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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pat978pat978 Posts: 6
    edited December 2012
    Thanks for your quick reply. Yes, it is with the leather and convenience packages. They are only giving me $500 for a trade on a '97 Honda Accord (though it has to be towed in, so maybe that's okay...although a friend and former Toyota sales person said it is too low).

    I'm paying cash and just noticed postings about $1K off for cash instead of financing. Not sure if that still applies or if it is regional....would love to figure that out to see if would mean a better price. Thanks.
  • I didn't negotiate this price. Householder just gave me that price over the phone and it was good when I got there. The price before tax and license was 19,999.
  • Hmm...I'm assuming OTD means car price, plus lic and doc fees only - not taxes (which add about $1,600 to my cost in MA). If that is wrong, would someone please correct me? Thanks.
  • paul03200paul03200 Posts: 2
    edited December 2012
    I just bought an Camry here in Houston, TX for 20,800 OTD. Saleman and Manager gave me 21800 OTD and when I went in the Finance department, I told them I was a recent graduate from college for another $1000 off. They have a offer here if your a recent graduate for a $1000 off. Not sure if other states have it. Oh yeah forgot to mention with 0% apr.
  • Include taxes too =)
  • Thanks. So my deal is actually $26K and change OTD (with taxes) and that is after a trade (the trade is clearly an auction car, but it is still something). Not sure how much lower I should try to go...although, unfortunately, the $1000 cash incentive appears to be regional and is not in New England. Can anyone offer a suggestion on what a reasonable price would be? Thanks!

    Rebates & Incentives
    Customer Incentive, 0.0% - 0.9% Financing (Expires 1-7-13)
    Models in Boston Region

    Customer Incentive, 0.0% Financing (Expires 1-7-13)
    Models in Central Atlantic, Denver & Kansas City Regions

    Customer Incentive, 0.0% Financing (Expires 1-7-13)
    Models in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, San Francisco & Southeast Regions

    Customer Incentive, 0.0% Financing/Cash (Expires 1-7-13)
    Models in Gulf States Region ($500.00)

    Customer Incentive, 0.9% Financing (Expires 1-7-13)
    Models in Cincinnati Region

    Customer Incentive, Cash (Expires 1-7-13)
    Models in Denver Region ($750.00)

    Customer Incentive, Cash (Expires 1-7-13)
    Models in San Francisco Region ($1,000.00)

    Supplemental Customer Incentive, College Graduate Cash (Expires 1-2-13)
    L, LE, SE & XLE ($1,000.00)

    Supplemental Customer Incentive, Military Cash (Expires 1-2-13) ($500.00)
  • Can you tell me which dealer you went to.
    Trying to find a good deal for 2012 Camry LE power seats, premium mats, leather seats and window tint - in Houston.
  • I am in Houston too. Maybe we can consider to buy together so that we have more negotiation power.
  • 26K+ for OTD for your deal seems correct.

    But you try to wait a little and counter offer by 750 less and see how they respond, if they give a counter offer. Either way, you will be OK.

  • Thank you!

    I don't think I will be able to get back to the dealership today. Do you think it matters a lot if I go back tomorrow/Wednesday to seal the deal?
  • AmmarinV

    Hey there. I went yesterday to orange and asked for Householder and apparently he is out for the holidays. So I spoke to Weston. He gave me 20,995 price before tax for the camry SE base with power seats. Do you think it's a good deal? I'm going to go today to seal the deal in the afternoon. It's going to include special financing 0% for 60 months. Also, how much should I expect to pay total OTD? Thank you.
  • Came back from dealer who said he can give me 25K for OTD on 2012 SE with nav/sunroof and power seats. Is this a good deal?

    I was thinking of omitting the sunroof as they are mostly useless and opting for the convenience package. Would 25K OTD still be good?
  • >>I don't think I will be able to get back to the dealership today. Do you think it matters a lot if I go back tomorrow/Wednesday to seal the deal?

    they are hungry for finishing deals.. so print your communications and verbally reference your communications and with who.. they should honor it OK.

