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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Not really.
    My price is $23,705 with 0% financing.
    I can chose to take the rebate of $1000 and then the price will be $22,705 but the financing will be 2.99% which will end of costing me more.

    You chose to take the rebate, and therefore your price is $21,400. If you take the 0% financing then your price will be $22,400

    Now we can compare our offers:
    With $1000 Rebate

    Me: SE Special Edition (Sport): $22,705
    You: SE with power seat: $21,400
    Difference: $1,305

    So for only $1,305 more, I am getting :
    18-in alloy wheels with P225/45R18 tires
    Display Audio with Navigation and Entune
    Power tilt/slide moonroof
    8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat with power lumbar support

    I really think that my deal is very different and better than yours. However, I would still want to know if that is a great deal overall, or should I wait one more day and risk losing the 0% financing/rebate offer.
  • Hi Guys,

    Can anyone please tell me the disadvantages of buying the new 2013 Toyota Camry from out of state (actually 150 miles away from my home)? Will I be losing out on any service in future by not going with the local dealership?

    I am getting a great deal if I buy the car from 150 miles away but wanted to know the pros and cons of buying it from so far.

    Any guidance will be really appreciated!
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    edited January 2013
    Nope, you will be fine. I have done that twice, with no problems. Some will tell you that the dealership will not assist you as much if you have to go for warranty work, etc.

    Any dealer can and will do warranty and/or service work, no matter where you bought it. Besides, how do they know you did not just move???

    I would be surprised though that you can't get the same price closer.

    The reason I had to go far away is Toyota did not sell base models of the cars I wanted in my region, so I had to go to a different region that gets those versions. Otherwise, I'd have purchased close to home. Keep in mind the distance and time you will have to spend to go that 150 miles.
  • Thanks for your response! I have tried with all the dealerships that are near my home and no one can even come close to the price I have got from 150 miles away.

    Dealers are close to me are all big chains and wont come down on the price as much as i would like them too.

    The dealer that I am dealing with 150 miles away is a Toyota dealer in a small town 150 miles away and is willing to offer me a great deal. Maybe because they dont do as much business as the dealers close to me do. Thats my only guess.

    I just wanted to know of any pros and cons.

  • Just to let you know, the price that I have got for the 2013 Camry SE V6 Auto is $29,947 including TTL and any dealer fees. Here are the options installed:

    Blind Spot Monitor
    Leather Package
    Convenience Package
    Display Audio w/ navigation
    Carpet Mats
    Splash Guards
    Door Edge Guards
    Wheel Locks

    I havent seen a better deal on this car anywhere else so far. Not even close.
  • I wanted to know what are changes in 2013 Camry Hybrid XLE over the 2012 Camry Hybrid XLE model.

    Was trying to weigh in if paying an extra 2K for 2013 is worth.

    Thanks much.
  • I just closed a lease deal with essentially the same car and the same numbers you listed (except I have lower sales tax). My payment with 12k per year is $320.00 - nothing down at signing. FYI - I was offered GAP insurance for an additional $20/month. I called my insurance company and got it for only $25.00 per year, yes per year! Good luck and enjoy! :)
  • Finally closed the deal today on the following car:

    Loaded 2013 Toyota Camry SE V6
    Exterior: Metallic Gray
    Interior: Black Leather

    a) Leather Package
    b) Convenience Package
    c) Display Audio w/ Navigation, Entune
    d) Moon roof
    e) Splash Guards
    f) Wheel Locks
    g) Door Edge Guards
    h) Carpet Floor Mats
    i) Blind Spot Monitor
    j) 35% Window Tint
    k) Body Side Molding
    l) LED daytime running lights

    Got the OTD price of $30, 600 including TTL for the car. Any thoughts on this deal?

