~1.3K difference for the extra standard features like push start, right side view camera, rear view camera, better engine and MPG. Very hard choice now..
  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    Good day Zonecar

    Well, someone has been completing their homework. This sounds like a good price. 2012 for about 21k purchase price, I think that is right. You might want to make one last phone call to the fleet manager at Toyota of Orange and give him the exact details. It could mean an extra 100-200$. This dealer seems to be all about volume and lowest price.

    You are right about the 2013 Accord. It has many more standard features than the
    LE. The most notable is the standard ALLOY WHEELS. Another huge advantage with the SE is the upgraded seats and foam.

    good luck and please share the final price and any interesting details with the forum.

  • zonecarzonecar Posts: 17
    edited October 2012
    Hello coches1,

    Did some research and decide to list here for reference

    Advantage for 2012 Camry SE base (MSRP24680): 6 speakers (4 on accord), extra airbag on leg area, better Sport fabric SofTex seats

    Advantage for 2013 Accord Sport (MSRP24980): Rearview camera, DUAL ZONE AC control (standard on all accord), 10 way power driver seats, dual exhaust pipe design, better engine hp and MPG.

    I am on the fence now, so guess I would wait for a couple month and see if the Accord price would drop. A car is for to keep 5~6 years so the decision is important.
  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    Great research ZONECAR

    Let me share a few thoughts regarding my preference for the LE vs. SE. The principal reason for the SE is the relative small increase of about 700$. Included in the upgrade is, alloy wheels, sport seats, 17" tires, upgraded suspension,fog lamps, paddle shifters, heated side mirrors, and a few other exterior features.

    Bigger size tires (17") cost more to replace, alloy wheels are great but LE wheels do the job. The sport seats are a great plus, but fabric does not retain as much heat and cold.

    When do you really need to use paddle shifters? Sport suspension is great if you live in open road country. It also is a rougher ride. Are fog lamps really going to make a difference on So. Ca freeways. Heated side mirrors- something that will
    not work after 36k miles.

    I keep cars for 10 years and do more homework when the time arrives to buy. We should share info ld752 and i am at yahoo. Please share your thoughts and prove me wrong.

    Toyota is having a monster year but the Accord, Malibu, Altima will make things interesting as we head for home in 2012.

    Great sharing information and may the best person help the other in our
    drive (n.p.i) for the lowest price in the So. Ca. toyota market.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    You said, "Heated side mirrors- something that will
    not work after 36k miles."

    Not true. Do research on, no problems.
  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    The heated side mirrors are a potential expense if they are not working after the
    warranty expires. Something to think about when comparing the LE and SE.

    Which site do you think is more helpful, edmunds or toyotanation.

    Edmunds seems better organized.

  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    True, but I sure don't see many (if any) reports of heated mirrors not working, even long after the warranty is up. And if they don't - so what. They still function like the old mirrors without the heat.

    Edmunds has its good points, but tn is more in-depth on Toyota, more knowledgeable people, so for me is much better. Also, Edmunds has so many Toyota haters that seem to live their lives mostly to bash Toyota and that gets old. I feel sorry for them, in a way, but I hate hanging around negativity

    Back to topic, heated mirrors are not at all necessary for me, as they only push the price of the car up, but it is getting harder and harder to get a basic car without all the frills. You can't get a base 6 speed manual Camry anymore, only an automatic loaded with a lot of $$ stuff that I don't need.
    But that's the direction all cars are going.
  • Still looking at 2012 LE (or possibly base SE). Not sure if want to pay for power driver seat...
    Question about rebates - my son qualifies for the 1K college rebate which requires financing.
    Does the 0 or 0.9% financing offer then exclude use of any other rebate? Basically if there is a $500 rebate offer later this year then can it be used in addition to the special finance rate with the college rebate?
    I don't recall how it worked in the past.
    Any insight appreciated.
  • Purchased a Cypress Pearl 2012 LE on 9/29 for 20700. Got 0 % financing for 36 months. (Of course TTL and doc fees extra but I don't believe in comparing OTD prices because they vary state to state).

    First time a dealership actually let me walk after negotiations. They wouldnt offer a cent below 21000. Went to another with 20500, they too were willing to let me walk. 20,700 - take it or leave it.

    Very satisfied with the car. Didnt want or need the frills of an XLE and wife (this is her car) does not like the firmer ride of an SE

    Toyota is having a good year I guess.
  • Forgot to mention - the only added options are a power driver's seat and some kind of "appearance package" that the car came with - door edge guards etc that pushed the sticker MSRP to 24665.
  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    Good day Racer,


    It is difficult to obtain the true price of the car. When using cash price we all
    can compare their price with ours. The other part of the deal is buying the car with their 0% financing

    We had the same experience in So. CA. where the manager let us walk. The interesting part of the story is that we found another dealer 1000$ less.

    You are right about the ride in the SE. A much firmer ride and you can feel every bump in the road.

    Your right. Toyota is having a great year and does not need to offer much.

    I challenge you to find better car value than 20k for your LE.

    Let me know if you see the rebate from toyota or Edmunds.


  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    Mr. VE

    Most LE models have the power seat and mats included in the MSRP.

    Go to the official Toyota website. I do not think you combine the college rebate
    with others.

    However, i think the Edmund rebate can be combined with others.
  • Does anyone know what a good price for the 2012 Camry SE Limted Edition is? I'm talking before taxes, tags etc, no incentives included. Strictly the price of the car.
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