    All the best!
  • After you settle on an OTD, can you give suggestions on getting a good deal/price for

    *Rear Spolier (CR Dealer Invoice $99)
    *Paint Protection Film (CR Dealer Invoice $218)
    *Remote Engine Starter. (CR Dealer Invoice $310)

    I just asked for their price, and I did not mention that I saw the invoice price mentioned in Consumer Reports. I have not started bargaining at all. I have time, so I wanted to check your feedback on this.

    Their quote was close to 300$ for Rear Spoiler because they said it need additional kit.
    Their quote for Paint Protection Film was 700+$ (they had 2 different packages, and both were that price range)
    Their quote on Remote Engine Starter also was around $500.

    Do you have any experience in handling with these kind of options to add on, after the deal is over?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  • Can you share the dealership name on this.
  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    Happy New year to all!!

    Dave E. in Hanlees fleet Dept. called me and provided the following

    2012 Camry LE No power seats $19K MSRP 23,620?

    2012 Camry LE including Power seats $19.7K MSRP 24,060?

    This quote is after the 1000$ rebate offered for No. Ca. dealers

    The power driver seat is 440$ (retail). It should be possible to
    add this to the 19K and buy it for $19,440 plus fees.

    Maybe he is the No. CA. version of Robert H. of Orange Toyota

  • MSRP on that car is like $36,000.
  • tpatchtpatch Posts: 1
    * Convenience package
    * Carpet/Trunk Mat set
    * Nav with Entune (6.1")
    * Leather Package
    * Moonroof

    Quoted $29,300 + TTL in New Jersey. Looking for guidance/feedback. Do you think dealers should be discounting the 2012s more aggressively than this to make room for the 2013s?
  • hi, could you please share the dealer info? please send to lookpoor at yahoo dot com. thanks a lot.
  • Yes. This is for regular 4 cylinder SE not the V6 Model.

    This is at Autowest Honda @ Hayward,CA

    Thanks Lepton.
  • Autowest @ hayward. Basically you beat dealer against each other. Key is to get the lower quote from dealer and take it to other.Most dealer price match.
  • girisrgirisr Posts: 4
    Was $20,408 the OTD price or before ttl
  • ek1979ek1979 Posts: 1
    I am a little bit confused with the model differences, this are the quotes I received:
    1. SE Sport with: Leather package, NAV, Moonroof: $$22,800
    2. XLE with: NAV, Leather pkg, Moonroof (was told moonroof is standard in XLE): $23,200

    Assume they are both equipped the same (NAV, Leather and moonroof) is there any other difference between the two models? which one would you recommend over the other?

    All prices before any taxes etc,.
  • Is this the 2012 model? The 2013's are officially out, so this is now a year old car as far as the car's value goes (if you are buying 2012). You should thus get a price that is appropriate.

    There is a $1000 manufacturer rebate on the 2012 Limited Edition SE and other nonhybrid Camry's.

    The regular SE (2012) with your options and the $1,000 rebate included - the very best price you can expect to get on that one is $22,995. That would be the best of the best (normally not possible - including the rebate, that would be the build and buy price), so that is very good what they have quoted. Invoice is $25,395. The Consumer Reports Bottom Line price is $23,930, which is the price one, in normal circumstances would be what you would start to negotiate up from. All these prices include destination charge.

    The XLE with leather and nav and moonroof (moonroof is indeed standard) - also excellent price. Dealer holdback is $495. This is even a steeper discount, so I don't know what they are dipping into there. There are incentives from the manufacturer sometimes for selling so many XLE's this month, etc. We don't get to see those.

  • Hi Lepton,

    I am interested in the SE Limited Edition as it has the Navigation and Sunroof standard. I can not find the manufacturer rebate. I've searched but it is not in edmunds nor carsdirect.
    Care to share?
    Also, I had a quote from a dealer for a 2013 SE with Nav and Sunroof, OTD of 27400, I was hoping they can do better than that and I presume, a dealer should or more frankly, I should be able to find something better than that.
  • I am currently in the market for the Camry SE V6 and have received the below pricing for the 2013 model:

    $29,947 OTD (including TTL for the state of NC)

    The car includes Convenience Package, Leather Package, Moonroof, Blind Spot Monitor, Display Audio w/Navigation and he might also throw in Splash guards, Carpet Floor Mats, Wheel locks and door edge guards.