  • wrtoffwrtoff Posts: 7
    I'm looking for a Blizzard Pearl '12-'13 Camry SE Limited with the Convenience Package? Does this exist? My must have is the push button start and smart key system. Any thoughts?
  • Thanks for clarification on cost comparison - apples to apples.
    FYI - The SE quote was including NAV and Power Driver Seats. Alloy wheels are standard on SE but smaller than the SE Sport. The SE did not have the sunroof though. Sport probably has other upgrades over regular SE.
    Sounds like a good offer for your SE Sport.
  • DC area (will register in VA). anyone can share their recent OTD price or the best quote and deal name?
  • gnartgnart Posts: 36
    Hi, I am a faculty at PGCC, MD. You may want to try 355 Darcars. I usually buy from them after shopping around and compare the OTD price. I bought my XLE 03/2012. Recently helped another Edmunds poster from PA to shop for an XLE. He ended up buying from 355 since no dealer in PA could match their price. Glad to help you out if you like. I will ask the PA poster to join the thread.
  • jcm25jcm25 Posts: 2
    Went to Cincinnati dealer with "no haggle" price of 25081. They quote MSRP of 26975 and avg mkt of 25997. I want to haggle, but am new at this game. Should I accept price or can i get some suggestions on ways to reduce price further. Prices are before taxes, include delivery fees. Standard le, no extras. Thanks.
  • $25081 is too high I think. The price is very high. I am not sure what is the sales tax price for OH, but in VA I was getting OTD price around $25,500.00. The sales tax in VA is around 3.15%, but the processing fees is high like $790.
    If you have costco or AAA use their pricing, which will be a lot less.
  • Just brought home a 2012 Camry LE (plus power seat and floor mats) lease last night.

    36 months, 36,000 miles

    $23,994 MSRP, $22,475 sales price, $500 Toyota lease cash, 54.5% residual, 0.00001 money factor (basically nothing). Paid first payment up front plsu tax on the Toyota lease cash.

    $264/mo plus tax the rest of the way, which in Indiana means $282/mo

    Got Internet quote from a dealer in Indianapolis, then was able to get my local Lafayette dealer to match their price even though the lease terms were way better since Lafayette is considered the Chicago region.
  • jcm25jcm25 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the feedback. Where do I get AAA pricing? I am familiar with AAA, and am a member, but have not seen any references to their offering car sales info. Thanks, again.
  • wetwillyswetwillys Posts: 24
    edited January 2013
    I was in the market for a new car and was seriously considering the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry. I test drove the Camry several times and enjoyed the ride and the features. We never made it to the point to talk price; however, the salesman I had was very nice and not pushy at all - made my experience enjoyable. Ultimately, the car was for my wife. When we went to the dealership so she couild drive it, I got in the passenger seat and did not fit. I am 6'-5" tall and my head hit the ceiling. The drivers seat moved up and down; however, the passenger seat only moves front to back. I only mention this for tall people that may occaionally ride in the passenger seat or for parents with tall kids who might not think to take the kids with them when buying the car.

    I will also mention that the foot rest on the Honda Accord sticks out a fair distance and I do have to bend my leg. So, it does appear that from the drivers standpoint, the Camry is more comfortable for taller people; however, I could not be a passenger without laying the seat back.
  • I am only 6'1" but never found the Accords easy to access.
    Never had that problem with the Camry.
    I think that there are some of the Camry models that have the power seat option for the passenger seat. No idea what that option would cost or if it would solve your problem.
  • wetwillyswetwillys Posts: 24
    edited January 2013
    I wound up with the Accord and my wife loves it. I think the backup camera, which is standard, is one of her favorite features. I did talk to Toyota and they told me that an adjustable passenger seat (up and down - power or manual) was not an option (at least for the 4 cyclinder SE - I was not interested in the XLE or the 6 cylinder). They said I might be able to find an aftermarket solution; however, I did not want to go that route.

    I am not trying to sway anyone Honda vs Toyota. I just wanted to report my experience in case my findings helped someone else.
  • visirivisiri Posts: 1
    edited January 2013
    Amen. The prof is right on,Sarah.