    Edmunds shows the invoice price of this config as $29,440 and I think this is a good deal. Thoughts?
  • EXCELLENT DEAL! I'm in LI, New York and most of them are offering me 27500 just for SE 4cyl with nav and sunroof alone! You're getting the whole shabang for 2500 or so more. I say go for it.
  • does list the $1000 manufacturer's rebate at the very top, right above "net CardDirect price" ($23,247 is their higher price for the Limited Edition, and this price includes destination charges). I wonder if this could vary by region of the country, but I doubt it - as it is a manufacturer's rebate. They would add tax, license, some small tire fees, and maybe a $50 documentation fee (meaning the dealership). [I'm in California].

    The 2013's are now coming around slowly (you can see what cars/colors/options are where from, so the 2012's should be sold at a rock bottom price (they also need to make room at some dealerships). That isn't to say that any salesperson won't try to get a high price out of you on a 2012 (they count on people being uninformed - and do try!). Make an offer over the internet to the direct sales/internet sales division (though you'd have to get their email by some means). Basically stay away from regular salespeople (too frustrating). I will avoid talking to them in person and also will not talk to them on the phone, to tell you the truth. Everything is through email for me (if they ask me to call, I ignore it and continue negotiations on email). And, it is not worth even communicating with a dealership who does not have the color and options on the car that you actually want (for the benefit of everyone - as their goal is to "get you" and talk you into something else). It is thus well worth checking out what cars with what options/colors are located exactly where.

    At the very end of January is good time, by the way, as the two months after the holidays have historically been a slow time, and they will have their January month end quotas to deal with.

    I personally plan to cover a 250 mile area when I make my offers (I'm waiting for one thing, so a few more weeks). I think I will actually go for a 2013 model, as it is always possible to get a good price (once there are enough 2013's delivered and around). The truth is that what matters to me is final price. You can take your Toyota to whatever Toyota dealership you wish for service (I've actually never had mine serviced at close to 200,000 miles on it. I do my own oil changes (easier than waiting for one). I put a starter in myself (right there at the front - quite easy), I put some brake pads on, and I had a clutch done at 142,000 miles (I have a 10 year old SE with leather and XLE wheels, and I specifically wanted a manual transmission - which was still produced in that year - fun factor for me. A clutch will eventually go just like brake pads need to be replaced, as it wears the same way). There isn't much that goes wrong with these cars!!

    They need to be reminded that the 2012 is a year old car as far as resale value is concerned (it won't matter to you/us if we keep the car for a good amount of time, but the truth is actual value does drop at the end of the year - and it isn't dependent on whether there are miles on the car).

    What is the price that you are showing in your area? They're worth buying from if you want to get a certain color and certain options (they just get it for you - no hassles). The price is a little higher than the rock bottom you could be paying, but sometimes searching and haggling can seem like a lot of work.

  • Received a bottom line quote for 2012 Camry Se Limited edition (Sport Package: 18" wheels+Navigation+ Moon Roof etc,.) for $23,705 (before taxes, etc,.) include 0% financing.

    I know today (1/7) is the last day for current prices as tomorrow the prices and the new specials for the new models are coming out.

    So my question is relevant for today: Am I getting a good deal?
    I just do not want to wait for tomorrow to find out that the 0% financing is no longer available.

    So.... deal or no deal?
  • Was looking at Camry SE, but not the limited edition.
    My best offer was 21,400 after 1k rebate but before tax and lic. for the 2012 SE with power seats and navigation.
    If the limited edition SE costs a couple of thousand more than the 'regular' SE then it sounds like it is ballpark. Personally I am still looking for a better price.
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