    I had got quotes from 40 or so dealers from PA/MD/NJ/NY... by far, 355 darcars toyota outperformed them all. When I asked for OTD price, that is what I got. When you saw the price, you did not have to haggle anymore, since you have already seen what 40 other dealers are able to provide. Many admitted they can't come close.

    So I would second the prof's reco. Get a e-price from 355. You will like it. Then see if 355 has online coupons, add it on, and then give them a visit. I think it will be quick and happy ending for you.

    Let us know any questions.

    We wish you a satisfactory purchase at the most reasonable cost!

    God bless & Keep!
    John 3:16
  • Hi,

    Am thinking of going for one of the zero down lease that toyota is offering. I live in Massachusetts and was wondering if someone can share any info about good lease deals and dealerships.

  • coches1coches1 Posts: 104
    edited January 2013
    I finally found the price and better yet the dealer
    to sell me the 2012 Camry LE with driver power seats,
    floor and trunk mats.

    Purchase price $19,488 plus fees PD MATS
    No other rebates

    0% interest rate and 100% financing

    Manhattan Beach Toyota in CA published an
    advertisement in the Los Angeles Times. It was interesting
    because I believe it was only distributed in the south bay area
    of Los Angeles. Although all areas in So. CA. are published in
    the online version.

    The $1000.00 cash rebate for 2012 Camrys at NO. CA. dealers almost made it
    worthwhile to buy it at Elk Grove Toyota for $19,360 after rebate but before fees. I could not take the time to make the trip. Ask for Jeremy or John in fleet, they are brothers.

    The first choice was the new 2013 Honda Accord LX. But the driver footrest made it uncomfortable and difficult to drive because of my height 6'0".

    The camry has everything I need and according to the dealers their are no changes for the 2013 models.

    Please dont buy extended warranties, gap insurance, or alarm systems from the dealers. These are all overpriced and available aftermarket for a fraction of what they quote.

    Thank you everyone for all the information I have learned. $19,488 for
    this car provides almost everything the average driver needs.


  • pat978pat978 Posts: 6
    edited January 2013
    Hi. Not sure how close you are to NH. I'm buying, not leasing. But, after talking to a lot of dealers in my area, I had the best experience with Toyota of Nashua. Bruno easily answered all of my questions and was the best, and most up front, about price negotiations.
  • kishjkishj Posts: 4
    Can you please suggest rate range going on in bay area.

  • Also posted in the lease forum (so quiet on the Camry Boards):
    Two days ago, my sales dude said new program has money factor of 0.00001 for all remaining 2012 camry's.
    At that mf with decent residuals, the 12 Camry's will move. I test drove a SE Limited edition (msrp 27084) and the lease cost was zero o-t-d with 35 remaining payments of 266 (incl.6.5% tax rate).
  • I found a Toyota with leather seats and navigation for 24308 in Palm Desert. Good luck, that was a super bowl bash, but they have these events often. Good luck.
  • I have been offered a 2012 Camry LE with 8way adjustable drivers seat and carpet mats for $21,795.00 plus tag fees. Two other dealers in the area (South Florida, Broward County) have said they cannot match this price. What do you think about this deal? Is it good, or could it be better?

    Thank you for weighing in!
  • I bought a new 2012 Camry SE with NAV and Power Driver Seats (and mats) for 22,313 plus tax and lic in Northern California. I took the 0% financing too, instead of an additional 1K rebate.
    When factoring in the SE added value plus Navigation my personal opinion is that your LE offer could be better.
    I know that COSTCO has a auto purchase program that has competitive prices. If you are a member I would recommend checking into that as an option.
    Good luck
  • Thank you, mistserv. Sounds like you got a great deal in CA!

    The offer I have includes the 1k rebate, so if I want the 0% financing it would be 1K more....
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    Does any one know if blind spot monitor is available on 4 cylinder? I assume it is not on the LE. Is this option easily found on SE or Xle, or is it rare to find?
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